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July 2019 - The First Bite

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July 2019 - The First Bite Empty July 2019 - The First Bite

Post by Borin Ironhammer on Sun Jul 21, 2019 8:20 am

-Auron was mad

Borin Ironhammer

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July 2019 - The First Bite Empty Re: July 2019 - The First Bite

Post by Mo'chi on Sun Jul 21, 2019 7:56 pm

Will say i'll update as I remember, but we'll see if that actually happens.

-Entering town with Keket and Penderghast. Shit starts going down very quickly afterwards.
- Running around, bandaging people. I think.
- TWO DOLLFACES. They can summons spiders?? Wtf?

Sat Morning:
- Wake up, go into the woods. Meet Friend Theo, Dmitri and Ardin... follow Theo... Immediately get slow poisoned. Go back to inn and find Theo and Ardin after a bit. Ardin, the absolute hero, petrifies me and Theo, and we get healed.... when it wears off in 50 mins.
- Gathering around the air circle to listen to a lesson of sorts while looking for someone.
- Telling people things in the woods :3c
- Brewing! Party! Brewing! Party!
- I brewed for like... over an hour so idk what happened in that time BUT when I came out of my alchemy den I made my first scroll!! Ever!! Very exciting.
- First wave of bandits! Field medic go time.
- I ran around and tried my best until everything calmed down.

Sat Evening:
- Waiting for bandits, while eating. "Do you think they're eating?" "Everybody eats." Classic Francis.
- Holdfast's small "We shall overcome" was very good tho. Also Friend Theo joining in on the signing.
- Field medic-ing is probably my fave thing to do in big fights besides playing the baddies. God, is it fun.
- They have a bard.  Smile
- Watching out for more on lookout, then actually seeing them when with Winnie. Citadel only got like... 60 seconds warning.
- They friggin rekt us. The drums from far away..... oh no.
- Post battle, being one of the only four awake. "Smith 4: I dull a butter knife." Cue 1 hr and 40 mins of all of us not being able to get serious again. This beats the Maple Butter Incident™.

- Waiting for Goro to show his face.
- He appears, I run into the woods only to come back later to try and medic.... and get hit for trying to do so.
- Welp. At least i'm stable in the field.
- I have to say, FANTASTIC RP from Krond and Misty. Sun was all very good.
- Annnd they took Silvie and Misty. Time to pray to Faerie? I guess?

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July 2019 - The First Bite Empty Re: July 2019 - The First Bite

Post by Morpha on Mon Jul 22, 2019 1:20 pm

This event was a helluva grinder. There's things I want to do, but not if I'm busy medicing the town back to their feet.
- I come into town with Francis, and get on with some rp at the inn, as usual.
- get licked.
- shadow queen ghost stuff by the water circle
- I ding a dollface in the, uh, face with a water mana. donk
- running around while spiders eat people.
- I heal Jaya with an earth mana. It was unusually satisfying.
- end up in the citadel healing people as usual.
- more Phineas musings. Im beginning to enjoy late night friday Phineas brainstorming time.
- Herr appears out of nowhere in the inn.
- me and ceridwyn follow a sheep around for a while
- I learn earth stuff from Ardin. Nice.
- Geology lesson!
- Get murdered by Rob running at full speed. I fell, but I landed a freeze, which if it wasn't strong willed, would have kept me from going into bleed. Success?
- Geology lesson continues! tree chopping! woods! bee keeping mods! (I need to learn bee keeping)
- I head to the citadel as the murder continues.
- The rest of the day becomes a blur of unconscious people entering the citadel and medicing and getting people to 1 hp and out the door.
- Two specific moments:
- we called out of the citadel. There's like half a dozen NPCs with big scary weapons. I'm at the back, but behind me, Travis looks me up and down. I'm so glad I took out a water mana just before call out happen. I stood their frozen as half a dozen of our best fighters get pwnd.
- late at night, half the people are gone to bed or down at the fire, we're waiting for the last wave, and then we hear, "Korok korok orokah korok korok" and we're all like "oh shit"
- ok three moments: we're in the inn, and we hear a HELP and we all rush out but it was a false alarm
- the attack happens. I go with father francis, professor pops and a few others into the woods to go to the citadel.
- much medicing happens. highlights: I fix Krond's throat, Sharon's rp with Misty is top fucking notch, Golgo rippoing the door to the citadel open,
I stand up and flick a water repel into him as he steps in, *pause* ........ "50 mauling bypass."
- repelling poop off the faerie circle.


