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May 2019 - The Golden Touch

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May 2019 - The Golden Touch Empty May 2019 - The Golden Touch

Post by Zero. on Mon May 20, 2019 3:08 pm

Hell ya bois it's event memories time.
Post your favourite moments of the weekend here. Like a Star @ heaven

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May 2019 - The Golden Touch Empty Re: May 2019 - The Golden Touch

Post by Taeriel on Mon May 20, 2019 3:17 pm

My favourite memory; learning the songs of Holdfast in the Inn!


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May 2019 - The Golden Touch Empty Re: May 2019 - The Golden Touch

Post by Sylvie on Mon May 20, 2019 4:00 pm

"No one puts baby in a corner!"
"...but you are in a corner?"

Getting a taste of what its like to be on council. So much shinanigans.

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to follow through on my plans with The Hanged Man, or even stay for much of game. I got very sick towards the end of Saturday night and stuck out what I could -_-. You can expect coffee deliveries and a more energetic Erika at June game <3

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May 2019 - The Golden Touch Empty Re: May 2019 - The Golden Touch

Post by Lady Val on Mon May 20, 2019 4:19 pm

Arrived on Sunday so not too many memories this time:

Favourite Moments:
- Playing the bandit parents, I can't get Antonio's accent right, but I loved the mod and Zar was a sport as was Mo'chi. Sam you were the best worst son.
- Getting to be Zug-zug. Oh boy was this fun. I loved sneaking up on the town, quickly realizing somewhere in my tiny ogre brain that talking seemed to be better than snacking, and then managed to convince everyone to help little Zug-zug be best ogre in the ogre games. Francis was Holdfast MVP this time for teaching an ogre the importance of consent, with a shoutout to Niko for convincing Zug-zug not to "nibble" on people. I guess I'll never know the result, but I like to think Zug-zug won the games and became a better ogre for it. (I'm sorry Zug-zug didn't care about Pendergast dying, Zug-zug just really wanted a spleen... and a kidney... and lunch.)
-Playing Ryerson's owl. The owl was just doing owl stuff. It brought you the skunk as a gift.
-Pirate ghosts were super fun and I really wish Wil had been there as he was my inspiration during this mod. I loved Pendergast's reaction to being "tasted" and I absolutely loved seeing how you all RP'd being probed/licked. You are all stars. <3
-Gerald you are hilarious as Hodrick and I love seeing you play him
-The Dread Pirate Abigail is going to steal all of your hearts, unless you are a nerd... in which case you are getting a wedgie just like Noel. On a more serious note, Abby was super fun to play and I love how Winnie just flat out kept getting her drinks. Y'all are corrupting influences my dudes. Also Abby now has a personal goal so that's fun.
-Playing Kyte, the falcon. The dude in the helmet wasn't getting near Deggy on her watch and neither was scrappy Falcon. Also mice are hard to catch.
-FINALLY GETTING TO PLAY TALA AGAIN!!! I was waiting all weekend to play them and then I finally got the green light. I loved everyone's reactions to Tala having stolen Matai-Vasa's clothes, they finally got to meet Callie in game, and people finally know in game that Tala has Psychic Ritual. I also succeeded in almost making someone cry AND you guys almost got Tala's full backstory!!! Arden and Keket were so close, maybe next time guys.

Other notes:

- I liked meeting the few new players that I did, I didn't get all of your names but I promise I'll learn them over time! You were all so cool in costume!
- I can't wait for my other characters to meet you all! Seriously, there are some of them who I know will get on with you like a house on fire, others, well, maybe less so... Razz
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May 2019 - The Golden Touch Empty Re: May 2019 - The Golden Touch

Post by Zero. on Tue May 21, 2019 1:38 pm

These are super out of order and probably badly written but dassit. May add more later.

-changing in and out of Jasmine 4(?) times before finally bringing her in, lol. Coordinating at game is rough.

-heckin honey butter. @Jessie lmao. Mad giggle fits.

-Pierre getting to fucking killing blow FOUR before Auron stopped him lmao. Owe ya one Alex.

-”I got my neck snapped, like, I’m dead right?” “Oh, yeah, you’re super dead.”  
Moments later… “something something stabilizes you” “but wait like I’m pretty sure I was dead” “just don’t move”...

