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July, 2016

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July, 2016 Empty July, 2016

Post by Timmean on Sun Jul 24, 2016 4:08 pm

So it's time for ALL THE MEMORIES!!!

For now, all I have to say is: I've got the magic Cool

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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July, 2016 Empty Re: July, 2016

Post by Malva on Sun Jul 24, 2016 5:05 pm

-Doing lots of the alchemies
-"Wait a second, I'm immune to fire!"
-Staying up until 4am, and then oh god fall asleep, and then not sleeping; not at all, until I crashed in the late afternoon.
-Looks like the Volkturion ship has sunk
-Finding 3 rares on the ground
-Getting angry about candies
-Michael driving me home after game and I told him to turn left at the rooms, and we get close and he says "turn here?" and I say "yes" and then he proceeds to turn left into the driveway for a private school.

I'll probably add more later

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July, 2016 Empty Re: July, 2016

Post by Hugo on Sun Jul 24, 2016 5:54 pm

As Hugo:
- "You realize the Irony in showing someone a note that offers to teach them to read, right?"
- "Wait a second, I'm immune to fire!" *Torvallis! screeching and fleeing*
- Being in debt
- Finding a rock in the woods
- Getting out of debt
- "I'm going to kill the lady." *Furiously writes out 'don't kill the lady'* *lift up note to show Volk* "She's dead. I just killed her."
- Being an eyewitness to murder and its associated shenanigans
- Seeing a bunch of downed people and a drug-crazy Horns, beating the shit out of Horns and stealing his bandages
- Being occasionally useful
- Learning psychic from Walker, thus cementing my role as the mute hobo in the corner meditating
- Having people actually figure out what I'm miming to them
- Loaning my notebook to the general after he was struck dumb. Now you know what it's like!
- Eavesdropping at every possible opportunity

As not Hugo:
- Having a *Hollywood 'guy getting blown away by a shotgun' moment* with Sinister Mr Fister
- Mauling the bejesus out of everything that moved. Usually Pierre, in hindsight
- Warning Gerald and Hillary about the dangers of moss
- Chatting with Adam on the car ride home

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July, 2016 Empty Re: July, 2016

Post by Degren Brightforge on Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:30 pm

-Drama. Delicious, heart wrenching, drama.
-Asher: "I need my armour repaired, but I don't have any money. But, I am willing to pay you in cheesy sausages. Degren: " You had me at Cheese"
- Trying to convince Cracked out Horns that I dropped a candy in the Field and getting beaten down by him instead. He did it with his bare hands.
- Dancing (Woo music, booze, and sharp objects)
- Sharon, as the man-eating-plant, wading into the water while we were swimming. Us yelling"WAIT! WE HAVE ONE MORE LINE OF DEFENCE! THE TRIPPING ROCK!" *Sharon AVOIDS said rock* "THE ROCK HAS FAILED! FLEE! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!" *Splish. Splash*
-Fire baked Sheppard's Pie.
Degren Brightforge
Degren Brightforge

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July, 2016 Empty Re: July, 2016

Post by Bikbun Ironbones on Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:29 pm

- Degren, during the tournament: "Wait a minute, I'm immune to fire!" then shortly afterwards "ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!"

- As narcissistic as it sounds, seeing everyone's initial ".......okay, what the fuck is that?" reaction to my Goomba-esque monster"

- RPing having my face and sides and shoulder skin dissolved and torn off by the Venus Sharontrap


- During aforementioned RP, asking Sharon OOG "Is this because I stole that guy's arms once?" and having her reply "Remember that one time I attempted to bury Bikbun alive and you said 'is that the best you can do?' to me?" ... "Yep, that sounds like something I would say, can't fault you there XD"

- Bikbun getting to be angry. Like, REALLY angry. And as soon as one arm was regrown, using it to launch at Horns and literally jump-punch him

- Smith in an exquisitely crafted ceremonial dagger for the King and Queen of Lizardtown

