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Need items sold? Look no further!

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Need items sold? Look no further! Empty Need items sold? Look no further!

Post by Degren Brightforge on Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:39 pm


As many of you know, we at the EMG have a small travelling shop that has  been travelling through Annwm for over a year.

We have made many allies and have garnered several different trade agreements.

And now you can use it, too!

For a small fee of 1 rough per item( with special consideration for bulk orders) , we will transport and place your items on sale at our shop.

Should your item be sold, you will receive the entire amount. Don't know what something's worth? Don't worry!

Our skilled merchants can work hard for you.

Act quickly! We leave soon!

*We are always looking to help you. Come speak to me if you want a custom deal.*
*Discretion Guaranteed*
Degren Brightforge, EMG Board of Directors

OOG: PM me on FB or here if you wanna chat privately.
Degren Brightforge
Degren Brightforge

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