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July 2018: When I am King

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July 2018: When I am King Empty July 2018: When I am King

Post by Hunter ツ on Sun Jul 15, 2018 3:17 pm

Memories thread!
Hunter ツ
Hunter ツ

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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Fr. Francis Saint-Antoine on Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:55 pm

I started the night with healing and barding in the inn. So many bleeding bodies, and one dead body :'( RIP In Pieces Sir. Ardin Gallagher. Besides that, that Big Tom guy seemed very friendly, and particularly not evil. What a pal! After the night had calmed down, I had my first experience with a (the?) dollface! Rob did a great job with that one. At first I ran away, but then I thought, no, Francis wants to see if it's friendly. It Was! It was not. It downed me, and after The Lovely Morpha healed me, I ventured outside to see if it had a change of heart. It did! it did not. For the second time, it cut my legs out from under me. Fr. Francis' hypothesis is that it's doing random things to people to see how they react. However, all of those things are malicious.

We learned that several townsfolk were kidnapped by Big Tom's crew. Wait, he's evil now? We'll deal with that later, for now we have to fix the water circle! Holy shit we made it way worse. Now it's black and pulsing and it cursed Timmean's awareness, making him drop all his mana. That's a lot of mana. Feeling as charitable as usual, Francis whiped out his proverbial collection plate, and went hunting for suckers kind souls. Thanks to everyone who donated mana! Timmean was very appreciative.

Next we saw Nero Von Evil and his goons come with Pierre as a hostage. Our failing negotiations turned violent when Asher shot two successful crit shots in a row! Some of the best and/or luckiest archery I've ever seen. Erika got my fighting spirit vote for that [smiley]https://2img.net/i/fa/i/smiles/icon_biggrin.png[/smiley] In all the chaos, I decided to get in closer to grab a staff that someone had dropped. I'm not really sure what I was thinking, that someone on our side might need it, or that someone on their side might use it against us. It was a needles risk in retrospect, but I went for it nevertheless. Got hit by an arrow right in the gut. I'm not sure who, but just as I was going down, I heard someone say "Wha- You shot at the priest!?"

While I was unconscious Big Tom stabilized me. OOG I knew he was putting himself at risk by doing that. I almost OOG cried a little when Nero scolded him for healing me.
After the fighting settled, Enna (spelling?) healed me, and I woke up with a strange bandage tied to my wrist. I asked around to see who owned it, but nobody knew. Francis never learned who that kind stranger was...

Later I was hanging around in the inn, when this magical dwarf appears in a puff of smoke. He came to teach Timmean his resurrection spell! What could possibly go wrong? So he goes with Timmean and Lyn to The Citadel for a quiet place to work. Myself and Morpha tag along out of curiosity. Pierre is there also because... that's where he lives I guess? The jolly attitude of our party came to an abrupt end when we learned that  Timmean needs a body to practice on. Someone who he trusts, and who trusts him to no end. Lyn volunteers. I'll spare the details, but it went smoothly. OOG and IG I had good cry outside The Citadel. Morpha was a comforting presence.

Shortly after that Jenny arrived. I didn't have much to do with that, so I'll let someone else tell that story.

Before the lich came in I was talking to the three Nordinists. Oliver was talking about their no-nonsense father, and Enna (s?) made a comment about how he was a monster. I made a bad joke, saying that she's one to talk about monstrous fathers. I realized my mistake and started apologizing profusely, but she was very upset by my comment. That was the last thing I said to her.

I spent Saturday night in The Citadel with Morpha, Prof. Michael, and Nico. We didn't see any action of significance until Gurok came in carrying a familiar corpse. She dropped it in the forge while Morpha was healing Big Tom. She insisted we burn it in the forge and left before we had time to object.
Nero's undead voice echoed through The Citadel as a panic unfolded between myself and the other squishies. He climbed out of the fire and started stabbing us, one by one. I played dead. Then he began counting down a killing blow on Big Tom. That's when it dawned on me. It was finally my time to be the hero I always knew I was.

"Grapple one!" I grab his leg.
A pause hung in the air "Grapple seven."
"I uhh... I pathetically pull on your leg."
"I kick it away?"
I have been bested.

He finished killing Big Tom and carried him out of The Citadel. I got up, frantically stabilized my peers, and ran off to find a healer. Overall, a more successful night than I anticipated!

