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Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun”

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Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun” Empty Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun”

Post by Zero. Mon Oct 24, 2022 4:59 pm

Post them mems

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Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun” Empty Re: Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun”

Post by Franklin Mon Oct 24, 2022 5:27 pm

Well this game was by far my favorite I did some dying I did some totally unnecessary science but it was fun. The surgery rp was probably my favorite thing about this game I know it could have been avoided by me not eating a ruff but hey live and learn. Soon Franklin will have a journal and hopefully sell his science to the leek newspaper for money


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Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun” Empty Re: Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun”

Post by Zero. Mon Oct 24, 2022 5:48 pm

May forget things. Such is the way.
-Gull trying to cheer Zero up I love you sweet moment.
-playing Drunk Zero Friday night, lol. Kez’s reaction was beautiful. Mini drinking contest with Deggles.
-totally should have partaken in the light ritual, but knew Zero was probably too inebriated to do anything “well”. Oh, darn, seems like she’ll get puppeteered.
-knew vaguely about the “mole plot”, heard it may be coming to a head soon, but wasn’t expecting the WW drama. Spicy! Almost offered to go along (they want one more person to escort them, maybe they’re just looking for extra cast for the day?).
-Gull pulling the Loom card twice in one game. Shit’s wild. Very cool mechanic, love to see it.
-hunting for Z, make the trek to the boneyard for the first time. Bit of a walk, but, pretty cool.
-casual training while moving bedding lmao.
-the DRAMA Saturday night lol. Loved that shit. Shoutouts to Ceri, Rudi, Lexicus and Garrett for being #TheDrama with me.
-being offered to be a team lead, a spot on the GodSquad, and being entrusted with a bomb for the town within like an hour was pretty cool.
-loved the spore’s boon, unfortunate the health bonus didn’t really play into the fight nicely (numbers-wise), but cool all the same.
-got an applicant for Deputy! Looking forward to some more RP around the position(s).
-Writing a lament for Gull, working with Deggles & Marr to combine Francis Ritual with Human Gate…. we inform cast, we’re almost ready to go, to try to communicate with Gull…. And he walks through the door lmao.
-finally got to see some phase spiders. Tricky little bastards. Getting asked by cast “what do you have on you” is always a lil concerning lmao
-gossip & snuggles with Garrett’s player were nice
-finally getting puppeteered, going straight for the first player I see….. and it’s Degren, who has his massive shield ready. I take a few swings, and Dimitri approaches, and essentially walks me away with his shield (not shield bashing, shield guiding lol). In the heat of the moment, I didn’t even consider trying to go around it lmao.
-The medic team was so on point during the Queen fight, y’all did great. Vaguely related, shoutouts to those of you who stopped to check on me the few times I OOG tripped/got bodied lmao, appreciate y’all.
-seeing Marwhel show up covered in blood, and a fancy new coat. We Stan.
-the appearance of the Queen. I really love the glowing eyes/glowing bits things for the boss fights, really adds atmosphere.  Also big shoutouts to our AD for ensuring the OOG calls could be heard, was a huge help.
-casually calling Franklin out. “Welll.. you said you were gonna eat a rock.. so… do it then. You’re a man of your word right? Do it.” Totally not egging him on. Couldn’t be me.
-“all money to the gazebo” *puts money in gazebo* “I’ll go guard the money” (wait… this is actually really dumb) *grabs my money back from the gazebo*
-Gull’s Nephila revelations!!! Some interesting theories on those, looking forward to the results.
-eating breakfast, realizing there’s a teepee of weapons set up in the center of the inn. Instead of like. Taking it down. People decide to station the tables in a square around them. Guess we now worship the weapon teepee.
-got to feed chicken to a grey jay. Also, ate delicious banana bread, courtesy of Rin
-quite glad Grimm tried shit with Garrett. Getting to use Stern Sheriff voice is always fun.
-food at Jug was spectacular, would eat again.
-shoutouts to players of Ivy and Taka for keeping me conscious for the drive home.

