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June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me

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June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me Empty June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me

Post by Phineas J. Pennefeather on Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:57 am

There were so many amazing event memories from June 2019  event, "Until You Come Back To Me", so please tell us your favourites!
Phineas J. Pennefeather
Phineas J. Pennefeather

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June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me Empty Re: June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me

Post by Asher Fairchild on Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:05 am

Before I get into memories I want to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in and gave me feedback on the first official weekend of coffee deliveries! I had a ton of fun and learned so much, its only going to get bigger and better from here Smile.

ok now for the real stuff;

The Herr plot was so heart wrenching. Brilliant roleplay. I'm seriously so proud of Gerald for having the strength to play his character so honestly and for putting such a large part of his heart and soul into it. On that note, this is such a strong group of role players, but the energy at this game was on a whole other level. I'm so glad this is the group I get to play with!! You all inspire me to be a better role player <3

Planning Herrs death with Auron and the others. It was a great plan and it is my greatest regret that we couldn't go through with it. Auron is a tactical genius.

"I've been sherrif for 3 hours..."

Climbing up the hill to fight the lizard people! Dodging boulders and hiding in the brush was super cool. Rescue missions are always my fave!

Krond fighting whatever the fuck Ryan was playing on Saturday night. Omg they made it look so real.

I'm not sure which character Sharon was playing on Sunday morning but the "...can I pet your ears?" was THE CUTEST I FELT SO SPECIAL. YES YOU CAN PET MY EARS.

Ribbing Nico while his sister was in town. The poor guy was so flustered and I just love to add fuel to those kinds of fires :3


Ryan singing us that special verse during safety speech. I have so many feels.

Overall, I had so much fun at this game. It was so nice to finally have some good weather, and to be able to stay for the entire duration of the event. I have so much love for this story were all telling together <3 See you in LITERALLY 18 DAYS!!!!!!
Asher Fairchild
Asher Fairchild

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June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me Empty Re: June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me

Post by Asher Fairchild on Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:37 am

oh also, "Herr is homeless.....I mean hopeless..."
Asher Fairchild
Asher Fairchild

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June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me Empty Re: June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me

Post by Micheal Grayflow on Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:42 am

So, first actual event memories from me.

Because I spent almost all my time in and around the Inn, I missed most of the cool shit, but I did have a few moments that made up for it in terms of being smaller and more personal.

Me, Bikbun and Theo were down at the forge after Prometheus left his "axe" with us, Theo asked to see it and proceeded to sing and play very badly, a song about Theo's thoughts and experiences of Holdfast.

Set a new record, though I am not all that proud of it. I somehow managed to stay awake and functional for 36+ hours with no sleep with a few naps in between.

Spent the entirety of Friday night with Rin after literally everyone else went to bed, ended up watching the sunset with her, which I thought was a good bonding moment.

Kun-Bread... 'nuff said.

After watching the sun rise with Rin, we grabbed the new dwarf (can't remember character name) and went gathering earlier than even Degren.

During our gathering, I got stuck in a giant spider web and told our dwarven friend to go get help as Rin and himself didn't have a cutting tool. More bonding moments with Rin as she watched over me.

Mandages... 'nuff said.

Extra Medium... 'nuff said.

Becoming the unofficial Kin father after Willow arrived, not ready to be a dad yet.

The memories that end with 'nuff said, are the ones that only 2 other people know about as they were there went those things were said.
Micheal Grayflow
Micheal Grayflow

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June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me Empty Re: June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me

Post by Kuromori, Taka on Tue Jul 02, 2019 8:12 am

Friday (Malva):
-New recipes from Phineas!
-The hedge knight, oh my
-Trying to entertain the hedge knight just to see what would happen
-Need a sword for the baby's spine: the hedge knight's was too big, but Zero's would be just perfect
-Baby needs boots, because you wouldn't want to be born without shoes
-"When have BLOOD rituals ever been a good idea?" "You guys cut out FOUR people's HEARTS just to put some CIRCLES back on the ground!"
-Realizing the hedge knight is a redcap: "Oh in that case, just kill it."