After the action settled, I went back to the inn to get caught up with what happened. Guess I'll be hosting a funeral on the forums soon, so stay tuned for that.

I woke up late and was doing dishes through the whole Bilibun thing. I had several people harass me during all that, but mostly managed to stay out of it.

I was recalling the weekend to my family when my father, a professor of linguistics, told me that "lych" is the Old English word for "body." Huh.

If I think of anything I forgot, I'll edit this post. In the meantime, congrats to our EDs, this was a fantastic game!! Thank you for telling such a powerful and moving story!
Fr. Francis Saint-Antoine
Fr. Francis Saint-Antoine

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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Mo'chi on Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:58 pm

let's DO THIS

safety walk with phineas was interesting. we almost got attacked so many times! but he y'know... made us part of the ground.
shortly after safety walk i went to bed so.. missed like 90% of the battle.

listen this is going to be all kinds of out of order but that's because i am.. bad at remembering events in order.

i really enjoyed gathering with malva! we carved up a giant snake that had eaten big tom. also niko got 4 actually lucky unmarked eggs in a row. (i play dnd with ryan. that man rolled 2 nat1's when he had advantage. one night he rolled 6 in a row!! how the hell did he get lucky!!)

i missed most of the Big Tom Turning Evil but i caught the tail end of it. he was tied up in the inn when i got there, being accosted by various people who i can't remember for the life of me.

jenny turned up at some point, but to be honest? it is all a blur. she wrecked us while mo'chi hid in the basement like a COWARD (to be fair he's useless in a fight. not really any weapon skills.)

i was at the fairy circle when they were checking it out! it was terrible. but y'know it's fine. just black death tendrils. timmean took a burnout, though. that was funny!

watching niko and bikbun at the forge was Very Good.

the rp i had with maxii was really fun! two mutes, one can't read. it was fun. mo'chi pet an Actual Human Man (to be fair i thought he was an animal OOG)
oh god the billybuns. i won lucky charms! my character was terrified! at some point someone made him drunk and fall in love! (not at the same time tho)
all in all a good day even if the rain decided it was going to happen.

im sure there's stuff i'm forgetting but i'm... very tired. i'll probably edit this later

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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Hunter ツ on Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:13 pm

I wasn’t planning to make this game be Hunter’s weekend, but that’s just sort of how it worked out.


- Car ride out with Jess, always a good time

- Tree chopping! Didn’t think I would get to do that until next may, but thank lord air for all these fallen trees


- Finally doing Hugo’s Land of the Dead, and all the interesting things which happened therein. Not something one would normally consider enthusing, but hey, I've been waiting to do it for a long time

- Wrapping that up, and coming in as Hunter.

- Ardin’s Death! Hunter did everything he could to save you, but you’d bled out several minutes prior and Hunter has medic 0. He wept.

- Running into ‘dollface’, and struggling to deal with that on my own, stabbing it and filling it with arrows in a vain attempt to drive the creature off.

- Returning to the Inn, exhausted, and sleeping alongside Ardin’s body as Hunter’s way to pay his respects to the fallen warrior :’(


- Waking up two hours later, the sun pouring through the windows. I have slept for a scarce two hours. I make tea.

- Hunter sat alongside an equally dreary Lynn, sipping his morning tea, when an ear-piercing shriek for salvation pierced the early morning silence. Sprinting out of the Inn, dagger in hand, he sprinted up the hill towards the source of the distress. What he found was Malva, her hand trapped between two stones and bleeding profusely. Thinking quickly, Hunter placed a twig between her teeth, found a big stone, and with a swift blow, broke the bone in the offending forearm. Following through, knowing he’d have little time before shock set in, he drew his knife and finished the job, cutting off the trapped limb and freeing Malva. He did his best to stop the bleeding, but knew his best wouldn’t be enough and so he escorted the wounded faun back to the Inn with all due haste. There, she found treatment for the debilitating injury in the form of an earth mana from Professor Prometheusand a borrowed spellbook. Gratified that, despite the trauma he inflicted, that it was for the best and that without his intervention Malva surely would have perished, he returned to his tea and began to search for breakfast

- Finding out OOG later on that Malva got her other hand trapped by another egg mod not even twenty minutes later. >_<

- Sitting on the patio, watching Big Tom and Lilium walk off into the woods together, and watching Big Tom return on his own not long after and thinking to myself “That seems suspicious.”

