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September 2018: Consequence Free

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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Zero. on Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:52 pm

Had a wonderful time. Post your memories, friends!  Cool  (Also, unsure of the title of this game).

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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Hugo on Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:45 pm

Consequence Free!

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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Lady Val on Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:03 pm

Finally I have time to post memories!

Friday -- Went to bed early but super happy to be back with all of you post vacation! Especially Christian!

Saturday -- As Tala
coming into town looking for Ardin
Paying at the Faerie circle
Scaring Mo'chi
Breakfast with the town
Helping Lillium find her Alchemy kit and getting a student in return
Vadim -- just everything that happened with Vadim
Datura: "We are Gloin" *said in a stoner voice as Tala bats him away with her staff*
Matai Vasa's really cool ritual
Teaching Rose Awareness by likening magic to song
Taking Prof. Pendergast and Ardin on a Wild Trip (TM) with some really potent "incense"
Getting to essentially play Mr. Zhaman (a character from my D&D game) for a bit

Saturday -- MERMAIDS!!! and helping find Jenny's heart! (But Pepper running off with it)
Babushka: "Bikbun child now" XD

Saturday -- As Val
Ritual for restoring the Faerie Ring, Val felt ten times better once that was back
Tara, the incredibly adorable and endearing Gloin
Seriously, this is the level of cuteness you achieved:
September 2018: Consequence Free We_are10

Making deals and arrangements with various people :3
Tracking down the heart with Ardin
Finding out from Pierre that Jenny is coming and running into into the woods with Mo'chi, Sebastian, and Rose
Late night impromptu ritual magic training and literacy instruction -- Val sang the ABCs song, it was weird
Hiding in the woods then realizing its safe to come out
Campfire time (but not for very long because tired and secret plans)

Sunday -- As Val
Trying to find the heart in secret with Ardin and then failing miserably
Hearing Tara and Datura got stuck in trees and getting to see Mo'chi's artistic interpretation
BIKBUN IS A DWARF AGAIN (Val misses the cute accent though, but its worth losing it for the beard Wink )
Selling Cal potion ingredients and getting Scroll Ink V
Testing out the Grayfeard's bard mark
WE HAVE TO DO WHAT WITH THE CHAMPION"S HEARTS?!?! -- Finding ways to mitigate the potential consequences of this ritual
Negotiating with the imperials and confirming some key information about Torvallis!
Making plans for between game training

Sunday -- After game
Planning Bikbun and Val's Big Fat Orc Wedding
All the dance parties -- I seriously love you guys so much <3 and watching you all so happy made my day
Lady Val
Lady Val

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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Zero. on Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:09 pm

- “Don’t drink the Sunny D, it’s eggs!”

-Fun interrogation times with Datty n Talia.

-Accidentally downing a few pals when they all became spiders. Oops!

-“Project emotion: anger” “...you realize that’s towards you, right?” “... project emotion: fear”

- *opens door*
*sees Dollface (?... some sort of mob, probably dollface)*
*closes door*
"Ahhhh.... Morpha... I don't wanna inturrupt your dissecting... but we need to leave"

(Morpha continues dissecting)
*door opens*
"Like........ now"

-Storytime #1
Attempting my first real armour repairs at the forge as Tara-Gloin approaches. Everyone else heads to the road, I follow shortly after. “Hallucination: you see those two as dollfaces.” (Referring to The Professor and Grayfeared.) I quickly take out The Professor, and turn towards Grayfeared, ending up face to face with Niko (Nico?). Confused, I tell him to move, and draw my sword. He refuses to clear the path for me, I continue to threaten him. Tara-Gloin comes back for round two! “Hallucination, you see her as a spider.” Now he draws his sword, but refuses to actually swing. Just attempts to keep me at bay. Eventually, Callie comes along and calls “avoid” (effectively making us not exist to eachother for 10 minutes). I finally get my clear shot at Grayfeared, and go for it, knocking him to the ground. “You could, you know, killing blow them….” a casual suggestion from Tara (/Laura?), but Zero hesitates. She’s more inclined to tell the town about the two dollfaces, and let them deal with it, oddly enough. At this point, I notice Himmel on the ground, and ensure he regains consciousness. We end up back at the inn safely, where Himmel realizes that Niko and I can’t see eachother. He tries to explain, while we talk at him, overlapping eachother and calling him crazy. We both, funnily enough, decide to go find him a medic. He drags us both to the citadel, where eventually (honestly, probably seconds before this wore off, anyway), Degren knocks us both out.

-Himmel casually hitting on Zero throughout the ENTIRE game, lol. #Hero

-DAVE’S FLYING SPIDER DIVE. It was beauty. It was grace. And it made me feel like a badass. Thanks for that <3

-Fighting Aur-Gloin. Always fun fighting Auron tbh. Also, having him compliment my fighting. Super flattering.

-Heckin’ Sal knocking me out in the inn for no reason at all. Damnit Christian.

-Practicing for “Holdfast Marching Band Mod” with Dave in his car, lol. We’ve been in talks about this mod for months, and I’ve had a lot of trouble with trying to sing loudly. I get super nervous singing in front of people in general, so trying to out-belt a trombone was rough hahaha.

-The actual bard mod. It didn’t go quite as expected, and I realized I have to work on my performance singing (can’t hold notes or volume well at all when moving around much), but I appreciate you guys indulging us. It was fun while it lasted hahaha, and you guys did incredibly. Was a little disappointed that half the Knights were gone, was looking forward to calling them “spineless” “pale” and “pathetic”, but what can ya do, that’s Holdfast for ya hahah. Never predictable!

-THE CHASE. Ugh lol. Pepper, you’re a quick one, what can I say. Honoured to be the one *most* on your tail throughout that, but I didn’t stand a chance lol. Congrats on finally finding it, everything else aside.