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July 2019 - The First Bite Empty Re: July 2019 - The First Bite

Post by Prof. P. P. Pendergast on Mon Jul 22, 2019 5:31 pm

Memory 1:

Krond: "You have ten words to impress me."
**Pendergast attempts to explain in 10 words, then gets nose broken after 9.**
Krond: "How many words was that, Mo'chi?" **sees Mo'chi hold up nine fingers** "You have one more word to impress me."
Pendergast: "Dead." **then fully explains Val's plan to Krond, who then uses exceptional strength to reset Pendergast's nose**


Memory 2:

**Pendergast chokes a little bit, gets the tingles as his Bard abilities come back, then lets out a loud operatic note.**
Pendergast: "I'M BACK!!"
**Krond throat punches Pendergast**
Pendergast: *sounding like a frog again* Well, easy come, easy go.

^ This is why I gave this man my vote for Player, people! Comedy at its finest.

Prof. P. P. Pendergast

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July 2019 - The First Bite Empty Re: July 2019 - The First Bite

Post by Jaya on Wed Jul 24, 2019 10:14 pm

Friday: Jaya

The thing OMG the THING that happened Friday

Trying to deal with Shadow Queen ritual by the water circle...


Oh hai Herr

Jaya: "The power of void kills you..."   ....    Someone" Okay we're pulling out all the stops"  Thing Jaya hit"No effect" ARE YOU KIDDING ME....



We finally kill them and SOMEONE reanimates then and then we have to DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN.

Trying to Ritual magic the Dollfaces away. Not successful but SOMETHING was happening, it responded.

Getting the hauled in by the I'm dealing with Dollface til 3am curse.

Saturday: Jaya

Waking up and going to pray at the fire circle to see there is a chimera in it, what a way to start a day.


THE RP when Misty and Khrond came into town to warn us about Godo

First wave of attack


"Power of void kills you" *person has strong will...Jaya gets downed and then person then goes down due to void kills* Jaya still has not seen the spell work!


MORE WAVES of hostiles

Getting and distributing ALL THE POLTICES

Hiding in the woods and helping down people in the field.

People reacting to Jaya's earth heals xD  

They have a bard, he needs to die

The drumming atmosphere music was AWESOME  

Sneaking around the woods with Khrond

Sneaking from the citadel to Penterghast's tent for void mana

Sunday: Callie



50 metal bypass

FOCUS POWER *aims at bard* Bard: "astal place dematerialize or some shit* FUCK THAT BARD

100ft knockout bypass.....WUT

Spirit bondging Khrond and Godo

Derping so hard with rules and stuff due to now feeling well. Forgetting I used avoid on someone AND forgetting Spirit bound makes it so the affected can't leave line of sight, that would have been INTERESTING.

All the emphatic healing

Mirisi reacting to the news Sylvie was taken. GREAT RP <3

Sunday: Jaya




"If you take the desiccating part aside the feces is good for the mushrooms. So it's kinda helping I guess?"    

With water I repel the poop from the faerie ring!


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July 2019 - The First Bite Empty Re: July 2019 - The First Bite

Post by Krond Thuliaga on Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:44 pm

Ho boy, now that was an event. A lot happened and I might not remember all of it so bare with me.

Friday Night:

- Time to be a monster Smile
- Lurking around in the dark, sneaking, and scaring people. God there's a part of me that loves that so much. Am I a sadist?
-After a couple hours of creeping in the dark, I feel like now is a good time to call it.
-Sharon: wanna go out as something else?
me: ok?
-Brian: So you're main job is to be a creepy mother fucker. Think you can handle it?
Me: . . . How creepy we talkin?
-Proceed to being a spooky ghost.
-Licking people as my ghost and hearing their cries of disgust. Yea I think I'm a sadist lol!
-Pierre dropped Helen's awareness to zero. Helen nope's the fuck outta there.
-Jaya throws a kill spell. I didn't know she had that!
-MOD ends. Ok NOW it's time to turn in.