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Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun” Empty Re: Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun”

Post by Z Mon Oct 24, 2022 6:47 pm

Posting some very brief notes here, will probably do a better write up after

- Ahhh friday night my love
- Skeletons Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun” 1f49a
- Gull ritual was nice and good, very cool for the first bard ritual to my knowledge
- New people! That Cat Guy is pretty suspicious at first, but we clear the air

- Me and Theo go out pretty early to fertilize the circles, and we have a pretty intense but needed talk
- Went gathering with some newer folks after and had a nice little trip
- Franklin gets hurt from an egg mod, and DIES, I'm sorry what
- Focus Power up for later, I know what's coming
- That exhausts me, goddamn, all this power is really starting to wear on me
- Me and Gull talk about that, it was a good talk, much needed, and I really appreciate it
- Lunch is good as always, many pilgrims are coming through and I eyeball a few of them appropriately
- Marwhel shows up
- The bloodbath begins, and after a few moments, begins again, slightly different from the first time
- Marwhel lingers on me afterwards, that's a problem for another day
- Now that that is dealt with, I write a short note, leave my money and drugs, and start walking, Z needs some time to think about things
- I wasn't actually sure if Z would be back for the fight tonight when I left, had to figure that out
- Cast some rats, that's a good time, love popcorn
- Start to kit up and try to make my way down to the boneyard to walk back into town, that's extremely difficult in the pitch black
- Work my way back in just watch from the woods for a bit and think about how this will go
- Come back into town, I'm received well, it's nice
- The Queen appears, fuck that's spooky
- We gear up and head out, I hit it for a nice chunk and then start focusing on the normal dollfaces that are making their way to it
- We're starting to get worn down, I switch to bless for consistent dps rather than spikes
- Soon we're losing a lot of people, I'm holding myself together with Block Pain, I'm doing my best to get people inside, bless any fast healer, and Empathic Heal when I've health to go around
- As the fight goes on I'm draining myself more and more with my overuse of psychic power, fuck this is getting to me
- The Loom part 2, Gull...
- Fuck it, I back off and go for focus power, I get one Powerful hit in and go back to charge again, I don't have time to fully charge as we finally manage to put it down
- I gather with others to the corpse, we have to get Gull back
- I realize I can't help as much as others can, and start to head back to the inn to get healed and rest
- Walking over I lose feeling in my left leg, and Teek catches me
- Oh hey Teek, we should talk
- We do, it's really nice actually, we share some pleasant memories and conversation
- I return her power, and return to normal, diminished in my power
- We rest

- I sleep in, I deserve it after everything yesterday right?
- While slowly getting ready, I peek outside and see a PHASE SPIDER OUTSIDE ON THE FIELD
- Oh shit gotta get ready a hell of a lot faster
- Get caught up to speed, christ I missed a lot, that's what I get for sleeping in lol
- Talk with Teek some more, and before I know it it's game end

Wrote a bit more than I thought I would initially, was a combat heavy but very fulfilling game, I enjoyed it a great deal. Good game everyone Smile

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Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun” Empty Re: Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun”

Post by Marr Tue Oct 25, 2022 12:44 pm

Been awhile since I was player Start to finish
[Friday Night]
-Brought a heavy ass object into game thinking it would help.
-Woot good old Skellies, was hoping the ramp up to [redacted because I love this idea and want to propose it]
-something a lot of people can enjoy had the huggy skeleton out but I just left that one alone.
-Heavy Ass Object end up getting someone killed but honestly I think that it played no part in it because people still bleed out in some OoP states.

-Didn't want to gather was up too late the night before and still doesn't really fit Marrs sleep schedule.
-stop by at the few circles during the enchantment so fun and relaxing wondering what to prep.
-Didn't get a chance to talk to all the new people Marr did not see before.
-Sorry Franklin I intend to get back to you just Marr had a day.
-Tried to do some tracking but was sadly unable to find the thing I was tracking wind was quite hurried.
-Seen Marwell entrance curse because I know where the important people are too and I know this will only be bad news
-Oh look there are werewolves, Seems like they wanted the town dead? we come out on top and what about the other chaos I know is coming?
-wanted to go after friends to help grabbed a magic item did not do what I thought and was more or less Tazzed for 1 hour
-I was aware of my surroundings... i'll let that sink in for some people, thank you to the other people who tried to help and even more so Theo and then the guild who sat with me when they got back to keep my limp self company.

