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September 2019: A Light in the Dark

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September 2019: A Light in the Dark Empty September 2019: A Light in the Dark

Post by Kuromori, Taka on Sun Sep 22, 2019 7:51 pm

Post your event memories here! Don't be afraid to just write a couple snippets, recounting the entire weekend is only optional Razz
Kuromori, Taka
Kuromori, Taka

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September 2019: A Light in the Dark Empty Re: September 2019: A Light in the Dark

Post by Kuromori, Taka on Mon Sep 23, 2019 6:04 pm

Friday (Taka):
-Pirates show up, trying to get people to drink, decided to be a guinea pig cause I can just focus mind. Tried to get information out of them.
-"Woooww I heard you guys know Verbena! Do you know where she's been? We haven't seen her in like a mooonth!"
-Get told that she's joined the Shadow Queen and asked to come inside and have some grog
-Walk into the inn, start loudly announcing "yeah that would make a lot of sense if she joined the Shadow Queen considering the Shadow Queen was taking people last month." Turn around and Verbena's actually there.
-Get offered grog, take a sip, focus mind
-Then I left and told everyone what just happened
-At some point I got offered grog again and just rolled with it instead of spending states
-Verbena gets reverse-kidnapped
-Continue chatting with pirates trying to get info, they start heading towards the citadel. I start thinking shit shit gotta let them know "HEY EVERYONE IN THE CITADEL BETTER GET READY TO PARTY!!!"
-Pirates gather around the citadel, I keep asking questions like "hey man, what's the occasion?" and "nah man, you gotta tell me more I gotta know man"
-Not entirely filled in on the plan, but being a good distraction. Helene's pirate starts asking me where the Hanged Man is. I accidentally was confused (I mixed it up with the Watering Hole), turns out that was a good thing because Helene's pirate continues with "I'm told Verbena is talking to Sylvie in the Hanged Man and I think I'm being lied to." I just keep acting confused. She goes to check the Hanged Man and Sylvie starts returning back into town. I go back and start knocking on the citadel door like "Heyyy man someone come talk to me." door guy is like naw, they're busy. I keep knocking like "hey come talk to me, cometalktomecometalktomecometalktomecometalktome". Degren finally replies and I discretely tell him that our cover is about to be blown.
-Helene's pirate come's back and they let her into the citadel. Verbena is nowhere to be seen. Pirate leaves and I stay. Verbena gets hauled out from under the cot.
-I stay and Degren asks me why I'm talking funny. "I'm drunk, Degren." "Okay, but can you stop?" Focus Mind "Fine."
-Pirates are somewhere and we wake Verbena up to start talking to her. She starts screaming. *knockout*
-We engage in a conversation with many knockouts and much trying to win Verbena over. Eventually Krond lets her go when I think the pirates had already left.

Saturday (Malva):
-Playing around with my new mortar and pestle
-Godo shows up
-Discretely handing everyone poultices
-Gave her a stasis to keep playing dead until Godo left town
-Trio of thieves come into town
-Pepper's kaern starts asking me about our town's "problem". I start telling him about Godo, but realize he's sketchy AF so I just tell him to read what's up about him in the inn.
-I head out of the woods at some point and see Mitchell's faun there with a falcon pecking at Ceridwyn's face. I step back behind a tree and watch cause this seems sketch. He tells the falcon to go towards the knight's camp or something and then another player comes out and he starts telling them all about how there's another falcon other than his. Hmph. Believable.
-At some point I head back towards the inn thinking like "if I don't change into Taka soon I'll be changing in the dark..." Mitchell's faun and 2 falcon's are there again. One starts heading towards me. I hold the blade up defensively and start backing towards the door, glancing at the faun like "you gonna do something about this?", he doesn't notice or care. Falcon crit shots me in the leg and I have to go get healed and wait around in the inn for however long when I just wanted to go change and have a break.
-Pepper's kaern sits next to me and starts robbing me in front of Torvallis! who just wasn't paying attention. I wanted to scream omfg. Glad he didn't get anything important.

