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Sylvie Meditations & RP Thread

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Sylvie Meditations & RP Thread Empty Sylvie Meditations & RP Thread

Post by Sylvie on Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:22 pm

(Less of an interactive thread as I'll be deeply meditating for a lot of it, more of a place for character development and skill practice. But, feel free to comment and interact in whatever way your heart desires.)

Sylvie wakes to a cold, dark morning. Her camp, nestled on the rolling hills of Holdfast, usually oversees the large fields and beautiful ocean. But there's no such view today. A thick layer of fog has blanketed the land. With a big cat-like stretch she pulls herself out of bed, a determined look inhabiting her faded eyes. She packs up her cards, pendulum, some other fortune-reading-items and exits her tent.

Outside she catches the aura of Mirisi sitting at the fire, still vigilantly on guard from the night before. He already has a hot cup of tea waiting for her, hes become used to her new routine of waking at dawn.

"Bon matin, Mirisi." she says with a yawn as he hands her the cup. She smells the nodes of vanilla in the black tea. "My favorite!"

Mirisi stokes the flames and throws on another log, growing the fire so she can get warm.

"On your way out on your own again this morning?" he pesters her as she sips


"Its pretty dark. Are you sure you don't want my help?"

"Oui. I need to concentrate."

He lets out a sigh and chuckles a little at her stubbornness. "If you say so."

She hurriedly gulps down the rest of her tea, grabs her pack, and sets out on the trail to Fairchild Grove with a bounce in her step.

"I'll be back in a couple hours. Ne t'en fais pas! And do not follow me!"

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Sylvie Meditations & RP Thread Empty Re: Sylvie Meditations & RP Thread

Post by Sylvie on Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:55 pm

Sylvie bounds down the rugged trail enjoying her new found independence. She’s becoming accustom to her new vision, mapping the passages of Holdfast with the glowing auras that surround the trees, plants, and rocks. The months spent travelling with Mirisi and Trixie through unfamiliar territory left her feeling hopeless, lost, and confused, never able to quite grasp where she was. Not like here. This place was recognizable. Holdfast was a home.

Arriving at the grove she bids a quick hello to the abandoned ruins of her old friend. The place has been barren and empty for what looks like months, save for a stray traveler or angry sister stopping by to make use of the fire pit. Though her last memories here aren’t pleasant, it’s endlessly silent. A perfect spot for meditation.

She perches herself atop her favorite rock and calms her mind. Retrieving her tarot deck from her pack she takes a deep breath, focuses her energies into them, and begins to flip them in a pattern. Her eyes close and the repetitive sound of the cards shuffling and landing on the rock crowds her ears. She tries to slip into a trance like state and allow the motion and noise to take over, but her mind is busy. After 30 minutes of this, all she’s able to muster is a weak well of psychic energy, far too flimsy to draw from.  

"Ugh!" She cries out, breaking the deafening sound of the forest.

"Pourquoi est-ce que ça ne marche pas? J'ai pratiqué jour et nuit pendant deux semaines." she mumbles to herself. Perhaps it’s finally time to consult her cards for the answers. She shuffles her deck, cuts it three times, and draws.

First card; The Hermit.
Second card; The High Priestess.
She rolls her eyes.
Third card; The Nine of Wands.

Frustrated, she throws down her cards and with a deep sigh relaxes into the rock.

"Pourquoi m'ont-ils choisie pour suivre cette voie, alors que c'est si dûr pour moi d'apprendre?"

While she rests and tries to restrategize, a tune pops into her head. A song her mother and caretakers used to sing to her when she was a child. Before she knows it, she’s humming along with it.

"O magnum mysterium, et admirabile sacramentum...Comment est-ce que la chanson commençait?" she searches her mind for the forgotten chant…

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