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Krond . . . Meditating?

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Krond . . . Meditating? Empty Krond . . . Meditating?

Post by Krond Thuliaga on Sat Sep 07, 2019 4:03 pm

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since Val has returned from her trip to the Land of the Dead; nearly 2 weeks since she told the people of Holdfast about what she found out there: the old human Gods, where humans come from, the nature of the world around them, and what it means to be an ascended. All of this seemed too big for Krond to comprehend; but, it did provide a bit of hope for him. If we can find out how Godo ascended then maybe we can find out how to beat him. Then, finally, maybe Krond’s clan can be avenged for the tragedy they faced at Godo’s hands all those years ago. No matter what happens, or what it takes, Krond knew that Godo had to be taken down.

Val believes that Holdfast may be one of several places around the world where an old God fell to earth, and that it’s residual magical energy may be the reason why things are being drawn to Holdfast. Krond makes his way up to the sapling at the top of the hill in Fairchild grove, the supposed coordinate of the magical energies, and takes a seat. He takes out the purple mana that Misty had received from the Elder Wild some months back and holds it in his hands. If this is the spot where a God fell then there has to be something left behind. Krond closes his eyes and retreats into his own mind. He tries to concentrate on the surrounding area to see if he can feel some semblance of a conscience. What he will find, if anything, he doesn’t know . . .
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Krond . . . Meditating? Empty Re: Krond . . . Meditating?

Post by Lady Val on Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:52 pm

Over the next few weeks, Krond and Val can be seen training in the woods early in the morning as people gather herbs and floras in the forest. Krond can be seen doing some bizarre things like climbing trees, running down and dunking his head in the water, and standing on one leg. It seems to be tiring both parties out despite Val not really doing anything other than explaining theory and occasionally making verbal jabs about Krond's ability to fight. However, there is a new glint in the eye of both parties. Whatever they are doing... it seems to be working.. but to what end, that is a mystery.
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