Saturday (Taka):
-Fighting pirates
-Dimitri got bloodlusted with no weapon and he just started aggressively holding a shield at people. At some point he found a piece of fabric or something to use as a foam fist and hit me for one mauling. That's when I figured I ought to do something about this. I needed him to turn around so I could knock him out. I tried to think, Torvallis! is there, how do I discretely ask them to distract Dimitri? I don't know what my plan was, but I just called out "Torvallis!" and Dimitri turned towards them. NOT THE PLAN BUT I'LL TAKE IT *knockout*
-Dimitri looked so relieved omg, it was a half hour effect
-Lexicus died and his ghost was in the inn. People were frustrated by the stinted conversation. Tyler cracked an OOG joke about Luigi boards. Zero was like omg, can we actually? Having it occur to us that ghosts can't normally move things like a planchette, we scurry over to cast cabin, giggling: "Sharon can we make a Luigi board?" This turns out to be complicated enough that cast begrudgingly invited us in.
-We start explaining. "Are you drunk?" Rob asks
-Sharon, literally about to go to bed, starts questioning our harebrained scheme. "What are you going to use?" "Some paper" "Just some paper?" "And a ~planchette~" "So you're going to get some paper and a ~planchette~ and then what?"
-Eventually it occurs to me that I can still see Lexicus and that he can just point at the letters. Alas, a cast-free solution. Zero and Taka leave cast cabin with our new genius plan.
-I start explaining the plan to Lexicus: "Okay so you're just gonna point to whatever you like and I'll move the planchette there."
-Zero rips a piece of paper out of a notebook and Niko writes out the alphabet, "yes", "no", "goodbye", and "fuck off" We grab a checker piece for the planchette. Hilarity ensues.
-"What if she's just lying to us? Lexicus, are you okay with this?" *Taka moves planchette to 'yes'* "Wait a minute, that doesn't prove anything!"
-"How are you?" "Dad"
-Rudi: "Well we all know, ghosts can't lie." *general doubt at the table* *Taka looks at Lexicus*: "yes that's right, ghosts can't lie (OOG: you know that ghosts can, in fact, lie.)"
-"Pointing at someone means that they're right"
-Lexicus: "Please put my body in my tent" Everyone: *Doesn't do that*

Sunday (Malva):
-Head up gathering, run into Kez and Rin. Kez says he's showing Rin to a flora, I decide to tag along. Kez takes us up beyond the highest reaches of the woods, back down, around, over to Theo, back up and to the right a bit "Ah, yes I think it's over here." I find a geology egg mod with some real sweet loot but I get blinded by soot and they escort me back down.
-Playing "Insanity Eights" with Theo and all of the ensuing jokes that were really just repeating Theo in a funny attempt at his accent.
-"It is spades, deal with it"

What a long one! GG everyone!
Kuromori, Taka
Kuromori, Taka

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September 2019: A Light in the Dark Empty Re: September 2019: A Light in the Dark

Post by Sylvie on Tue Sep 24, 2019 12:46 pm

No particular order, but...

It was nice to be back after missing a month! I hadn't seen some of you in a while, and trust me, you were all missed <3

Coming in as Sylvie, and finally getting to thank Jaya and Talia for their efforts with the ritual.

I am severely bad at emotional roleplay, and I was not looking forward to traumatized Sylvie. Thank you to everyone who took a moment to rp with me, it wasn't easy! I wanted to crack a smile and hug you all SO BADLY. And for everyone who gave me props on the rp, THANK YOU IT MEANS SO MUCH.

On that note, being back to running the Hanged Man after 2 months of waiting was so satisfying. That business brings me so much joy. Thank you to everyone who indulges me. Sylvie slowly began to come back to herself so organically with every cup served. I didn't expect that!