- Watching him do the same to Asher, but this time intervening when I caught sight of a big snake and heard a call for salvation.

- Dealing with the big snake, after struggling to get people to come help with it for five minutes because apparently slithering one’s hand around (like how a snake crawls) while snakes are around doesn’t get recognized as ‘snake’ in mimespeak.

- The hostage situation: Being a clever boy, Hunter figured he’d flank around behind the slavers in an effort to, if not ambush them or cut off their retreat, make the road a much less appealing option along which to flee. Sitting in position, One of the pirates glanced over his shoulder and met my eyes. Now knew my cover was blown, but I could still be a problem once negotiations turned sour.
Its at this point when (Helen’s character from the ritual), Ira, and Torvallis come over, dragging their long cloaks through the trees, conversing, and otherwise making as much noise as possible, come over and crouch down beside me. Ira asks if she should blend us with air, distracting us just long enough for the fight to break out and for all of us to get our asses kicked by (Brian’s Pirate).

- In a moment of cosmic karma, getting hit by an arrow from (Tony’s archer) which was clearly meant for someone else.

- Getting revenge on (Brian’s Pirate) by shooting him with what must have been every single arrow on site

- Going along with the rescue team to get Lilium back, that fight was a lot of fun, getting to hang back and dish out arrows with impunity.

- Pointing out an Herbalism capsule to Lilium, whereupon she opens it.. and gets knocked into her bleed, arm broken, and pinned to the ground by a particularly aggressive root. Can you guess what happens next?

- Carrying a one-armed Halfling back to the Inn to find a healer.

- Taking a nap.


- Being awoken from my nap by an OOG Mel:
  “Hey Mitchell wake up”
   Me, drowsy: “Wha, what is it?”
  “Do you wanna monster?”
   Me, wide awake, completely alert: “I’ll be in cast cabin in four minutes”


- Cursing Father Francis into unawareness :p sorry not sorry for all that earth mana

- Being chased by Pierre and Marr, needing an escape, and seeing the ocean and thinking to myself “Yea the Manta would do this” before diving into the pond and IC swimming away. Sorry for getting the stat sheet wet Rob :&

- Having to go OOG to try to dry off for a few hours


- In an unexpected twist, a ghastly ally appears!

(I intend to write a piece of short fiction detailing Hugo’s experience of the fight that night, I’m glad to hear that, even in death, Hugo saves lives)

- Hearing speculation about the nature of Hugo’s return was certainly interesting, I’ll put it that way.

- Going OOG once more, try to dry off my soggy boots again.

That was some serious RP going on there in the Inn all night, all the way up until I passed out on the floor, or bench, I don’t recall, some time around 4am


- Waking up as Hunter, rather perplexed as to how I arrived back in the Inn after deep into the woods the previous evening. Chalking that one up to mushroom stew, I sat down to write up some observations about the local fauna.

- Billybuns! Recalling the forecast provided the previous day as to what was coming, Hunter promptly took a nap and hoped nobody would notice him.

- Later, when spotted by Mel’s (Faun?), Pulling out Hunter’s pocket sand billybuns and scattering them as a distraction to escape, fleeing into the woods with all due haste.


- Hearing about all the goofy stuff that happened to other people, ESPECIALLY Big Tom. That man had one hell of a weekend, I'll tell you what.
Hunter ツ
Hunter ツ

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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Winnie on Mon Jul 16, 2018 5:52 am


-The drive over with Mitchell. Russian music and psychic talks.
-Finally teaching Taka to read. Common has so many redundancies lol
-Spooky scary skeletons
-Big Tom. Good guy that Big Tom.
-Highlight of the night would be Tony's wraith who fed on fear. Winnie hated it so much she didn't even listen to what the newcomers were saying about the lich, could only try and think of ways to kill the wraith the rest of the night.