Saturday (Malva):
-Makin' deals 'n' stuff
-Trying to teach an alchemy lesson while the town is being attacked by lizardfolk
June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me This-is-fine.0

Saturday (Taka):
-Got my new sword!
-Trying out the led psychic headband. Got mistaken for Fr. Francis by a very sleepy Jesse, but was otherwise quite successful
-Stargazing with the fighters and seeing the shooting stars!
-The Dollface fight and ensuing giggle fest
-"Bro what happened to your DOG?"
-"Bro, I dare you to touch it, bro."
-"Bro, I don't feel so good."
-Coming up with dumb ideas to mildly annoy dollface
-Some people stacked a boulder on top of it
-Finally! We killed it! And I did end up going to bed at like 2:45am, so "it keeps you up until 3am" still reigns pretty true

Sunday (Malva):
-Town meeting
-Phineas needing to let everyone know that that idea works very well IN THE EMPIRE and that it sounds a lot like SLAVERY
Kuromori, Taka
Kuromori, Taka

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June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me Empty Re: June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me

Post by Grayfeared the Whitehawk on Wed Jul 03, 2019 1:02 pm

This game, being my last for some time, as heartbreaking as it is to say that, was made very special to me by all of you.

Friday night
- When I found out the event title, it was like some sort of irony planned by the fates. I know cast thinks up these titles a while before hand, so I don’t know if it was changed the last minute or what. But we only found out we were leaving a few days before game. To have my last game on Sara Beth’s first game back, it seemed like the sort of end a poet would write.
- Get to use my song for the first time. The ability to blend with the astral plane is so freeing. I can go to the bathroom without worrying too much about gank alley. Though that depends on what we are fighting.
- Fighting in the field when a wild Tony appears behind me. “Grapple 10” “grapple 2”… “AAAAAaaaaahHHHHHHHHHHHH~!” “100 sunder 20 foot radius” … “My essence blends with shadow”… Well shit… At least I got to sonic boom before I left.
- Hardest part of bard abilities, saying “The sound of my voice sends you to the astral plane” instead of “The sound of my voice sends you… TO THE SHADOW REALM!”

- After everything that happened, I went to my bunk for 5 minutes to process that that was probably the last time that was going to happen. I.E “That was my last poorly planned council meeting… Awww ☹
- Spent most of the day walking around and enjoying the scenery for the last time.
- Night rolled around and I went to the citadel to use bloodgroove and be backup if needed. It wasn’t needed. Everyone who came in had a broken arm.

- Just hanging around, swinging my sword
- “Grayfeared, someone’s looking for you.”
- Sharon, the way you planned my sister coming in was fantastic. Bringing in the song I wrote about Old Man Tim? I applaud you. Thank you so much for allowing Grayfeared time to say good bye. After all the ups and downs, it was awesome to have Grayfeared go out on a happy note.

Sunday OOG

There’s no way I can put this in point form. It justifies so much more. Thank you all for the send off. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I was thinking maybe a mention at end game speech and a few hugs. No, you went above and beyond. I never doubted that I had meaning to the larp group, but what you all did, the signed guitar, the strap, the epoch bard mark, every bit of it, it made me realize just what I had here. It made me realize how special it was; how special you all are. I cried, and I didn’t stop until Monday night.

Thank you all for having me. It’s been a blast. I’ll see you again someday.
Grayfeared the Whitehawk
Grayfeared the Whitehawk

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June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me Empty Re: June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me

Post by Morpha on Mon Jul 08, 2019 6:08 pm

Friday night:
- Get throat torn out by hellion dogs. "This is how it ends for me..." and then I get saved by Jaya.
- It's so nice to meet new peeps ^_^ I especially love the lecturn book mage played by Russell.
- The hedge knight. That was hilarious.
- Learning certain things about a particular character's backstory..
Not in chronological order:
- the trial of Herr. We never interacted much, but I'm going to miss Herr being a jerk. That RP was really special.
- Willow. You reminded me of what it was like coming in as Morpha, and playing the character fresh. You really made my day.
- Lizard folk. Didn't get attacked directly myself, but it was fun being terrified for an hour.
- Speed medic-ing with Keket. That was the most fun I had medicing in a long time.
- Hiding in the hidey hole away from ghosts with Taeriel. You're my favourite elf man.
- the frat bros John (Don) and Don (John), petting the weird dog. I can't wait to tolerate you guys when you return again Smile
- Watching people taking the piss out of Doll Face. I guarentee, that thing is getting a significant buff to become scary again and it's going to TPK the town, mark my words.
- Lord Earth. Listening to Ardin freak out about there being no more champions? Have we fallen out of favour with the Lords? (note to self: pray to Lord Water about this next event)
- Gathering expedition!
- Getting ganked leaving the bathroom by Robb as a Gorilla man
Man, Saturday was Alot.
- Verbena and her Trading Company. This will end well.
- Phineas and his anti Imperial/slavery speech.
- Father Francis and the Nordin Gods. My research probably won't go any where, but it will be fun hearing lore about the Nordins.
- Leaving while watching Jenny stuff happen. I'll have to find out next time Smile