-Today I get to be Krond again. Yay! Oh wait . . . I have some bad news for y'all.
-Sharon and I get ready to come into town. This is going to be fun.
-Krond and Misty hobble into town exhausted, starving, and thirsty from travelling for so long with no food. We needed to get to Holdfast as quickly as possible.
-Sees Ardin come down from the Earth circle. He heals Krond's HP but not his thirst.
-"Degren . . . I need to speak with Degren."
-Pierre rushes to meet Krond who quickly collapses in front of him. But Pierre catches him.
-Krond whispers to Pierre: "He's coming. He's coming."
Pierre: "Oh fuck . . ."
-Gets to the Inn. Hastily scarfs down water and food, then rushes to Misty to give her some.
-Meeting with people in the citadel to warn them about the approaching force. Godo is upon us . . .
-Lady Vals reaction to the bad news of an encroaching army. We are in big trouble and ill prepared.
-A little bit of Krond's backstory comes to light.
-Krond collapses from exhaustion.
-Pierre calms Misty down as I recover from my exhaustion.
-There is a little bit of down time for a little while where we're trying to think about what to do with a potential army coming down on Holdfast; then, before ya know it, we get hit with a wave of enemies. Time to fight!
-Two moments I remember from the first wave:
1) Chasing down Rob and using Gram's ability to cause a tremor to trip him up, then Furying my way to victory.
2) Kotaro's deadly aiming with his bow. Holy fuck dude, nice job. You are the man!
-Poltices saved our asses.
-Some down time after that wave of enemies. Decide to go for a nap. Gets attacked during nap; Theo comes by to try and wake me up, to no avail. They'll never let me live that down lol!
-The third wave hits and THEY HAVE A FUCKING BARD?!
-Kotaro brings in a body thinking it's an ally only to realize it was Travis's bandit HAHA Kotaro then proceeds to killing blow him and we all erupt into laughter.
-All I remember from this fight is getting absolutely pwned. As I'm getting medic treatment I hear that they kill Degren. I could feel my heart sink into my chest after I heard that. I will destroy them.
-The more they attack us the more our resources are twindling. Its not looking so hot.
-One of the waves of bad guys tell us that they'll be back to test us after we've recovered. An emotional Auron (having lost his best friend) rips off his champion necklace and rushes forward. Asher and I follow immediately behind him and then the rest of us follow suit.
-Auron absolutely destroys their line of defence; it may have been the coolest thing I saw the whole weekend.
-I take out Ryan's bandit first, then make my way to Sharon's bandit; I killed her by crushing her head the same way The Mountain crushed Oberyn's head.
-There is some time to mourn after the last wave. Auron, Asher, Pierre, and myself are devastated at Degren's loss. There was A LOT of emotional RP here and you all did fucking stellar.
-Asher asks Krond for a favour.
-Pierre and Krond have some RP by the earth circle while he's keeping watch. I think Pierre and Krond are becoming much closer as friends after all this. Not that we weren't before <3
-Moral is down, and then a forth wave of enemies comes in, this one WAY more powerful than the last. They were swing for 20 damage and the Bard was giving them bypass to shield and magic immunity. It was a rolfpwn.
-I go into the woods with Jaya to try and figure out a way to take out the bard. I decide to try and stealth kill him, his drumming and singing should drown out the sound of my footsteps in the woods.
-I ditch my armor in the woods somewhere with Jaya and make my attempt.
-SUCCESS! I got close enough to grab him and snap his neck! *Travis sudden clarities* . . . well I'll go fuck myself then.
-By this time our forces are dismal, I remember Theo being one of the only ones in the field fighting. The enemy leaves.
-I spend the next little while trying to find the Bard that ran away from me and here drumming in the woods. Little did I know the drumming was OOG and spend 30 mins trying to sneak up behind travis. Only to have him tell me he was OOG. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!
-Apparently people where OOG worried about me cause they actually couldn't find me. Sorry dudes.
-Godo actually appears by the end of the night. I have a brief face-to-face with him, and it takes all the restraint in the world not to try and rip him in half with my bare hands. He hands us one of his fighters and we begin to discuss what to do with her. The night subsides.

