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Potato Day Feast! (A Messily Written Notice)

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Potato Day Feast! (A Messily Written Notice) Empty Potato Day Feast! (A Messily Written Notice)

Post by Horns on Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:18 pm

Horns approaches the bulletin board, stealthily, parchment in hand. He quickly pins the bulletin up, shiftly glances around, clasps his arms behind his back and whistles innocently as he hurriedly walks away. 'With any luck, Borin will think I put it up a few days ago! Nobody needs to know I forgot. Nobody at all. Phew!'

On the parchment, in the barely legible scrawl of a practicing physician (Columb, one of Horns' fathers, often joked that Horns formed his letters perfectly. Right up till the day he decided to pursue medicine, that is) was written,

"Borin Ironhammer cordially genially formally, dutifully, in the dullest possible Dwarven way extends an invitation to all to join him in a Feast of Potato Day, to take place on Saturday in the Watering Hole Tavern. He will provide potatos and mead, but encourages all to bring what they can, so it can be a true feast.

Cordially yours,

Clauricaun 'Horns' Slainte."

OOC: (This is just a bit of funny dialogue I wanted to share, related to the writing):

Horns: *Saying the words as he writes them* Borin Ironhammer cordially-
Borin: Cordially? This is a Dwarven Feast, laddie, not one of yer namby-pamby faun sing-alongs.
Horns: Alright, I can do better. Borin Ironhammer genially-
Borin: HORNS! What did ay just say?
Horns: *Grumbling* Formally, dutifully, in the dullest possible Dwarven way-
Borin: No need to get yer files in a flute, laddie! Let's just move on.

Horns: Cordially yours-
Borin: Ye had to get it in there, didn't ye?


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