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Medic Training (A Messily Written Notice)

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Medic Training (A Messily Written Notice) Empty Medic Training (A Messily Written Notice)

Post by Horns on Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:09 pm

[June 23rd, 2016]

Horns walks into the inn a puts a small notice on the wall, next to the others. He takes a moment to make sure it stays, then backs up and takes a look at it. Satisfied, he walks off.

In a hastily-written, barely-legible scrawl, it reads:

"Medic Training Sign Ups

Some of you have asked me to train you in the ways of proper medicine, but I've heard that some training has already been done by other physicians, and I'm unsure who still needs my expertise. So, if you'd like to learn, sign your name and an estimation of your capabilities and I'll get to you first-come, first-serve.

Cordially yours,


A series of lines follow the passage, clearly drawn free-hand (and not particularly well), and clearly meant to be filled in by those who wish to learn.


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