-Damn good breakfast around 10ish and a chimera showing up at fire circle but I ignored it cause both Winnie and Jess can't function until breakfast has been consumed. Or maybe chimera was Sunday....either way I ignored it for food.
-Noticing Lynn at the table sitting there being all super psychic. Does she know Empathic Healing? Why Yes. Would she be willing to teach Winnie? Why yes. Jackpot. Was totally willing to spend my 20 xp to just learn it without a teacher but this is very very nice.
-Proceeding to stalk Lynn all afternoon to get the training because things keep happening.
-Finally getting the training on the road to Nero's camp to save the hostages. I cried a little. Not as much as with George. But yeh.
-Looting some very pretty daggers off of Nero's corpse. Which we left in the woods. Right before a lich would be coming. I realized this, didn't say a word to anyone, knelt down next to Alex and whispered, "We're leaving your body in the woods...there's a lich coming...have fun tonight, man." Found out after game that Sharon knew it would happen too. I'm glad I didn't say anything. :3
-Getting sleeping and taking a nap. Told people I was going out to meditate. Came back later with no states cause nap=/=Meditate RP. Used the wraith from the night before as an excuse for having no states.
-Jenny's attack and the menta rays especially. Being down on the ground in my bleed and hearing knocking on the window of the bunk house, peek a bit to see Rob's ray smacking up against the window and trying very hard not to lose my shit at how so amazing it was that the ray thought there was no glass.
-Suiting up Tony in the lich armor around Earth Circle and presenting the sword while down on one knee "My liege."
-Running around OOG giving messages to Jess, Mel and Michael, "You feel his presence, his arrival is imminent."
-Sadly having to go to the bathroom after delivering messages and missing the first part of the fight before the Lich was in the circle
-Later on trying to avoid skeletons on the deck and going around the bunkhouse and running into ghost Hugo. He imparts me with 2 empathic healings. Thank god, I had no states at all.
-Going down in the field many times to Pepper's guy. Also thinking that I lost one of the states on the ground that Hugo gave me so thinking I could only empathic heal once. Using that heal on Timmean after we both go down. Good Ol' Hugo getting me up...many times. Honestly think that half the town would have died if not for Hugo the Friendly Ghost.
-Being dragged into the circle with the lich and honestly hoping I would bleed out so I could come back as zombie Winnie. But Pierre got me out when I was floating between minute 17 and 18 of my bleed. Hardy con 1 ruining potential fun.
-Would have died at least 4 times if it wasn't for Hardy Con 1. One of those times I was dragged into the inn while still bleeding and nobody checked on me until minute 11. Hardy con 1 saving my life. Good Guy HC1.
-Pepper taking my staff and hiding it. Grabbed a cast foam fist and went out to punch the lich, giving Tony the opportunity to boop me to death like he said he would do. He did not.
-Going down again and missing the end of the fight while in the inn. Rushing to the knights camp to find the lich dead on the group a little past it.
-Outside with Big Tom chatting after the fight. Thanked him for helping us in the fight then we hear a salvation from the water circle. Very confused we go over and Verbena is there crying and telling us Gurok is in the water with a rock drowning herself. Big Tom to the rescue. He pulled her out by cutting off her arms that were under the rock and performs cpr but it's too late. I walk Verbena to the inn while Tom carries Gurok.
-Don't remember much after that for saturday night. oog talks before bed were nice.


-Billybuns Billybuns Billybuns. Turns out Winnie has a dice problem. Taking the blindly loyal to billibuns for that cosmic dice roll. We make our own fun yeh?
-Pepper giving me hallucinations to make people play games. God, hallucinations is so fun. Was planning on going for it this season and now I definitely want to.


-Drive with Mitchell. Finding out that a new character I was thinking of making is pretty much Hunter. And Winnie is pretty much Hugo 2.0 skillwise. We joked that Mitchell will make another character in 6 months and I'll do the same and we'll compare the see if they're the same. Great minds think alike, Mitch, but fools rarely differ.
-At Robin's talking psychic stuff and deciding I should get quicken state on the forums with my 10 leftover xp for next game.
-Later in the evening, talking to Pepper about skills to learn when Winnie pops into my head really wanting to hunt down and kill the wraith from Friday night. Attempting to thwart the urges to kill a wraith and actually go towards my plans of getting all the psychic stuff. Eventually losing and having to redo my entire season plan because what Winnie wants trumps what Jess wants....