Moments later, again, Theo picks me up and drags me into the inn. Keket tries to regrow my neck and stabilize me, but like, still don’t know if I’m alive or not. “OOG, guys please, if you see cast, ask them”.

Proceeding to try to explain to every medic who approached “neck snapped, stabilized, moved, stabilized, regrown”. It was a weird night.

-Lillium- “they’re kinda cute though, right? Like gothy”  “Yeah…. Yeah”. Aesthetic.

-Everything Theo. Lmao

-FUCKING GARRETT. That is all.

-Mo’chi crying through literally 90% of Saturday

-Maxxie & the banana.

-”Astral plane?” “You know what, fuck it. Let’s do this” … seconds later, screaming and panic ensues in the bunkhouse.

-Also Mo’chi casually spying on the majority of the meeting through the window lol. I like this dude.

-Also actually being in the astral plane for the first time. That was pretty cool.

-Bad touching ghosts.

-”What are you?” “We are special… you’re special too, hey? Wanna join us?” oof.

-whorehouse talk with Rynn (sp?), then proceeding to go into the woods to look for a puzzle piece or whatevs with her and Mo’chi… She made some interesting choices this weekend lmao.

-apparently Jasmine’s cursed or something lmao. Tried to bring her in, literally 30 seconds later, bats. Luckily, we finally had our first proper performance a little later, and a wonderful audience <3 Loved performing the new song for you guys!

-tag teaming a vamp with Himmel lol. He tossed me his dagger since he had a broken arm, moments before a vamp tried to attack him in the inn. I swung at him, he grappled and disarmed me, and Himmel grabbed the dagger and rescued me. Shit was lit.


-”... can you turn into shadow and wake Degren up” “.....sure”

-"wait... Jenn was singing???" lmao

Wonderful weekend, can't wait til next month!

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May 2019 - The Golden Touch Empty Re: May 2019 - The Golden Touch

Post by Mo'chi on Tue May 21, 2019 2:07 pm

I have to say, hanging out with you all by the fire pre-game on Friday night was very nice <3 would do it again. WITH THAT SAID LET'S DO THIS

Probably out of order, will add more as I remember them!

Meeting all the new people IG! Or at least, some of them.
Lilium becomeing Phineas' apprentice! If that happened on Saturday (memory is bad). Mo'chi promised to help her. Was nice.

Early morning gathers with Rin <3 I can't remember if anyone else was there, but I know Rin was.
Those bandits missed my bag :3c was good. Getting put to sleep is always fun for Mo'chi. Robin (sp?) got clawed.
GHOSTS!!! PIRATE GHOSTS!! Didn't steal anything from me, but alas.
The Maple Butter Incident™. Fuck, that was funny. @Jenn
Penderghast's death. That RP we had in the woods after was top notch.
THE VAMPIRES! All of that was just so good. It was nervewracking and GREAT. I was worried IG and OOG. Trying to spy was fun (I wasn't very subtle.)
Working myself up in the woods for like 30 mins was fun. The cold, not so much Razz
Niko's death. Crying my eyes out was very cathartic. Panic-Brewing poultices at 3 am was ALSO fun.
I cried a lot guys.

Niko's return!
The potion brewing party was real nice. Maybe i'll be Phineas' apprentice too! Maybe. SUPER ALCHEMY SQUAD!!

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May 2019 - The Golden Touch Empty Re: May 2019 - The Golden Touch

Post by Grayfeared the Whitehawk on Tue May 21, 2019 7:17 pm

I already can't wait for next game! Sorry this isn't organized into days, I forget when some things happened. I at least tried to order it via timeline. Razz

