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August, 2016

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August, 2016 Empty Re: August, 2016

Post by Degren Brightforge on Sun Aug 21, 2016 2:26 pm

Degren Brightforge
Degren Brightforge

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

August, 2016 Empty Re: August, 2016

Post by Hugo on Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:39 pm

Oh hey, the forum lives.

At any rate:

Friday night:
- Learning of the buzzkill that is sneaking up on a closed mod
- Being a walking running, talking, ambulance for 5 hours straight or so
- I don't remember much of anything else, besides that we got our asses kicked
- "Pepsi samurai"
- OOG shipping at 330 in the morning

- Waking up in the afternoon and learning Volk was executed for his transgressions against the empire
- Tenting up on the patio with a blanket and some string
- *Mana shards falling from the sky onto Hugo's head*, *Hugo becoming increasingly distraught over it*
- Opening up a Mana shard shop on the patio
- Making mad bank selling Mana shards from my mini shop on the patio
- Sitting around on the deck while mobs walked past and fucked with other people. All I need now is absurd levels of grapple and Hugo's basically an NPC
- Asher thinking Auron was Herr, and Herr is Auron (At least I think it was saturday)
- Marwal and her gang rolling into town to help out with the construct problem
- The post clusterfuck battle fire down by the fire circle.
- Asher becoming sheriff

- Setting up the patio tent again
- *Mana shards still raining from the sky on to Hugo*, *Hugo developing mixed feelings about raining money*
- Selling even more Mana shards for even more bank
- *Sounds of Pierre shagging a cat lady in the distance*
- Bikbun's birthday party

Was a fun game. Can't wait to see what sort of crazy shit shows up to kill us in September!


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August, 2016 Empty Re: August, 2016

Post by Asher Fairchild on Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:56 pm

"Guys I'm going into character and not coming out, I'm sorry if I'm mean"
*makes a big deal about it, goes out the window in the first 5 mins*

Helen fucking us all up. Like mega destroying us. No one was safe.

pierre, timmean, and volks construct monsters were so fun! You guys also were destroying us horribly. Good job guys.

Chaining up Pierre and Timmean at the flag pole
"Oog: can we break out of this?"
"Do you have escapology?"

"It's a bear!"
"OOG: you see it's definitely not a bear"
"Be careful of the bear you guys!"

Being baby Asher. We're never speaking of it again!

Auron: ...what did you just say?
And then Auron preceded to defend my honor. It was great.

Degren suggesting Auron fight him in an honorable duel to the death. YAS DO IT.

Actually doing some damage with my sword for once. Feel like I'm getting better with that thing.

Becoming the subject of the new ship. It's totally not a thing you guys.

3:00am cook up and bonding at the outpost

Banter with Mitchell on the way back to the bunk house

Getting into sparrow outfit and helping out with brekkies

Making friends with Herr as Soarrow, everyone looking at us like "wtf.."

Opening a shiny that made me think everyone was plotting to kill me. Proceeding to run around the town screaming before hiding in the woods.

Hiding behind the rock in the woods, and scaring the shit out of Gerald!

Being run out of town by Jay Walker

This isn't a good memory, but having a nap and missing the Maximilian mod. The mod in which Rob brought in a bow skill specifically for me. And I slept through it. Face palm.

Coming back in game as Asher and politicking with the town all day, ending with me being named new sherif, and Hugo being the deputy, with Auron as consultant!

Getting licked and turned mad, causing me to strip off my belts and packs and shoes and run around like a nutter

Getting to cast for the first time! Such a blast!

Being saved by Marwal. Asher likes her.

Grabbing all my gear and limping/running to the earth circle go re-gear.

Everyone being constructs!! So fun!!

Bonfire fun!

My favorite monster returned! The wolves that can't see you if you don't move! Love those things!

More cooking and bonding


Getting licked and turned mad AGAIN

Grooving with the plants and trees

Getting my fortune told by Hugo

Ravira and Pierre. Oh my.

Some how getting into my head that my parents were murdering each other and running out of town on my first day as new sherif

Casting again!

Draining your mana as the mana turtle

Soooooo tired. Just so tired. I literally fell asleep in the field.