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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Kuromori, Taka on Mon Jul 16, 2018 5:54 am

Hunter ツ wrote:
- Finding out OOG later on that Malva got her other hand trapped by another egg mod not even twenty minutes later. >_<

What? That was actually hours later, like you helped me first thing in the morning, and the second hand-entrapment was the last thing I did before I changed out of Malva for the day.
Kuromori, Taka
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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Himmel Finsternis on Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:07 pm

(notice that my events of saturday may be a tad out of order)
Friday before game:
-drove with gerald. was fun, we chatted about lots of stuff and of course game was on both of our minds since yah know about 45 mins away from getting there so it was a topic of interest we kept coming back to
- had fun pumping up my new air mattress and setting up my bunk before game
-NEW TOILET! the old one broke and yes this is a highlight for me.. new toilets are boss
-income was messed up.. first time Himmel even took a currency and im not sure he got it all.. either Himmel didnt or raider didnt.. i know we didnt get mana.. anyway Sharon said sorry not sorry for that one.. its all we can do (theres a reason for it im guessing)

Friday IG:
-gerald and i came in as 2/3 of the TRD's since liv wasnt able to make it to this game after all
-handing out a quest to someone.. cant remember who it was but raider is literate now so no weird life skill: writer without even being literate (he wrote it down anyway) Very Happy
-the Inn gets attacked! raider and duude trying to offer a game to timmean (sp?) as the door is getting broken down and a callout was made
-Raider and Duude (not even having weapons let alone a skill to help use one) decide its best to leave town for the night to "check on sister Taylin"
-Himmel doesnt come back to town until saturday so gerald and i suited up in cast cabin to be skellies attacking the inn. first time casting and it was definitely lots of fun beating down the people that himmel (and myself) will soon learn lots more about
-i believe i downed one or two people that night
-got tired around 11ish i believe and went to bed for the night

-for the morning was IG as the TRD's again.. i believe i ate some breakfast OOG though.. i cant remember but i think i usually do that
-we handed out our confusing game to a few people then left town again to go suit up as himmel and herr
-for the first bit i think i just wandered around chatting to people.. mostly sticking close to the inn because food and drink as well as theres always at least SOMEONE there
-i believe what happened after that was himmel, herr and nico went adventuring for events (egg mods). we found lots of geology ones we brought bikbun to afterward as well as herbs and such for malva
-Himmel's VERY FIRST experience with an egg mod got him slow poision as well as it causing a 20 foot radius in the area so he also got his new friend nico poisoned. thankfully nico had some states from his 4 lucky egg mod finds so he just ripped one off and was cured (reminder to have someone explain states to me)
-nico and himmel get to the inn to have himmel cured
-i recall a few trips to the fire circle/forge.. a few conversations then himmel and herr set off to check out some of the interesting things we found earlier
-Herr starts choking! not my brother! right infront of me! he seems to be motioning that theres water in his lungs and he cant breathe (egg mod says he needs a certain air spell that NO ONE in town even knows and that hes got 3 mins before he drowns)
-Herr finally drowns in the inn and he has an essence resurrect (i believe it was mel that casted that one and miscanted it at first but she didnt toss the mana so it wasnt used thankfully)
-went OOG to take a nappo
-woke up wondering about food.. found some snacks layed out in the inn and ate OOG before suiting back up
-gerald not feeling very well says herr wont be back to town
-made sure gerald got a plate of food before it was all gone so he could eat when he woke up (what a nice friend i am :3)
-gerald wakes up after a lot of different stuff happening that i cant fully remember, he eats and later comes back into game as herr (thankfully)
-the fight! i have almost no clue of where i should be except fighting the baddies and protecting some big blue glowing orb
-i mostly spend it fighting alongside zero and pierre i believe until we got seperated and himmel got frozen for 20 mins next to big tom
-(technical)OOG chats while frozen within 5 feet of that guy were really fun
-mel being mel (as a sort of lizard folk i think?) came up and got in my face when i couldnt do anything.. she dripped blood on my tabard (crying face)
-people's limbs are being chewed off! himmel couldnt do jack diddly!
-mel (omg mel please!) once again comes back to LICK MY CHEEK (as described action of course). himmel is disgusted that this.. thing just licked him
-20 mins are up finally and big tom and i stagger back to the inn (i think he was with me)
-i get paralyzed for 5 mins once again next to someone. literally probably a foot and a half away from zero and right outside the inn.
-once again technical OOG chats with zero were enjoyable (jenn has colour contacts for zero.. one eye is dark blue and the other light blue.. ugh i loved them)
-himmel and zero seemed to hit it off. hung around zero a decent bit for the rest of the weekend with portions of nico and mo'chi showing up.. those two are fun people
-the actual battle himmel didnt see too much of sadly.. at one point he was running through the circle next to herr being his bodyguard for the orb
-we get one run through then are on the path toward the knights camp and the orb gets passed off to Verbena but Himmel runs off to keep doing battle. not sure where Verbena and gurok actually went but the orb went missing for a while.. we need it only one more time!
-battle and downs and helping people up. helped winnie up and to the inn once and tried a second time maybe 5-10 mins later but got attacked so the stabilizing process didnt finish (note to self: dont try to stabilize on the battlefield in the middle of a massive fight)
-Himmel stabilizes maybe one more person that was downed during the fight but doesnt get them anywhere
-oh right! he stabalized and helped big tom to the citadel for healing (which i guess was not long before the event he heard about later with nero (?) being tossed into the forge then burning down the inside of the citadel and killing big tom)
(if i remember any more ill edit and add)

