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Post by AD on Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:56 pm

Morning all!

As you all know we will be having an auction in May game to help with financing the insurance we will be getting!

This auction will be for in game items and any money bid will be real money. An example may be mana may be for auction. And let's say the winning bid is $20. This means that the person who won the auction would give me 20 Canadian dollars and I would give them the mana. While I'm fairly certian that people understand this, I want this to be perfectly clear. Real money will go towards in game items.

Payment is cash only and cash up front. So if winning bidder does not enough money at time of bidding, the item will go to the next highest bidder.

Each item will have a starting bid. Things are still being figured out, so updates to follow.

Now onto the potential items for auction!

The Blade of the Dissecting Eye
- Discover the secrets of many a monster

The Reflecting Raiment
- Say 'No effect' to those uninvited black eyes

The Iron Fan
- For the Psychic and Non-Psychic mind alike

The Missing Link to the Chain of Life
- Pass Go, collect $200

Mortar for your Pestle
- Up for random experimenting with random awesome results?
- Got a surplus of materials? Let your inner mad scientist out!

The Groove Hunter Axe
- Find the groove to the trees and reap the rewards

Dusk's Edge
- Under the cover of night even the weakest stand a chance

"Crazy Brews and Toxic Stews: By Dr. Olaf Yore Ingrid"
- "So I put this in before that...hunh."

"The Handy Craftsman's Handicraft Guide: Now for Politicians"
- Who needs professors when you can just research?

Miracle Spice
- Just one shake for all your needs.
- Add rejuvenating flavour to any meal or brew!

Mana Thread
- Take a bit for mana

Silver Arrows
- ...I don't know what to tell ya. It's as says on tin.

Pegasus Boots
-Strike your foes as swiftly as the wind!

Smaller general items and treats such as incomes will also be available for bidding.

If anything changes, or I need to add anything, I will do so!




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