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Notice of a Grudge

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Notice of a Grudge Empty Notice of a Grudge

Post by Vadim Ironstones on Mon Jun 22, 2020 8:23 pm

In vadim's handwriting printing the following letter in inscribed and pinned to the notice board:

The following individuals are hereby notified that they are to be the subjects of one (1) dwarven grudge:

- Silvee and/or lady Val, whichever one of you has my money

The reason for the grudge is to be inscribed below:

- Unjust confiscation of 11 7 rares, lawfully earned (you also owe Niko 4 rares for him being a sweetheart, by the way)

Until such time as this grudge is settled, the recipient(s) of the grudge are subject to the following:

- Disrespectful correspondence

- Refusal of services by the grudge-holder

The grudge will be settled upon satisfaction of the following conditions:

- Give me my money back

Under which circumstances, the grudge shall be considered aired and resolved, and any retaliation or grievance related to the grudge shall be considered an immense impoliteness and a mark of dishonour upon one's clan.


Vadim Ironstones

(P.S: Degren I want a cut of that bounty Tandy had out on me. I don't know why you'd want to deal with that slaver-wench anyways, but since it's my head and all, I feel some compensation may be warranted.)
Vadim Ironstones
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