- Casting as the Will O' Wisps and making Ravira flip her shit

- Everything that cast did, both OOG and IG, to make this event bloody amazing
Bikbun Ironbones
Bikbun Ironbones

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July, 2016 Empty Re: July, 2016

Post by Lady Val on Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:39 pm

As Val:

- Getting burntout then subjugated by The Lady
- The next day, after getting furious at everyone for killing her, becoming furious and horrified about how Degren explained it was done then being purified mid explanation of her death by Timmean and getting to say "Well I'm glad the bitch is dead" at the end.
- Becoming the official representative of the town during the Royal visit and showing them the Earth Circle despite the Goomba sitting in it
- Every moment spent with Jay Walker, the psychic who writes gay erotica, seriously that character was hilarious
- Dolomite and Amythist's masks were so cool! Very Happy
- Getting to wear a fancy dress and my favourite mask
- "Wait... I'm Immune to fire!" *Torvallis runs away screaming*
- 'Sword Dancing'
- Running across the field in the middle of the night in my black cape and freaking out half the player characters after the hellions disappeared
- Chatting with Spice, she is, like, totally awesome when she isn't trying to, like, murder you
- Interrogating Horns
- Becoming furious upon hearing he escaped
So much drama, so much espionage, so much politics!

As Ira:

- Quickly realizing I can't be Ira because her costume broke and the rips in the lace would make her costume extremely NSFW Razz

As Me:

- Chatting OOG with Gerald and Mitchell, who knew moss was so dangerous
- Relaxing in the tent hotel with Mel because OMG that tent is awesome!
- Getting to treat people! With actual medicine! Very Happy
- The Goomba
- Watching Niku run around the field being addicted to the purple plant
- Mel's Hammock <3
- The death of Volkturion Sad

Seriously all of you folks are awesome and I have to say that cast really went all out with the Cynevin storyline.
Lady Val
Lady Val

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July, 2016 Empty Re: July, 2016

Post by Timmean on Mon Jul 25, 2016 3:35 pm

Wow, I'm reading through the above and I MISSED SO MUCH! But at the same time, the weekend was packed, and I wouldn't change a thing Smile Also, as I write this, I realise I'm already forgetting huge amounts of stuff.

-Before game, getting my equipment checked out... AND GETTING ARMOUR POINTS! Almost all of which are from my boots Razz
-Trying to be respectful of the lady and general without really talking to them much.
-The messenger running into the inn, freaked out by the skeleton attacks. I think we agreed we need to put up some "don't visit at night"
-That staggering feeling when I learn the postage cost for my two letters is 2 rares and a rock (or 9 rocks), and I only have a single rock. Thanks to Niko and Lady Val for actually making it possible for me to send them Smile And I got enough coin through the event to mostly pay Val back!
-Later that evening, the constant whispers of "don't eat the candy"
-Holding off on my untaint spells, because I didn't want to run out of mana and the blind loyalty didn't seem to be causing anything too terrible
-Went to bed a bit early. At some point during the night, I overheard some interaction between Hugo and Marcus as the latter tried to read Hugo's messages

