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The Hanged Man is still open for business.

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The Hanged Man is still open for business. Empty The Hanged Man is still open for business.

Post by Jaya on Wed Jul 31, 2019 8:36 pm

[Timestamp 11, July 31st]

Jaya sips on a cup of tea as she flips over tarot cards on the table of the Hanged Man, she sits where Sylvie would normally be.

"The Hermit, very fitting" She says to herself. She indeed needs both sometime to be alone and as well to think about things. This past while has been a very trying time both physically and emotionally for her and the whole town really. Ardin's death, Lord Earth's confusing visit when he made Ardin champion to name a few and now the whole Godo situation, it's all to much. Misty has been captured she is only a child, an innocent child. Sylvie a good friend, taken as well. We will find you both and get you back, I swear.  

She flips over the next card, the Wheel of Fortune. Major changes are coming, well if that wasn't obvious but what exactly are these changes? Is everything going to be alright for everyone? the circle of life continues and a new chapter starts, will everyone be around to see it? Is this cycle a reference to the ascension? It it going to happen? Are we going to stop it and start a new cycle? To many questions and not enough answers, she sighs.

Finally she flips the last card, The Hanged Man and she can't help but smile, thinking of the place she is in and it's proprietor, a friend she has lost hopefully will find soon. Once again more reflection, changing times and patience. She sighs the cards clearly are telling her she needs to take a step back and think about things and look at them from another perspective.

Pulling the The Hanged Man also reminds her she has work to do. She carefully collects her cards and puts them back into their velvet bag. She finishes her tea then cleans her cup and grabs the broom and starts sweeping. This is definitely what she needs and she feels like the cards also will it, this will help her clear her head and relax for a bit before coming back to think about the problems at hand. Sylvie would be pleased to know her business did well and that it was cared for while she was gone and that she had a friend who cared.

Jaya can do everything for her while she is gone make tea and coffee, read tarot and provide a conformable welcoming atmosphere. The only thing she can't do is provide the physic services but magic can be just as mystic so hopefully people would like some magical services in their place. In the meantime she'll think of a way to get her lost friend back. She sweeps the dirt out the door and fixes the sign then heads back inside, leaving the door open on this lovely day to let people know The Hanged Man is still open for business.

She lets out one last sigh then sits and waits for a customer.

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