-Seeing Jenny’s minion cower in fear at my silver strikes before downing it. That felt good.
The pride I felt when people sat down and shut up in the citadel during the last bit of Jenny’s tirade. ESPECIALLY Grayfeared. Hearing Tara call out to him, over and over, and knowing he was with us and couldn’t respond, ah. My heart. But honestly dude, I was super impressed.

-Hearing Degren out talking while Jenny was trying to beat down the door. Was sincerely so confused as to how he was alive.

-Getting drunk in the inn while singing Drink and Wonderwall. These are the moments I live for. Also that one other song I don’t know, with anniversary and Rav-ierre lyrics heh.

-The nice lil bonfire, and the horny dog bear. Krond and Himmel offering to be whores. Degren becoming empathetic towards people who practice beastiality.

-Human Bikbun o_o


-Being up early???? On a Sunday????? Who am I

-More heart hunting.

-The gift. Toooooo sweet, my heart.

-Storytime #2
Annnnnnnnnd finally, the surprise trip to Empire Stand. (Unsure about the order of all of this, sorry if any specifics or timeliney stuff is wrong, but I’m tryin). So like. Sitting in the citadel with whoever. And suddenly Auron runs in the door yelling about that guy who had a warrant out for Datura (Bissileaus? Literally no idea how to spell it. The General). We knew he’d be coming sooner or later… but it was literally the ONE TIME THE ENTIRE GAME my sword was across the room. Auron gets in and we’re about to close the door….. When a weapon is shoved in the wedge. Christian’s character barges into the room, crosses it in like two steps and knocks out Datura immediately. Helene’s character enters as well, and as the two are talking at us, I reach behind her, and manage to grab my sword from the med bay without either of them noticing. When she walks further into the room, Auron and I block the door, and I lock us in. Yes, we’re trapped, but they can’t take him without going through us. Auron argues with them for a while, until they agree to wake him up and let him decide for himself whether to stay or go. We stand in silence as he shakes him awake. At some point I remember Auron tried to leave, and Christian’s character knocked him out in the doorway. Helene’s character demanded I drop my weapon, I refused. She tried again, I ran from the citadel, into the crowd that had gathered outside. Most of you know what happened at this point, generally. I asked Val what would happen if we attacked them, I offered to go with Degren. Zero didn’t think much about it, nor did I, just felt like it was the right thing to do. Degren asks the Knights before he agrees to take me, then said he had to speak with Krond. As the convoy is leaving, I ask Krond if he’s going, he says no, and seems confused, so I head up to the others. Helene asks if I’m going with them, and I say yes… and then we leave town. IT ALL HAPPENED SO FAST. lol


Will post more if anything jumps out at me, feel like I’m missing some stuff. Overall, had a ton of fun this game, and CAN’T WAIT for next month. See y’all in October Wink

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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Vadim Ironstones on Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:59 pm

I'll just go through my big ones now, before I go to sleep.

Friday night: Vadim

- Oh fuck where to start

- First off, waking up on the patio and almost immediately gifting Rose a dose of Poppy's Blood

- Thinking that, for some reason, Darcy had come into town with Saul. Turns out that it was Pauly and Tandy, and they wanna chat with me about some things.

- Realizing, only after having put myself in a proverbial/literal corner, that this was the same Tandy that Vadim had 'learned' all his alchemy from.

- Internal dialogue: "I wonder if this is a reasonable time to pull out the 'this is totally instant poison' trick"

- External dialogue: "In this vial, you see, is a vial of instant poison. My guess is that it'll kill you in about ten seconds flat"

*Proceeds to down vial of 'instant poison' (actually a bunch of red chalk), and slump over playing dead*

Pauly: "So, what do you think was actually in that vial?"

Enter a Hellion, screching up onto the deck and diverting the halflings' attention long enough for Vadim to make his getaway under the railings.

- Dicking around for a bit, trying to get my shield back, and trying to bolt for applevale, but keep getting cut off by what seemed like a dozen gloin.

- Settle for camping out in the bushes behind the shrine for a couple of hours, take a quick nap, and then bolt for the gate to get the hell out of dodge for the night, to keep Tandy from finding me while I slept.

Saturday: Vadim

- Re-entering the town from the gate, finding no one at the forge, and electing to bushwack in behind the wood pile for some Jank Alchemy(tm)

- Get 2 doses of Contact Gel: Sleep on my axe, go back out to the forge and fix my armour. People who've seen me: 0. Time in town: 45 minutes

- Head up behind the Inn, find morpha. Morpha: "Yea they're in the Inn" Vadim: "Thank you"

- Turn corner, there's Pauly

"Hey Vadim, wanna continue our little chat?"

"Sure" *Whips out axe from beneath cloak, stab Pauly with the spiked tip* "4 metal contact gel sleep, 20 minutes"

Christian, OOG: "Yea, ok." *Pauly drops*

Tandy, at that point, snuck up on me and went for the grapple. In the ensuing confusion regarding how hitting and forfieting the grapple works, I hear a "Knockout" called and Tandy drops. Thank you Degren, for saving the day.

- Filling in the town on what Tandy and Pauly, and throwing out a couple of "Life skill: Slaver 2: I tie you up" calls to get the point across: Vadim isn't the kind of person to get career advice from. In fact, just don't take his advice period. Take his drugs though, each dose is filled with love, care, and 'non-harmful additives'. There's so much more I wanted to say, get some more goodbyes out there, even just telling people 'why?', but in the end, you don't think about those sorts of things in the moment, and so Vadim skipped town to get a five minute head-start on the mob, as well as to get his paws all over the second important book Vadim's ever stolen from Tandy. Goodbye all, so long and thanks for buying my drugs.