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June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me Empty Re: June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me

Post by Mo'chi on Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:11 pm

New recipes from Malva! This was a-happenin all weekend, but it was good. Got some neat stuff. Thanks Phineas!
-Being a fly on the wall for that one conversation between Father Francis and someone :3c
- Being chased in shadow across the field and falling and eating shit. (Running fast is not a boon when you're about as graceful as a baby gazelle.)
The hedge-knight. "How do I happy and sad at the same time?" Mitchell's response is apparently curl into a ball and roll 3 miles into the field.

Saturday Morning:

I'm gunna be honest lads, ladies ad gentlethem, most of Sat was a blur on monday and it's been a few weeks so have what I can remember.
-Early morning gathers w Niko!
-The Collar!!!!!!!!!!! It jingle jangles when I move. Appeases the inner goblin. Mo'chi hates it, Jesse loves it. Having Mo'chi panic over it was fun. People were concerned. Good. Yes.

Saturday Evening:
-Poultice lesson with Malva (before I started casting). Was good.
-I was a spider, got Friend Theo (then the ground swallowed me :<).
-Honey Bats! Got Cosidious good. I was still a spider.
-I was casting most of saturday, so I missed things from a player perspective. I also missed Herr/Zarr's trial bc of this.
John and Dohn. That's all I gotta say.

-Casting again. Me and Ryan were falcons.
- TFW the town has a meeting so the popcorn kill eachother.

As a sidenote, thanks to those folks who dealt with my anxiety due to tired this weekend <3 I'll sleep next game I swear.

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June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me Empty Re: June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me

Post by Timmean on Sun Jul 14, 2019 6:17 pm

Friday night:
-          Trying to get game groceries at the brand-new Costco. I’m sure in future it’ll be great, but boy was it crowded that day
-          Guess what guys, we have a BOOKSHELF!
-          Walking into town for the second time as Kallith. After hearing last month that Holdfast is a terrible place full of monsters, I made my way in with nary a danger in sight
-          Sitting in the inn and just listening to chatter for like 20 minutes, not saying anything, wondering how much random discussion I’ll hear before someone inquires about who I am
-          Joining the Phineas town tour, because Kallith is new and he heard the open invitation
-          Getting down to the fence near the earth circle and noticing a shadow figure that seemed to dance whenever someone mention the name “Herr”
-          Roaming around the town, wondering if I’d see any of these reported monsters, despite how Kallith has absolutely no combat ability. Spoiler alert: it took a while, but I saw many, many monsters
-          Rushing around, trying to get the injured off the battlefield while avoiding the barking shadow nightmare thingies
-          Managed to avoid the hellions, only to be later downed by a magic owl. Got dragged to the citadel and medic’d there.
-          And guess what? THE OWL IS IN THE CITADEL NOW. Tried to chase it away, didn’t manage to, but it left of its own accord. And then we hear an absurdly shrill voice from outside talking about a queen.
-          I spend a while roaming around site, hearing what different people have to say about this “hedge knight” and trying to avoid the owl. What? He wants to do a blood ritual? No! No blood rituals!
-          A few people actually tell me the town has done several blood rituals and they’ve been very helpful. However, none of them were presided over by a crazy hedge knight screaming about a demon from the woods that would devour us all
-          Callie (sp?) using a project emotion sadness to get tears for the hedge knight was amusing. But even more amusing was the hedge knight curling up into a ball and rolling away as he was inflicted with both happy and sad simultaneously
-          So, the ritual is happening, as the hedge knight is sprinkling his gathered ingredients on Father Francis’ shoes. He starts talking about the baby, and how the war will go on forever. Kallith has had enough, so I dump one psychic state, and the hedge knight runs away in terror.
-          Not certain of the exact wording here, but: “I’m glad I didn’t have a baby made in my shoes. Which is not a sentence I expected to say tonight.”
-          Turns out he was a redcap all along! That checks out. Can we make him a fake red hat so he won’t go crazy and try to kill us all? No? Maybe later? Oh great, he’s awake and trying to kill us all. And now he’s dead. That went well.
-          Ghost Cassidious roaming around with his throat torn out  pale
-          Gurok informs us she had a one-sided conversation with the owl at the faerie ring, and it wasn’t hostile then
-          As things wound down for the evening, relaxing in the inn and talking to people about various stuff. The topic of psychic meditation dominates for a while, but Phineas insists that’s a fairly private thing
-          A girl (can’t remember the name) mysteriously shows up from Applevale looking for a psychic, but not knowing why. Turns out she’s been dead for like, ten years, and has no idea why she’s suddenly back. Lots of theories come up, but none that seem to fit.