- Awesome drive out to game with Matt
- Seeing everyone again, Now that intensive projects are pretty much done, I plan to start attending crafternoons again.
- The thing I playtested is now in game! Super happy to be able to buff myself. I love the way they ended up doing it.
- Game being called close to midnight, so deciding to play Grayfeared as in bed, hungover all day. Waking up for 10 minutes, long enough to greet Pendergast, go into the inn and see Phineas asking if people know about the gods, walking back to bed while muttering, “Talking about gods where I drink? Is nothing sacred?”
- Getting up to buff marks and realizing barely anyone had them, so going to get more. (Tony, you the MVP. Sorry if you had to go a little out of your way, but it was appreciated, my dude!)
- Bats!!!
- Teaching bard things
- Learning bard thing that was a goal from day 1
- Playing with the other bards
- Leading the crowd in roll the old chariot along, improving some great lines. Gilmore by himself, might do ya a BIT o’ harm. Lol. Awesome, energetic crowd!
- Going OOG because I lead the energetic crowd while wearing big, heavy armour.
- Hearing bits and pieces of what was going on in town. Kill half the town? Permanently? What? Well, damn.
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May 2019 - The Golden Touch Empty Re: May 2019 - The Golden Touch

Post by Jaya on Sat May 25, 2019 7:26 pm

Some of this might be out of order now and I'll might have to add more later if I remember stuff.


The drive to site was beautiful! So many icebergs!

The husky in car ahead of us that kept trying to jump out the window.

Seeing everyone again!

Setting up the new tent was an experience. Hopefully I'll have mine next month.

The auction OMG. The thinking cap got way out of hand FAST but I got an awesome hat of my own out of it Wink


George bids on a scroll…."But you can’t even read!"

The bidding war between Danica and Jesse over the first potion bundle.

Camp Fire and smores :3

Saturday Clean up:

Another beautiful day!...at first

Project emotion melancholy

Keket's Emo phase

I lifted and carried a big chunk of tree all by myself! Thanks for believing in me and showing me how to properly do it Tony!

Honey Butter covered Strawberries! WHY HAVE WE NOT DONE THIS BEFORE?


Tea and Chess <3

Saturday IG: (Jaya)

OMG Theryal (SP) and RYNN  

Council meeting. Heck Sylvie is going to be a good council member. She takes no shit.

Getting attacked by skellies and new hellion?

Sylvie gets a vision? Of this new hellion adaption thing and describes it to us……Mo'Chi writes sex dream? on his board and wipes it before she see. Jaya and Mirisi laugh so hard 

Getting a very nice gift from Keket <3

Weird goblin scroll thing…Okay got to go though BYEEEEEE

Sunday (Jaya)

The drive back to site with Hilary and Jake.

Going gathering with Rose and coming across Theo, Ardin and Malva. What a nice little fun gathering party…OMG DAY YETIS DON'T MOVE….STILL DON'T MOVE

Rose being  a hero and going to get help. Then fighting them was chore and took a while. Finally getting healed and looking around and noticing and getting to Ardin 30 SECONDS TO LATE Sad

The ghost pirates, nope! Don't like getting bad touched.

Getting sung into the astral place was fun! No ghosts there

LETS HAVE A SPOOKY SÉANCE it worked! I got to ask Ardin some questions and OMG I NEVER INTENDED IT TO BE SO EMOTIONAL…"Am I ever going to see you again?"……No answer FUCK

Praying to Lord Earth for Ardin

Those damn bats!

Oh Look more pirates and guess what MORE BAD TOCHING

Vampires want all important people in town gathered in one spot I VOLENTEER AS TRIBUTE.  YOU WANT TO KILL HALF THE TOWN, WHAT?

Jaya "There are two sides to every story, I want to go get the other side of this" Proceeds to get smuggled out of town in a candle to see Marwal and gets to leave in one piece!

Getting back and helping the town fight the vampires. Getting sick of this shit and tossing the garlic over Saul's shoulder, not so tough now are ya  

Helping take Saul down "Marwal sends her regards, BITCH"….OH SHIT HE'S BACK UP GUYS

Actually killing Saul.

The drive home that night OMG

Sunday (Callie)

Callie meeting Cal, having a nice chat with him and buying a fancy arrow

Accidently being around and hearing snippets of a "private" convocation between Aal, Malva and Auron in the inn.

Being a proxy for Malva to buy things from Cal while she was brewing.

Watching two rabbits maul someone and making them afraid of me. "Guys these rabbits are hostile! They are currently afraid of me" People draw swords and stuff but DO NOTHING as I heard them towards the pointy swords so I end up hearding them out of town.

Callie trying to teach Keket arcane dissection so they kill a sheep to practice on and it starts moving away so we attack it more and mulch the poor thing. Turned out the corpse was blowing away in the wind XD We get another later and she gets the teaching.