Finally went to Robins after game!

I just woke up from the biggest nap and I feel like I've been beaten with a bat. All signs of an amazing weekend. I can't believe we only have one left you guys. Looking forward to playing with you all again next month! Thanks for the great time!

Ps I'm too tired to edit this. So I apologize for spelling errors.
Asher Fairchild
Asher Fairchild

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August, 2016 Empty Re: August, 2016

Post by Borin Ironhammer on Mon Aug 22, 2016 6:44 am

Volk knew shit would go down so he blended with earth as soon as game was called. Then the assassins could also blend with earth.

Torturing volk was very satisfying, he totally had it coming.

Being gilmore and trying to use bard ic abilities to enchant people but always having to run away from the constructs.

Marwel showing up in the morning and people not recognizing her. Then she called timmean meatsack and everyone collectively say oh shit and takes a step back.

Volkswagen head was on a pike near the inn.
Auron: Is that Edwin of toth?
Degren: "No that's Edwin of toth." *pointing at Edwin in another direction.*
Auron: "Then what the fuck is that?"

It took two minutes of inspection for them to find the Volks head tag.

"57 metal bypass!" *general keeps fighting*

Gilmore actually being useful for once, the knights got really excited about my plus 4 attack song. Opal? Not so much. The ensuing spider didn't last long after that.

Maximillion's workout video weapon master training.

Asher sat on me while I was Oog so a sheep caused her to hallucinate that auron was Herr and Herr was auron.

Ashaouron is totally a thing

Timmean and ravira winning giant stack dem bones then bragging about it

Thursday big construct battle was a lot of fun, Boris and anistasia were the best guards the watering hole ever had.

Me: grapple 40
Volk: grapple not enough

The night yeti(thank you for coming up with something better than sheep) fight was epic. Charging at people and running past them when they stopped. Silent stare downs would happen and the battle would move when the townsfolk had the advantage and soon as they didn't it would come to a dead stop.

I just wanted to morn my dead brother and you guys repelled me from him and murdered me.

Of course they explode when thrown in a fire

Showing off my bard skills to phineas at the campfire.

Astral plane sheep on the front step that would pop in and put people to sleep as they passed then pop out.

Hugo and the mana gems

Asher(had madness and was shedding gear)
Datura (in love with aruon)
Degren (wanted to groove with plants)
Pierre (in love with ravira and the yproceed to bang)

That's all I got for now I might edit with some more.

Borin Ironhammer

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August, 2016 Empty Re: August, 2016

Post by Zar/Herr on Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:46 am

Spider v rat fight

Taking care of Baby malva  I love you
(Must learn alchemy for the express purpose of doing that again -jk)

Raspberry picking with Malva, giving out picked raspberries

Walked into game behind Ryan's drunk, singing character (forgot name)

On step listening to Ryan play music while staring at the "ocean" thinking it was a very relaxing moment

After apologizing to Auron and Asher, they said "it's all on you now" and i go from tense, and defensive to open and happy

OOG convo with Wil about Volk teaching Herr knockout (which was a no) and discovering we both think that "as long as i have more power, everything will be fine"
"That's why we're the bad guys" he says

Hear blended Val describe me as sneaky, etc and saying "plan on making him an elf" *evil laugh*; thought to myself "what's evil enough about that to warrant a laugh?"

Being a spider and rat around one of Rob's NPC's who was disgusted by them

As a rat, showed Auron a Herbalism egg location by his camp and was murdered shortly after by Datura hitting 14 metal (WTF?!)
Auron: what the hell! You killed a nice rat!

Being parrot spider, Volk attacks it, pins it down with one sword and hits it with the other as i repeat the last phrase i heard "what's going on? What's going on? What's going on?" *dead*

Spying on closed mod, was informed it was closed, memory wiped

Stole Degrens fire resistance relic from his shield, was told the next that it was welded on, returned it, memory wipe, didn't happen

Being in awe of Marwel

Not being hit during the night mods, didn't fight much either, only had a dagger!