Saturday: Casting

- Having no more PCs at my disposal besides HuGhost, who can't really do much, I did the only sensible thing and went puppeteering. Here's some highlights:

- "Wanna buy some drugs?": the parrot spider.

- Another parrot spider, and its web-filled encounter with the marching band. The spider, before being utterly annihilated, learned 'Broadsword', at the very least.

- The itty-bitty (three feet long) snake, and his venom-filled expeditions to visit all the circles.

- Getting to finally take those javelins for a spin as a Lizardfolk

There's a lull in the evening, as people head in for supper, anticipating what's to come this night, as the heart of Jenevra, the sea-hag, has been disturbed. The townsfolk know Jenny must be coming.

Oh hey look its some Manta Rays

Oh hey Auron there goes all your abilities

Oh hi Bikbun it seems you thought you could escape Jenny

Oh hi Marr it seems you're stuck to my slug friend

Very Late Saturday Night: HuGhost

- Filling in Taka on my 'coming back to life' plans, could be back by next month.

- Campfire!

Sunday: HuGhost

- Being stirred from my slumber by a curious Maxxi, crawling around in my camp.

- Ghosting about, apparently need to go find some kids now.

- Seeing the imperials around. It warms a weary soul's heart to see that Imperials can come to holdfast and not be instantly killed. At least this time, anyways.

- Ghost sparring with Winnie. It felt good to spar as Hugo again, even if Winnie looked insane while sparring with someone on a different plane of existence.

See you at next game! or thursday! whenever!
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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Winnie on Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:00 am


Always the drive up with Mitchell. So many laughs.

-Casting the spider. Managed to get a lot of the deck webbed. Also got the door webbed while it was open. Mwahah.
-Playing the rat and pretty much jousting with Dave's sprinting spider. That sprinting spider though...If I weren't casting I would've been much more scared.

-Getting up early and becoming orc, then heading out into the woods to find herbalism gathers. Found 2 right next to each other close to a path entrance and camped in between them waiting for someone to show up IG. Talia walks by and I show her to a pretty flower mod, attempt to draw a water mana from her but was unsuccessful and that essentially ruined my original plan so I was nice orc and kept trying to draw water mana from everyone. Nobody had any. Good guy Auron gave me the water mana back at the citadel when he realized he actually had one on him. At that point Eldrid had pretty much made a nest in the citadel. Safe place. Good hide.
-Later trying to draw mana from the big group of people around the Arluru. Jaya tells me it's easier to get mana if I ask nicely. Ended up getting 3 earth mana from Jake's Arluru. I then proceeded to fuck off into the woods with 1 water and 3 earth mana.
-Went swimming, take like 20 minutes to do Krond's tattoos, then took an hour long nap. Was woken up by shouting that Ardin took off with the heart. I seriously nap 1 hour and miss everything.
-Go in as a very sleepy Winnie and ask what was going on. See Tony with all the tattoos washed off... die a little bit inside. Need to find new tattoo paint that is more waterproof.
-Losing one of my light potions in a hole looking for the heart that Ardin hid. Goodbye, cheap glowstick. You now belong to the depths of the earth.
-Bard band coming in and walking by singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight and Mirisi asking me "What's a lion?" I lost my shit.
-Fetching Auron's shield.
-Some damn good buritos for dinner and OOG talks with Erika and Aaron. Turns out he may or may not be an actual cannibal.
-Armwrestling Pierre woooo
-Hearing Degren from his tent, "Jenny's gunna come tonight and she gunna fuck us."
-Jenny comes with a load more friends than usual. Get half of my states drained and I noped into the forest when we are pretty much overrun. I'm on the path by the bathrooms for a solid 5 minutes before I realize someone is next to me. Super silent Mirisi.
-Manage to get to the citadel through the woods, with a pee stop along the way (Gotta go ya gotta go), and find it packed. Everyone is told to be quiet but that doesn't actually happen for a bit. I remember thinking, "What"s harder to do? Kill Jenny or get a group or LARPers to shut up?" Then Asher is all "Okay, if you are talking then you are not a part of Plan Citadel so you can leave." That shut people up.
-I felt absolutely useless in the citadel so when it sounds clear I leave.
-Stargazing on the picnic table after everythign was over and chatting with Taka before be got pulled away by Hugo.
-Campfire down at the forge. Frank was a pretty cool dog to bring Mallows of the Marsh.
-Frank humping Degren and Himmel.


-Sleep in until 9ish.
-Most things are a blurr for sleepy Jess but I made the last of the meal plans eggs which I thought were juice at first cause it really looked like juice with pulp settled on the bottom.
-Imperials showing up for Datura.
-Ghost sparring with Hugo and looking like I'm crazy
-Then I followed the rescue party out of town without knowing the full plan of action.

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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Malva on Mon Sep 17, 2018 2:50 pm

-The gloin showed up. I ended up backing up into Michael's gloin who said "my touch subjugates you." I knew I could've used focus mind, but what came out was "ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.... okay I took to long..."
-I start doing what the gloin said and Degren knocked me out, brought me inside and said "don't wake her up." Naturally of course, someone woke me up.
-I get up and start looking for my gloin, and Degren knocks me out again. My subjugate was worn off by the time I woke up, but good luck convincing everyone of that.
-Everyone seemed convinced that I could do stuff by looking at them? At no point was that ever the case, but it was pretty funny watching everyone try to shield their eyes from me.
-Banding together with Zero for a bit because we both understood that we were no longer subjugated.
-Trying to subdue, but not murder the townsfolk-gloin.
-Knocking out Ardin because he wouldn't stop trying to murder Tara
-Vadim trying to get Taka to help him evade the mob. Um, no thank you buddy don't know you that well.
-Sooo many bard buffs.
-Fighting the dollface. A battle of patience. Somebody came over and told us "you'll be up til 3am fighting that." They were not wrong.
-Using a ton of focus-minds on the dollface's mesmerize, only to realize that that's a lot of states to spend on something so easily fixed by Marr's shield.
-I got the final hit! Accomplishment!