-A weary morning, and a weary breakfast. All of us are dead tired.
-Godo and his henchman appear across the field . . . and they have Misty.
- Krond emerges from the Inn and immediately goes berserk. "GODO!!!!!!!"
-Godo catches Gram with his arm and locks it in place.
"Who are you, child?"
"I am Krond Thuliaga, and I'm the one who is going to kill you."
-Rob throws me across the deck and I lose Gram. Looks like this just turned into a fist fight.
-Rob and I are actually hitting each other at this point and it was the highlight of the event for me Smile Godo used his absurd strength and choke slammed Krond twice; bruising his throat.
-This is clearly a one-sided fight now, Godo is handing Krond an ass-whooping.
-He paralyzes my right arm. Can't use that anymore.
-One final tackle to try and bring him down, didn't work.
-Godo knocks the lot of us out, then uses me as a Captain Morgan barrel.
-People are becoming blindly loyal to Godo, this is extra not good.
-I wake up from the knockout in time for Mirisi and Mar to carry me back to the citadel half dead. Godo looks at me and says, "Thuliaga child, incite me." What does he mean by that?
-After Morpha fixes up my throat I awaken to find Misty on top of me trying to pin me down and stop me from going out to attack Godo.
-Misty is clinging to my neck and not letting me go.
-Godo actually gets into the citadel, I only have one choice. "I'm sorry Misty." *Knockout*
-Godo gets to me and grapples me. Then he says,
"You have some semblance of awakening. I have not met another awakened like myself." What does he mean?! What the heck is going on here!?
-Godo leaves town with an unconscious Misty and Sylvie, this just became a hostage situation. And Krond was too powerless to do anything about it . . . .
-Shortly after Pendergast comes to me with an idea and I exchange probably one of the funniest skits I've ever had with another player HAHAHA that was hilarious dude. Thanks for that.
-No one can seem to decide how to take off Mirisi's arms, so I do the only logical thing . . . I rip them off LOL
-Mirisi is dead set on going after Godo after he took Sylvie, and I can understand where he's coming from. So I teach him the basics of tracking so he can follow and send him on his way. Good luck bud. (This might turn into some potentially interesting cooperation between Mirisi and Krond)
-With everything said and done, Game is called.

Thanks everyone for an amazing weekend. This was probably one of the best games I've ever had. See you all next game!
Krond Thuliaga
Krond Thuliaga

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July 2019 - The First Bite Empty Re: July 2019 - The First Bite

Post by Timmean on Mon Jul 29, 2019 5:23 pm

Friday night:
- Game gets started and a few popcorn monsters head out. I’m eagerly waiting in cast cabin, because I know what’s coming later. I think I played a rat for a bit, but I don’t remember much of that. Jaya managed to lead me around for a while with grapes, but once the food ran out, I started taking bites out of the nearby people. I also munched on a Faerie mushroom before heading back to cast.
- Rob, Sharon, and I grab some costume bits and head for the woods. After a few people pass by, I spawn as dollface behind the bunkhouse and begin to stalk around
- I wind up standing behind the porch, watching everyone fight whatever was in the field. Theo rushes up onto the walkway for something and pauses, catching sight of me. He turns around a moment later, shouting to everyone that “I have seen a dollface!” He was right, but I didn’t want to be caught yet, so I book it behind the inn.
- A few moments later I’m standing in plain view just off the trail near the back door, staring at the back porch, when the door opens and three or so people come rushing out. The last one is Mar, yelling something along the lines of “Okay, I’ve had enough of this, where is it!” I’m pretty sure he was talking about me, but the three of them rush down the stairs and head off towards the field without a glance in my direction. The cover of darkness is great.
- I climb the stairs, wait on the back porch for a moment, then open the door. There’s a brief bit of commotion inside as everyone turns to look at me and suddenly go still; in particular, I remember Verbena standing in the middle of the room, frozen for a moment. Then everyone fled out the main door, leaving me inside. Hugo poked his head in briefly.
- After a few minutes in the inn I left and moved on to the bunkhouse. With the big mirror I got to see a vague reflection of the costume in the dark, which was pretty cool. I also went and stood by the window, wondering if anyone would notice me watching.
- The fighters started to come at me after that, leaving me surrounded in one of the bunk pod areas. That’s a bad time, so we kicked up the chaos a little more by spawing spiders.
- You guys were still doing a pretty good job of keeping me surrounded, when I hear those lovely words of “Wait, there’s TWO of them???” “I think we should get out of here.” “I concur.” Rob, having you join the fray at that moment was beautiful.
- The fight spills out into the field at that point. With two dollface and the spiders to cause havoc, it was a chaotic and intense fight, but we did eventually go down. At which point, people begin trying to dissect us. From there, I’m expecting to just be lying unconscious for a while. Until…
- Datura crouches down next to me, pulls out a void mana, and whispers something like “I’m not sure if this will work, but… The power of Void raises you.” My brain goes to bluescreen.
- After a brief moment to get some direction from Rob, a dark mist spreads out from my dollface, and a few moments later we’re both back on our feet. And we’re angry. I never expected to play dollface in a hyper-aggressive way, but doing so was very fun and very intense.
- Eventually they down us again, and experiments and such continue. Jaya is also attempting some kind of ritual, to banish us I think. I know there were some interesting discoveries made that night.

