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"August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories

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"August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories Empty "August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories

Post by Hugo on Sun Aug 02, 2020 6:18 pm

Apparently the game title was "oshitoshitoshit" but I'm not making that the title.

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"August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories Empty Re: "August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories

Post by AD on Mon Aug 03, 2020 7:51 am

Try Code Drill


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"August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories Empty Re: "August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories

Post by Sylvie on Tue Aug 04, 2020 8:26 am

I harassed an old man with poetry. It was a good game.

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"August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories Empty Re: "August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories

Post by Malva on Tue Aug 04, 2020 12:20 pm

Will update this as I remember things.

Friday (Taka)
-Cosidious' combat orders: "I'll lead. Taka- You take up the rear. Everyone else, stay between us, and if anything goes wrong, it's not my fault."
-Dropping things at people to communicate

Saturday (Malva)
-Dropping notes at the Hanged Man and then buying Cicero(sp?) and Hugo to coffees as well.
-Brian's goblin taking our team to defeat a hORRIble bEAST guarding the mining supplies... which just turned out to be a rat that Enyamia patted on the head while someone got the box.
-Seeing a pile of gear at the Faerie Ring and clueing in that I could have a chat! Only had time to say a brief hello to Rin, but it was nice!
-Sword got stolen! >:C (I forgot it in the washroom and literally came back for it like 5-10mins later and it was gone Razz)
-Trying really hard to drop a notice about my stolen sword where people are. I saw Gram drop, so I layed the notice there, since I figured Krond would see it when he came back for it. However, I had literally just dropped a notice with the headline "Lost Sword" down on a discarded sword, so I think the lot of them had a laugh at my apparent preparedness.
-Crash packing and deciding to stay in as Malva for the evening, was a good choice.
-Rejoining for the soul hunt!
-I brewed a light potion earlier and it was so bright!! "It's blinding but it's in-game justified blinding!"
-Heading off into the woods to look for souls! We started following the sound of nothing into the woods and got into the middle of nowhere. We managed to get our way down the flagpole trail, and then Zee heard something to our left. Got one!
-Splitting up from Lady Val and Zee to go to old Faerie circle with Rosco. But... the path I remembered had grown in, and we got lost. We managed to get there and Krond passed by us down the next trail we were headed. Then I found one! That he had missed on the trail!
-We got hella lost and someone poached our soul! >:C Heh, whatever, not a competition Razz
-Got reunited!
-Plotting to pie Pendergast
-Theo will be our saviour

Sunday (Malva)
-Cal being all wholesome and stuff caring about "that child out there with the big sword"

Also, all and all I managed to get two new recipes, two recipes approved, and another unknown to rend this game! Big progress. I also managed to brew 48 potions total!

Added 2020-08-12:
-Waking up as Malva Saturday morning, not knowing what's on the go. All that was around was strangers and a guy sitting in the middle of the field banging on a pot. It's too early for this.
-Before game prediction: Wow my sash would need to be black, red, or grey to match both characters - not gonna happen.
At game: I get a black and red sash!!!
-Totally called that it would be goblins.

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"August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories Empty Re: "August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories

Post by Rudi on Wed Aug 05, 2020 2:27 am

So i didn't play my Boy at all (and likely won't till all this COVID unpleasantness is over) BUT HERE GOES

- Can't see anyone, what the heckie? But Rudi could see some people.
- Skele bois! No one died, Field Medicing with the new guy, Tobias. Telling him he was not useless and he could help me with medic things.
- Some RP with Rin :3c
- Trying to protect Ceridwyn from Zero's wrath.  (Ceri lost her sword.)
- Late night gathering with Theo! He got blinded. Lexicus had to save us. (Thank god because it was going to be slow going with practically blind no glasses Jesse trying to lead him out in the dark.)
- The owl ate Rudi's Awareness :< and APPARENTLY gave it to Krond. Give me my awareness back dingus.
- It also slowed her and almost killed her. That's what i get for trying to get statues away from it.
- Amnesiac Ceridwyn.