Saturday night was SO GOOD. I enjoyed being sneaky in the dark SO much. And those pirates...well played!

When the Shadow Queen was all "BATTLE EACH OTHER" and Auron and I were all "NO EFFECT!" so we put everyone with the blood lust into their bleed and stabilized them so they couldn't hurt each other. Anything that causes us to battle royale is FINE BY ME

When Godo came into town. First of all, I ran to the Citadel to hide, and Mirisi is all, "no don't do that" but I didn't listen. Just as I get there and knock on the door, I look up and to my right and Godo is standing RIGHT THERE. Inches away. I scream and gun it into the bunkhouse. Like, I'm dumb y'all.

Degren walking into the bunkhouse and saving Sylvie! Had a plan ready to go and with the help of a few friends, got me the heck outta town. Such leader, much wow, so bae!

Training Lexicus (who I keep calling Leviticus I'm SO sorry) and giving him the grossest lesson ever. I had something caught in my throat and I just kept coughing and sniffling and I was a teary eyed mess. Also I don't know how my own spells work. I'm dumb y'all.

*sitting in the citadel, drinking Aurons bepis because I'm dying and its all I can find*
*look up*
*Gold faced who-knows-what is just barreling towards me*
*just lay down and die, because I have no way to defend myself against this*

Jack ass. Oh Jack ass.

"Grapple 11."
"...Grapple 1?!"

Thats all I can think of for now. This was such a fantastic weekend and I can't wait to see what happens in our season finale!

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September 2019: A Light in the Dark Empty Re: September 2019: A Light in the Dark

Post by Mo'chi on Thu Sep 26, 2019 8:08 pm

I needed this weekend. Thanks ya'll.
Fri (Rudi)
- Pretending to be drunk because Rudi is pretending to be drunk. At some point she declined booze because she said it hurt her stomach.
- Verbena... all my yes.
- Sylvie comes back!! (I THINK that was fri, could be wrong.)
- Didn't sleep well at all, talking OOG with Tyler at like 5 AM was nice. A good chat.

Sat Morning/Afternoon (Mo'chi)
- Did some gathers, but not as much as I would've liked.
- Boy was Mo'chi a drain to play. I don't know how obvious it was, but he was super depressed all weekend. Would've eaten less too, but Jesse needs to eat even if Mo'chi is too depressed to eat much.
- Sleeping IC in the Inn (I had to warm my feets, was a good chance to do some sleepy RP. Mo'chi is fun when he's asleep.) (I was half-asleep myself tho, only got like an hour of sleep Fri night.)
- Preparing for the ritual, then Stephen had to leave.
- I brewed some things then took a nap. It was a good hecking nap.
- Other Kaern: enter town, Mo'chi: does this.
- God, that ritual was good. Long and my toes were super cold, but good. Emotions were had.
- Warming my toes by the fire then changing into Rudi before it got too dark.

Sat Evening (Rudi)
- Pirates! And dying!
- Hardy Con 1 means i'm more brazen, which is nice.
- Yelling out secrets in the field. I had a spicy one, but Althea's "I don't like the food in the inn sometimes!" threw me off my game. All hers were great. The only one I managed to let out as Rudi is i'd let "that void mage die". Void Bad.
- Being stuck in the Inn was Terrible, but I eventually got out of that heat and being stuck in one place.
- Datura bleeding out, in the shadow realm. Fuckin whoops.
- (Marr opens the door holding an unconscious Verbena) (Marr sees a pirate) (Marr turns a full 180 and closes the door, still holding Verbena)
- The Shadowqueen breaking through the barrier.
- Fuck guys, the ouija board. Guys I can't. I was only there for a little bit but FUCK ya'll. "Everyone knows ghosts can't lie." "Pointing at someone means they're right." Easily in my top 10 game moments overall, even if I was only there for a bit. LARPing is about laughing and (sometimes) crying w friends.