Saturday morning:
- I head out as a snake, making my way through the woods, looking for prey. There aren’t a lot of people up yet so I end up wandering around for quite a  while. Eventually I see someone headed to the Faerie ring, so I give chase, only to be petrified by Ardin. Also, 15 hours and counting
- When the spell eventually wears off I go back to laying in wait. Eventually I see a new character (Lex, I think?) Standing and staring out at the ocean… alone, and with his back to me. I manage to get from the forest to where he is without being detected. A short time later, he is unconscious and being digested.
- A few minutes later someone passes by (Dimitri?) and notices the engorged snake in the woods. They manage to kill it, chop off the tail, and get Lex out in time. It was particularly amusing as he was searching for Bikbun, and was audibly pondering if Bikbun had been eaten. Speaking of which, Val and a bunch of others were searching for Bikbun at the time.
- Another of my snakes caught Dimitri later that day and was draining his health, but I forgot to paralyze him so his shouting drew lots of attention and he was saved pretty quickly.
- I don’t remember all of the details from the other morning snakes, but you guys were very keen on collecting their skins. There were many dissections to be had. Speaking of which, Mar teaching Thalia arcane dissection was fantastic RP, it was great getting to sit back and watch that. Very well done both of you, and a very detailed and thorough skinning process.
- Eventually the creatures just started passing through town, not stopping to attack or even interact with people. That said, y’all were STILL keen on collecting the snake skin. On that topic: Seriously Hugo? 260 METAL BYPASS???
- Rob and I took out a pair of falcons to run across site a few times. A few people were coming up with theories by that point; Krond tried to attract the falcons using one of his skills, but we just rushed past him. As I was running out of earshot, I head “They are scared…” Great to see people being observant and figuring things out!
- I also played a fleeing rat at some point that morning. I ran straight through the earth circle, and everyone ducked out of the way to let me pass. I heard a great line from Malva: “Oh, it’s okay, just let it run for its life. Just like we should all be doing but aren’t.” That rat also ran over Herr who was just lying on the ground, I think he had been doing some sparring. Speaking of, welcome back Herr!
- Also speaking of, Himmel was very upset this game