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May 2019 - The Golden Touch Empty Re: May 2019 - The Golden Touch

Post by Marr on Sat May 25, 2019 10:40 pm

Event Casting: Woot~ I had a fun time and hope people enjoyed the characters I played here are my highlights

Clean up and getting to meet everyone again. it was nice
Great day for clean up.
Set up new tent in new area they cleaned out for Knights / Merc Camp going to take a bit to get use to.

Saturday Oog
More clean up. le sigh back was a tad off Thank you Krond for cracking it
More New People Nice to meet you guys hope you enjoyed yourself.

Shit people are getting flooded out.... hopefully they can tough it out.

Saturday Ig
F*k f*k f*k rain I enjoy it but i'm casting... I know i'm laying in puddles tonight.
Goes out as skelly. oh god did I get destroyed,
5 months of waiting for game everyone was waiting to kill things.
Early night do to weather.

Sunday Ig
More casting better weather.

Fun As Spider:
hunting for food, spins some webs
Ardin trying to taunt a bear to chase him back into woods backs right up into web the [OH shit] moment on his face proceeds to get mauled by both. Great!

Hunts back and forth the woods between inn and earth circle not really active...
At Citadel, catches Pierre off by himself wraps him up and starts to drag him into woods Escapology... rips himself out a lot sooner then expected... Oh no I lunge away towards webs

head back to inn trail lay in wait for what feels like forever but only 27mins for someone
Finally picks off and cocoon Morpha, Great sport because dang people just didn't notice him and it was awhile.

Mana Bunny:
Energetic meeting everyone spreading out mana then the bats and screams, I can't help but comfort people.

Terrible Son:
I still want to entertain people but parents well stuck in their ways, using Mo'chi to practice with dagger, "Pretend their just bread" ....
Fun playing off both Jake and Hilary

Orge: Muul-da [dead]
Must Win use force and brain.
Headed through the trails for awhile no one, alright have to get more risky, heads to buildings

Wandered around them waiting for anyone, sees Michel going to inn grabs him and pulls off of deck
Mauls him and rips out spleen while everyone else comes to rescue???
Oh no how to I get out of this.. not bad at all they just let me go. {WAIT WHAT? okay i'm not use to orges}
I enjoyed "Lying" to people they had laugh since they knew better "Just Spleen"

Back in woods looking for target number 2...
I notice Mirresey[Sp] bringing things back out of camp I thought he was Oog but when he noticed me in distance and my disappointed look he said no i'm Ig
Attempt 2
back up into the woods down the trail to go after him in field
Orge sneaking was fun doing,
he notices me drops his stuff and I make chase as big orge I could not keep up, Turn around grabs his stuff and book it towards the woods.
Best part of him until he died..

Night Yeti:
it was nice being a destructive force in woods just living.
being on edge for any sign of moment or sound.

Vampire: Maldo [dead]
I had problems with doors.. Thank you ignus a fellow friend inviting me in. but reason I mostly stayed outside.
It was nice to just chat with people with different perspective changes to world while keeping reassuring peaceful nature.
Caught Mo'Chi spying and just told him to stop.
Meeting over, Reps come back in. Fighting ensues but it was a bloodbath feeds on Niko he was "little sweet"
Go to actual combat outside, OW it hurts, I need to feed
blood bags are inside get invited inside again see niko body under table pulls him up onto bench and feeds on him because enjoy taste the first time and leave for more combat.

Combat with Enyamia, quite enjoyable I lost my cape in the fight but I'll leave that tale for you.

Downing Krond and picking him up to drag him somewhere else to feed walking in front of both Aurron and Pierre for good portion Oog whispering to krond "Wait is this really happening" as they just let me go by.

Sunday IG:
Mana / Float / Sheep
Causing PenderGast to go mad, annoying people.
Being nice spreading mana.

Jaya Float sheep, I go up to cause just a little chaos and they gently kill it and wind picks up so I just tumble the corpse along with the wind they see it moving and then mulch every piece of it until they notice, "Oh it's already dead"

Keket and another float sheep using her as a wind wall to travel towards tavern before game Got called.

