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Post by Franklin Sat Jan 07, 2023 12:13 pm

Franklin scurrys up to the board with a couple of pieces of paper in his hand.

He finds a nice spot on the board to post up his first notice.


I'm looking for some metal for a new set of armor. Due to the... inflation problem money is not something I posses I'm willing to trade some goods although I'm not very wealthy in that category either or favors for things you might need done. If you're interested please come see me

Franklin steps back and is very happy with the placement of his notice. He now looks for a spot to put his second notice:

Looking for information.

I'm on the lookout for information on some of the golem stuff I've seen since I've been here. So if anyone has information on golems or the pilot it'd be greatly appreciated.

Franklin takes another step back and is once again happy with his placement of his notices. He walks away happy with what he's done and goes back out to the fire circle to continue his spiritual journey


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