Found a good spot to hide in the woods

In the woods with Malva exploring an old, overgrown path
Malva: Is there a path there?
Herr: it looks like there's a small opening by those trees
M: Nah we won't go through here
*turns around, sees armless turtle monster*
H: We HAVE to go this way!
Runs through thick brush
"Hopefully it can't come through here!"
Hears Jake monster speed up, looks back, freaks out
H: Go faster Malva!
*successfully escape*

Scouted the knights camp

Was rushing around stabilizing people during the first battle

Being in the bushes near where Keket was taken down, knowing she woukd't be found, i brought her to the side of the step during a battle and left (she was healed by Volk later)

Being a cat, doing cat things, being ignored "this stuff happens all the time" trying to tell Keket i'm looking for Malva by going around her alchemy set. She didn't get it. Found Malva in bunkhouse, started stalking Malva and such, she gave me the fake food, i toyed with it for a while, OOG Travis said "you don't NEED to put it in your mouth" i respond with "mrow" and resumed picking it up with mouth. Went to Malva, placed food on table, meowed at her more, she was like "nope" and began briskly walking away from me, closing doors behind her. Eventually stopped following her, rested (uncomfortably) in Inn for 5-10 mins. Went to bunkhouse door, attempted to open door, Malva opens door for me from inside "Oh..." *laughter insues* i enter bunkhouse, she leaves, i chase her out onto step, quit, go to Inn, chill until human again.

Waking people up with slaps and kicks

People giving back my dagger seemingly not concerned that i might do something (yay!)

Raining mana shards, always around Hugo

Seeing a light in the trees at night, going into the woods and coming out from the knight's camp, trying to flank whoever was there. I saw a couple of people also investigating the light from the path (forgot who!), they got their first, Hugo jumped out of the tree near the lamp (which was his), i think he startled them and they saw my silhouette slowly creeping towards them, Hugo drew his sword and i said "yeah, yeah, you can put that away."

Hilary's clearly right, i am basically a shadow at night

Being silly and hitting people with my dagger for 0 metal

Seeing so many people "loving nature" as a cast rat and attempting to make the whole town "love nature" but quickly being killed

Teasing Mel's dwarf character by stepping closer every few seconds

Waking up to kisses

Waking up to Sparrow

Sparrow asking the knights why i'm not a knight, they look at us funny, S"i'll ttyl" D"yes, we WILL ttyl" (didn't happen)

IG watched Sparrow eat a mushroom (egg) and become paranoid; being the awesome guy i am, i decide the best thing to do is slowly walk towards her. Freaks out, gets louder, am stared at by knights, she flees, i walk past knights laughing "what did you do?" "She ate a mushroom"

Asher thinking i was Auron and vice versa, quickly thought up a plan that Auron didn't seem to understand despite all the winking! Plan was to tell her to go out into the woods and wait while i kept "Herr" at the inn, the effects would wear off and she wouldn't know anything happened. Of course, who listens to me? Razz

Sad memories
Telling asking lady val if she was still intereated in mana shards, was going to tell her about who has shards and an idea of how many but not being able to until we all pooled the shards together making my information and attempts worthless.

Being a parrot spider in the forest and hearing Bikbun's birthday otg and i couldn't be there

No one falling for my well planned trap as a parrot spider

Honestly feeling a little sick and uncomfortable talking to and apologizing to Auron and Asher. (It's hard to apologize when i don't mean it)

Missed the night yeti fight because sleep

Missed a bonfire too??

Jake as turtle monster fell in woods

Me as spider fighting Ira, she trips backwards on fence by Inn

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August, 2016 Empty Re: August, 2016

Post by Malva on Mon Aug 22, 2016 12:09 pm

-The mana turtle. P.S.A. about how turtles work:
August, 2016 0001August, 2016 Turtle_side_view1
-Everybody freaking out because they weren't expecting a mod like the constructs on a Friday night.
-Being a baby and making everyone take care of me (Thanks Herr!)
-Herr figuring out baby Malva wanted a drink and then trying to feed her ale.