Sun (Mo'chi)
- I slept in suuuuper late but decided "Fuck it, I play a mute. That's low-people energy." i'm glad I decided to play.
- Got dressed shortly after Pendergast collapsed and HOO BOY. That was some Grade A cathartic in character sobbing. Sad that no one actually heard what I told his corpse besides an OOG Keket.
- SPEAKING OF KEKET! SHE CAME BACK!! Hearing "Keket is back!" then fucking BOOKING it across the field, tackling her, and crying into her shoulder for a good solid few minutes.
- Pulled her away too, for some Grade A RP.
- Chillin by the water with Dmitri, a Coffee, Ceridwyn and Keket. Singing Pendergast's song (or humming, in my case).
- Verbena selling her coat.... I love Verbena.
- Depressed cat is still depressed, but less depressed. Learned to talk to friends instead of wallowing. (also Keket is more likely to pull him outta it than Niko or Pendergast.)

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September 2019: A Light in the Dark Empty Re: September 2019: A Light in the Dark

Post by Winnie on Fri Sep 27, 2019 6:36 am

-Sage’s feel good pirate with the hat that makes people like twice as handsome as they were while not wearing the hat.
-Verbena back...kinda. We shoved her under the cot. Sneaky sneaky.
-Dmitri talks too much so Verbena wants a different guard.
-Found a vale thingy on the group after the Re guy left.
-We decided that Friday was Misty’s birthday…then realizing that it was 1a.m. on Saturday at that time we changed her birthday to Saturday because it would have been cruel to be all “Lol fuck you your birthday was yesterday”
--“Go away...we’re having sex” *people start making the WORST fake sex noises* It actually works
-Robyn: “I don’t understand this magic and science you speak of.” Me: “Literally a psychologist.”

-Um…eggs for breakfast are always nice. Don’t remember up until doggo
-CUPPA! Love Sylvie cuppa. She made BANK Saturday with the hotchoco and the coffee/wake-up ale. And I just love having Sylvie back. <3<3 But next time stay and take my money instead of go with the bad people
-Sage Doggo hype squad
-Having to take my first greater healing potion during the attempt at unbinding the point. Ripping the tag was too slow so I just ate the paper.
-Kinda bummed about missing a day yeti fight but also not. Brought Rob back a large coffee then realized that I caffeinated Him before a Saturday night lol
-Winnie and Talia wrapping up some clothes and a pirate hat for Misty’s birthday present. What every kid wants for their birthday…clothes.
-When Jaya came up to hug Auron and I hear about the stealth untaint after like a million poisons.
-Unfortunately there were losses. Lexicus (Again) and Talia…oh sweet Talia…we thought you went to bed. Also…damn Lexicus…what a way to go.
-“Go away...we’re having sex” *people start making the WORST fake sex noises* It doesn’t work and Travis’s pirate wants to join in

-The legend of Jack Ass. Totally just a nice dude.

-“Kill the monkey before Winnie sees it. She’ll get attached.”
-Degren locked the citadel doors so the monkey couldn’t get in and shit everywhere. I know that there is a yeti-smooshed banana in the trash and I lie about needing my armor to get into the citadel. Degren sees through this ruse and I don’t get the monkey a banana.
-I did get attached. Fed her so many sunflower seeds and petted her. I really love that monkey puppet.
-Auron leaves the door open and the monkey gets in the citadel and tries to steal one of Talia’s boxes. I give it seeds in exchange for the box and everything is fine.
-The monkey was a pirate monkey
-Scary Sybelessa (sp?) scared the monkey away

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September 2019: A Light in the Dark Empty Re: September 2019: A Light in the Dark

Post by Marr on Fri Sep 27, 2019 10:30 pm

Alright~ these are all a mess but it was relaxing weekend and slowly developing

Ah crap it's pirates.... but they are not fighting and want to party... I'm not use to this..
Oh look we now have Pirate Verbena.
I'm sure there must be some brain injury the amount of times she was knocked out...
Also sure Verbena is bit of enjoyable b***h in my books, but I was just struck dumb at the amount of people actually thinking there was nothing wrong with her and how she was acting.

