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Post by AD on Sun May 13, 2018 8:22 pm

Morning all!

Couple of things to go over before game!

A) May will cost $45 ($20 for game, $5 for Insurance and $20 for meal plan) Insurance may not stay this low, it all depends on the auction

B) Insurance and ID! Sadly, no good news for those just skirting the age line. According to the insurance company you can only sign for yourself if you are 19+ NOT 18+. Don't ask me, I went back and forth on this a fair bit with them. THAT MEANS! If you are 18, I still need a parent/guardian signature. So! Given how I thought it was 18 for the longest time, I stopped counting people's ages after that. Meaning I don't know who is 18 and who is older. What this means that I will be requesting ID from EVERYONE! Even if I KNOW you're 19+. Everyone. Will. Be. Asked. For. ID. Everyone. I don't care how old you are, 18 or 118. If you do not have up to date ID, come to me. Whether though PM or in person at game, talk to me. I'm willing to work with you on this BUT you need to be willing to let me. If you do not have ID or have come to me about it you will have ONE game to get it sorted before actions are taken.
-acceptable ID - Government issued photo id
- At least two pieces of not government issued id with some sort of issue date and way to calculate age and photos. Either the names or photos(or both) need to be matching.
- If you don't have these for whatever reason, fear not and come to me and I will do my best to work with you on this.

C) Friday and Saturday. You do not have to come for the clean up, though it is always appreciated. If you do, come after 5, get your bunks/campsite sorted and come find me, I'll be by the firepit, and I'll put you to work.
If you can't make it for clean up, try to show up on Saturday between 12-5pm. For the Auction and safetying of any gear that needs to be. We are looking to start game for early evening, no guarentees but hopeful!

Any updates to follow!



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