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The May Event!

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The May Event! Empty The May Event!

Post by AD on Mon May 02, 2016 10:27 am

Morning All!

Season is nearly upon us and the big question about what is happening with the May event is resurfacing.

ANSWER! The May Event will be a half brush clean up event and half story event. There are several fallen trees that need to be taken care of. I anticipate being able to start game at/around 5pm on Saturday.

The event will be starting and ending at the regular times, ish. If people get to site for around 5 on Friday then we will have a good chunk of light to work with. There will be meal plan at the May Event.

Exp will work the same regardless of brush clean up. 2 exp per day you are there. These exp can be doubled out with CRPs.

For those that do not want to/cannot be there for the clean up aspect but plan to be there for the story aspect. Plan to show up for around 5pm on the Saturday. Same as before, if the gate is closed when you arrive, this means that game has started and to quietly come into game OOG and set up your stuff. If the gate is open, it means we are still cleaning and you can rock on in.

For people coming for the cleaning. We will be cleaning fallen trees and underbrush. This is manual labour and I highly recommend that you bring/wear clothes you don't mind being dirty or torn or just generally not sparkling. We all have muggle clothing, so I don't want to see costumes on during the clean up. People work hard for their costumes and I would hate to see them wrecked because of clean up. There should totally be a better story than, "I picked up a branch the wrong way."

The event will still cost $20 for the site and an extra $10 for meal plan, culminating to $30.

If there's anymore I'll add on later!

Hope to see you all there!



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