Saturday: bits of , i'll add more detail later
(Oog) Woke up with a pond under my tent and i'm still dry, guess i'm moving this later.

Tending to my garden, it's peaceful but I rather do something else.

Dragging falcon pecked Ceridwyn Short Stubs from inn to fairy circle so she can get medic in her horrible state and laughing at her
And beat sticking Robs falcon on the way, it had to happen I was not in a happy mood dragging that thing over

Rin and Verbena High on blood of the poppy

Doggo squad rolling in, Damn Rob you can play angry guy gj, overall marr didn't care
and no one died despite them trying, Krond you did well and I know you hate him, but why do you always 1 v 1?

Moochi Down someone needs to cheer him up, yeah Marr is terrible at that even more so since i'm curious about something else.

Pirates and kidnapping Verbena. in 2 parts.
first part went something like this
[On deck] Talking with guild alright we're heading back to camp to get ready
[Me sitting down being lazy] "i'm going to stay here so I can alert everyone in the inn"
[them] "you sure? alright then" *they head off half way through field*
[me] *hear a noise on the deck turns my head to see* ......
[Rob in OCTO suit] "grapple 8"
[me] "grapple 1"
[Rob in OCTO suit] *I break your neck*
[me] O_o;

Congrates Verbena I knowledge you, caused a shit show in the time you were awake.
and I got to drag you out of town and had some RP, and DAMN you picked your words well and appealed to Marr not many people do... I thought Oog this is going a lot different then I expected nice. you got my player award for that.

After mess of watching people communicating with Lexicus glad they had fun but then they leave me with the body why do people do that?
well I took his corpse to the tent even though I know know one would know

Late night chat with tired Prof. Micheal you found out things about Marr
Now I wonder how others will see it since news travels like wildfire in holdfast

It Happen, mostly a blurr
Sylvie and Hot Choco ... I think this will be a routine now...
Minor farming and update books

And Friend Theo...
he was laying on picnic table
[me] "ah crap, medic 2"
[him] oog "bleeding out"
[me] "damn"
[him] oog "na haha i'm just resting"
[me not amused] *5 metal*
[him] "WELL NOW I AM"
stabilize and leave tell Rudie to tell him sorry from me

Ah yes the Fauns, each get their own spill from me since while I sadly didn't interact with all of them as much as want I find the interactions I did have enjoyable / fun and were memorable Also Marr naming
Ceridwyn short Stubs - TY, I enjoy banter with you and I can finally put the verbal intolerance to use and I enjoy someone actually disliking me back, It's a interaction each game I look forward to now that it's evolving more. also player award

Rin 12 point buck corrected to 10 points - Woot your back, but damn I hardly interacted with you but moment you try being nice and give me something stubbed me on OOG level since your a nice person and IG I don't Rin enough to insult even though you said sure... that being said I wish I could of insulted you more seem like it would of been interesting interaction, maybe next game.

Jaya Black horns - didn't die, shame but I understand people like you

Kess I'll figure out something here - your new and still did great job playing overjoyed character I now hate GJ and BLOODY HELL next time I get dragged from one end of holdfast to the other for someone sleeping, dagren is going to have new leather for loin cloth, hope to see you in Oct.

Malva Faun, just faun however I need to update this now that is more - I still have no interactions with you really... hmm....


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September 2019: A Light in the Dark Empty Re: September 2019: A Light in the Dark

Post by Sylvie on Sat Sep 28, 2019 5:09 pm

oh my gosh I just remembered when we all had to shout out our deepest darkest secrets. 10/10 moment would do again.

