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The Laws of Holdfast

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The Laws of Holdfast Empty The Laws of Holdfast

Post by Lady Val on Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:16 pm

*Written in a clear, large, yet beautiful font is the following. Members of Holdfast will notice that the former note attached to the notice board with a fork has been removed.*

A notice to all visitors and citizens of Holdfast. As decided on the 16th day of the Month of Wonder, Second moon of the Summer -- Year 2637, or 106th day of the The Reign of Ney, The Year of Our Emperor 426, by the Council and Citizens of Holdfast, henceforth here are the Laws of the Town of Holdfast, its protectors, and its citizens.

The boundaries of Holdfast include everything within the borders of the Elemental Circles of Holdfast and up to 20 metres radius from the boundaries created by those circles with the exception of the boundary already agreed upon by the Treaty of Holdfast.


The following is considered illegal in Holdfast
- Murder
- Theft
- Embezzlement/Stealing of Holdfast Funds
- Extortion/Blackmail
- Assault (attempted murder)
- Slavery (Kaern pride social norms exempt)
- Torture

Variations upon these crimes such as attempting to complete a crime, being an accomplice to a crime, or intending to commit a crime, are also punishable by law within Holdfast. Any citizens, lawmen, defenders or visitors of Holdfast found guilty of any of these crimes will be taken to the Sheriffs or Commissioner of Holdfast and if required brought before the Council to plead their case in a formal trial.

Formal Duals are legal in Holdfast assuming both parties are consenting and a member of the Council of Holdfast or a Member of Holdfast's law enforcement is present to officiate the dual. Duelists are permitted to have a second or agree to dual by proxy.


The following are the types of punishments that may be dispensed to those found guilty of committing crimes within Holdfast's boundaries, including the Knight's camp:

- Execution
- Confinement with guards
- Stocks, shackles, or bound in a public place with a guardian
- Exile from Holdfast
- Community service
- Confiscation of Mana or Psychic States
- Fines

Ignorance of Holdfast's laws will not be accepted as an excuse and members of Holdfast are expected to inform visitors and new citizens of our laws. If a citizen of Holdfast is informed that another citizen or visitor is unable to read this message they are expected to read the laws of Holdfast to said person.


Marquess Valeriya n’ah Cullasseth e’Varinia of Siciput and Tor'Jadin, Heiress of the Morning Star, Councillor and Faerie Champion of Holdfast
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