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August 2018: Take Me Home

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August 2018: Take Me Home Empty Re: August 2018: Take Me Home

Post by Cast (Helen) on Mon Aug 20, 2018 7:34 am

It's called “Take Me Home.”

Cast (Helen)

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August 2018: Take Me Home Empty Re: August 2018: Take Me Home

Post by Winnie on Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:55 am


Was sick Friday so went to bed after safety walk with our lovable innkeep. Later found out the wraith shadow dude was out and got a little bummed I missed it but oh well.


-The night yeti in the daytime and Niko shouting at it "I'll rip you from asshole to appetite!"
-Raj complaining that Krond should be practicing falconry.
-Asking to learn animal husbandry from Raj after seeing his deal with a spider. Raj leaving town because there weren't a lot of popcorn creatures to demonstrate the skills on. Walking Raj out of town. Pop corn spider showing up JUST as me and Mel are walking by the earth circle.
-Tony in butterfly wings.
-Getting my hair done in goblin fashion by Mel. Tentacles pull on hair a bunch.
-Getting a vision from the Goblin seer and then obtaining his cool mask because Winnie is pretty cool. And also the clue about Jenny's heart being in a crevice to the south. But really cool mask.
-OOG swimming. So refreshing. Michael losing all his shit in the water.
-The sheep that licked people to sleep.
-Attempting to learn woodcutting from Ardin but can't find a node to practice on. No woodcutting was had.
I think the healing of the circle happened on Saturdat but when the seals showed up in the lake when we were healing the water circle it was just beautiful. They came to help out.
-Searching for Jenny's heart up in the forest.
-Heading down to the field to try and help out. Blinding jellyfish and fish people.
-Doing figure 8s with my staff and just backup in circles.
-Getting grappled by Mel and having Tony and another fish person walk up to me. Tony booping me on the head with no damage call. Me returning the boop. Tony: "20 Mauling. 20 Mauling. 20 Mauling"
-Mel's fish person having her feet buried in the earth and trying to motion to her allies to help her. They ignore her so she digs. after like 20 seconds she realises she forgot to do the digging count and started over. Datura comes out with Vadim's arm to make an offer. Saved by Datura.
-Being brought back in the inn cause Bards rules. Going outside to find a tiny sheep on the steps. Quickly making a connection to the larger sheep from earlier and getting very protective over the baby sheep who lost its mommy. Bringing the sheep into the inn. Mana sheep gives mana to Father Francis while he is trying to tell me that the sheep can't stay in the inn cause it's a wild animal and I almost cried cause I didn't want it to go back outside where the danger was.
-Jenny comes into the inn and we run outside. I get the sheep to the edge of the forest so it can go hide. Apparently I was seconds away from being licked to sleep.
-Taking weapons to the Citadel and chilling in there for a bit to plan when Sylvie shouts over from the Hanged Man, "Would you happen to have a bottle opener?" At a time like this? She brings over drinks and we drink. Turns out Himmel can open bottles with his teeth.
-Jenny goes away and popcorn spiders come out to play. Datura vaporizing them but also getting poisoned lol.
-Bedtime shortly after


-Found out triangle we dug up in the woods was an arrow that pointed towards heart. At least that's what we are pretty sure of.
-Rain. A lot of being wet.
-Uh...I don't remember much else.

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August 2018: Take Me Home Empty Re: August 2018: Take Me Home

Post by Sylvie on Mon Aug 20, 2018 1:38 pm

SO many good feels at this game. Omg. Where to start??

-Going old school Asher/Auron on Friday night. Theres a reason were married, we make the BEST team!
- Formulating a plan with Auron to take out the wraith. He left me to go get another lantern, and I killed it all on my own!! First time I've killed an NPC baddie by myself! FEELS GOOD MAN.

-Hearing folks refer to my tent as "The Hanged Man" in conversation. Its so neat to see it become a facet of town so quickly!

- On that note, all of the visitors I had this game! Good tea, even better RP Wink.

- Singing in the inn! Oh my gosh my heaaarrrrt! Travis, I challenge us to become bards :p

"I need you to absorb this light"
"I need to absorb some piss"

"Please someone pee on me" - Datura

"I need...someone...to chop my dick off...right now...end of sentence." -Datura

*Degren heroically grabs a lantern and lights it. He turns it to the doll face and with every last ounce of strength in his body, he yells*
*Nothing happens*

-I got taken by Jenny and boy howdy that is not a good time.

