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Working the wood with Pierre

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Working the wood with Pierre  Empty Working the wood with Pierre

Post by Pierre on Sat Nov 24, 2018 3:55 pm

[Time stamp: after October game]

Pierre looks at the citadel and its gapping whole. The inn wall also missing. He begins taking measurements to gage how much wood and how long the pieces need to be.
Satisfied, he begins to head into the woods to look for suitable pieces to work with. As he finds trees that meet the requirements, he marks them with an X. Then heads to the citadel to retrieve the axe and begins chopping down the marked trees.
Over the next couple of weeks, Pierre’s usual day has woodworking in the morning until late in the afternoon. The rest of his day until the early night he can be found at the citadels forge crafting nails for both projects. Occasionally stopping for a bite to eat or a few words with others. Once enough nails has been made, he begins the process of turning the logs into boards. This now process takes up the majority of his day.
Once enough boards have been finished, Pierre chips away any loose rubble from the citadel walls to level them square. Then creates a wooden frame around and begins installing the new wall and door. Making sure that the salvaged lock from before can still be used on the door. Satisfied with a temporary fix for the Citadel, Pierre’s begins to repeat the process for the inn’s wall. This process takes another week or so before finishing.
Driving in the last nail in and double checking his work. “Should be good enough until until next time” he says to himself.

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