-Walking towards Marwell, not recognizing her, hearing somebody say her name, and then freaking out and walking the other way. I stayed next to the door for the entirety of her proposition.
-The mana merchant's close call with the turtle.
-Challenging Sharon to see if I could take the mana shards off the Jenga without touching it, and being successful.
-The town coming together and getting organized with mana before the contructs showed up again.
-Hiding in the woods when Marwell came back and listening in on everyone, and the calls I was hearing Rob make; "I throw you into them, and then them and them; it's a curveball!"
-Coming back in from the woods when Marwell left, smiling at Christian, and him just looking at me and saying "You went completely unscathed during all of that didn't you?"
-The night yeti encounter. I'm at the path near the forge and one of them starts running at me; I hear someone yell "They can't see you if you don't move!" I freeze. It runs straight past me and slashes through two people behind me. Later it takes out Jess's character (sorry I forget her name) she's been down a few minutes with no one getting to her. I creep over and pour a health potion in her mouth. She wakes up and tells me she can repel them with water, but she can't look for the mana or they'd see her moving. I tell her I can stand and spread out my cloak to give her cover. I start moving and one comes over to me and starts pawing at me. It even makes a grapple call, but then it leaves me alone. I stand up and spread my cloak, she finds the mana and casts her spell, and then everybody took them out!
-The night yetis exploding in the fire, going into my bleed, and nobody noticing until Kekit practically stepped on me on her way up to the inn. Meanwhile when I was down I was listening to everybody was just going "Is that everyone? Yup!" and Volk in particular who said "Is anyone still unconscious?" *no reply* "Yup! We're good!"
-The fact that both Christian and Rob treat the yetis exploding in the fire like an obvious outcome that anybody should have expected.

-Mana sheep!

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August, 2016 Empty Re: August, 2016

Post by Quintessence on Mon Aug 22, 2016 4:20 pm

Friday: -Being pleasantly surprised to meet a new Bard, Hello Grayfeared! who's music added some much needed ambience to the inn.
-Hearing tales of childhood in the inn, including Bikbun's explanation of why his beard is so lackluster and unimpressive for a Dwarf, and that because of this, he's been mistaken for a lady dwarf before.
-Being annoyed at everyone calling a strange metal monster a "bear"...that is clearly NOT a bear.
-WTF, why won't these things stay down!?!?!
-OOG thinking holy shit this is crazy, we're all going to die tomorrow!

Saturday: -OOG gluing all sorts of hair to Mel's face in the tent, lmao that was a sticky mess.
-Having another one of Quin's travelling companions arrive in Holdfast, yay Darcy! Hugging and holding her upon her arrival and having Darcy/Mel physically shaking in my arms.
-Darcy meeting Bikbun for the first time, Darcy approaching the LASS to touch her lovely little beard, and her absolute recoil as I explain that Bikbun is a MALE Dwarf. (Even more hilarious after the conversation in the inn with him the night before).
-All the Darcy moments with men! Having to explain to men to please back up...or else they might get struct by a hammer.
-Blending to get away from a turtle, watching it touch Westock and hearing Rob ask him OOG about levels of awareness, and absolutely nothing happening to Westock because he just doesn't get magic, man lol. THEN seeing the same turtle go after the mana merchant and her get the fuck out of dodge REAL quick.
-OOG watching Darcy and Keket swimming, and Darcy being concerned that the fish swimming around her and trying to hide in her beard might be males.
-Foraging for things in the woods, only to be found by spiders...blending and watching said Spider cocoon Westock.
-Getting help from Auron and Herr to find and save Westock (which is Quin's first real interaction with Auron and she is grateful and impressed, yay for knightly heros!)
-Being sad that Volk was dead, paying respects at his grave...being happy to see him return later on!
-Finally meeting the dark lady (aka lady of nightmare aka the vampire aka Marwell(sp?)) at the town meeting, and being wary but still bold enough to ask some important questions of her.
-Seeing Marwell kill Degren in an instant for asking a stupid question and implying she had some involvement with Volk.
-Seeing Marwell use another very impressive void spell as another "idiot" seemingly blinked out of existence (only to have apparently appeared elsewhere)...knowing she is NOT to be trifled with.
-Being disgusted at the prospect of letting her feed off us, but feeling we had no other choice, since we'd end up facing 2 enemies in the night that we can't defeat, instead of 1.
-The mana shard pooling, it was a unifying moment, it was beautiful to see the town come together like that.
-Coming back into town mid construct/Marwell stuff and watching The Dark Lady tear everyone and everything to bits. Having the disgust Quin felt earlier turn to fascination. You just can't look away from that stuff...wow.
-Sitting on the deck with everyone, healing up and talking about what we've learned from this encounter, particularly hearing what Timmean had to share.
-Laughing as OOG Wil checks his watch and realizes it's only 9:30pm and that the night is far from over.
-Philippe pretending to be a girl while sitting on the deck next to Darcy, and their ensuing conversation (I thought I was going to die of laughter).
-FINALLY being at game while we have a real fire going in the firepit, OOG Val is a bit of a pyro. IG Sitting and talking with Phinneaus(sp?) about so many things and watching Asher try to rally support from everyone to become the next Sheriff.
-Thinking throwing the Night Yeti/Hellion thing on the fire was a BAD idea...this being confirmed with a big BOOM. Ugh.

