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Post by AD Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:25 am

Morning All!
As the title may suggest, here are the winnas for July Game o 2019!

Player - This one was all over the board, with 17 players being voted for, however one PC got steam and didn't stop. FAUX THEO! I mean, Friend Dave! I mean Dave C! Congrats on turning the switch so effectively you now have a new nickname AND a player award under your belt!

Cast - This was the exact opposite. It was a race between two people, almost exclusively. Dogo and Here come the Drums! Travis squeaked out the award by a vote! Well done to both runners and Congratulations Travis for your banging victory!

Fighting Spirit - For as certain some people were of the winner, this still bounced around the board. In the end, True Friendship won out and Auron took it after a very real moment of passion swept over one of the towns more stoic fighters. Congrats Alex, your brotherly love for Degren isn't making me cry, it's the onions I'm cutting and YOURE CRYING!

AD - This award came into existence because I wanted to encourage more sincere rp. I wanted to see players really stretch their rp wings and fly. So when a PC makes ME think "Damn, I gotta up my rp skills." That's something and something of note. So an exhausted congratulations to Tony for his amazing rp! You pushed ME to new levels. Well done.

Congrats to all, it really was a wicked event, your crps are in the mail!



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