-Waking up to learn that the lady was dead, and Volk had fled town on a murder accusation
-Seeing the two cute bunnies... WITH TERRIFYING METAL CLAWS
-At some point I was medic'ing Kameyan, when a frog came up behind me and sat right next to me. I froze for a moment, the slowly and very nervously kept working. Then the frog licked Kameyan and healed him for 1 HP! Big relief
-The rat that was kind to everyone except me >.> He shredded my boots!
-Giving Ravira my boots to repair
-Jake's Goomba thing, which I will forever call a "sumo frog" on account of it's face-off with someone (Horns, I think it was?)
-Glancing outside mid-afternoon to see a few people on the ground and the sumo frog hopping around unchallenged, but also hearing laughter from no apparent source. I ran out to medic everyone, but couldn't get close enough due to the frog >.> Upon running away, I reach the shore and see everyone else out swimming... with Sharon's flytrap monster keeping them from reaching the shore (and their gear). Flytrap on one side, frog on the other, and a bunch of people still bleeding out... oh, how I ran...
-...but clearly not fast enough. I missed Sharon with a command spell and couldn't get a second one off before the flytrap caught me. Getting your health drained is bad enough, but when it then dissolves your clothes... and your skin... and you loose all your mana because it was all in your pockets... Evil or Very Mad
-Many thanks to Amalfia and Hugo for helping the skinless, mostly-nude Timmean maintain some shred of decency >.< At least he had a second outfit.
-Getting my skin back. Can't tell you how.
-Hillary already talked about it, but I loved when Lady Val returned, so concerned about the Lady, and we were trying to slowly tell her about the killing and Volk going missing. Then someone (can't remember who) just blurts it out, and Val lost it. Degren piped up that Hugo saw the whole thing and started to read out Hugo's account. The whole time I had a water mana that Val had given me, and I was conflicted about using it because I still owed her 6 rocks, but I thought she'd prefer to have the alchemy removed. I quietly did the untaint spell just as Degren finished Hugo's writing, and Val's subsequent "I'm glad the bitch is dead" comment and dramatic exit immediately had me doubled over laughing.
-Training two or three different people in awareness

And that's part 1 Wink

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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July, 2016 Empty Re: July, 2016

Post by Asher Fairchild on Mon Jul 25, 2016 4:04 pm

Had such a fun weekend, even if I was feeling a little tired/under the whether.

Gerald complementing my new armor by saying he would play me in a video game. Weekend was made right there!

Saying "I'm going to take pictures of myself in the woods...its not the lamest thing I've done but its up there" and getting a good chuckle out of Helen :p

Christians "general of the empire" character and his amazing cockney accent. Had me trying so hard not to laugh!

Laying in my bunk listening to everyone playfully argue outside

Learning that the playful arguing actually almost led to the deaths of a bunch of people :/


Going swimming with the guys and tripping on the evil rock, forcing me to fall in

Sharon as the venus fly trap wading into the water..."IT AVOIDED THE ROCK, WERE ALL GONNA DIE!!"

"Can you guys get out of the water? the whole town its dying..."
*gets out of the water to see a field of unconscious bodies*

A really nice long nap and waking up to a nice letter. People always leave me letters in my sleep and I LOVE IT

Those weird armadillo rabbit creatures! Good job Rob!

I absolutely ADORED the Royals from Ceynevin(sp?) mod! Oh my gosh sooooooo gooooooood

The BATTLE ROYALE! We need to do that more often!!!

Watching everyone dancing at the masquerade and wanting to join in but stupid Asher is no fun!

Thomas' "meditation to the Earth" and his OOG "this isn't actually doing anything". Probably my favorite line of the weekend!

Sassage dinner and bonding with Degren!


Sugar and Spice showing up and trying to befriend them by "totally grooving with their vibe"


I slept and was lame a lot of sunday but my favorite part was practically crying when trying to stick up for Horns. If you kill him YOU'LL HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME MOTHER HECKERS

Horns escaping...right in front of me...and thinking nothing of it....XD

And lastly I just want to make a little note about my character, Asher. She and I are very different. While I in real life am very bubbly and affectionate, Asher is not. I try very hard to stay in character and stay true to my character, as I worked very hard to create her.

I've been having difficulty playing her true to character because I feel I have personally offended people when I act cold, distant, stand offish, rude, or un-receiving to hugs/affection. I just want to let anyone know who maybe felt I was rude to them that THAT IS NOT ME!! I love friends and hugs! Asher...not so much! And as Heir knows, a good way to get on her bad side is to hit on her/oogle her etc. She just wants to be one of the tough guys.