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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Morpha on Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:49 pm

I'm so tired. I have many thoughts swirling around the noggin. Here goes nothing:

- so friggen dark Friday night. Waiting for game on the edge of town by the knights camp was so spooky. Looking in at the Earth circle is just like looking into the Maw of the Void. It really set me on edge.
- walking into town was cool. So good to see all of you guys again <3
- Not 20 minutes into game, I have orc blood all over my robe.
- "Whats going on here?" "Durkis tried to force feed a rat alcohol"
- Penderghast being high while trying to remove poison. Never change.
- Freezing the gloin crsyalis, which makes that the first freeze spell I have ever successfully cast. Milestones!
- I'm pretty sure the rest of the night involved running away from gloin and medic-ing people.

- getting up, breakfast was delicious.
- gloin-Tara.
- Healing gloin-Tara's slow poison. You are a cute human, Laura.
- The whole ordeal with the heart.
- First, the line. That was silly, but it was fun.
- Ardin finding the heart. It was so great to hear it was actually found, now I don't have to hear about that anymore. Thank goo-
- "Ardin's running away with the heart!" Oh goddamnit
- the chase through the woods. Why didn't we post guards at the edge of town? I remember that thought running through my head and I was all like "Naaaah!!! :p" I'm not a smart.
- Jake cutting his toe up. Get better Jake Sad
- I'm cutting up chicken for supper, when Jenn pulls me outside: "I need you OOG, NOW" and I'm all like, wtf
- I think to myself, as I'm trying to reconstruct where Ardin, Zero and Morpha were when hunting down Ardin: "omfg, the heart is lost again I can't believe this shit" btw, I love you Pepper :3
- congratulations to everyone for creating this train wreck, I don't know where it's going and I am enjoying myself greatly. I can't wait to see where it all goes.
- Saturday night.
- there's like, a dozen of us in the inn. Only a couple of fighters, none high level. This is going to end badly.
- hey knights, if you plan on fucking off into the woods, how about next time telling people? Thank you Smile
- a thing comes into the inn. It looks glorious. Also, it's trying to kill people.
- going to behind the inn with Keket and others. monsters on both sides. I have three water mana. We'll be fine.
- "With water I freeze you!" "No effect" Sad
- Time to run down to the forge, they won't follow us and eat us Smile
- they followed us. People get eaten.
- I did the most tense medicing on Penderghast ever.
- "With water I freeze you!" "no effect" Sad
- "With water I repel you!" "no effect" Sad
- Shortly after that, more of them come
- grapple 15
- get dragged away, shouting salvation as loud as I can
- get grappled to bleed out, guess Ill die
- get stabilized.
- Im brought to the inn, wake up surrounded by people.
- what follows is running around with people, slowly getting picked off one by one by Jenny's minions, until it's just me, running around the field, half blind, in the dark, minions everywhere, D:, good times.
- I make my way to the citadel, and somehow not get eaten by something
- After all of that, me and Keket do arm surgery on .. i want to say, Niko? for a half hour. Good times.
- Getting awareness training despite everything going on.
- Sunday
- I really enjoyed playing merchant with Joy. I oughta do that again Very Happy

I'll see you lot at Xmas. And I might come in on Potato Day. We'll see.

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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Malva on Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:54 am

-Only brewed like a couple things. Okay like 10 doses and 20 mana, but still less than an hour spent brewing.
-Interrupting the air ritual with actual air mana for the air ritual.
-Doing some business and having a chat with Phineas.
-Goes up into the woods. Sees barbed wire. Comes back down out of the woods. Warns everyone to look out for lizardfolk. Lizardfolk show up. "I told you."
-Not feeling like brewing or sticking around for the reseed or wearing horns, so I changed into Taka a little early.

-I'm glad I've got everyone trained to think I'm up early when I'm out at like 2:30pm
-Everyone's varying opinions on what a line looks like...
-Zero giving Misty a goth makeover Razz
-Getting some training from Phineas.
-Fighting the frog with Callie and Babushka. Callie and I used focus mind on everything, and eventually we just decided to leave it and not waste our states.
-Nobody can remember what babylon does, not even me.
-Callie: "Focus mind, focus mind, focus mind." Frog: "My lick causes babylon." Callie: "Focus... mind?"
-Scholars showed up. Looking to talk to alchemists and people who are interested in other planes. Internal conflict: Who should I be playing right now??
-Decided people would be a lot more likely to fill me in on planes than on alchemy so I went and changed.

Malva again:
-Time to start filling in the books!

Taka again:
-Started off trying to fight Jenny minions. Kept getting surrounded. Got particularly surrounded at one point and got to use my new trick Wink
-Wandering around OOP, looking for my weapons. People couldn't see my OOP hand in the dark and kept following me, and I kept thinking they could see me. It occurred to me later that if they could actually see me they would have double-checked which plane I was in.
-Getting friendly-fired while OOP... lol
-I guess I'm using a bastard sword now? A couple months ago I taught Degren knockout and in exchange he taught me Weaponmaster. This game proved that to be a very good exchange.
-Eventually deciding to just go to the citadel and wait for them to leave.
-Asher putting her foot down when people wouldn't stop talking.
-Multiple people told me that if I was the only one who escaped, to go find a healer in Applevale. Ya'll know that's a little far, right?
-Stargazing with Winnie
-Running of to the LotD to chat more with Hugo

-"When one door closes another one opens." "Isn't that supposed to be a good thing?"

