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Wanted: Info on Ascended

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Wanted: Info on Ascended Empty Wanted: Info on Ascended

Post by Lexicus Marinos on Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:28 pm

Nov 13, 7:30pm

Lexicus enters the inn with a collection of parchment in his hand. He studies the wall, looking for the best possible location to get people's attention. Once he's chosen a spot, he attaches several blank parchments stacked on top of each other and a notice on the top one. He hopes the town will be responsive. Satisfied with his work, he goes to grab a drink before exiting the inn.
The notice reads:
Citizens of Holdfast, as you are all aware our town has been plagued by beings who claim to have "Ascended" or to have achieved some form of partial "Ascension". I, Lexicus Marinos of Tor'Quira, am looking to compile all of our collective information on these beings in an attempt to find a way to deal with them once and for all. If you know anything about the Ascended, ANYTHING AT ALL, please record it here or come and find me to tell me personally. No detail is too small, I don't want anything overlooked. Once I have organised my findings, I will present them to the town so we can all seek a solution. Useful information may include, but may not be limited to: what the Ascended are, how someone becomes Ascended, abilities of various Ascended, possible weaknesses, and goals of Ascended beings. Other potentially related information: the Sapling, the elemental circles, the "points/nodes", and the Rift. I will be checking these attached pages periodically to collect them and put up new ones. PLEASE do not tamper with this notice or the attached pages, this is for the future safety and prosperity of Holdfast. If you are worried about the information you have falling in to the wrong hands, feel free to deliver it directly to me. Spread the word of this notice to others, including those who cannot read. I thank you all for your time and participation. Together, we shall overcome.
Lexicus Marinos
Lexicus Marinos

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