Just a friendly reminder that I love you all and I take my RP seriously. Next game I'm going IC on Friday night and not coming out until game is called, so I might be a bit of a frosty bitch. I'm sorry!!
Asher Fairchild
Asher Fairchild

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July, 2016 Empty Re: July, 2016

Post by Malva on Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:33 pm

More things:

-Volk fleeing town and the general coming in in the morning, rummaging through his things, and touching the contact gel-strike dumb stake
July, 2016 597

-Going to go for a walk with Torvallis!, but then Torvallis! got Timmean angry and ran into the woods to avoid him. I followed Torvallis! into the woods and noticed Timmean coming behind me, so I decided to start going completely the wrong way and pretend I had no idea where Torvallis! went.

-Horns escaping followed by Sharon's gleeful skipping through the bunkhouse squeeing "Is it true? Did Horns really escape?"
-And then game was called, talk about a cliff hanger!

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July, 2016 Empty Re: July, 2016

Post by Keket on Mon Jul 25, 2016 7:37 pm

walkling in the woods for sometime and talking to hare for a nice long time it seems comming back to see things attacting!
standing up for volk so he could get away safely! what a late night that was!
Wait a minute, I'm immune to fire! during the battle and seeing Torvallis running away was funny as anything!
the frog like thing that Torvallis! won against
the dance sword fighitng that night was so much fun!
all the running the hiding!
seeing horns taking someone down with there bear hands!
getting scared by volk who screamed at Torvallis which scared me bouth ig and oog Shocked
finding some things to bring home to the mooon but really wanting rassberrys but was to nice to say give them al to me but rater the visters to have them were they like them yet not know what they were or taste like
and then finding out horns got away and left
so much drama!

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July, 2016 Empty Re: July, 2016

Post by Zar/Herr on Tue Jul 26, 2016 1:39 pm

New = Blue
-Sitting in the dark near the entrance path under a tree in the tall grass writing about the Hellions as they were assaulting the town
-Sitting in that same spot when Degren saw my candle light, which i promptly extinguished; he, Asher, and two others walked around to investigate but being unable to find me until Degren was almost in my face, even then he didn't know it was a person until i started moving
-Coming upon Rye, Lady Val, Prond and a couple of others in the dark, being spotted and staying perfectly still such that they could only see my silhouette. I saw Prond run down the path past me already knowing he was going to flank me and in response, laughing.

-Asher saying "we're friends", i ignore her and leave the bunkhouse (sorry, it was great)
-People explaining to Lady Val about "the lady's" death, her freaking out, being untainted and stating "well, i'm glad the bitch is dead!" and walking away
-Walking through the woods and field learning Herbalism from Malva and actually learning about types of flowers and berry plants.
-Being taught each element and examining the way each person taught (you all teach differently)
-Having the opportunity to assassinate Keket in the dark but not doing so.
-Everything about the dignitaries. i loved the costumes, i loved how they acted and spoke,
-Sitting in the "throne" at night during the lighting and light rain as people walked towards me from the dark, not noticing until the were very close (am i a ghost?)
-Timmean laughing and saying "enjoy the iron throne!" (trust me, i did)
-the battle royale, forgetting who my allies were, getting irritated that a 4V1 didn't take Auron, getting suspicious about how much damage Auron was taking, Hoping the battle would take long enough that some people would have bled out.
-Being Lady Val's bodyguard throughout the masquerade and most of the night.
-Lady Val acknowledging i'm very quiet and am therefore a good spy/guard.
-Watching the sword dancing.
-Working rather closely with a couple of people since "the lady" started giving out candy
-Wanting to kill the lady, expecting to be killed for it and hearing Volk did it.
-Talking OOG to Hilary, suddenly worrying about time as if i am going to be late, realizing that there's no rush, no obligations, the time of day didn't matter, i could literally sit there all day and feeling relaxed and happy, then Mitchell came along and we had a lovely chat!

-Confronting Lady Val during breakfast about being disregarded often the night before.
-Considering releasing Horns only to find out he escaped anyway.