-Serving drinks in the citadel on Saturday night

-Training with Phinneas! Always a pleasure

-Reading Flugles (sp?) tarot cards. Telling her if she wants to win the favor of Jared she must sing to him, and then hearing her beautiful song. Shes just the cutest!

"Were getting married."

I just had SUCH a good weekend you guys. Can't wait to see you at the next one!

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August 2018: Take Me Home Empty Re: August 2018: Take Me Home

Post by Kuromori, Taka on Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:56 am

Friday Memories, I'll do the other days in another post:
-Lots of chatting
-Getting attacked by a lizarfolk by the inn and not pulling any sudden clarities or anything cause there seemed to be people around. Turned out they were all OOG :')
-Being knocked out and waiting to go conscious again... thinking how nice it would be if I could still Project Emotion: Terror
-Eventually contemplating the risky plan of astral form ditching my body with the lizard and finding a psychic to come find me. Then they ate my leg.
-Eventually I woke up and the lizards left, so I just started screaming Salvation and got found and Degren ended up literally carried me out of the forest.
-Meeting with Phineas again and voiping out of existence for another chat.
-Being effectively OOG, and Hugo comes and asks if we're in the astral plane and we're like "uh..." At that point Phineas strongly suggested I do my LotD to go see Hugo.
-But like IG I didn't know Hugo was around, and I kept getting roped into conversations while OOG wanting to go find him and it was awkward
-I got poisoned and needed to be treated and was taken to the citadel for treatment.
-Hugo walks into the citadel and I start talking to him; no one else in the room was psychic so I had to explain that I was talking to ghosts. They got very concerned about the effects of the poison.
-Datura came in, also poisoned... That was a conversation.
-I finally got healed up and poofed into the LotD with Hugo. We confused Ardin a bit, then went and had a chat.
-Done chatting, went to head out the bunkhouse door, walk into a huge crowd of people. "Oh, you're all OOG." "Not quite." Hears hiss, sees snake; NOPE. Close the door and leave.
Kuromori, Taka
Kuromori, Taka

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August 2018: Take Me Home Empty Re: August 2018: Take Me Home

Post by Mo'chi on Thu Aug 23, 2018 6:37 pm

- Hanging out in the Inn mostly. Didn't participate at all in the fight.
- Had insomnia so I spent a bit of time writing recipes into my books.
- Zanzibar existed and Mo'chi Hated His Music.

Saturday Morning/Afternoon:
- Went out egg hunting early morning with T!, Niko, and a bunch of other people. Found Lady Val's fairy wand as I was trying to find a trail!
- Awareness lesson with T!
- Met Rose! She is v cute.
- Brewed my first potion! Poultices. Next up, Light. After that? Who knows! I'm excited!
- The Mantis existed at some point! Got to carve it up.
- The GOLEM HOW COULD I FORGET. That was really intense.
- Gave the fairy wand to Keket, then she gave it to Bikbun.
- Goblins! Got put to sleep MULTIPLE times and each time I struck people when they roughly shook him awake. They learned, eventually, to not roughly shake the Anxiety Cat™️.
- Also, Mo'chi got recognized :3c (I enjoyed avoiding Hillary's Kaern from there on out. Was good.)
- Went to the tea house! Had some tea and got a reading! It was really neat and the tea was very much needed. Also, got to meet Sylvie. That was nice.
- Lady Val owes him a favour now. Yes. Good.
- Wasn't involved much in the fight, only made poultices for it and... that's about it. Mo'chi isn't a good fighter.

Saturday Evening:
- Ran around stabilizing people during the Jenny fight. When everyone went down (got 4-5 stable) and I was out of bandages, tried to get the Knights.... but there was a monster in front of the door.
- Climbing up to Bikbun and the others in the dark was an Experience.
- Spent the remainder of the evening looking for the heart, then hanging out with people at the forge and Inn post-fight.
- That One Forge Conversation. Oh god was it a conversation.