-Not really feeling like doing much and getting to not do much
-Literally got up, went to the inn, and didn't stop writing in the flora book except to do some business with Cal.
-Cal: "How have things been around here?"
Me: "Getting better. Everything still poisons us, but we're not losing any hands any more."
Cal: "That's... good."

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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Tara Lesage on Tue Sep 18, 2018 6:56 pm

We Are Gloin!

Friday Night

- Super nervous coming into game after being gone for so long and missing so much. I give Grayfeared some new armor and a new sword to apologize for nearly killing him.
- Suddenly monsters are attacking and I'm noping out of there so fast.
- I notice Travis coming towards me and think "oh I remember him playing a character last time, I wonder who he is again, better greet him"
"Hello?" "you are now entranced. Follow me" In my head I'm thinking "fuck I hope someone notices and saves me."
- Building a cocoon and being turned into a Gloin with Datura.
- Datura and I go out into the field and approach the Inn. Door opens from I think Auron and all we hear is "Nope!" before it slams shut.
- Datura makes Degren hate everyone in the tavern and Datura and I laugh our asses off as EVERYONE! piles out from a call out.
- I lose Datura, finding myself on my own as I run around in the dark getting knocked down continuously
- Having ALL OF MY LIMBS CUT OFF! Plus my wings and antenna. "The power of the hive mind heals you for 10 you fly really high and away" Over and over and over again.
- Making Zero believe Grayfeared and I think it was Pierre? Are Dollfaces.
- Making Niko think Zero's a spider.
- Flying up into a tree to watch everything unfold. "stay at the top of the tree to rest for the night."

Saturday Morning
- I am still a gloin
- chased around some more, once again, everything is cut off and I'm in a chrysalis.
- people start approaching me differently when they see how I get along with Mo'chi.
- Making friends with a lot of people and enjoying everyone's reactions when they first meet me, especially when they hide their faces to start.
- Getting called a cute and pretty gloin by a lot of people.
- Trading my alchemy ingredients to Malva and Kiket.
- Communicating through pantomime and different tones of "I am, we are, you are gloin!"
- Answering questions with yes, no and I don't know.
- Getting excited over finding the egg only to learn we lost it... again... god dammit Arden.
- I am poisoned and then healed by Morpha.
- Giving samples of my poisoned gloin blood to both Morpha and Torvalis!
- Trying to explain when Grayfeared insists on taking me to the Fairy Circle that I've already been to it.
- Being invited to help create a new Fairy Circle.  Giving up my antenna to help.
- "I call upon the Great Chieftan, come to this place!" "We are Gloin!"
Saturday Night
- Being told something needs to change and I am to help bring about it by nightfall, however I can't find Datura to discuss it.
- Trying to tell Lady Val and Grayfeared through drawings.
- Merfolk attack and I quickly fly up a tree. I stay there for what feels like hours telling everyone who passes where I am. I am so grateful I can fly.
- Led to the citadel to find it blocked by merfolk and fly up another tree.
- Watching Bikbun get knocked out and eaten by the merfolk.
- I turn back into a Kaern with some memories of being a gloin and longing for the hive. I am now a Kaern caught up a tree.
- The merfolk (Mel) starts shaking the tree I'm in causing me to meow really loud then throw up where Degrin finds me.
- Auron gives Pierre an air mana to throw at me to bring me down only to realize his mistake at the last second and I land in the puke below before the merfolk descend upon me to rip off my arm and leg.
- Auron brings me back to the Citadel where i have my leg regrown.
- Singing roll the old chariot along with everyone in the inn after the fight with lyrics changed to match with other characters.
- Campfire with the "dog" Frank who brings mallows of the marsh
- An armadillo/bug monster who can't get any mana off of anyone because no one has any to give.
Sunday Morning
- Spending time with Lady Val at the new fairy circle and discussing my memories and feelings on being a gloin
- Meeting Maxi
- Recording information on Maxi
- Making a promise with Rivera and Grayfeared to look out for Maxi
- Datura getting arrested
- Giving my last sassy remark to Grayfeared about us not being in a relationship right before game is called and walking away with a sway of my hips. (Forgot I had made the same remark, calling him "Sweetie" last night which was supposed to be OoG like his was).
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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Timmean on Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:43 am

A busy game, but lots of fun! My experience was a little more disjointed this time because I did several different cast roles, but it was interesting getting to see the game from so many different angles.