Don't remember the day:
-Watching Lady Val get aggressive and grab horns in anger, demanding the truth
-Hearing Bikbun's hate speech towards Horns
-Seeing Horns look legitimately afraid and nervous; he looked like he was afraid to make eye contact with anyone, to move or speak and was visibly shaking! now THAT'S fear!
-Bitterly inputting the fact that i was executed every time i heard people talk about what to do with Horns/Volk
-Expressing Herr's worries to Rye while most people were occupied with the dignitaries deciding Horns' fate.
-Fist fight with Niku.
-Making sure Ravira knows i still don't like her.
-Sympathizing with Volk.
-Contemplating stealing from Marcus while he slept in the hammock and framing someone
-Watching how Lady Val kept people in debt to her and how she gets people to serve her.
-Clarifying that i am not serving her.
-Rolling away from whatever mob Jake was.
& more later!

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July, 2016 Empty Re: July, 2016

Post by Timmean on Tue Jul 26, 2016 4:04 pm

Oh yeah, I forgot about that little "dispute" with Torvallis!

*1 wood!*
"Oh hi Timmean!"... Torvallis drops to the floor
Me: "Seriously...?" walks off to find a medic
Though I'm pretty sure Torvallis was faking it, since I didn't even find a medic before they were running

Also, earlier that day, Timmean and Torvallis discussing magic cooking.
"Hitting the berries with an ice spell didn't seem to work very well, it mostly just pulverised them. I wonder what would happen if I threw a handful of berries with the ice spell?"
"What if we hit a chicken with a fireball spell?" "No, it would just sear the outside." "Okay, what if we stuff the chicken with fire mana and then cast the fireball spell?"
Oh, the potential

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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July, 2016 Empty Re: July, 2016

Post by Timmean on Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:18 pm

Continuing on, from Saturday afternoon...

-When the royals first came into town and visited the circles. Timmean was so nervous since they went to the water circle first, wondering if it would be powerful enough to meet their expectations. Then discovering the royals weren't aware, and suddenly had to find a way to prove I wasn't just lying about the circle's existence

-"Careful, your majesty"

-The royals finding the "fire circle" - i.e. an old fire pit

-At the earth circle, when the royals asked about carnivorous plants, and how their society honours them. Desperately tried not to let on that we'd killed two in the past 24 hours. I later rushed around telling as many people as possible to NOT mention killing the flytrap monsters.

-At the air circle, when Opal was blowing bubbles and the queen commanded one of her guards to attack "that one, and that one." A moment later, "Congratulations, you are victorious!" "Good, I like being victorious"

-After the royals had seen all the circles and went off to see some alchemy and forging (not sure if they did anything else), I slipped away from the group knowing they were expecting a feast. I walked into the inn and found quite a lot of cleaning needed to be done (to be fair, I think people were pretty busy); in a mild panic, I announced that the royals would be expecting a feast soon, and everyone needed to help get things cleaned up before that time. And it happened! Everyone in the inn suddenly just leapt into cleaning, and things got done pretty quickly. Thanks all! I've since called that my Disney princess moment  king

-The whole display for the royals; the magic, the battle, all of it. Of course, I have my affinity for making someone dance for 40 minutes (though I really wish it hadn't led to an injury Crying or Very sad ). "The man speaks the truth, he truly cannot dance." Also, "Is this still... pi-rou-etting?" "No, he's moved on to jazz hands and (can't remember what)". Also, when Val had Crond's arm cut off (mid-dance) just to demonstrate the regrow spell. We really put him through the ringer.

-Being frozen while Horns and Bikbun went missing, and having a flower crown put on my head.

-Searching the lake via my blend. Got some leads... but didn't find the witch. Then when I got back, being told that something was watching people from the woods...