-Potion seller was very good. Got Antidotes so I can (eventually) rend them. I could ask another alchemist for the recipe (and prob have to buy it) but where's the fun in that? There is none, that's not fun.
-I also gave anything left out of my money to Niko, because i'm a good friend who didn't forget to give him stuff for Smith's Day.

-The first person to ask me to make a potions for them was Winnie. I'm pumped! Prob not next game but! One after! Light!

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August 2018: Take Me Home Empty Re: August 2018: Take Me Home

Post by Grayfeared the Whitehawk on Thu Aug 23, 2018 10:05 pm


Drive out with Jean, talking bard stuff

Pre-log and get told to do the thing, Proceed to do the thing all game

Chickie: How tall is your character?
Jean (Who’s playing a halfling): Like 5’1
Chickie: That’s your idea of short?! That’s my height!

Travis’s bard npc, Xanzabar (Sp?) Turns out the explosions, dropping mountains, and everything else from 2 months ago didn’t stop the rift. A bard, thousand of miles away, blew his trombone so loud the rift creatures all over the world were like, “The fuck was that?” got scared and left. Seriously loved that npc.

Xanzabar and the professor leaves, turn to rose, “is it just me or are all bards divas?”


Walk around and bard

Colourful goblins appear

Rose “Would someone please deal with those coloured people! … Wait, No! I didn’t mean it like that!”

Making friends with Ob the hobgoblin and Clover

2 golems, 1 fish

Getting knocked by the mantis and the night yeti I forget which one happened first.

Hearing that Degren and someone else were up there with a broken spine, and the night yeti was guarding them so they couldn’t be gotten to. Proceeding to draw it away with dancing blades and rhythm. It works! I got it all the way to the tree line!

Being a front line fighter at the jenny fight and doing the thing right before they get to the bridge. The thing didn’t help.

FishRob grabs my sword and breaks it. Damn it! Proceed to go down and have arm ripped off… Well, Guess I don’t need that sword
anymore. Gotta think positive!

Get foot ripped off by FishMel… Shit… I need that foot…

Get picked up by FishTony (When all those other NON-mutilated bodies that were so much tastier were around)

Degren knows how to play dead. Begins casting spells left and right in an epic moment. FishTony is thrown and lets go! I fly into the shadows. FishTony picks up some other suc-ahhh I mean poor, poor soul.

Get brought back and sees arm, “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” “The earth will regrow your arm” Oh good… Sees foot… “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Forming the choir of BATTLE BARDS! The thing I wanted to do since bard became a thing. +16 to hit. FOR THOSE THAT GOT THEIR MARK REENCHANTED.

Night ends… Ardin attacked by spiders. I cut him down and we bring him in. No one is a medic. Apparently no one could stabilize. Hear them say, “We’re going to get a medic.” I wait for a minute. “You know, if they DIDN’T have a medic, he’s probably still bleeding out…” Proceed to sing bloodgroove, which pauses bleed. Sing for 30 minutes before aid arrives. Find out later that when I started singing, he was 3 seconds away from death.

Sunday happened, but I was honestly too pumped from Saturday night to notice lol.

Grayfeared the Whitehawk
Grayfeared the Whitehawk

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August 2018: Take Me Home Empty Re: August 2018: Take Me Home

Post by Malva on Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:35 am

-Sleeping in cause I wasn't gonna get murdered by gathers
-Getting a couple recipes supervised by Helene
-Many business
-"You're like, Holdfast cute."
-Giving Travis' seasoning-collecting goblin some Rosemary
-Trying to brew a new recipe under Sharon's supervision only to get RuDeLy InTeRrUpTeD by a golem
-Yelling at people for not doing anything while it searched through my stuff
-Getting away from the gold golem and trying to run out the door, Tony's golem was winding up a sunder in the middle of the path but I thought I could clear it. I did not clear it; I got hit and skidded across the room.
-Being unconscious and trying not to be angery while unconscious
-Being brought up to 1 health, yelling at Keket, then running off
-Sneaking back to the inn without talking to anyone. I snuck by at least 5 townsfolk and a snake.
-Finding Sharon again and brewing my new fancy potion and a regenerative sleep for the horn the golem broke
-Sheep walks in the door "Don't worry sheep; I'll put myself to sleep."

