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Sylvie Approaches the Forge

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Sylvie Approaches the Forge Empty Sylvie Approaches the Forge

Post by Sylvie on Sun Apr 22, 2018 12:15 am

On this coldest of evenings, Sylvie can be found in the inn laughing and drinking tea with her good friends. She and Jaya have been practicing with their tarot cards together. The two compare knowledge of the craft, fawning over the hidden meanings behind each colorful image. Before she knows it, the sun has set and its a pitch black night.

"I must have lost track of the time! We should be heading back up to the camp. Good night, everyone!" She says with a smile. Meresi, who has been waiting patiently for hours, leads her out the back door. From the steps Sylvie can see a faint orange glow in the distance.

"The forge looks so beautiful this evening! I would like to stop by, just to say goodnight." She tugs on Meresi's arm. He sighs, but leads her through the back trail towards the forge.

A few familiar faces sit there, enjoying the warmth of the flames and swapping stories. She notices the shape and aura of Bikbun, pumping a bellow into the fire. Next to him sits a small pile of shiny armor that gleams light into Sylvies eyes.

"Your work, monsieur Bibun?"

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