Saturday morning:
-          Continuing on as Kallith, I got to explore the area a little more in daylight. Also got to talk to Pierre, finally, and get some answers to the many bizarre questions from last game.
-          Also got to stand by and keep watch while all the earth mages asked Lord Earth to show up and finally name a new champion, with most recommending Ardin. Ah, what glowing praise… “You know my preference.” “He’s the best we’ve got.” “I’ve seen worse.” In all seriousness though, most people were very clear who they thought the champion should be, and praised Ardin extensively.
-          Verbena, talking about politics and democracy. Please, please, stop being so accurate
-          I’m pretty sure more happened Saturday morning, but I’m blanking right now, so I’ll add later if I think of stuff

Saturday afternoon:
-          Inflating beach balls. “This game blows!”
-          Making a return with Baralaf, the fabulous merchant treasure-hunter! Made some good sales and trades this time, though no one bought the most Holdfast-y of curiosities Wink
-          Back to my treasure-hunting business, I’ve got some more questions about all the magic and stuff going on here. You’re too busy? I guess I’ll just have to deal with that…
-          Chasing Ryan’s lizardfolk into the field and getting him surround by the remaining fighters. As I walk away, I hear someone shout “Yay, we got one!” I turn around and give an annoyed “I got one.”
-          And what happens a moment later? That lizardfolk gets away -_-
-          Heading up into the woods with the others, trying to keep everyone remaining alive while drawing out the lizards. And OH LOOK, they have giant boulders of death, just ready to toss our way.
-          Witnessing a very brave and ultimately catastrophic charge through the middle of the lizardfolk hostage pile
-          “We’ve got two lizardfolk left, what are we going to do once they un-petrify?” “Why don’t you just release one at a time and fight them that way?”
-          Chilling on the porch and having a rather intense conversation with Sybilessa
-          Verbena FINALLY buying the golden symbol of Noss. Hope that helps y’all in the days to come!
-          BATS! Again! Though people are much more prepared this time. Also, bat paste
-          I also got to spend some interesting time as a mysterious character with an axe. Ardin noticed me first, and went through great efforts to make sure he didn’t seem threatening and no one else got too close. I won’t say much more on that, but it was fun and interesting. I DID take a few swipes at a cocooned Theo Razz It was also fun walking around town, holding my axe out towards every building/tent I saw.

Saturday night:
-          The ghosties be back! Once again, people are much more active in keeping away from them. And then…
-          The shadow figures are back, and I am among them. Blending with shadow was so useful last game, I just went all-out on blending. And then y’all start doing the same thing and attacking me. That was NOT part of the plan.
-          Christian’s character had the teleport spell, so I started pointing out the shadow blenders to try and get them out of the way
-          The fight went on for quite a while before I realized I could use the spell to make OTHER things into shadows too… so I brought some backup
-          Asher came by and tried to negotiate. Unfortunately, that’s not our style, but good effort! It’s definitely an approach that’s often overlooked
-          Once all that is finished up, re-grouping in cast cabin. Most of us are pretty tired, so we’re trying to decide what else we should send out…
-          We decide on jellyfish and… dollface! That was quite a unique monster to pilot. I was standing there for so long, with everyone slowly losing their minds.
-          Speaking of losing their minds, “Hey bro, what did you do to your dog???” And, “Hey bro, I dare you to touch it!”
-          Experiments on the stationary dollface were certainly unique and thorough. Someone tried to balance a boulder on it. Also, light in the eyes usually sucks, but it’s easy enough to ignore when I can stand still and shut my eyes. I was also amused by the combo of intense scrutiny towards the monster while people OOG apologized for poking and prodding at me so much.
-          So many instances where I make a quick step, then get hit the briefest of moments later. A unique test of patience and reaction time. My favourite moments were the ones where I managed to do a quick 180 spin, suddenly staring at the crowd that had been gathering behind me.
-          Eventually, most of the group decides to just go to bed. I don’t see anyone, I don’t hear any movement, nothing… but Mar has been so freakishly silent and patient. I take one step, as fast as possible, and feel the hit on my back. Yup, he’s STILL back there.
-          Taka and Keket also return, adding their blades to the situation. I try to make a few movements away, but they’re quick, and I fall.
-          A little work is done on trying to dissect the dollface, but I don’t know all of its properties, and I’m falling asleep mid-RP, so we decide to pause and wait until we can confer with the beastmaster.