Friday night:
- Before game, I had heard about several of the things I’d be casting over the weekend. Then at game start, I’m in cast cabin: “So, what is it I’m going to be doing at the start of game?” “You’re going to be a Gloin.” “I… wah?” I was NOT expecting that one.
- We discuss our Gloin tactics, and what our priorities are. One Gloin had some personal goals I’m not going to specify
- I spawn down behind the tent city, planning to sneak around the edges of town until I find someone I can quietly pick off. As soon as I enter game, I see Tara climbing up the back stairs of the inn and approach. “Hello…? Is someone there…” …”My gaze entrances you.” OOG knowing that Laura is a fairly new character, and desperately hoping this doesn’t go terribly for her.
- Alternating between building a Gloin hut, renewing my subjugate effect, and keeping guard. By this time, the numerous shouts from the field made it clear our Gloin-y presence had been noticed
- A very nervous Vadim tried to get past us. Sorry to make your escape so difficult!
- Myself and Michael also chased back Degren and I think a few others. Seeing an opportunity for a little trickery, I hide in the bushes while Michael stands guard, ready to draw in any attackers so I can sneak in from behind. Then no one else approached all night >.>
- Finishing the shelter, and… Tara is a Gloin! And Datura is a Gloin!
- Making our way back to the field, then flying out of Holdfast as a group. On our way back to cast cabin, I hear Tony (who’s also playing a Gloin) making his way down to the gate, and it sounds like he has someone entranced. “Um… did anyone tell Tony we were done?” Brian runs off in Tony’s general direction.
- With no other immediate plans for me, I switch costumes and stumble in as a very tired Otto. He spent a lot of this weekend very tired.
- Also, while getting changed on my bunk (OOG of course), I see two characters walk through the bunkhouse and start snickering and muttering next to the bench where the alchemy stuff is usually stored. I believe that was the moment when a certain alchemy kit ceased to be in town  Neutral
- Once again in Otto’s ignorance (and it being dark outside), “What’s with the guy with the shiny antenna hat?”
- I roam around between the inn and the field; not a lot seems to be happening, except people are still freaking out over the Gloin in the field. “Kill it! It’s a Gloin!” “No, don’t kill them! They’re townsfolk!” “But they’re Gloin!” “But they’re townsfolk!”
- Also, a turtle is roaming around with a rather nasty bite
- Back in the inn, I see people trying to cut Tara out of a cocoon, only to have the knife start to rust away.
- I think it was Taka who somehow concluded we had to surgically extract the antennae from the new Gloin to return them to normal. I’m guessing that didn’t work, though I don’t know if it was actually attempted
- I decide there’s not a lot going on for Otto, so I get ready for bed. I’m out brushing my teeth next to the bathrooms when Rob walks by with the Dollface crutches. I have to stop going to bed before that beasty comes out  Sad

