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To the People of Holdfast

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To the People of Holdfast Empty To the People of Holdfast

Post by Timmean on Tue Aug 14, 2018 5:04 pm

[Timestamp: 5 days after July game]


I have arrived in Applevale and am doing well. I will remain here for the next few weeks, but Lynn and I must continue on to Town West as soon as we can. For anyone who wishes to learn from me (magic, scroll making, farming, etc.), this is the last time I expect to be near Holdfast. Once I leave Applevale, we will be traveling to Town West, and eventually on to my home on the mainland. I am happy to teach, as long as you will travel to reach me.

Anyone wishing to learn from me, please visit me in Applevale as soon as possible.

- Timmean Aeros

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