-Queen Dollface looks great, fun fight but I knew we had it in the bag.
-Gull Missing kind sucks, but I knew they would be back but there were a lot of B****** around figure I would help out
-Didn't have a dollface to play with decided on attempting something which is now Dubbed "HUMAN GATE" I would of also accepted Faun Gate but eh all you can do
-Gather all the items about to start waiting for "inspiration" IE cast
-Bout to start the process of doing "HUMAN GATE" and then Gull wanders through the back door..... Damn shame would of been so good if he was couple mins later. shelve "HUMAN GATE" until next crisis or bored.
-Dealing with Moon Cheese and the people that eat it, kind of fun but I realized being gone for 2 months I don't have the same good will as I did to just get away with what I wanted to do.

[Sunday] relaxing
-Nothing of real importance beside remember telling Franklin that he should get the rough he ate removed because it may explode and other people shot that thought down thinking I had ten heads. Welp it exploded... into a Phase spider which I actually quite like facing in terms of how the fight plays out.
-What to do with the money now hmmm, Guess i'm hoarding it.
-I'll make some trades people for it.
-Replying to Faun notice board post and laughing.

And I still need to have so many chats with people as a group or 1v1


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Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun” Empty Re: Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun”

Post by Dimitri Wed Oct 26, 2022 2:14 pm

Friday night
Game is called really late, bats show up a few skele’s after I dummy a few I remember that maybe all the new players might want to fight too. I suggest to Globetrotter to give it a go…. It doesn’t go the best. Later on he dies to bats. I get a fun moment of 4 bats just coming out of no where when I use Degren’s taunt song.

Dimitri meets an old acquaintance and he can’t quite place where they’re from, he just knows they’re lying about who they are now.  Tess S. isn’t who she claims to be.

Later on Dimitri and Gull have a late night chat

I sleep in because I went to bed at 5, Dimitri goes gathering with Rook and Amellia but first a weird dude name Perdo is invited along (Dimitri Curses Rook for being friendly and inviting him) Pedro leaves us after 5 or 10 min. We don’t find many things on the main paths but we check all the side paths and make out pretty good $$$.

I see new people rapidly coming into town, time to prepare for the intrusion, but first a quick bathroom break. So the town gets attacked and by the time I get out of the stall my shield and breastplate are off to the side. Dimitri rushes in the Inn is full of bodies he fights but gets pushed back he can’t keep up with the 2 Werewolves even with the handful of fighters left in the Inn. Things look bad when suddenly rewind. So Now Dimitri doesn’t need to use the bathroom and he has his armor and shield on. Time to use some performance enhancing drugs and Psychic powers on loan form Z, Bless Weapon master 10, kickstart Fury! This fight goes much better fortunately neither of the WW’s Dimitri faces have Monstrous str. IDK Where Auron or Degren are probably dealing with the other 2, the battle carries on and eventually they start falling. Armor is shredded, temp HP is gone but Dimitri still has most of his health left…. So 1 hit.

Marwell demands dinner, and Dimitri gathers the ingredients. Gota take care of it quick to get back for the night…. At the end of it for the first time Dimitri walks back on his own power uninjured. The Inn is dark, the windows are boarded up and no light shines from the cracks in the boards. Either the town has been wiped out or this is a plan. Dimitri waits in the treeline and see’s Talia walking around. He gets as close as he can when he hears Auron Shout out “quick Talia” they start running and Lexicus is with them Dimitri runs up behind them. “Who is coming with us?” Dimitri volunteers, grabs Auron’s wrist and then he's in the woods. Oh Joy.

We get back, everything is not burned to the ground, we talk to Everet and explain that flanking tactics work great against people, not monsters. He eventually agrees. The Town Rallies and soon the Queen shows up.