I enjoyed myself it was fun, and if i'm not back as a character hopefully i'm casting again.


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May 2019 - The Golden Touch Empty Re: May 2019 - The Golden Touch

Post by Kuromori, Taka on Sun May 26, 2019 1:45 pm

-Saw a rain beetle, so of course it had to rain
-Being so soaked and tired after moving everything in from the tent that I just went to bed after safety speech. I actually got enough sleep that night though, so that was nice.
-Being OOG in my bunk, town meeting starts right in my section. Want to use my wool scarf as another blanket, but it's under the adjacent bunk. Casually contorts around the ladder, over my alchemy kit, and down under the bunk to grab it without disturbing the heavy RP.

Sunday (Malva):
-Big business deals
-3 new recipes!!
-Getting to hype everyone up about the item Degren found and then tell them all what it's for.
-Yetis and managing to root around for a poultice and apply it to Ardin without them spotting me.
-Ardin died! I thought we had the situation under control...
-Seance! If I were playing Taka I could have just popped into the astral plane, but I'm glad everyone had fun without her Smile

Sunday (Taka):
-Aww they all gotten taken into the inn to negotiate with vampires and they might die. How nostalgic, it reminds me of Timmean and Marwel from season 1 or 2!
-Seeing the news get broken to Mo'chi that Niko died Sad

Monday (Malva):
-Potion brewing party!
-Big RP with Cal Sad
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May 2019 - The Golden Touch Empty Re: May 2019 - The Golden Touch

Post by Timmean on Thu May 30, 2019 6:31 pm

Friday evening:
- Shopping, shopping, shopping! New people + an extra day + the usual = lots of food to buy
- Getting to site at 8:25 when the auction is scheduled for 8:30
- Guys, nerd bidding wars are the best
- I got the one item I wanted! Trust me, this is a very good thing

Saturday morning:
- Lots o’ choppin’ an’ splittin’ an’ carryin’
- Dragging trees out of the woods is a yearly tradition
- Got sprayed in the face with wood debris. THEN put on safety glasses. WEAR SAFETY GLASSES
- I WILL chop this log in half WITH AN AXE. I know there will be a chainsaw later. I know waiting for it would be easier. I don’t care. I’m not stubborn, I swear
- Apparently the appropriate chopping music is “Disco Inferno”
- I will divert for hydration
- The weather was BEAUTIFUL! I’m sure it’ll stay like this ALL WEEKEND… right?

Saturday night:
- Absolute downpour
- I’m sitting in the inn OOG while other cast finishes some prep and game gets started. Phineas is talking to Krond about their strategies for fighting skeletons. I already know what monsters are coming out next
- Also, welcome to all the new characters! The intro with Phineas is usually a little less chaotic; a lot of people were crammed inside due to the rain. Hopefully you got all you needed! (And if you have any questions, just ask!)
- Went out as a skeleton, got beaten very fast. Went unconscious. On the ground. The wet, wet, wet ground
- Did a few more skeleton runs, with similar results. But, we did have one other idea…
- What happens when a skeleton who doesn’t know what’s going on grabs a rat by the tail, and then holds on frantically? It gets dragged around the field, that’s what! Then what happens when the skeleton realizes it’s strong enough to lift the rat and swing it around by the tail? Twisted Evil
- Degren eventually pinned my rat-flail to the ground (the rat was very dead by this point) and everyone started attacking it. It wasn’t until I started clawing into Auron that most people realized I wasn’t wearing an OOG headband. But after that, I lasted about as long as my previous skeleton incarnations.
- Trying to dry off, and find a place for the costumes to dry

