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Event Stuff!

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Event Stuff! Empty Event Stuff!

Post by AD on Fri Jun 19, 2015 7:38 pm

Morning all!

So first event of the season is almost upon us and it is exciting! With this excitement comes a few small tweaks to last years set up.

1) They are two day events! Starting at noon on Saturday and ending at noon on Sunday!
    1a) While event won't start until Saturday, people are invited to show up Friday evening, around 7 or 8, to chill and calmly set up.
2) Game will be called in at noon which means that you are expected to be ready to play at noon. If you can't get to site until after noon, don't bring your car up to the buildings. Park away and quietly walk in OOG. Set up and come into game.
    2a) There will be off site parking this time around. There is a community center just up the road and really isn't that far. The idea is that you can bring your cars to the buildings before game to ease unloading but then after you park them at the center. Having the cars so close takes away from immersion as well as forces people to meta so they don't use the cars as hiding spots.
    2b) Should you arrive late there will be closed gate indicating that game has been called in. You can walk in OOG from there. If you're driving yourself then you can leave your car there until your gear is unloaded and then park it at the community center.
3) This idea stays the same for leaving before game is over. If you have to leave early, quietly walk your stuff off site in an OOG fashion.
4) There will be a meal plan! This means you don't have to fend for yourself...ish. Meal plan will be providing food, COOKED food for the weekend at a small fee of 5 or 10 bucks. This is going to cover Saturday and Sunday but not Friday. So if you come up on Friday, you may want to bring some food.
5) As a friendly reminder there is a bunkhouse for people to collapse at night/during the day. There are bunks but no mattress' so be sure to bring some sort of cushion if you don't like sleeping on hard wood.

Any comments, questions, or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me!

I hope to see you all out this season!


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Event Stuff! Empty Re: Event Stuff!

Post by AD on Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:34 pm

As a little add on, the event will cost 20 dollars plus the 5 or 10 for meal plan. Totaling to a max of 30 dollars. Sorry about that!


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