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Important Notice from the Bardic Chap

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Important Notice from the Bardic Chap Empty Important Notice from the Bardic Chap

Post by Prof. P. P. Pendergast on Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:43 pm

[Timestamp: One week before September Game, approximately fifteen minutes after Prometheus visits the Fire Circle.]

For the first time in what seems like weeks, a very flustered looking Professor Prometheus P. Pendergast quickly rushes into the inn, carrying an armload of papers. He looks quite rushed, slightly ill, and a great deal more haggard than he normally does, as if he hasn't slept well in a while. Just as quickly as he enters into the inn, he whips out a sheet of paper and pins it to the board before dashing out again, the door to the inn slamming shut. Another loud slam of a door can be heard behind the inn as he returns to his quarters.

The Notice reads as follows:

"URGENT NOTICE: The attendance of the following citizens of Holdfast (if available) is humbly and politely requested at the Faerie Circle at the earliest possible convenience to discuss a matter of truly grave importance:

  • Marquess Valeriya n’ah Cullasseth e’Varinia
  • Grayfeared the Whitehawk
  • Bikbun Ironbones
  • Fire Champion Jaya O'Shay
  • Earth Apprentice Ardin Gallagher
  • Duchess Keket n'ah Alqa'mar

I will discuss the matter in further detail once all of the above persons have been assembled. See you soon.

Yours sincerely,

P. P. Pendergast, Ph.D"

Prof. P. P. Pendergast

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