Saturday afternoon/evening:
- It begins. The first wave of barbarians was great. Me and Matt mostly stuck together, and while our tactics weren’t all that effective, two short swords swinging wildly still makes and impact. Also, 12 hours and counting
- With one of our groups, Matt and I stalk through the woods to attack the inn and bunkhouse. Turns out there’s no one in the bunkhouse, but there’s a lovely set of intricate alchemy gear out on a bunk. Sorry, Malva
- When we rush through the inn, most people flee out the other door, leaving Ellie behind. I cut her down then rush outside, quickly getting downed myself.
- Near the end of the first wave, they take one of my barbarians captive. He wakes up, smiles, and promptly bites off his own tongue. They don’t waste much time before killing him. Also, sorry about breaking the prop chains
- We call it quits for wave one. I was resting up in cast cabin, but as I understand it, Marwel showed up to congratulate you all on getting through the easy part. Also, my thanks to everyone who took some time during the break to clean up the inn
- After a little rest & recovery, wave two shows up! Matt was busy in the kitchen, but we had backup from Christian, Ryan, and Laura! Having a total of eight raiders made for even more chaos. Between trying to sneak in from the woods, flanking on the field, and just charging as a group, it was fun to try out different attack methods. Also, 7 hours and counting
- Also in wave two, my first barbarian wanted to use a polearm but we didn’t have any in cast. In one of the first groups, we downed Mirisi, so I stole his Naginata and swung it around for a while… until I got taken out myself.
- Playing dead turned out to be a very effective strategy. I managed to get the jump on a few people by dropping early and then striking once they’re distracted. Downside (literally): you’re now on the ground and thus an easy target
- I don’t know how many times I faced off against each of you, but it was so much fun each and every time. Shield users, you guys are so effective. Archers, your shots were fantastic. Medics, you guys did fantastic keeping almost everyone going.
- Christian and I snuck around to the inn & bunkhouse, but there was no one there. We were sighted and split up, and I snuck around and hid behind the all-faith temple. Managed to launch a small ambush from there
- Another break for more food & recovery. When we send in wave three, people are really getting prepared, but we line up outside the citadel and cause chaos as soon as the door opens. I think nearly everyone went down, except Morpha who brilliantly froze themselves. We then rushed off to attack whoever was left, and I was OOG a little worried about how much damage we had done; then, on my way back to the respawn point, I notice all the bodies have disappeared from around the citadel. Fantastic work Morpha, I think you saved Holdfast with that move. Also, 4 hours and counting
- It was during this wave that I really started to enjoy fury. Going wild and swinging for 17 metal was great, even it was for the last few swings before getting downed. Hope I didn’t actually hurt anyone
- Asher and Auron ran from the citadel and tried to get to the inn; I gave chase, but wasn’t able to stop them. That was a fantastic moment, and I’m glad I could put on the pressure
- On one of my last spawns, I was bleeding out but hadn't been killed when someone stabilized me and brought me into the citadel. The moment I was sitting on a bench and people could see my face, the killing blow count began.
- When I got back to the respawn point, we’ve all seen that a lot of damage was done, and we hear that Degren died. We have some discussion on how best to proceed, and decide on a plan. We return as our group, announcing that we’re not done, but we’ll give you a break.
- Auron is having none of that. Giving a brief speech and breaking his necklace, the town launches an attack on our barbarians. It was epic. It was fierce. It was great.
- We take another break, and I was told later that our warning was interpreted as “we’ll come back in a month or so.” That is… not what we said. And it’s not what we did. I hear a bunch of people went to bed. Also, 0 hours, no more counting
- The moment I’ve been waiting for! Enter wave 4, with Khoros the bard in the middle of the pack. We enter singing/chanting, with me on a bodhran drum. It was fantastic. Sharon noted afterwards “You know you’re making an impact when you see the shield wall back up, and you don’t have any shields.”
We march through town, singing and cutting down anyone we find. A few people try to attack me, but I have a few other tricks and by now all the barbarians already have shield bypass.
- Pendergast makes a bold and effective move of trying to counter-sing me, and it sorta works, except he doesn’t have much backup. Once one of the other barbarians manages to take him down, I unload a bunch of curses into him. There’ll be no other singing on my watch, thank you very much.
- Theo then took up the same strategy, but whether through being faster or just the changing numbers of people on the battlefield, he managed to elude me for a lot longer. We finally got to a point where we were staring each other down, he was swinging his sword at me, and I managed to touch his arm and get off a curse. That back-and-forth lasted for a while and was pretty great
- I got to yell at the town a few times for how little resistance they were putting up (I’m guessing because people had gone to bed), but eventually I saw our numbers starting to dwindle, and both Ardin and Hugo were starting to stalk me in the astral plane, so I decided it was time to get out of there.
- While heading out of town, Krond appeared and charged at me. I managed to get away thanks to some psychic work, but now Krond was on the field, so that was cool
- Once Khoros left I returned OOG and announced to as many people as possible that many war drums could be heard in the distance. Then, I headed to the old Faerie ring location to continue playing. When he was ready, Ryan was also supposed to join me, so I kept playing and waiting for him to arrive. I heard some rustling from the trail behind me, but it was quite a while later before Ryan arrived, from the direction of the field. When I still heard the rustling, I called out: “OOG, if there’s someone behind me, there’s no one actually here. You can just hear several war drums in the distance.” Tony immediately stands up, just on the other side of the rock; “Are you SERIOUS? I’ve been sneaking up on you for 20 minutes!” Sorry again! Making calls everyone can hear is tough
- I don’t know how long I was there playing, but my hands were numb by the time it was done. I heard Rob/Godo yell for Khoros, so I left the woods to find them. Got to witness the last bit of the confrontation between him and Krond before leaving for the night.