Sunday morning:
- Introducing Kallith, my new character! He didn’t stay in town too long (as I had other cast stuff to do), but it was nice to finally bring that guy in.
- Most people in the Epoch world have now seen hellions before, from when they rampaged across the entire world last year. So you can imagine just how HAPPY Kallith was to see Degren carrying around a fresh hellion head pale
- Asking around and getting bits and pieces of the Axis/rift storyline, but with lots of details missed
- Finally ended up with this account: “So, you’re telling me that the rift appeared, and terrible monsters started pouring out of it. Then, all four elemental lords arrived, and gave some guy named Pierre a… magic rope? And then he… fixed it.” Sensing this account to be a little short on details, I went to track down this Pierre guy.
- Had an IG shouting conversation with Pierre while George was OOG taking down his tent. Then the citadel started to fly away, taking up our attention. Once the tear-down was complete, Kallith left town to do a little research.
- I was in cast cabin when Hillary and Jake were getting ready for their mod, and Jake is prepping to be a female dwarf. He had his shirt stuffed and most of his costume on when Rob walked into cast cabin. It was the first time Rob has seen Jake since Japan. Priceless Laughing
- After lunch, I got to introduce the great merchant/treasure hunter, Baralaf! And he’s here to figure out why everything in the multiverse shows up in Holdfast
- Trying to get info on Holdfast, but everyone is too distracted. I guess that happens when ogres show up looking to collect your organs
- Finally managed to persuade Degren and Auron to show me around and give some details on the Holdfast history, after making a special down payment
- Careful on those rocks! Don’t slip! (Spoiler, someone slipped)
- Stepping into the white hellion fight to get the non-fighters out of there. Apparently Ardin died because no one noticed him nearby, and I took away the best spotter Mad
- Messing with the pirate kids

Sunday evening:
- Ghosts! Being all spooky and creepy and stuff is fun
- BATS! My bat managed to sneak up on Degren because another bat had him distracted. He was not happy
- Degren subsequently rushing around trying to find a medic to get the bat out. He eventually took Pendergast’s guitar hostage to persuade the Professor to track someone down
- Once that bat was dealt with, I spawned a new one out in the woods… but by now, most of the town was in the inn. I managed to sneak up on two new characters (don’t know your character names yet, sorry!) and burrow into one before the second noticed. What followed was some of the best medic RP I’ve seen, especially for medic 1 stuff. Good job!
- After it started to get dark, a new group of bad guys show up. Me and Christian discreetly made our way into the inn, and went unnoticed... until I attacked everyone Laughing
- Slinking around as a shadow, studying everyone and trying to figure out exactly how to carry out my assignment
- Side note to that, Pierre is extremely difficult to sneak up on
- We ambushed Rose at the Fairy Circle, but decided not to be too mean, because reasons
- Did some stuff and ran away. I think that’s about as much detail as I can give
- VAMPIRES! That was a fun mod. The inn has now served as the meeting place for at least two midnight “negotiations” with highly dangerous vampires. Ah, nostalgia Twisted Evil
- Trying to get all the leaders together; to the new guy with the red mantle (sorry, didn’t catch your name!), I hope you enjoyed the meeting
- Noticed someone standing on a picnic table, spying on the talks; didn’t bother to stop them
- The fight began as expected, but was a bit more brutal than I anticipated. Standing in the field, surrounded by so many unconscious characters on the ground… bwahaha
- Pierre and Auron, back to back, no other fighters left, beaten up and exhausted, short on weapons, yet STILL FENDING OFF FIVE VAMPIRES. It was epic. Easily my favorite moment of the game. I hissed at them a lot Like a Star @ heaven

We interrupt your regularly scheduled LARP weekend for this brief interlude:
- Peanut. Peanut. Peanut. Peanut. Peanut, peanut. Peanut. Peanut. Peanut butter, peanut butter. Peanut. Peanut. Peanut. Peanut…
- I have created a monster
- Also, Lynsey is supposedly trapped. In Jake’s phone
- Actually getting a shower and shave on a LARP weekend. I don’t like leaving site during a game, but that was very nice

- My thanks to everyone who helped keep kitchen running while I was out!
- Otto returns! And with a particular agreement in place, he’s a little more open about his activities
- Trying to find someone with the Earth resurrection spell
- “There are lots of different ways around that. First of all, you could kill that guy.”
- Game is called, and cleanup can begin! Washing pots in the stream is nice but cold (note: don't worry, everything gets a much more sanitary wash between games)
- The Tim’s also worked out well, as far as I can see. It’s not Robins, but seating was still pretty good
- Firing up the barbecue upon returning to St. John’s to try to eat some of the food that I wasn’t comfortable saving for later. My thanks to Lynsey, Pepper, Mitchell, and Christian for help in getting through all that.

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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May 2019 - The Golden Touch Empty Re: May 2019 - The Golden Touch

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