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Post by AD on Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:04 am

Morning All!

So event is around the corner and there are some things people should be aware of,
1) People are welcome to start arriving at around 7 on Friday. We wish to have game called in for 8.
2) Event still costs $20 for returning players. BUUUUUT! $10 for new players! Meal plan costs a flat $10, regardless of newness.
3) Protocol for arriving to event; a) Should you arrive prior game is called, you can drive right up to the buildings and unload your stuff, as noisily or quietly as you'd like. When you're done, go park your car in the civic l center parking lot.
b) Should you arrive after game has been called in, pull up at the gate, try ensure low to no headlights, and quietly bring your stuff in OOG. Set up OOG and then join game as you may. l Also ensure that your car is parked at the civic center
c) How to tell if game is called; If the gate is open, game is not on. If the gate is closed, game has been called. This goes for rides and pick ups. They may go no further if the gate is
l closed. Please be sure to let any ride givers know that.
4) If you are coming to game and you didn't get to me your soul on time and are therefore unsure about me having it, please bring two copies of your soul to game! If you got to me your soul on time then don't worry about it.
5) If you are under 18 and have not already gotten given me a signed permission form, as signed by your parent/guardian, then be sure to contact me so I can send you a permission form.

That should be it, if not I will be sure to add it.

I can't wait! XD



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