-Hellions and Wil-o'-Wisps; a trip down terrified, panicked memory lane

-Lots of tactical conversations with Auron

-I got essence and void! Very Happy And got stabbed through the hand, and locked into a blood pact Shocked

-Sunday morning, the exchange of gifts with the royals. Particularly when I handed over some of Timmean's berries: "Would you like me to take that, your majesty?" *The queen eats one, clutching the rest tightly.* "No."

-Everything with Bikbun and Horns. The questioning, the confusion... the escape! And the ensuing panic and excitement from players and cast Razz

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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July, 2016 Empty Re: July, 2016

Post by AD on Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:52 am

AH! Late I know but such is life with me.

Finally finishing armour tags.

Getting Marcus' plot going and watching Marcus and the General come in with a VERY impromptu litter for Nan. Also getting to describe a...less than stately Empirical town through the eyes of Marcus. Razz

Running pitch terrified from the Hellions as the messenger. I looked back in mid run and almost fell down and I have never looked back since. Not stopping to chat with the lovely people as I ran past them.

Meaning to run into the Inn but the momentum had me going over the porch...almost falling down the back steps...again.

Totally NOT making up price points on for postage on the spot. Nope, nuh huh, did not happen. I am MUCH more prepared than that.

As I was waiting for the Hellions to calm the EFF DOWN! I got to watch people try and plot around Nan.

The messenger finally leaves and then I get to stay up and deal with the plotting of Nan.

Marcus: AD? I'm going to wake up the General.
4am later.

Getting to witness Volk flee town. It was most amusing and well done I must say.

Being the fly trap was oodles of fun, especially the second iteration of it.

Slowly walking past the swimming group, just to give them a fright. I do and then think, wouldn't it be fun to just wait for them on the grass. hearing a "I hope she doesn't come in cause then I'm dead" and well...the rest is history. Razz

How did I get past the rock Michael? AD POWERS!!!

Being a mana merchant who then became Horns' pusher. Sadly Horns was not there to be pushed further...*looks wistfully to the sky*

Being the Royals was interesting. Having never played a character who couldn't see magic and now I can't see magic. But I DID find the fire circle! Razz

When we were checking out the air circle, a dragonfly landed on Rob and its strips were the exact same shade of blue as the air circle. It was really cool.

Watching Timmean and Lady Val almost visibly sweat when they were trying to explain what happened to both flytraps. That I played. Razz

I'm Sorry Tony! I picked you to dance because you looked shiny! I'm sorry for your shoulder! and for missing out from the ensuing battle, you looked so sad.
-Well done to everyone who helped with the dislocation, that all ran as well as it could have and cast couldn't be happier.

My favourite memory with the Royals. Sitting in a literal throne as people cut each other down for my amusement as I was eating the equivalent to popcorn.

During the scrimmage, watching Aurun take on 4 other people rather successfully. Then secretly, oogly, watching Aurun and Lady Val sword dance being impressed and entranced and feeling like a right ass, as I had JUST sent out popcorn.

Having a an oog chat about game, and nerd stuff in general, with Travis and Jake as both of their characters were no longer in town and they were going to cast but I wanted to let the dance get under way. It was fun, thanks Guys!

The whole Horns and sea witch shenanigans.
-Horns waiting for the merchant to come back and I inform him what is happening, his reaction there. It couldn't have worked better.
-Horns being super ferocious with Bikbun and it was SO Terrifyingly adorable!
-Being part of the official interrogation
-Just being so tired at the end of game, not knowing what to do and then Christian bursts into cast to tell us that Horns had escaped. and BAM! I had SO much energy and was booking it through the bunkhouse and fields.
-Finding Eric after and talking about what happened and what Horns did. All I can say is, it was great!

Watching Mitchell just get SO DAMN excited to play the Hellions. He was literally bouncing. It was SO cute!

Thats about it...so far????



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July, 2016 Empty Re: July, 2016

Post by Timmean on Wed Aug 10, 2016 4:08 pm

Oh! Thomas's character, specifically with his gust spell from the "alternative" spirit magic.

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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July, 2016 Empty Re: July, 2016

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