-Heart searching time
-Multiple hours investigating triangle; no results
-Going tracking god mode (Psychic, Awareness 5, Tracker 3) to get another clue
-Jenny left. Good. We'll search in the morning (spoilers: it rained)

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August 2018: Take Me Home Empty Re: August 2018: Take Me Home

Post by Malva on Sat Aug 25, 2018 8:48 am

-Waking up, changing into Taka as it had been requested that she wake up early.
-Go to make breakfast, Cal walks in. Nope, Taka's going back to bed.
-Come out as Malva, buy stuff, sell stuff
-Had a good conversation with Phineas about experimental alchemy
-oH RIght you wanted to play Taka for the circles and they're doing that now
-Missed the water with the otters, but made it to earth!
-"Val has 10hp; she's a hardy elf." "A hardy elf has 6."
-Off to the LotD again!

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August 2018: Take Me Home Empty Re: August 2018: Take Me Home

Post by Timmean on Sun Aug 26, 2018 5:16 pm

Before game:
-          Some cast gear was stored at Lynsey’s place between games, and when figuring out what was needed for game, Sharon asked me to “Bring over all the [costume piece X].” I know what monster that piece is used for. I was scared.

Friday night:
-          Cooking burgers again! It seems that they shrink a lot, so we’ll try making them a little larger next time. Also, the air around that stove was SO thick
-          Once game started, getting to introduce the heroic Zanzibar. Walks into the inn and does a flourish bow – no one responds. “Okay then, let’s try that again…” Steps outside, closes the door, then walks back in and does the flourish again. A few people greet him. “I guess that will do for now.”
-          Trying to give out bard buffs, failing because the professors kept interrupting Zanzibar’s story
-          Chatted a little with Grayfeared and Father Francis; it’s nice to see that at least SOMEONE in this town appreciates talent
-          Comparing music with some of the other bards, and trying to improvise a good harmony line
-          I think I was in the inn most of the evening; nothing else really jumps out in my memory

Saturday morning (Zanzibar):
-          Walking into the inn as Zanzibar, discovering that no one is manning the kitchen, so I start to cook breakfast (all weekend, my characters were just impromptu cooks)
-          Wanted posters! Because people did stuff. And that is a VERY nice reward
-          Talking some more with Grayfeard on the deck, and we start a little training session. He performs a little of his repertoire, and my suggestions for improvement are…
-          …coming later, because Torvallis bursts out onto the deck and shouts that everyone make their way to the fire circle.
-          Zanzibar can see magic, but that’s about all, so Grayfeard and I provide some melodic background music while everyone else does a fire circle ritual
-          Rose appears mid-ritual, distinctly lacking any… modesty. I hastily hand over my cloak, because… clothes
-          Sophie returns! Now it’s time for a new ritual, this time at the earth circle. A bunch of people start scooping up dirt and gravel by hand, and throwing it into a… magic hole thingy. Zanzibar really isn’t one for digging by hand, and music is deemed to be less appropriate this time, so Grayfeard and I return to the inn to finish training
-          Sitting on the deck, working on the training when a bunch of colourful goblins show up from behind the inn and walk out into the field.
-          “Too many colours! Guys! Someone deal with the coloured people!” I… was not sure how to respond to that
-          Zanzibar collects a Phinn and a Billy Bunn as he wanders around town
-          Walking out of town, playing a good ol’ march tune