Saturday morning:
- Otto wakes up and gets breakfast; no sign of the giant cocoon today.
- Professor Pendergast requests company for a walk out to the earth circle. About half way there, we run across a flying turtle. We try to avoid or keep it at bay, but the thing was persistent. We did get to the circle, but turned back almost immediately
- A crew of people (Malva, Mochi, Torvallis, Lillium, and a few others that I don’t recall) decided to go out gathering. Hey! That’s Otto’s old job! And so I follow.
- Correction: Otto’s old job was being a guard while OTHER people did the gathering. I walked past at least 4 eggs because Otto didn’t have the necessary lifeskills to even notice them
- We pass by some of the Knights who are doing the same thing. A bit of discussion ensues about Jenny’s heart, and how we SHOULD be looking, but we’re not
- I climb up to finally see this arrow clue for myself. When I do, I notice that it’s hard to tell where exactly the arrow points, due to the thick forest. Lillium and I then spend a good chunk of time marking trees to try to figure out exactly where the arrow points. As far as we could tell, it ran just to the right of Fairchild grove, through a corner of the Knight’s camp, and into the woods next to the water circle
- On the way down, a falcon showed up. I think it perched on someone’s head
- Also on the way down, Tala and the other Arluru arrived. At first, Otto thought they were some kind of new monsters. Because let’s face it, he’s seen fish people, giant bugs, metal men, and a spikey red thing since he’s come to town, to name a few. Why should he expect something with a bone mask to be friendly? Fortunately, because of the woods, talking happened before fighting
- I head back to the inn to check on kitchen and stuff, then pass through the bunkhouse on the way to… the bathroom, maybe? I step out the back door to find two people unconscious on the ground, a crowd of people standing around, and Vadim standing over them. “What the heck did I just walk into?”
- Vadim proceeds to explain his history of life as a slaver, and how he decided to leave that terrible occupation to instead pursue the noble and upstanding work of a drug dealer. Otto proceeds to walk away, because he wants some plausible deniability if the mob ever shows up.
- I go and comb through the bit of woods next to the water circle, trying to find that illusive heart. I didn’t search the actual water’s edge, though  Sad  Close, but no dice. A few minutes later I pass Vadim as he flees town
- At some point in there, Otto helped with a small ritual to help the air circle. He was a bit confused with everyone bleeding on the circles when he was previously told the air circle needs a lung amputation.
- Krond shows up in town, and Otto notices from the inn. I ask who the guy with the giant sword is, and someone comments “That’s the cookie man.” I referred to him thusly at least three times during the game.
- A very wet Misty is also seen walking into town. Somewhere around here Otto goes for a nap so I can cast other stuff.
- Starting to get nervous because no sigh of Erika yet and she’s kind of important for a thing
- Myself, Mel, Hillary, and Rob start prepping for the Merfolk ritual. Getting a fin/tail on in water like that is not easy; we ended up finding a sunken slab of wood to sit on. Front-crawl/walking out into deeper water was also rather unpleasant, with all the grass and mud
- We finally swim into town, with Misty noticing and freaking out over our arrival. The town gathers, and a grand discussion is had. It was great! And right away, my foot & leg started cramping viciously. That was less great
- Mercurius meets Krond, the hero who stopped the golem wrecking his crops. Mercurius doesn’t talk much, but he was grateful
- We start swimming down to the fire circle, with Krond, Bikbun, Enimirah (sp?), and Keket in the water, and nearly everyone else in town following on land. The water/mud/grass is still unpleasant.
- “Uhh, this is awful, it’s like spaghetti!” “No, it’s just like long grass.” “I’ve never swam through grass.” “But you’ve swam through spaghetti???”
- Stay in line, stay in line…! We are not in line. Oh, yes, follow the axe! Not the most organized of movements, but we did the best we could
- After the merfolk ritual is finished, there’s finally a solid lead on the heart! It is found!!! Nathan and I are tending to an OOG injury, so all I get to see is Ardin running off with it  Mad
- I set out my wet gear to dry, and am getting changed, and… Erika is here! Quick, get Dave/Jenn/Christian! We suit up for our bard band, and tell Jenn we’ll meet in cast cabin. We then proceed to wait at the end of town, wondering where Jenn is, while she patiently waits in cast cabin as directed. Because we’re super organized like that
- We finally get in place and have our march into town, around the inn and all that, playing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” A few other bards join in! ‘Twas fun!
- We have our beautiful little speech congratulating Asher & Auron on their birthday anniversary, then perform “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.” Asher and Auron dance; so pretty. And Auron surprises all of us with a little gift! Asher also surprises with her own statement  Razz  (You called it, Gilmore!)
- We then ask to see the best fighting force in Holdfast… but they’re all off chasing Ardin. Oh well, we start in on “Make a Man out of You,” get two verses in, and… Ardin is spotted in the woods! Everyone runs off
- After an awkward pause, we start over, this time walking to the edge of town while we perform. Zanzibar and Jasmine are about to walk out of town, when I realize we’re at the wrong exit. Sheepishly walks through town to leave through the fire circle gate
- Otto wakes up and hangs around for a bit, when people start gathering for a Faerie ring ritual. Otto goes to help out, ‘cause it seems like the thing to do, but forgets his shield and club, taking along some food because he heard it would be a feast
- There was a little music or something, so I joined in, but consciously tried to sing a little off-key because I don't think Otto is very musical. That is HARD
- Helen’s character: “Okay, we’re just about ready. Do we have all the Fey in Holdfast?” Pauses. “Do we have ALL the FEY in Holdfast?” Another pause. I suddenly remember that we have Gloin now and rush off to get Tara
- During the ritual, “Aurori’ana, we invite you to this place”; “Matka, we invite you to this place”; “Kytrae’lianan, we invite you to this place”; (where are the fauns?); “Great chieftain, come to this place!”; “WE ARE GLOIN!
- A spider is seen in the nearby trees. “Ya wanna buy some drugs?” Several other lines are also uttered. We kill the spider and find vials of Vadim’s wares in the stomach. I have other casting to do, so Otto heads out of town to see if Vadim is dead in a spider web somewhere
- Sylin and Krembler (sp?)! That mod was so much fun! Being an annoyed but nerdy elf was a blast; Sylin was so disappointed to get to town and hear that most of the top alchemists were away or asleep, and very happy when Malva showed up. I hope all you alchemists enjoyed that interaction!
- Realizing mid-way through the discussion panel that Sylin’s theory finally gives an answer to why you can throw a hundred extra ingredients into a potion and still get a functional result. Also, alchemy dimension, bitches
- Books! Plenty of books to fill. I only wish Timmean were still in town; I have SO MUCH to write and no character in town with enough background  Crying or Very sad
- Sylin getting nervous as the group leaves and it’s almost dark. I pause for a moment to comment on how he hasn’t seen any dangers while in town, but all the stories of the Holdfast monsters are terrible. I ask if this is an exaggeration. I get an answer, and we proceed out of town. As fast as possible
- Sitting in cast cabin, everyone is trying to gear up for the evening events, but we keep getting interrupted by questions about alchemy effects
- I AM A SLUG. I spend the night slowly walking around the town, with everyone hastily getting away from me. No one close enough to hit. Then I remember that I’m supposed to be a “cleaner,” so I start picking up all the loose arrows I see
- I pass Tara and am told that she’s up in a tree. I think for a moment, “I’m a slug… I could climb that… but that’s not what I was directed to do. But… I could climb that…” Decides my directions come first, so I walk on
- I approach Zero, who has her sword out pointed at me, so I reach out and “Contact gel: glue.” I get taken down by an arrow almost immediately, but at least I was an inconvenience Razz
- Later, I managed to sneak up on Mar (I think he was on the inn porch and I approached from behind?), hitting him with a glue and slow poison. I realize almost everyone else is hiding, and if I slink off to the right quiet location, Mar is completely doomed… I decide to be a little more merciful, and slug my way toward the Knight’s camp.
- Mar’s shouts get Degren’s attention, and my slug is killed and the poison cured. But there’s still the issue of the glue… “Where are you stuck to it?” “My entire right side.” “I can’t regrow your entire right side!”
- Heading back to cast cabin, I’ve taken four slug deaths by now and most of the other Jenny minions are heading out. It’s still early, so I get the option to run a puppet, but I’m not keen on that. So Rob offers me something else…
- Lots of raucous singing in the inn while I get into costume
- I appear from the woods by the Faerie circle in a bizzare monster costume; most people are either in bed or at the fire circle, so I head down there. When I arrive, there are WAY too many people to attack, so I lie down on the fire circle and take a nap.
- Later I get up and wander around, trying to drain mana but no one has any -_- Or they magically hide first
- After a while, manage to drain a mana from three different people, but Degren retaliates with a petrify. I wait… and think… “This creature has a blast attack… and now it’s upset…”
- As soon as petrify wears off, my creature freaks out and a moment later releases its explosion. I look up to see half the people still present keel over
- Those who are still up start to attack, and I take a lot of damage pretty quickly. I fight briefly with Rose on my way out, but otherwise rush off, and no one chases after me. Okay, that’s enough for one night!

