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Post by AD on Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:51 am

Morning All!

So Potato Day is upon us! Feb 4 from 2-8pm at the CNA gym!

With this, a few house keeping rules,

First; cost. For this Potato Day, $10. If the venue gets bigger and better than obviously the cost will go up. but for this year, $10.

Second; No log necessary! I do not need your souls for this day. Mages will be taken care of and incomes will be taken care of, just not for Potato Day. So you'll still get your income for Potato Day, just not on Potato Day.

Third; INDOOR SHOES!!! I cannot stress enough how much this was stressed to me! Everyone PLEASE bring your indoor shoes! I will be asking people to go socked foot if necessary. What I want for indoor shoes is dry, cleanish shoes. But dry when you first enter CNA. So don't think that walking around CNA until your shoes feel dry will be enough. Please Bring Indoor shoes!

Fourth; THE MISTS! For players who were at the September event when the feces hit the rotating blades. Wibbly, wobbly, timey, whimey, it will be explained but for Potato Day, those events have not happened yet, nor is there any inclination that they WILL happen yet. Just to get into the mindset now.


As always, any comments, questions or concerns, let me know!


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