Saturday afternoon (Goblin):
-          Can’t find an appropriate container to be a rack of spices, so I just decide I have one giant spice dispenser with a ton of different compartments
-          Comes out wearing a crown and apron. “Are you a king?” “NO! This is my chef’s hat!” – had that interaction at least 3 times
-          “I’ve got table salt, chair salt, bench salt, desk salt, rock salt, sand salt, dirt salt, mud salt, sponge salt, sea salt, pond salt, lake salt, river salt, scum salt, and sewer salt!”
-          Goes around tasting everything in the inn and ensuring it’s all “perfectly seasoned.” Spending the rest of the day telling anyone who tastes the apple/egg thing (which was OOG delicious) that it tastes extremely salty IG
-          Being told that Malva can get me a brand new spice: bass-salt. Also, that I should avoid the dangerous spice as-salt.
-          Turns out Malva didn’t have any bass-salt, but she DID give me a different new seasoning: Rosemary! Make that rosemary salt, of course.
-          Naming my goblin on the spot, and coming up with: Lizel von Slug
-          Goblins preparing for a wedding, always fun
-          Being disappointed that everyone seems to be finished with lunch, and there’s nothing for Lizel to cook
-          Noticing what looks like cooking utensils in the citadel, only to have the door locked just before I get there. “Anyone in there???” (from inside) “No, there’s no one home.” “Oh. Are you sure???” “Yes, very sure I’m afraid.”
-          Grumbling about the “grumpy rock box people”
-          Sophie tells Lizel that he can season the ground
-          Subsequently helping to purify the water circle by dumping salt on it, then digging up the circle WITH MY MOUTH (IG, not OOG) and spitting it into a magical void.
-          Keket’s moon berries. Also asking what “Lye berries” were and why Sophie wanted one
-          Rob’s goblin asking if this was the town “Hangloose”
-          Rob’s goblin later trying to pick the lock on the citadel… with his nose
-          Watching in passing as Rob’s goblin and Iris did interviews to determine who would get to see the future. “Which one of you has the best hair?” Person A answers (Winnie, I think?), then person B answers (not sure who that was). Rob’s goblin: “You’re both wrong. It’s her.” Points at Iris
-          Not sure how, but Winnie later got the goblin’s giant-nosed mask
-          Lizel retiring for the day because supper was still a long ways off and the mask was starting to hurt

Saturday evening (Otto):
-          Walking into town, the first thing I come across is a bunch of people searching through the forest. The next thing is a tent with a sign that reads “The Hanged Man”. Not the most welcoming first impression
-          Otto wanders around town, meets a few people, and pays for a few nights at the inn
-          What’s that in the field??? It’s a… pointy red thing… with a golden guy… in chains? And… oh look! There’s another one. Except it’s silver, and unbound
-          Some people think the golems are here to do the bidding of the red guy, so I suggest killing him. That plan didn’t go anywhere
-          Fighting the golems was interesting, with my 3 metal/mauling damage. I got cornered in the bunkhouse once… that didn’t go well
-          Got healed up (don’t remember how) and ran back out to the fight. I got knocked down again, and this time… the red guy healed me. During the fray, someone yelled that he’s healing us because we’re no use to Jenny if we’re dead. Because she wants to eat us. Great
-          The silver guy seems to be taking damage, and… NOW HE’S MOVING FASTER
-          The gold golem is knocked to the ground, and seems to be defeated… when the red guy comes over and heals the golem. I’d like to return to the “kill the red guy” plan
-          Pierre using some vocal ability to provoke the golems was a big turning point in that fight
-          The silver golem is charging, I rush to get out of the way, and… a goblin suddenly digs a hole right in front of me, and the silver golem is just gone. Otto was very freaked out
-          A few minutes later the gold golem goes down. Niko tries to chisel it apart, but isn’t able to. He says Bikbun’s tools will probably do the trick, so I go to get Bikbun… only to be side-swiped by a frog on my way to the inn
-          Otto gets healed up and goes to rest while I help Lynsey pack up because unfortunate work scheduling
-          I return as Otto and hang around for a bit, then join a group heading into the woods to deal with a snake. Looks like it ate someone, who later turns out to be Keket. After Otto gets paralyzed and a bit more fighting happens, we get everyone properly treated and return to the field
-          MANTIS! That thing was big. It took a few of us some work to get it out of the woods, and it was chasing me for a while. It took me down and paralyzed me, but the others slayed it.
-          RP’ing the recovery from the paralysis was fun. Also, when I came to, the body of the mantis was so close, but almost entirely concealed behind Degren’s shield. I think it was just a leg sticking out
-          At some point, the goblins head off but give everyone in the inn two sudden clarity’s. I later gave one to Taka because I kept forgetting to use them.
-          There’s a town meeting: apparently Jenny is coming, with a bunch of minions. Oh, and she might eat you. Otto starts re-thinking the decisions that got him here
-          Also, Jenny’s minions are supposed to be weak to fire but immune to water, and the jellyfish are their “mages”
-          We’re told the area of the heart has been narrowed down, but it hasn’t actually been found yet. I go with a bunch of other people to search, but there are four or five of us and only two lights, and the sun has set, so I turn back to the inn.
-          Otto and a small group of others (Vadim, Mo’chi, and Grayfeard I think?), sitting on the front deck, chatting about character back-stories and town events while we wait for the monsters to show up. We were drastically under-staffed for this. Then, we see a flickering blue light out at the Knight’s camp… it has begun
-          As the light gets closer, we see three shadowy figures approaching, I flank to the right, and… get rushed by a fish-man
-          I’m lying unconscious for quite a while. Several people ensure that I’m stable, but that’s all. A few bodies get piled up next to me, until finally we get dragged into the inn, and I’m laid out on a bench
-          A while later, someone shakes me awake, OOG concerned if I’m alright. Seems that I laid there for so long, I actually fell asleep and didn’t hear Father Francis’ healing music
-          Between the golem and the fish guy, my shield has now taken enough damage to be busted, so I head down to the forge where Niko starts to fix it. A few others come down as well, and I hear that Degren is missing. A small search party is assembled to look for any injured we might’ve missed
-          We creep up the path, and… Jenny is in the field! We flank out, the three or four of us moving to surround her. I move in to take a swing and…
-          …20 mauling in the back. Where did that guy come from??? Oh well, dragged back into the inn, at least things are moving a little faster this time.
-          Jenny walks into the inn and starts to eat the limbs off Otto and someone else who was left inside. My bleed count starts again. Lovely
-          Thankfully, Keket shows up not long after Jenny leaves and we get treated as needed. Someone must’ve regrown my arm and leg… was that Val? I honestly don’t recall.
-          Back down to the forge for more armor repairs, when we hear Jenny’s chanting. Get her! Get her now!
-          We run to the field just in time to see Jenny and her minions rapidly swimming away
-          Mitchel's call: "The sound of my voice gets your attention!"
-          Head back to the inn, sees a spider, kills it (with help) but gets poisoned. Proceeds to search for a solution, and someone untaints me. Back to the inn… it’s another spider. I approach, thinking “don’t get poisoned again” and “remember, you have that psychic thing if it tries to poison you.” What do you think happened? Did I remember to use that sudden clarity…?
-          Walks into the inn just before Ardin gets healed, thus hearing the end bit of the very somber Blood Groove. Went to bed after that