Sunday: -OOG "Snore, snore...*thinking* ow ow omg ow, I can't move or open my eyes...fuck you migraine!" It was a couple hours of that before I could finally move, speak or open my eyes to get some meds in me. It really sucked not being able to come into game on Sunday, but at least I was able to get out andabout (though still in pain and dizzy) and take a few photos before the end of game was called.
-At Robins with the crew after game and Travis asking us how we enjoyed the Contructs vs Marwell because he had bought it as a plot force...and exclaiming to folks that I both love and hate Travis for that lol, and adding that shit like this is why he's such a great DM <3.

It was a great and eventful weekend, I'm terrified about what we have to face come September!


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August, 2016 Empty Re: August, 2016

Post by Keket on Mon Aug 22, 2016 7:49 pm

were to start how to start?!

coming in to game from the moon getting lost because well i didnt notices my bearings at first then finding timmeny and asking right away for raspberry! (shes crazy for them now!) wanting some to try to see how it would go! not finding them at all that day because well it was getting bit dark or maybe we did and she like meh later

meeting up with lady val and having been given a gift! a new mana bag! holds so much more and i love it! wearing it right away and putting all mana into because other mana bag was over flowing! and thankfully changed bags because that night as the first night i got to cast a spell and did it right and hided away from things! and was picking alot of people up and scream scared bout ig and oog! when the "bear" thing attacked not knowing what it was really called! and started to burn to mana fast!

the next morning RASPBERRY! HOLY MOONS! were so good! didnt want to lave them even when it started to get dark picked enough to bring home to see what i can get them for or sell and start getting income in that way!(who knows!and to give some to the AD =D) screaming more that day falling down a lot was fun! got to go swinging first time wearing my with out really out there! and having fun and dancing in the water was fun oh and the rock i found it! spilled and went right in! after words screaming holy moons and hearing myself echo was fun! more fighting! more screaming and more falling! and that night nearing dying two times! around the same dang spot! (thanks both harr and volk! saving me oh and timmeny!) stopping as one of them sheep like things coming in stopping dead in our tracks as we were laving and going to head back to the fire and someone getting called out and then Sharon asking why we didn't called out and told her way and she was like oh right okay! back to watching the fire in the tavern still cant believe i nearly died!two times last one with 2mins left tell death D= oh and who could forget my great great uncle and keeps some secrets from bout uncle and val!

and then last but not less seeing two people dancing hearing Perrier and Mal person "matting" in the woods my poor even ears!
mana sheep's!
almost lost my book!
glad volk is alive was sad and didnt want to believe it was volks head! knew he be back oddly believe he didnt get killed
just to much fun! cant wait to see what happens

sorry for one big post to cluster!

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August, 2016 Empty Re: August, 2016

Post by Allura (Jenn) on Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:24 pm

Short post as I arrived late!

