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Cast Calling for Materials: Earn CRPS!!

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Cast Calling for Materials: Earn CRPS!!   Empty Cast Calling for Materials: Earn CRPS!!

Post by Lessa on Fri May 03, 2019 12:28 pm

Happy May, everyone! I am looking for:

three or four pairs of red pants: one or two can be Mens Large, but the rest should be Mens X-Large and up.

     - It would be great if they could all be the same fabric/make, but if not, that's okay.

     - I'm thinking pajama pants, scrub pants, t-shirt fabric pants, sweatpants - it doesn't matter to me so long as they are active wear type pants: comfy and non-
       binding. (no jeans, please, and no office-style trousers.) Pockets are always popular but not absolutely necessary.

     - They can be "YouTube" red (the shade of red on that logo) and darker to brick red, with as little prominent fancy trim or branding on them as possible.

     - They don't have to be new. Thrift store finds are perfect.

     - They don't all have to come from the same player.

     - I'm not sure how many CRPS per pair, but will get back to you after certain consultations have been completed. Smile

The sooner I can have them, the happier I'll be! Ideally I'd like to have one or two within seven days from today, ie. May 10, and the others shortly afterward, as I have some work to do on them. Message me on Facebook if you have questions.

Thanks, everyone!


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