Sunday morning (Otto again):
-          Gets up and walks into the inn to find no one manning the kitchen. Otto now has lifeskill: breakfast prep
-          Sets aside a batch of eggs for “the little professor.” Sorry Nathan! Making up nick-names when your character doesn’t know the real names can be amusing.
-          Phineas encourages me to start asking people for money
-          I hear people talking about how the search area was really an arrow, so they were looking in the wrong place all night
-          Sophie, Taka, and Val all vanish in front of Otto. He’s seen a lot of weird stuff in the past 24 hours
-          Sitting next to Cal while I ate breakfast was torture. Otto’s inner monolog: “This food is decent. Why isn’t there anyone here to run the kitchen? And people seem interested in those vials… whatever they are.” The rest of my inner monolog: “HE’S SELLING INK 5! I NEED THAT! I NEED THAT SO MUCH! AND I NEED ALL THE OTHER INKS TOO! PLEASE, PLEASE, GET SOME OF THAT TO TIMMEAN! If I could just remind someone that… no, no, stay in character, stay in character… but… INK 5…”
-          Not sure if it was Sunday morning or Saturday afternoon, but the sing-along in the inn. That was really nice! Actually, there was a lot of bard stuff this game that was very enjoyable
-          It’s pouring rain, but people are heading out to do a water circle ritual. Otto doesn’t know much about it, but is sorta trying to be helpful, so he goes along.
-          I’m standing in the rain and soaking, when Sophie directs us to “now close your eyes, meditate on the circle, and think about what it means to you.” Otto: “Uhhh…”
-          Between the rain and Otto being super-unfamiliar with the circles, I decide to head back into the inn to try and dry off
-          I puttered around and helped more with food and stuff, but I think that was about it for Sunday. Playing new characters all weekend was fun, but there were so many times I wanted to mention things that only Timmean would know.

I was thinking earlier that there was something else I needed to add to this list... I remember it involved Mitchel, and I think it happened in the inn, but I can't remember now what it was. Will update if I remember.

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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August 2018: Take Me Home Empty Re: August 2018: Take Me Home

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