-Becoming a construct (first time being cast) and feeling super OP for a bit.
-Getting ripped limb from limb by the Dark Lady (during my first actual encounter with her) to become my regular elven self again.
-Conquering sheep/yeti fairly efficiently in the field (special thanks to Lady Malva for the heal and battle plan execution as posted above).
-Saturday night bonfire with mostly everyone, including Phineas, while we healed, got armour fixed, and discussed politics, monsters, relics, etc.
-Being formally nominated as a Knight by Datura (still taking it into consideration, no decisions have been made).
-Unexpected camping excursion with the Knights.

-Waking to find the town being mauled by frogs, rats, turtles and sheep.
-Battling while watching the entranced Volk and Degren grinding.
-Being called to while entering the Inn to see a familiar face (Rob’s “old hobo man” character, name’s escaping me), and subsequently being dragged into the woods for training. (Also remember him briefly mentioning candy... maybe that explains the character? Laughing )
-Making plenty of use of Arcane Dissection with everyone else’s daggers.
-Walking across the field to see an entranced Asher, and being dragged into a dance.
-Celebrating Bikbun’s birthday!

Probably forgetting some cool stuff, enjoying reading the rest of the memories:)
Allura (Jenn)
Allura (Jenn)

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August, 2016 Empty Re: August, 2016

Post by Timmean on Sat Aug 27, 2016 7:47 pm

Great event, as always! 'Twas a little different for me on account of meal plan stuff, but it was still all good!

-Getting to game and scrambling to get the kitchen ready. The bread was fine, Rob!
-Looking around and sneaking up on the closed mod with everyone. Which of course we couldn't do, since it was a closed mod.
-The Pierre and Volk(?) constructs shambling into game, and then Helen's plant monster. It was a fight, but it seemed manageable, until...
-MORE CONSTRUCTS! The vine thing, and the Baconators. I got thrown into the bunkhouse, then taken down by an explosion. Don't remember who medic'd me back up.
-Rushing around during the fight trying to get everyone on their feet; first I was medic'ing people, then just gave up and settled on keeping everyone stable.
-...And then I ran out of bandages. Tried to get more from my surgery kit, but couldn't get into the bunkhouse due to vines and a baconator.
-After running around for a while, finally had an opening to get into the bunkhouse and grab some bandages. Ran through the inn, then out to the back porch, and got grappled the moment I opened the back door -_- I went down with a bandage still in my hand! Then got wrapped up in vines, then dragged underground...
-...and returned as a construct! Twisted Evil That was an interesting monster to play. Got to do lots of chasing.
-Not sure who said it, but while I was down, I heard someone yell "You down'ed me in a rose bush, you asshole!"
-Got chained to a flag pole! That worked for a while... until we broke free!