The fight is chaos, it Feels like when Godo came to kill us. Dimitri tries holding the smaller Doll faces back, but the queen needs to be delt with He Eventually decides to fight her but even with a dozen healing potions 5-6 Heals for 75 from Jaya and several berries Dimitri finds himself struggling for his life.

Z’s 10 or 15 Focus mind’s allowed Dimitri to fight

When Lexicus died the first time (then reneg’d by Gull) My will wavered

When Dimitri fell alone, and the Queen advanced on him counting a killing blow I knew Dimitri was too far away, a lucky arrow might save him but no one could get there in 3 seconds. Talia screams out “NO!!” and sprints across the dark field, Then she trips and goes down HARD. Marr comes up pauses for half a second and continues on to get Dimitri the Queen is trying to figure out what just happened and Dimitri is saved. My will is fortified <3 Talia (Also ty Marr for actually getting me, it was a 2 person effort)

Dimitri saves Franklin from a KB5 count as he thrusts out his shield to stop the killing blow from landing and Dog from a 4 count as he steps over him parrying the KB before it can complete

Potions run out; Shield starts to crack. I toss the Shield back to the runers and Yell “Mage Fix my shield!!” Dimitri turns to face the Queen and a regular Doll face, Him and Roc Son. It dawns on me this is a mistake.

Anytime someone got puppeted Dimitri made them a priority, I was not Gentle lol.

Eventually we Won and the Queen sang Itsy Bitsy Spider but got stuck on the line “out came the sun”

Also, Gull is Gone, absorbed into the spider, the night is sad and long but just as we are getting rdy for “the Human Gate” Gull appears. Sleep is had,

the next day is chill we all chat, Dimitri and Rook go into the woods for a guild mission then the Chromatic orb weavers attack.

All in all 3 deaths that game, GlobeTrotter to a bat, Franklin to an Egg Mod and Gull To Save Lexicus (and we thought Rook, turns out it wasn’t)

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Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun” Empty Re: Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun”

Post by Rook Thu Oct 27, 2022 10:49 am

I had a blast this game! Very glad to be back and very much looking forward to November game!

Friday Night
-Did some journaling, Cricket questioned me on it and offered training in Hand-to-Hand and Grapple
-Gull started a ritual to share the light we had amongst the players. (Bowser Revolution style)
-Some people definitely got a blood disease from those lute strings!
-Lots of humming (reminds me of a certain improvisatory exercise we did once in uni)
-Got to crush some skeleton heads with my staff!
-Kept guard over Z and Gull as they did their vision thing.

-Slept in late and missed breakfast Sad
-Went for a wonderful morning stroll with Dimitri and Amellia
-Playing recorder down at the Bone Yard
-Made sure to make it back for lunch ( Ramen was delicious What a Face )
-I was finished early so I decided to help with the dishes
-Marwell [sp?] visited, Rook had no idea who they were but was told to give them space
-I had a conversation with Lillium about dermal tattoos and once that was finished I went outside just in time to get ambushed by the werewolves and get downed in one hit affraid
-Got to re-inact the exact same conversation when we got loomed, this time I managed to avoid the doggos.

-After the battle, I went down to the earth circle to make music in the evening light, a favourite pastime of Rook's.
-There was some commotion going on with Z in the boneyard, and I saw maybe half the town traipse through the woods past the earth circle. I did not.
-Once I started to get the vibes that it was no longer going to be safe in the woods I head back to the inn to start my pumpkin carving. (Literally the chillest of afternoons)

-The evening started with hiding in a bedroom with 7 others and a talking bed. (Louis) we were ready on several occasions to fight from the room, but the only person who ever came by was Dog.
-Next came the terrifying watch for Dread Splices in the night outside the inn. Thank you Roland for organizing the watch. I was fully expecting us to get attacked before the other half of town got back.
-There were a few serene moments of stargazing. The big dipper was framed perfectly by the trees.
-The battle was in no uncertain terms, epic. I had a great deal of practice using Medic 2. Amellia, GlobeTrot and Ceridwynn (apologies if there were others that I did not mention) handed me an unending supply of casualties. Extra thanks to Yana for always being near the door to take them from there Smile
-The loom hold was called I was giving Dimitri a bottle of Gatorade (it was a very dramatic trip to the kitchen). I had just handed it to him when it was announced that I was no longer dead. (Which was a surprise to my very much living self)
-The after the battle the rest of the night was spent either stargazing or helping with the ritual to get Gull back.

