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August 2015 Event

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August 2015 Event Empty August 2015 Event

Post by Timmean on Sun Aug 16, 2015 11:57 am

Memories from this weekend's event! Unfortunately we weren't able to stay long, but that time was eventful!

-Waking up extremely injured in the ruins, and trying to pull myself out.
-The many efforts to get the injured Timmean back to The Watering Hole. Having a broken arm and shattered knee has never been so much fun. The stretcher and attempts to carry me were great. But the best one? "Yes, we should try to roll him legs-over-head. Is it really so important that we get him back without a broken neck?"

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August 2015 Event Empty Re: August 2015 Event

Post by Malva on Mon Aug 17, 2015 2:31 pm

-Realizing we couldn't carry Timmean, running to go look for Horns to get him medical attention, seeing Volk and saying "Where's Horns!? Timmean's in the woods with a broken arm and leg!" and Volk just casually looking at me and saying "Oh, Timmean's back"
-The consistency of Timmean falling on people's heads when they try to carry him over their shoulders.
-Everyone trying to figure out how to carry Timmean, Volk does an oog hand and says "Alright; Torture 1..."
-Watering Hole is being attacked by wraiths, everyone is in the tavern, I look at the counter and see an almost eaten cake and say "Wait, you guys starting having the cake!? I want cake!" Malakov says "What there's cake? I want some!" and we both got cake, because priorities.
-Not realizing until after game that Horns had died.
-The passport (Mwahaha)
-Still not even sure what was going on, but I was sitting in the inn brewing potions, and outside I was just hearing someone repeating "There was a bear around here earlier" and a bunch of bear-esque growling sounds.
-Horns being a zombie ending way worse than any time anyone else was being a zombie.

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August 2015 Event Empty Re: August 2015 Event

Post by OceanaTheWaterMage on Mon Aug 17, 2015 5:12 pm

So. Even though I wasn't in-game, it was still very fun. Here's some OOG memories...

-Watching this mob of people attempt to carry Travis...and subsequently hoping that the agonized screams weren't real.
-Seeing this big black clothed character get distracted by my rather interesting scythe sitting next to me. 'Ooo shiny' syndrome anyone? Heh.
-Seeing Chickie run rather fast, and remind me of the Flash a little bit...
-Someone summoning an individual named Horns who oh so casually took the reemergence of Travis' character and his injuries lightly. "Oh, Timmean's back." Quite funny when you hear that response to someone being critically injured. Heh.
-Mel actually getting annoyed with people not getting up in time for her to do her 'storm the inn' routine as a mad cat. (Sorry Mel, it was funny.)

Sometimes as an observer, things are equally as funny. Smile


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August 2015 Event Empty Re: August 2015 Event

Post by Ravira on Mon Sep 07, 2015 3:21 pm

Making my first character (Ravira). Smile

Slowly realizing everyone calls me the Cat Lady cause they probably can't remember my name. Hahaha! (Just wait till it gets on my nerves enough... hint hint).

Having my ears fly off when I 'faint' (more than once).

Wanting to run up and claw the guts out of monsters but not having enough mauling power to do so.

Getting annoyed that people weren't waking up so I could go on my little kitty-anger rant about being left unconscious in the inn instead of being healed.

Telling Chickie off for calling me Cat Lady and having arguments.

When I saw a group of the citizens by the edge of the woods and went to come back into town to do my 'little' rant. I started yelling at them with my OOG yellow headband on and Sharon ran up to me OOG to tell me. Totally took the wind out of my sails and it took me about five minutes to get going again (minus a headband this time lol).

Being pouty and mad for so long in the morning that my jaw started to hurt. Good thing healing me makes me a happier girl (for all around me).

Hiding behind Marcus to get close enough to the Praying Mantis to get a swing at it then 'fainting' anyway. Hooray for human shields! Sorry Marcus.

The Hillbillies and hearing them leave town with a hostage while I'm OOG.

Being able to be a baby Ogre at night. While trying to find 'toys' to feed candy too I see this white pair of pants running by the water then suddenly go down. The pants got up pretty fast so they seemed okay so I just followed them yelling about toys, wanting to play and candy. I loved trying to force chocolate covered coffee beans down peoples throws and banging on the window of the bunkhouse to see if they'll play with me some more. Greedy toys just wanted my candy and didn't want to play. Lol.

Casting Barry (or Boo the bear cub) and getting people to let me in the tavern. Sniffing someone's (sorry I'm horrible with names) and pretending to want a pet and him thinking Barry was humping his leg. Hahaha! Sorry he's not into that. I also made Barry sniff Horns' medical bag. Chickie thought Barry smelled something in the walls and got all excited to investigate. He didn't find anything so he ran outside to check on the other side of the wall. I had to hold my laughter in the whole time.

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August 2015 Event Empty Re: August 2015 Event

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