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July Event!

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July Event! Empty July Event!

Post by AD on Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:47 pm

Morning All!

Some announcements about July game,

1) All Magic items are still suppressed. Meaning! You can't use them until informed by me otherwise.

2) If your income seems...different...trust us that's how it's to be for this game. We're sorry. Or not sorry. Whichever.

3) Finally! There are going to be some players running this game! They are called EDs, or Event Directors. This is a trial run, so don't get too excited about anything just yet as there's a lot riding on this one. More details to come at Safety Speech.
3a) Any ADesque questions will still be directed to me.
3b) There is no wibbly wobbly with the timeline because it's different people telling the story. Effects from June are still in place.
3c) More details to come at Safety Speech. Save your questions for then. Unless it's about a game you want to run. Don't come to me about it until I come to the group about it. This is a trial run and it can be messed up for everyone, so no pressure.
3d) Your death squad for the event shall be Alex, Michael M., and Tony.
3e) Yes, Myself and PermaCast have been working alongside the guys to ensure you all die the way I want you to die.

Can't wait to see you all there!



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