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September 2019: A Light in the Dark Empty Re: September 2019: A Light in the Dark

Post by Timmean on Tue Oct 15, 2019 5:24 pm

Sorry this took so long! Wrote these up ages ago, and then didn't get them posted Neutral

Friday Night:
-Pirate party! I was asked to lead the song on the way in, and I didn’t remember it, so I just… made something up. It wasn’t good
-Milling around and talking to people, trying to find the party. I hung up our pirate banner at one point, it was gone when I came back
-Trying to find Verbena. In particular, knocking on the door of the citadel and asking if she was inside. The discussion that followed was… different
-Speaking of: leatherworking? “Sort of.”
-Someone (Degren, I think?) gave me a mini accordion. Knowing some music OOG and having to act like a complete idiot IG was PAINFUL (note: I can’t actually plan an accordion)

Saturday Morning:
-While OOG and doing kitchen work, seeing the phys-rep for Pendergast at the table, “slightly” passed out
-Wolf spider was creeping around in the woods. I made lots of webs, but no one was careless enough to walk into them.
-Tried some hit-and-run tactics against people crossing the field alone, but couldn’t drag anyone into the forest before reinforcements arrived
-When the guild eventually decided to pursue my spider into the woods, they were quite relentless but still careful enough to avoid getting stuck. I didn’t go too high into the woods because things were so wet, and thus got chased out of the woods and directly towards the inn. Where there were lots of people to kill me
-The promised moment has come; Godo returns with Khoros and several other minions. Every so often I’d do a quick buff, just in case anyone decided to start a fight
-Thankfully, no one did. There were plenty of tense moments and lots of hostility, but nothing boiled over into open conflict. Bravo on that
-When the ritual finally got started on the mana points, and Khoros tried dragging Ardin. That didn’t go well for anyone, but it’s still probably the best that could be done
-Verbena, and her sudden lack of a tongue
-Jaya surviving Godo’s poison. Very surprised y’all pulled that off; congratulations!
-Godo and Krond wrestling match. (Also, not exactly a game memory, but the miraculous pot hole of healing)
-“We are not intimidated, nor are we impressed.” My mantra at that moment: I am not KBA, I am not KBA, I am not KBA…
-It’s been a while, but I finally got to bring Yssilan back to town. He was looking somewhat worse for wear than you’ve ever seen him, though no one asked about the scars
-Got some useful conversations in with the guild, Niko, and Ardin. My thanks to everyone who offered assistance, and I sincerely hope the message reaches Bikbun before next game
-Talking a little about Yssildan’s enchanting was also fun. “Two radiants is a pittance in my line of work.”
-Seeing the white hellions in the distance, and watching one enter the citadel. Kept my distance and made my exit after that.

