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Post by AD on Fri May 03, 2019 9:24 pm

Morning all!

Auction time! This time around we are going for less magic items but still things that we hope everyone will like!


Mana Balls! One of each flavour!
- starting bid $5

Potions Bundles! Each bundle will contain 5 different potions with anywhere between 1-3 doses of each potion.
-The Scholar's Aid - starting bid $15
-The Health Food Pack - starting bid $15
-The Sword n' Board - starting bid $10
-The Prankster - starting bid $10
-The Supernatural - starting bid $15

Scroll Bundles!
These bundles will contain 2 different spells, of opposing elements, with anywhere between 1-3 uses of each spell.
-Mind Over Matter - starting bid $15
-Chemical Warfare - starting bid $10
-Alcatraz - starting bid $15
These bundles will contain 4 different spells, of varying elements, with anywhere between 1-3 uses of each spell.
-The Battle Mage - starting bid $10
-The Ressurection Bundle - starting bid $20
A scroll of surprise! Who knows? It might be a teaching scroll. Its starting bid $20

Magic Items!
The Thinking Cap! - starting bid $20
-Helps the Psychic concentrate
The Hero's Cap! - starting bid $20
-Heros never die!
The Chimeric's blade - starting blade $20
-Something for Everyone!

Grab Bags! Something people seemed to really enjoy! 5 random tags. Each bag costs $5 and are one per person. Only for those who did not get something during the auction proper.

Fun notes about the auction this time around. A) This auction is to raise money for the insurance. The more we raise, the cheaper it'll be overall. Though it should be noted that the cost of insurance will never be under $5. B) The auction will be taking place on Friday May 17, at 8:30.

I'll update as I need to!

See ya there!



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