Sunday morning:
- A very tired Otto wanders back into town, having found no sign of Vadim
- Out hunting for the heart, this time in the new location. Ardin is one of the searchers; “No offence, but you realize I can’t trust a single direction you give me, right?”
- The heart is nowhere to be found, but a few people are acting weird. Suspicion abounds
- “At this rate, there’s no way to know who might have the heart unless we interrogate the entire town.” “Well, then that’s your plan, right? Interrogate the entire town!”
- Otto talks to a few people about his own problems and trying to figure out how to resolve them. Got some rather extensive town history along the way, and some very good advice from Pierre. Though my favourite suggestion comes from Father Francis: “Well, it’s not the best solution, but if you just let this guy kill you, you can come back to life later and he won’t be after you anymore.” No doubt a very effective solution, but Otto was not exactly keen on it.
- Referred to Krond as “Cookie Man” as he was leaving the citadel; when questioned about it, I briefly recounted how someone had called him that the previous day. The response? “They will die.”
- More happened in the morning, but I’m blanking on what. I remember saying I was going to bed a half dozen times but getting constantly distracted by stuff
- Christian and Brian are busy for a little longer than planned, so we have minimal time to prepare for the next mod. We didn’t bring any paperwork. We should’ve brought paperwork
- Marching into town as a bunch of Imperials, we pass the Knight’s camp with Datura just sitting at the campfire. “Is that him?” “I dunno, looks like him…” We keep marching, then Datura suddenly bolts for the citadel. “THAT’S suspicious!” We give chase!
- Mentally: “He’s in the citadel, we’re not gonna make it… We’re not gonna make it… They’ve got a huge lead, they’ll close the door, there’s NO WAY we’re gonna make it… Well okay then, I guess we made it.” Thank you for leaving that door wide open  Laughing
- Standing guard outside the citadel, trying to talk down an angry mob while hearing the dispute going on inside.
- Knockout just smooths things over so nicely. Between Auron and Torvallis, I think that was one of the most civil uses of Knockout I’ve ever seen
- Everyone wants to see paperwork. Remember how I mentioned that we should’ve brought paperwork? Yeah, we should’ve brought paperwork (but hey, we were in an OOG rush!)
- Trying to find ways to appease the town and convince them we’re not bandits or bounty hunters. I suggest they send a crew to follow behind and watch the trial unfold
- Heading off to Empire’s Stand with our prisoner and his compatriots, and another group following behind. I can’t believe we made it out alive!
- Seeing ghost Hugo and Winnie sparring as I head back to the inn to start cleaning up

Fantastic game! I knew I had a lot of separate little plot lines to help with this weekend, and everything I was trying to do worked out (more or less)! Can't wait for October Very Happy

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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Malva on Sat Sep 22, 2018 7:40 pm

September 2018: Consequence Free 980x
Also Travis I found your slug (Spanish Dancer Nudibranch)

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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Mo'chi on Sun Sep 23, 2018 8:13 pm

- First time experiencing Gloin! Mo'chi hid under a table MULTIPLE times!
- Was in the Inn when Tara was brought in, got frozen, then she became a Gloin... at some point.
- The dollface sure was a thing that existed. I saw it once then NOPED the fuck out. Saw it when it was dead, tho. FUCK THAT COSTUME.
- Zero couldn't see Niko, he couldn't see her, and unconscious Grayfeared was a dollface to Zero and a spider to Himmel. Mo'chi was Very Very Frustrated.
- Went to bed shortly after that.

Saturday Morning:
- Went gathering with a bunch of people. If I remember right, we were all alchemists.
- Saw Tala entering town and got Spooked. Found Degren + others out gathering and managed to communicate that something "big and grey" was coming into town. In my defence, i'm not good at seeing things.
- Tala getting on Mo'chi's back about why he doesn't speak. Mo'chi hates it when people do that, Jesse loves it bc it's more of a reason to act scared IG.

Saturday Afternoon/Evening:
- Babuskha tellin Bikbun that he is her child now. Very Good.
- FINDING THE HEART! ... before Ardin ran off with it and hid it in the woods.
- The scholars visit! That was fun, though Jesse had to dip out bc they were oog falling asleep. Those books were v nice.
- Looking for the heart, then hiding in the woods with Rose, Sebastian, and Lady Val. Impromptu lessons on Ritual Magic and Literacy. Lady Val sang the ABC song. Mo'chi hummed it. Good times hiding in the woods while everyone else was dying.
- Went to the campfire after hiding. Mel humping my leg as dog popcorn was funny and also I almost peed my pants. Thanks Mel.

- Slept in till 10. Set my alarm for 8 but heard it was raining and I really don't like getting my ears and clothes wet. Also both me and Ryan were... Exhausted.
- Was floating around OOG for most of sunday because Jesse was... very tired of people. Did go IG for like 30 mins tho!
- Didn't do much, just learned about Datura being wanted and that whole... situation.
- Also Greyfeared and Tara broke up. That walk away was.. fantastic. Badass.

... that's all I can remember tbh. The weekend was a blur because I was.. very tired. Don't do 6 overnights then dnd then epoch, just don't do that.

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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Timmean on Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:38 pm

Mo'chi wrote:- The dollface sure was a thing that existed. I saw it once then NOPED the fuck out. Saw it when it was dead, tho. FUCK THAT COSTUME

It warms my heart every time I hear about the terror instilled by dollface. I am so glad that thing was built Twisted Evil

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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Mo'chi on Mon Sep 24, 2018 8:31 pm

Timmean wrote:
Mo'chi wrote:- The dollface sure was a thing that existed. I saw it once then NOPED the fuck out. Saw it when it was dead, tho. FUCK THAT COSTUME

It warms my heart every time I hear about the terror instilled by dollface. I am so glad that thing was built Twisted Evil

I DIDN'T EVEN SEE IT MOVE MAN. I only saw it dead! and I still NOPED

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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

Post by Timmean on Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:54 pm

Mo'chi wrote:I DIDN'T EVEN SEE IT MOVE MAN. I only saw it dead! and I still NOPED

That's even better Wink For a costume/creature that was supposed to creep out people, it has done a bang up job

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September 2018: Consequence Free Empty Re: September 2018: Consequence Free

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