Saturday Evening:
-We had a little time before the next big planned mod, so we introduced Caruso, the totally innocent Kaern traveler. Also Kat and Fox, who were thieves (and yes, there was definitely a naming theme).
-Caruso wandered around a lot and talked to several people. It didn’t really amount to much, except that he saw the first bit of the ritual in front of the Faerie ring
-Watching from the sidelines, Caruso witnesses Pendergast impale himself and hold it for several seconds before pulling the blade out. And a bunch of people are just standing around watching. “Is he okay?!?” “Oh yeah, don’t worry, this is completely normal.”
-Subsequently telling Kat and Fox that apparently the people around here stab themselves routinely
-Also, politely asking people in the inn if I could stab them. Normally that seems like it’d be a bit rude, but hey, if it’s just common practice in this town, why not try something new?
-Various people getting upset about Falco. I noted that he’s kind of a jerk, but Fox keeps him well under control
-Friend Theo talking about how he is “paid by the woods”
-Being told it was time to leave, and then having Fox and Kat take an extremely weird route through the forest.
-Casually walking out of town when I hear “Hey, they’re leaving!” And suddenly a crowd of people are chasing me with weapons drawn
-In the subsequent closed mod, hastily scrambling up the hill behind Fairchild grove as fast as possible (twice), with the armed crowd following directly behind me. It was getting dark by that point, so it was quite a frantic run. Took 28 damage. Had 25 health and 5 armour points!
-After a bit of recovery it was pirate time. We showed up on the beach (with the correct song this time) and began our attack. Managed to cause a bit of chaos with a long sword and a few void spells; a good start to the night
-Being in the field when the compulsion to spill secrets came out. I could see a bunch of other people in the field, but no one said anything, so (with no character development at all on this particular pirate) I just shouted “I’m a pirate!” Sage was there and added “So am I!”
-More silence. “Oh come on, you guys are LAME!” Someone shouted “Sometimes I don’t like the food in the inn!” and I think there was “I’m afraid of spiders!” Oh, come on, give us something better than that! And then Pierre, “I’m a werewolf by blood!” Me and Sage: “OH! That was a good one!”
-Spawning as a rather “special” pirate with both a hood AND a hat (which was more of a fedora than a tricorn). Also, a big hammer. In later banter with Degren, another pirate, and a few other fighters, I decided this special pirate was named Ib.
-While floating around as a shadow, Ib notices Theo walking across the field and singing the pirate song. You know you’ve gotta trust someone who knows your song! So I walk up next to him, drop the shadow form, and just start chatting as we cross the field.
-“So hey, what’s that big rock building over there?” “Oh, that is the citadel!” “Really! How do you get in there?” “Oh, usually I just knock and tell them ‘I am Theo’!” “Oh, that’s great, thanks!” “Yes! What about you? What are you doing here?” “Well, the Shadow Queen has told us to come here and kill all of you. And you’ve been very helpful, but I’ve kinda gotta go through with that.” 8 mauling, 8 mauling, 8 mauling! Fortunately we had reached the deck by that time, so I’m pretty sure Theo was fine.
-With my newly acquired top-secret foolproof info on exactly how to infiltrate the citadel, I wait by the water circle to pass on the information to other pirates coming ashore. I told two pirates, one played by Sage and the other by Pepper. Playing a pirate with a harsh voice impersonating Theo’s accent was… weird
-A minute or two later, still at the water and overhearing Sage’s pirate “Jack” trying to use the “password” at the citadel door. I didn’t hear it clearly, but it was still funny
-Popping in and out of shadow and bantering with the various fighters; Datura in particular. “I know you’re a villain, but I never took you for a coward!” (re-appears from shadow roughly ten feet away) “I’m a PIRATE! Of course I fight dirty!”
-Standing outside the citadel, blended with shadow, for like 20 minutes before someone FINALLY opens the door and I can slip in. Knowing they’ll blend with shadows to attack me, I keep a void mana in hand, ready to throw. Datura and Auron took me down pretty easily, and Auron managed to strong-will the kill spell long enough to get back to medics, but at least it provided a little more drama
-Knowing there’s a major described scene coming up to end the fight, we decide to make one last push and try to get as many people as possible into the field. I go through the bunkhouse to chase people out of there and make sure no one tries to escape while some others try to flush people out of the inn. And I wait. And wait. And wait. Turns out there was no one left in the inn, and I missed the final call. Ah well

-Had stuff to do in town Sunday, so I got up around 7 and started packing up my things. Matt and Chickie had done a lot to clean up the inn, which helped out tremendously. Thank you both!
-Once I had as much as possible packed into my car, I still had about an hour left, so we decided to briefly bring back Caruso from the day before. He managed to get a few of the stolen things back and wanted to return them, and I was pleasantly surprised that no one tried to gank him. He was even offered the chance to do some honest work in Holdfast and make some coin that way, but he decided to head back to Applevale instead. Fewer people stabbing themselves.
-Later that day, Lynsey and I managed to get back to site just before cleanup finished, so we could take the remaining kitchen supplies. A special thanks to Sage and anyone else who helped clean the meal plan gear when I was away; it was a huge help.

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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September 2019: A Light in the Dark Empty Re: September 2019: A Light in the Dark

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