Saturday Morning/Afternoon:
- Gathering without glasses b like: "Oh a egg! No that's a leaf. An Egg- A leaf. En eg- A leaf." Repeat x1000
-Rudi had some good good RP with Lexicus while most folks were asleep.
- The fated Spring Bear encounter at like 9 or 10 AM in which Tobias passed on. (Lexicus brought him to game, what can you expect?)
- Seeing a certain someone steal Gram and wield Gram.
- Finding out another group had an Arluru, getting REALLY EXCITED, and getting Niko to pass notes to him and read out his replies. Niko called them love letters. They were not. Rudi is here to hijack conversations and little else.
- COLOURS N SHAPES N PAINT BY NUMBERS STICKER PUZZLE (I'm 3 years old and easily amused by shapes and colours)
- Goblin: I need someone to eat an eye!
Rudi: Boy howdy am I someone who sure loves eating terrible things (I'm slowly learning that she will eat almost anything.)
- The cardboard puzzle and everyone collectively losing their minds (every time we got a big chunk we would holler like god damn monkeys)
- Getting ganked by the Faerie Circle while talking by Sharon, being rolled into the field. Blue passes me by and Lexicus is like "lol she just nappin." I was, in fact, dying.

Saturday Evening:
-Rae: Trying desperately to be Serious and Do A Important Ritual
The entire bunkhouse group: IN THE BOG IN THE BOG IN THE BOG. There are two kinds of players and the second kind was the entire bunkhouse.
- Finding a souls with Zero! .. Then I promptly realized that I was quite useless and probably going to break my ankle if I went into the woods w no glasses and ruined nightvison. Had a good nap on the field.
- Saw the end of the ritual, tho. It was good.
- BEING ABLE TO SEE EVERYONE AGAIN. Rudi missed Dog though :< she was very sad. BUT VERY EXCITED TO MEET NEW PEOPLE.
- Trying to convince Krond that Ceridwyn did not, in fact, steal Gram. It really wasn't them.
- Lore dump time with Lexicus and Val!

- I was able to bring Sean in!!!!! No copies of the Leek with him, but I got to play my boy!!! Also he's fukkin RICH compared to my other characters. Having income in money is wild.
- Gave Degren a rough for information, Lexicus got one too. Plenty to work with for the Leek >:3c
- Sean being like "Oh, Rae, I know that person!" It's neat being in a guild.
- Changing into Rudi and MEETING GULL!!!!! He taught her dances. It was good and wholesome and I have no rhythm in my body.
- Inviting everyone I see to dance, Keket joined us, then Rudi and Keket had a Medic Talk where we compared notes about our goblin surgeries. That was good.
- Some RP with Zero down by the Forge.

I got REALLY GOOD sleep this weekend too! 6 whole hours on Saturday night!! I'll likely add more stuff as I remember.

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"August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories Empty Re: "August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories

Post by Lexicus Marinos on Wed Aug 05, 2020 7:17 am

-Smashing skeleton heads (still loving having a bone staff)
-Used "Air Defends" for the first time and immediately forgot about it.
-Got to be a body for some medic RP with Cecil and Tobias.
-Night gathering was a Big Mistake.
-Seriously, where the heck did Rob come from with the Mist Owl? That was terrifying.
-Got to Untaint people. Felt very important.

Saturday AM:
-Gathering is useless since Dimitri, Ceridwynn and Marr got everything besides the Psychic egg mods.
-Got my Ink 1 recipe finally approved. (Thanks Phineas)
-Phineas heals for 9???
-First prayer at Faerie Ring.
-BIG offer from Robin.
-The elves discovering they can communicate by leaving notes and later through the Faerie Ring (though not perfectly).
-Being convinced that this was somehow accidently Kronds fault and spending hours theorising how to stop it.
-Learning about Marr's Elderwild trip and Dimitri and Theo's experiences with "the spectrum".
-The Ropen fight and Krond's amazing dive tackle followed by a swarm of people coming to beat it to death.
-Had a nice swim to cool off.

Saturday PM:
-Made some scrolls.
-SOMEONE shit in the Faerie Ring... again. It was returned to sender.
-Dueled with Tobi (boy did a sweet sliding slash)
-Its goblin bullshit of course its goblin bullshit...
-Fucking contact gel burnout. So much mana gone...
-Grumpy Lexicus cuz he has no mana and cant read anymore.
-The ritual.
-Half of blue team got beat to heck trying to traverse the woods in the dark.
-Stole two spirits from others by being in right place at right time.
-Bog In The Bog is a fuckin' jam.
-Big debreifing on the Ascended and Elderwild from myself and Val.

-Phone died so I slept in.
-Lexicus and Rin becoming official Faerie Apprentices at the Faerie Ring and recieving our circlets.
-Immediately breaking the circlet. -_-
-Bought some Ink 3 at a steal.
-Got a decent bit of mana back cuz Malva was feeling extra nice.