Sunday morning:
-          After two late nights, I slept a bit later than usual, so there was plenty going on when I got up. There was no one in cast cabin, so I checked the schedule, grabbed a popcorn snake, and headed to the woods.
-          My snake noticed Keket and another character at the Faerie circle, but I didn’t bother them since I wasn’t sure if they were blended or not. Then I saw Ardin and Pendergast, but couldn’t get either of them alone to attack. I tried, but they stuck together very well.
-          Nearly everyone is in the town meeting by this point, when I notice Willow walking across the field… alone. I approach, and promptly swallow her whole. Not wanting to be TOO mean, I slither off to the edge of the field.
-          We spent the next six minutes or so in full view of the inn, while the digesting Willow inched closer and closer to death. I was getting worried we would have Holdfasts’ least-dramatic death ever when Maresi approached and promptly killed the creature.
-          My next snake slithered around in the woods for a while, then did a pass behind the bunkhouse. There were two falcons nearby. Popcorn fight!
-          A few minutes later, people exit the inn to find a dead snake being eaten by a falcon. After they fight off and kill the falcon, they dissect the snake, only to find another LIVE falcon stuck inside. Much dissecting and skinning is had; my favourite line, “Of course the fawn was involved.”
-          My last snake encounters an Animal Husbandry call, and I have no idea how to handle it. My bad
-          By now almost everyone has left the inn, so I go OOG for a bit and start cleaning up and eating the last bits of remaining breakfast. Once game is called, it’s on to an efficient clean-up, thanks to the inn being kept rather clean this game.

Speaking of, I have to say once again, THANK YOU to everyone for helping keep the inn tidy. It’s tremendously helpful to meal plan, and I think it helps keep more table space available for gameplay stuff as well. Cleaning and packing was so much easier than usual this game, and I hope we can collectively keep it up.

I had a great game, and I’m rather happy the next one isn’t too far away Razz

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me Empty Re: June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me

Post by Fr. Francis Saint-Antoine on Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:41 am

This was an incredible game! One of my favourites!

-Game starts and I decide to follow the safety walk squad
-Phineas kept telling everyone I was in the union and on strike, seemingly just to get my goat.
- I get pulled aside to have a heart-to-heart with Herr. First of a few that weekend. I learned a lot about that guy!
-Then I guess Hedge Knight. He was strange. It's kinda embarrassing how long it took us to realize he's a redcap. Oh well!
-Me and Verbena have a wonderful evening stargazing in the grass. Learned a lot about her as well!
-Right before going to bed I learn of someones particularly strange meditation method

-Don't remember much from saturday while the sun was up, but I remember telling lord earth to get his shit together and crown a champion already

-writing letters with Taeriel and Verbena. Those sort of quiet character moments are really what I cherish about this game

-Lizardbois! Can't say too much, but I love giving nameless baddies names and personalities. His name was Chadriel and he was a cocky bastard.

-Herr's Execution. I don't often get to play Francis in that way. He was not happy.
Had another great heart-to-heart with Herr. Last one. Then me and Verbena buried him, and had a moment with Asher and Auron.

-Night casting! Just hanging out with some ghosts, nothing to see here folks.

-Then I spawned in as a spider to bother Cosideus.

-Then Dohn and John come rearing their heads! That was a lot of fun. Taught some folk lifeskill interior decoration

-sunday was pretty chill, not much happened. Me and Verbena had a moment in the morning. I won't say what she said, you probably wouldn't believe me anyway.
-town meeting in which my backstory becomes public knowledge?? Wasn't expecting that one, but it came out very naturally. Don't worry, there's still more to unlock Wink
-Me and Morpha head out of town together.
Fr. Francis Saint-Antoine
Fr. Francis Saint-Antoine

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June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me Empty Re: June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me

Post by Ardin Gallagher on Fri Jul 19, 2019 5:01 am

~Relaxing under the stars waiting for Land of the Dead! Such a beautiful night, it's too bad we're always too busy getting torn apart to appreciate it.
~A wild Mitchell approaches! Welp, time to ruin some people's nights by tearing them apart.
~Hellion shenanigans! Watching one tear down Cosidious with no help around. Rest In Pieces, comrade.
~Taken down and heading back to LoD.
~LoD! Apparently saving our sisters from death was a recurring theme that night.
~Too tired to Ardin, he's probably too busy being high with woodland critters anyways. Night guys!

