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A Letter From A Messenger

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A Letter From A Messenger Empty A Letter From A Messenger

Post by Octavia Rhoswen on Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:42 pm

A stout, short man with a beard and tam nails a scroll to the Notice board and hobbles out the door to the Watering Hole.

The Inn & Watering Hole
Isle Of The Dead

To the residents of the Inn and surrounding areas,

A contest whilst be held entitled 'Holier Than Thou'. Open to all residents of the local Inn and surrounding lands, thou must createth thine own holy relic. One must be able to hold within one's hand. Bonus to those that may be worn and have been blessed.

Furthur instructions upon mine return.


Baroness Decima O. Von Faelyn

Octavia Rhoswen

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