Had a blast!
Lexicus Marinos
Lexicus Marinos

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"August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories Empty Re: "August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories

Post by Timmean on Tue Aug 11, 2020 4:42 am

Friday Night:
-Cooking up the first round of hot dogs to offer people as they finish log (sorry to the people who logged before I arrived, hopefully everyone still got some food). Also, determining that if I dispense ketchup directly under the lamp, I can’t see anything I’m doing
-Overhearing Gull, the new musician in town. I expect to hear lots of things during a LARP weekend; Sandstorm, played on a recorder, is not one of those things.
-People: “Are there more hot dogs yet?” Me: “Soon! They’re heating up, give me ten minutes or so.” People: “Are the hot dogs ready yet?” Me: “Almost! They just started to boil, give them another minute or two to cook.” Me: “Okay! The hot dogs are ready! Who wants one?” Crickets: …
(OOG: It wasn’t actually that bad, but it does seem that most people mysteriously stop looking for food the moment it finishes cooking scratch )

Saturday Morning:
-Figuring out a rhythm to serving breakfast
-“May God have mercy on your soul.”
-Finally getting into character as Albiel Tourmaladine, the elf working in goblin liaisons
-Ringing the lunch bell… a lot
-Hearing Val’s full title in character and immediately scrambling to provide food
-Overhearing a discussion Val was happening about the spectrum, and how the Axis Superceed “decided to be bacon.” (not actually sure when that happened, I think it was Saturday, but I dunno)
-Explaining the goblin situation as best I could to the people who couldn’t hear the mining captain yelling

Saturday Evening:
-Being asked for mashed potatoes to help appease the goblins
-Watching the different groups (mostly the bunkhouse crew) work on their puzzles
-Someone (Theo?) randomly deciding they wished they had cheese, and then remembering that I have some extra cheese slices in kitchen, so I just pass a few out
-Improvising a soup recipe; I think it came out pretty good
-Half-moon pies. Jake, those were delicious
-Watching a little of the night ritual and soul hunt
-Sleeping in the car to avoid a thunderstorm that never arrived

-Waking up early, going for a mana walk, and discovering a single mana shard in the woods
-A brief sit-down at the Faerie ring while most people were still asleep
-Talking to the few people who were awake, and contemplating (IG) the idea that people WERE up, and the ritual from the night before had just shuffled around the different time-shifted groups. Albiel was very distressed by this idea
-Listening in a little on Cal’s business operations. Don’t kill yourself, Lexicus
-The fastest kitchen clean-up ever.
-Playing street vendor out of the trunk of the car with our leftover food. Anybody hungry? Anyone want some fruit, or bread, or eggs? Anyone?

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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"August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories Empty Re: "August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories

Post by Hunter ツ on Tue Sep 01, 2020 7:21 pm

Some highlights:

- Hanging out with Gull as Hunter, trying to fill them in on bardic magic was fun, if kind of confusing at times. On an OOG level I knew SB was planning to bring in a bard, I just didn't realize this was how they planned to do it. Definitely made for good content in Hunter's book though.

- Saturday morning: getting a coffee from Sylvie, and when it was hot too the touch reflexively pulling a Block Pain -_-
Says something about playing your character, I guess.

- Playing Bonk the Faun Bandit, highlights include:
- Sitting in cast cabin hashing out the traps with Rob, and fun potions to lace them with
- Placing a bunch of tripwires everywhere in the woods. Next time, the traps won't be so visible, and perhaps more deadly : )
- Fucking off halfway through the raid to go gathering, finding three different egg mods which afflicted Bonk with Aphasia and Madness
- Hearing the heat on us lower in the forest, fucking off, and leaving behind a boobytrapped weapon for any pursuers to find
- Waiting around the traps OOG to do described scenes, adjudicate, etc, for anyone who came near them.
- Watching as Lexicus poked the club covered in Contact Gel: Burnout with his finger while he was wearing fingerless gloves
- Having to do Lexicus Dirty like that. At least it wasn't fast poison
- Adjudicating Dmitri's "trap disarming" misadventure. Future traps will not be disarmable by dropping entire trees on them.

I have literally no recollection of anything that happened on Sunday. Did anything happen on Sunday? If so I don't think I was there for it.

That's a lie, I remember doing the post-game driveby attempt from the back of Sage's car with the bow. That's always a highlight
Hunter ツ
Hunter ツ

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"August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories Empty Re: "August" 2020 *(In game it was May, out of game it was July 30th) memories

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