Oh man what a blur of a day. No idea the chronology of this day but here we go!
~Waking up and gathering in the woods with the ever friendly Theo!
~Circle prayers as Ardin finished his research on a fancy new spell.
~Talking to the mercs about moving previously discussed plans forward, and getting a surprisingly half-hearted response on it.
~Salt has been added to the stew.
~More adventures with Theo!
~Blinded on our adventures by exploding rocks!
~Herr trying to help? I don't think so! VOIP!
~Phinneas pestering Ardin about the earth championship again.
~Wow, you guys actually convinced Ardin to do the ritual this time. Well done, seriously.
~Gathering literally every earth mage I could get my hands on, as well as a kind volunteer, Kallith, who made sure we were safe while doing so, and performing the largest earth prayer yet. Thanks to everyone who made it to such an impromptu calling.
~Seeing Theo again! More woodland adventures? More woodland adventures.
~Meeting a new dwarf in town, Ragnim. Woodland adventures with Ragnim and Theo!
~We had a lot of adventures in the woods, much RP was had.
~The Wiz? Here? That can only mean one thing!
~Racing through the woods, VOIPing away from frogs.
~Some really deep RP with Lord Earth, then group RP with Lord Earth, then more solo RP, then smaller group RP, then more solo RP. There was a lot of RP.
~A shaken Ardin leaving the Earth circle.
~Ardin... praying at the air circle? Wat?
~Praying at water and heading down to fire to find a sad Jaya.
~Leaving town for a bit to process all these thoughts.
~Scouting party at the Merc's camp, lots of tasty foodstuffs.
~So much fighting, so many bodies.
~Lunging at a desperate Lady Val, only to be sliced down.
~Collective dabbing on all the mana used post-mod. Such a beautiful sight Twisted Evil
~Coming back in as Ardin, with an OOG limp from smashing myself up during the Lizardfolk mod.
~"I just lost in a sparring match with Matai Vasa, no need to worry."
~Everyone proceeding to worry, medicing and offering to magically heal, but not wanting to say it was an OOG limp.
~Bats! Ragnim saving my bacon by ripping one out of my chest before it could get in.
~Herr's execution. I skipped the trial, so not much to say on the matter
~Getting bad touched by the pirate ghosts.
~Prepping for the pirates.
~Such good fighting, so much teamwork!

~More adventures with Theo! This time with 100% more axe!
~JENNY! She got Bikbun.
~Trying to save him, end up making it worse.
~Jaya's last stand.
~Booking it to Phinneas for Astral Plane.
~Following Jenny and Bikbun to the depths below!
~Shenanigans in the depths below!
~Coming back and talking about said shenanigans.

So pumped, can't wait to see y'all again TODAY OMG I'M NOT READYYYYY!
Ardin Gallagher
Ardin Gallagher

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June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me Empty Re: June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me

Post by Jaya on Wed Jul 24, 2019 9:38 pm

Friday night: Callie


Breaking the hedge knight by projecting sad to make him cry to get the tears he needed then a few minuets later projecting happy on him to cheer him up while still being sad towards me.

Stealing his red cap and then using avoid on him and hiding away till he was dealt with

Saturday: Jaya

Dealing with Ardin's Blindness in the woods and his refusal to let Herr help him

Ritual to call Lord Earth


"The time of champions is over…." FUCK LORD EARTH

Almost punching Lord Earth but Sylvie holding me back and calming me down

Crying at the Fire circle for like an hour. Huge shout out to Val for dealing with that


Herr's trial OMG

Those damn ghosts

Shadow fight!

Sunday: Jaya


LET ME USE MY BLOOD TO STOP YOU FROM TAKING BIKBUN…..Just goes 5ft to the right and jumps in ocean

Importune ritual to bring Bikbun back…as soon as its ready to start he comes back….okay

Sunday OOG:

Saying goodbye to Ryan and watching him get the guitar we all signed

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June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me Empty Re: June 2019 - Until You Come Back To Me

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