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Post by Pierre on Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:22 pm

[Time stamp: shortly after game on Sunday]
After spending several hours staring out at the ocean, Pierre finally snaps out of the mesmerizing stare and remembers the mess inside the Citadel.
He lets out an audible sign and make his way back to the camp. He sheds his armour and weapons for some loose fitting clothes and makes his way out to the edge of the woods. He begins to examine which tress is best suited to replace the furniture lost in the Citadel. Finally finding a suitable one he’s happy with, he begins to chop at its base. It takes close to 30 minutes before it starts to fall. He begins to repeat the process of finding more tress until he knows he has the correct amount of material to work with.
After he’s comfortable with the amount of trees he’s taken down, he hauls then back to camp and stacks them into a organized pile.
Rubbing his back and shoulders, he wipes the sweat of his forehead. Sore after the amount of work already put in, he retires to get rest and decides to continue more work in the morning.

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