-Very chill morning for Rook, went out with Dimitri to get tracking reports. (Later replaced with Hajime). There was a brief interlude for spiders before I went back out again.
-The meal at The Stone Jug was fantastic, and thank you to everyone who voted for my Doll-Face inspired jack-o-lantern!

All in all, an amazing weekend! Can't wait until November game Very Happy

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Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun” Empty Re: Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun”

Post by Malva Sat Oct 29, 2022 7:29 am

Marr wrote:Been awhile since I was player Start to finish
[Friday Night]
-Heavy Ass Object end up getting someone killed but honestly I think that it played no part in it because people still bleed out in some OoP states.

It's my understanding that they could have saved him, but it would have needed to be frame-perfect from the spell drop, and I don't think they knew that.

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Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun” Empty Re: Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun”

Post by Malva Mon Nov 21, 2022 4:45 pm

Late but I had this in my notes app:

-Seeing Sharon talking to new Adrien before game. He mentions being worried about only having 5 health. I told him health doesn't matter if he doesn't get hit... Well buddy you darn tried Razz
-Stretches with Sage
-Getting a ton of complements on my "winter kit" because I wore a scarf
-Came in BUSY as Malva and it was fun. Essence potion came out well: We got 10!
-Getting to tell Kez about when I joined the alchemist's guild
-"Malva, isn't it passed your bedtime?" "NO- actually- because I'm not getting up to go gathering this morning since I'll be on the Moon!"
-Explaining to Rosco when potato day was on the moon, and then next year we went back in time to where last year's potato day would have been in the same spot.
-Going out of the way to get Globetrot the ouiji board: "Sorry I'm illiterate"
-Z spent the morning incorrectly signalling werewolves to me. Buddy you gotta signal when what you're saying is speculation.
-Followed Dog into the woods to tell him about the werewolves. We ended up both happening into the very end of the sword ritual and getting the buffs for absolutely no participation.
-Dimitri told me the one REAL confirmed werewolf so far: Matty. Later on the deck I hear him talking to another traveler saying "Yes, we have four so far, if we can find a fifth we can make a travel party." I go signal to Z that I'm pretty sure there are four werewolves. I go sit on the deck, finishing armoring up, and well... there's the 5th werewolf's head in Marwell's hand.
-My perfect 20/20 hindsight says we should have killed Matty on the spot there and then. Knowing the stats now, I could have done it myself even. But in the end we were saved by the Loom.
-Lowkey forgot we were gonna have to deal with the werewolf boss too...
-Luis crawled under the bed to hide and he ended up role-playing a talking bed. 10/10 felt like talking to a magic eight-ball haha
-Garett(?): "Should we close the door?"
Taka: "I think the plan is doors open, lights on"
Garett: "I want to close the door."
Rook, peak sarcasm, repeating my exact tone: "I think the plan is door open, lights on."
-Gull uses the first loom "right, that's gone now..." Gull: That is NOT how the story goes
-Sharon to Malva: "What items do you have on you right now?"
Me: "Um..."
Sharon: "Like what potions, mana, money?"
Me: "Sharon."
Sharon: "Okay, just not what you're brewing, just tell me what potions are in your bag right now?"
Sharon: "Okay fine, what mana and money dk you have?"
-It's so funny to me how of the 50+ events and mini events we've had, well over 100 in-game days, today is the only day so far in which eating a rough would cause a phase spider to burst out of your stomach, and it happened.
-No one wants to give Malva anything cool from the werewolves, how rude~~ 🥺

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Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun” Empty Re: Oct 2022 - “Out Came The Sun”

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