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Post by AD on Thu Apr 04, 2019 6:18 pm

Morning All!

Some VERY fun announcements about KITS and the like! All of the kits! So many kits.

As many may already know, tis the season to crack down on NEEDING KITS TO DO THINGS!!! What this means is that any skill that requires a kit to use (Smith, Medic, Alchemy) absolutely need their requisite kits in order to employ these skills. No miming is allowed anymore. Not everyone is guilty of this, though enough are that the foot is going down. This does in fact mean that despite any level your character may posses, if you do not have the correct gear you cannot craft. Master Medic, can't medic. Master Smith, can't smith. Master Alchemist, can't alchemy. No exceptions.

To that, where shall people FIND these kits? The Smith and Medic kit lists can be found in the rulebook. They have been there since the beginning. So you guys have no excuses this season. Alchemists! Your time has come! Here are the kit lists.

Level One (at minimum)
- Bowl
- Stirring Stick
- something to break down ingredients and items
- An OOG timer
- a minimum of 10 vials

Level Two
- Must improve on the basic of the level one kit
Suggestions to this - can take from level three without meeting it. So building towards but not quite there

Level Three (at minimum)
- A Mortar and Pestle
- A Cauldron, that must have the weight and feel of a cauldron.
- cauldron size can range from holding a minimum of one cup, or 8 ounces, to a size that can be reasonably carried.
- a minimum of 10 vials
- a minimum of 6 bottles/contraptions that will help to invoke the look and feel of a lab
- a minimum of 3 candles (electric or unlit, tealits work well)
- an IG timer
- a stir stick
- a spoon
- basic phys reps for all the basic ingrediants
- something for ores, herbs, anything yielded from Arcane Dissection, etc

Level Four
- Must improve on the basic kit of level three
Suggestions to this, work on the look and feel of the kit. Start to avoid obvious plastic looking objects. Start to include a variety of phys reps for the varying ingredients. So have a bundle of different flora, rather than reusing the same flora

Level Five
- sieve, mini size is recommended
- tongs
- Must improve greatly on the basic level three kit
Suggestions to this. Completely avoid obvious modern/plastic looking objects. Move to metal items if you can. Dress up items you can't find replacements for but still look "fake", be it with cloth or cork. Get cork stoppers instead of plastic twist off lids.

Friendly reminder that glass is outlawed and a kit, unless previously grandfathered in, will not be graded with glass componants in it.

The level of kit determines the batch size allowed to be brewed as well as the level of potion that can be brewed. So a level 5 alchemist with a level 2 kit can only brew a level two potion and at a level two batch size. The kit determines the maximum but places no minimum. So a level 5 alchemist with a level 5 kit can, if they wish, brew a level 1 potion and for a single dose.

Batch size is a maximum of 3 times kit/alchemist level, whichever comes first. So with the appropriate number of ingrediants a level 5 alchemist, with a level 5 kit could brew 15 of the same potion in one batch. Level 4, 12 of the same potion. Level 3, 9 of the same. Level 2, 6 of the same. Level 1, 3 of the same. The alchemist must have all of the necessary ingredients for each potion they wish to make in the batch. So if a recipe were to call for an air mana and the alchemist wishes to brew a batch of 15 (and they can), they would need 15 air mana.

All of these kits need to be okay'd by me at log. I will not officially "grade" them before then. I can and will guide as I can but nothing official will take place until log.

Any comments, questions or concerns please don't hesitate to pm me!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!



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