-Manning the kitchen OOG while Timmean was still missing
-Accidentally inventing fire fruit. I'm sorry to anyone who had some without warning! Though it was also kind of awesome...
-Getting dragged into town by Marwel, then lying on the ground in pain as she talked to the knights and a few others about the previous night, and her offer.
-The more detailed discussion with Marwel in the inn. Very serious talk... and then the question about if Volk and Marwel had a thing. Void kills
-I spent most of Saturday doing kitchen stuff, but it was still a lot of fun. I glanced out the window when the head showed up, and happened to be watching when they found the "Volk's head" tag. That was interesting
-Mana shards appearing all over the place. It was... confusing
-Getting interviewed about the murder the previous month. Thought I had nothing to worry about, then the question of "Do you have an affiliation with the empire? Why not?" That... had Timmean a bit nervous.
-Going for a short swim, and taking one water mana with me, just in case...
-Napping & drying off on the porch, in the sun... and having mana shards randomly rain on me. At one point I opened my eyes a crack and saw Hugo leaning over the rail to pluck one off of me
-Speaking of which, Hugo's tent-thing on the porch. Interesting spot for a shop!
-Overhearing Lady Val and her uncle discuss etiquette training. That was amusing. Speaking of which, I love the line "sometimes it's proper etiquette to fist a turtle."
-Saw the giant Jenga set in the field, deliberately didn't go near it. Then it showed up in the inn. Then watching Malva gingerly pluck the mana shards off the top, with both Sharon and Christian watching like hawks in case she touched the tower
-A few minutes later, when Sharon noticed the tower had been bumped. Still not sure if I actually did that or not, but I decided to be a good sport and take it. Then me and Ravira had a one-on-one game... And did absolutely awesome Cool For those who were unfortunate enough to miss it, we stacked that tower mighty high. There was one moment where a brick started to slide, then STOPPED half way off!
-Sure, the tower eventually fell, but it was still an awesome game. Why wouldn't we want to tell everyone?
-Talking to Lady Val and her uncle about what was coming that night... then the reform circle, to get as much magical ammo as possible.
-A duck?
-A long discussion about the temple of Norden, and how the rift plays into things
-Just before dark, when Degren went missing... and then Asher... and we knew that it had started.
-Running all the way around the inn & bunkhouse then out the path to get away from the constructs, then running full-speed out to the ruins, to basically yell for Marwel to hurry up. Though I said it a bit more politely than that.
-Rushing back to town to make sure Marwel had a place to work. Amalfia and Keket set up in the bunkhouse, while Marwel did her work in the inn. Wounded to the left, constructs to the right...
-The ensuing fight was great. People getting construct-ified, people getting de-construct-ified, people getting knocked out, lots of medic work... Not to mention that if we weren't quick, the constructs would wake up before we got them into the inn and just kill whoever was carrying them. My command spell came in handy for incapacitating them for a few moments, but it wasn't much good unless people were really ready to do some damage
-Getting slammed into the bunkhouse door over, and over, and over... and then frozen by Boris. Also, getting thrown around the field by the constructs. Speaking of which, "It's a curve ball!" was the greatest use of a grapple I've ever heard.
-Eventually getting all the constructs destroyed or returned to normal. It was a great battle Smile
-Timmean and Bikbun going off to talk to Marwel... and coming back in one piece!
-Mopping the inn >.>
-Walked down to the campfire for a little bit. Didn't hang out long, but it was cool to see so many people hanging out there. Went back to the inn and chatted with the few people there. I actually nodded off on a bench...
-When I woke up a little later, I was the only one left in the room. One of the night yetti's came through, and Timmean just froze in hopes that it wouldn't pay any attention to him.
-Walked out of the inn a moment later, then noticed the strange battle going on in the field. Met up with Volk and Keket in a patch of trees, did some medic work, the decided to go to bed. I was just WAY too tired.
-On the way back to the bunkhouse, I was walking through the inn, and one of the yetti's came through the door. Timmean froze, and the yetti actually bumped into him as it pushed by. FREAKY...

-A LOOOONG conversation with Lady Val about Marwel, Timmean's family, and other recent events. It was quite a chat! And I finally saw the guy talking about the rift.
-First heard about Asher becoming sheriff. Interesting!
-Bikbun's birthday! And singing the song, TWICE! Also, when Sharon walked in at the end of the second singing, just when we were all applauding.
-Volk and Degren's sexy dance. Some things cannot be unseen
-Meditating by the water circle, and hearing/seeing more weird stuff. Some of it pretty heavy...
-...so much so that Timmean actually had a drink and got a bit tipsy. I was in the inn and Volk asked if I was drunk. Then Asher asked for some water training...
-Since I didn't feel I could properly teach unless fully sober, I burned an untaint spell. Then went to find Asher, and was told she had left town >.<

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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August, 2016 Empty Re: August, 2016

Post by Timmean on Sun Aug 28, 2016 4:24 pm

Oh! And the sheep that put me to sleep on Sunday morning, while I was doing dishes. I had mana gems raining on me, and one got lodged in my ear >.> People kept walking by, and I was so glad I wasn't bleeding out. Then Opal came in and shook me awake, to do some medic work.

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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August, 2016 Empty Re: August, 2016

Post by Malva on Sun Aug 28, 2016 4:33 pm

Timmean wrote:And I finally saw the guy talking about the rift.

Okay seriously I still haven't seen him. Malva has no idea what anyone's on about.

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August, 2016 Empty Re: August, 2016

Post by dbiotin on Mon Sep 12, 2016 12:10 am

wow, I wasn't there


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August, 2016 Empty Re: August, 2016

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