Sunday morning:
- It’s finally time for one last meeting; Godo returns with Khoros and a few others, Khoros singing a different chant this time. The town doesn’t take kindly to us, so we do some fighting and cause some damage. I got to do a cool thing, but I don’t know if anyone noticed.
- Was doing a bit of a dance with Auron when Godo called us to attention.
- Fun fact: while Godo obviously has special abilities, every other barbarian had stats straight out of the rulebook (and our NL supplements).
- Speaking of special abilities, witnessing that 100-ft radius knockout was pretty crazy.
- Godo eventually sits down on the steps, and orders the few people still standing to tend to the wounded and gather an audience. Things are tense
- Eventually the townsfolk gather and Godo makes his demands. They are… not well received.
- Lilium, I think: “You send so many of your men to attack and hurt us, so many of us could have died, is that really how you ask for help?!?” Godo: “Yes.” Lilium: “…Well, cultural differences I guess.”
- Verbena eventually volunteers to lead Godo to where he wants to go, despite actually knowing nothing of the location. As they walk off, pretty much everyone left in Holdfast follows. Godo’s troops remain behind, and someone turns to ask us, “Aren’t you concerned? Letting him go off alone with all of us?” We just laughed.
- I spent the next while sitting on the deck and watching whatever I could from there. I heard a bit of a commotion in the woods, not sure what happened there. The group eventually walked out into the far end of the field, I saw Godo do… something (later found out it was when he tore off Mirisi’s arms) and yell at Sylvie. Also got to watch from a distance as he tore his way into the citadel.
- With a sufficient impact made, Godo calls for us and we silently leave town, taking Misty and Sylvie with us. We’ll be back in two months!

That about clues it up for this game. I did pop back into the inn to do some dishes (briefly forgetting I still had the face paint on from Khoros), but I didn’t do much else other than whistle along with the bards in the inn.

All in all it was a great game, though far more exhausting than usual. The inn was still pretty good; a tad messier than last game, but still fairly clean, plus we put you guys through the wringer so there’s definitely some leniency there. I can’t wait to see how you guys handle this one.

Now all that’s left is to recover from the soreness and bruises. Razz

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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July 2019 - The First Bite Empty Re: July 2019 - The First Bite

Post by Winnie on Tue Jul 30, 2019 5:52 am

Don’t know what happened on what days. Days blur together when you’re in constant fear.

-First time seeing a Dollface. Noped and walked away for a bit.

-Letting Michael and Garrett using my shoulder as arm support for their water repels.


-mod hunting with Degren. “Oooo a state” and spooky visions that are super hard to interpret and finally getting to use new life skill in game.

-Calling Godo "Doggo" the entire time and taunting his minions. And the one guy getting angry at me outside of the Citadel because of it. And then barking at Doggo on Sunday. He gunna wreck me.

-Operation Citadel Breakout with Asher and Auron.

-Blocking a lot of Travis’s attacks with Auron’s short sword I borrowed for a solid minute before getting ganked from behind. Deciding I want short sword.

-Auron popping the necklace to avenge Degren’s death.

-Sneaking around in the bushes trying to help people and subsequently getting caught and trancing in a thorn bush. Seeing Rob walk in as Doggo and hear that knockout bypass call and thank "Wait...what?". Later hearing "I think we have everyone," as I fight desperately to not scratch at all the pokey bits.

-“I appear dead.”

-Finding out that a certain someone put Degren’s shitty pants on the Faerie circle. It’s what he would’ve wanted.

-Short sword training!

-Tim’s after game. Love talking about game. Also finding out that Ryan filmed some of the fighting to keep as a reminder of good times…and he just so happened to catch Helen slitting Degren’s throat lol.

-A few days after game hanging out with Moggy, Alex, Tony and friends and them deciding that my spirit animal would be one of those fainting goats because of me trancing. I would have preferred a tiger but I have earned a fainting goat.

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July 2019 - The First Bite Empty Re: July 2019 - The First Bite

Post by Kuromori, Taka on Wed Jul 31, 2019 7:29 am

-Dollface fight! Found some new strategies for them: a lovely mind game for prompting them to move and a subtle way to avoid getting hit when they do.
-Hanging out with Hugo and Winnie and trying to explain the elven code to a certain upset brother

-MANA KEEPER!!! I don't think level fives will ever not be stressful!!!
-Actual mana keeper recipe: 5 ingredients. My mana keeper recipe: 9.
-Seeing hawks flying quickly towards me and booting towards the inn. Somebody tells me not to worry, they're just flying to get away from something.
-The entire damn forest is running for it's life.
-Trying to prep for what *I* thought was the queen spider (I had heard that Krond had warned of an army of 1000, but I straight up just thought he sniffed something in the woods). I brewed 15 stall potions. Everyone else's take on every monster for miles fleeing seemed to be "oh if you could brew some mana, that'd be nice", so yes Travis, I was feeling a little sarcastic about it Razz
-Army arrives
-I keep getting downed with a big jar of poultices in my hand. It is very frustrating to get halfway into your bleed, surrounded by people, with the thing to heal you just right there! Razz
-Malva goes to check on her alchemy kit which is of course, smashed. She grumbles and makes up a list of all the repairs and replacements she needs and heads off to the citadel to get Niko to repair it.
-Gets towards the knight's camp, feeling grumpy, sees Sharon as familiar-looking psychic NPC with crowd drawn. Start veering towards her, thinking "is that Chloe?, no she wears blue..." my thoughts then overlay eachother: a simultaneous "red-> Marwell" and "Godfuckingdammit do we need her help again" play in my head, as I get out of earshot as quickly as possible before grumbling about it. Not a good time to ask me to brew mana, btw Razz

