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Forest Clearing - Volunteers Wanted!

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Forest Clearing - Volunteers Wanted! Empty Forest Clearing - Volunteers Wanted!

Post by Timmean on Mon Nov 17, 2014 5:36 pm

To all patrons and passersby of The Watering Hole Tavern:

Work has begun to clear a plot of land for a new farm. At present, a small area is being cleared for pre-winter planting, with a larger area to be cleared over time. Timmean Aeros will be working regularly to clear this land, but all volunteers are welcome and encouraged to join in. Many hands make light work.

Those who assist in the land clearing will be free to take a portion of the wood cleared from the area for their own purposes. Please note, however, that the majority of the wood will be going to The Watering Hole and the Ironhammer Forge to act as building material and firewood.

Volunteers will also be free to take any useful shrubs, roots, rocks, or other useful items found during the excavation.

Many thanks in advance to all who will assist in this endavor.

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