Will post more later
Kuromori, Taka
Kuromori, Taka

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July 2019 - The First Bite Empty Re: July 2019 - The First Bite

Post by Dimitri on Mon Aug 26, 2019 11:53 am

Friday night:
• Arrive in town, people tell Dimitri to flee….. funny town
• Finnius shows Dimitri and Lexicus around, Shadow demon attacks. Dimitri is attacked by a rock and trips to the ground, but Finnius protects him with magic <3
• People say there is a doll face in the bunk house and it’s a good time for Dimitri to get a look at them. I head into bunk house…. Bad things happen I stumble out on deaths door and look for a healer. Note to Dimitri do not trust everyone 
• Doll faces are killed, there is much rejoicing, Doll faces are resurrected… Dimitri questions the sanity of this town

• Dimitri explores woods; he is alone until he’s not.
• It is friend Theo, Dimitri decides to great him loudly… maybe too loudly, Friend Theo thought he was alone he was …. Surprised to hear Dimitri yell.
• Friend Theo walks away, Dimitri finds giant spider web. Dimitri decides to stay in giant spider web, not because he cannot break out and is stuck there, no. because he wishes to build comradery with Friend Theo.  Theo helps Dimitri and they share a laugh.
• Then Theo breaks leg when giant root attacks him. Mo’chi runs and Arden show up.
• Mo’chi and Theo get immediately poisoned. Arden saves the day by petrifying them until healers awaken.

• Dimitri chats with Ceridwynn, they are a faun. He seems to be accepted into her pack because Dimitri cannot read the ink scribbles on pages.
• Lexicus enjoys a coffee by the water as he is eaten by a giant snake. Dimitri and Degren save him
• Tired Dimitri goes for nap. Snake is guarding his bed roll. Dimitri calls for Degren to help him. (Degren likes snake parts) Snake gives Dimitri a nap
• Auron Heals Dimitri, time to go lie down
• Dimitri has better nap, awoken by grunting. Grabs sword and shield jumps out of bed roll no armor on
• Startled bear decides Dimitri needs longer nap. Ardin wakes Dimitri from this one.
• Barbarians show up, we fight
• Dimitri keeps waking up in citadel. Nico fixes his armor, Morpha and other healer Dimitri hasn’t been introduced to stich him up, Mo’chi and Verbena keep bringing people in. Dimitri will add them to his book later.

• It is late Dimitri fights, Theo fights. We are alone. Theo calls for back up, I cannot reach him, Godo’s minions are too many, too strong. Theo calls out we are dying we need help, I can’t respond with the axe in my ribs. Wisper “ run Theo”
• Wake up on field alone. Dimitri prefers waking up in citadel, its warmer there.
• Godo calls for stop of attack, Krond grunts and walks towards him. Dimitri requests Krond doesn’t. Godo and Krond have heart to heart. Much grunting few words.
• Krond summarizes his displeasure at Dimitri’s interference, how it is an important and emotional subject for him and how he is hurt and disappointed that Dimitri didn’t trust Krond to handle the matter properly. This is all explained by a grunt and Krond’s fist into Dimitri’s gut.
• Dimitri gets drunk from “XXX” bottle he found on the ground.

• Ian and Dimitri both have a headache
• Bad men make cloud Dimitri’s Mind, make him loyal to Godo, Godo frees Dimitri’s mind. Maybe Godo not all bad… Maybe Dimitri was never freed from the control.  
• Towns people Talk Dimitri Guards them.  
• Verbena calls for Salvation, Dimitri Runs towards the sound, sees Godo #nope
• Dimitri runs away from Godo and circles around to help.
• Godo Leaves, he says he will return in 2 months. Everyone believes Godo He’s a pretty stand-up guy
• Dimitri ponders free will.

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July 2019 - The First Bite Empty Re: July 2019 - The First Bite

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