-Himmel didnt want to take part in many of the games this "god" had lined up.. but one of her comrades (pepper) had intoxicating touch so himmel got immediately into the party mood and played some card games
-played a jenga like game where he successfully pulled out 3 bones and received a reward of being horny
-immediately looking back and finding (the other matt.. insert character name here) and calling him good looking
-standing next to zero completely smashed and horny, mel (once again being mel) as another of the comrades cast project emotion on zero (guess what? ITS LUST!)
-this is awkward.. drunk and horny himmel hits on zero and zero hits back
-more card games before himmel gets tired of the god's comrades and goes into the inn..
-most of the rest of those events himmel successfully avoids the emotions and entrances and such (mel tried to project vision on himmel that his friends were bloodthirsty ogres out to get him but was informed for it to work she'd have to keep touching me.. so himmel walked away untouched by mel's evilness.. this time)
-SO this is where it gets confusing..
-in the inn winnie has a gambling addiction that she forced onto himmel while his new friend zero is getting "killed" (informed later that it shouldnt have happened so instead we all just THINK we seen her get killed.. instead she was asleep and woken by the resurrect (i think she got resurrected))
-spent the rest of the day hanging out with the awoken zero.. some RP convos with gurok (who did the aformentioned killing of zero) along with zero, nico and mo'chi
-Jesse blesses jenn and i with a lucky charms bar each! <3
-zero and himmel up in the woods as game is called all of a sudden.. weird.. sunday went by REALLY fast with the games that were played.. i enjoyed that they had card games and it was raining outside when they were doing their thing then by the time game was called it had stopped raining but all of the nuisances had left for long by then.. perfect timing Very Happy

once again guys i had TONS of fun this game and the new ED system seemed to work tremendously! i hope it keeps working as intended so that maybe late next year (or early the year after) i can have a shot at something like that
all in all my second game (this game) was my favourite. last game i didnt post in the memories for that one because all i did was sit at the earth circle with winnie and listen to the battle as well as kinda become acquainted with come of the closer trails in the woods and the overall area we had to play in
if any of the posts that are made while i was typing this up reminds me of an event ill edit it accordingly

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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Vadim Ironstones on Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:10 pm

Kuromori, Taka wrote:
Hunter ツ wrote:
- Finding out OOG later on that Malva got her other hand trapped by another egg mod not even twenty minutes later. >_<

What? That was actually hours later, like you helped me first thing in the morning, and the second hand-entrapment was the last thing I did before I changed out of Malva for the day.

Sorry, all I've hear is how many hand entrapments happened to vertain people. Either way, there were way too many incidents of gatherers getting their hands trapped in things this game.
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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Malva on Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:18 pm

Vadim Ironstones wrote:
Kuromori, Taka wrote:
Hunter ツ wrote:
- Finding out OOG later on that Malva got her other hand trapped by another egg mod not even twenty minutes later. >_<

What? That was actually hours later, like you helped me first thing in the morning, and the second hand-entrapment was the last thing I did before I changed out of Malva for the day.

Sorry, all I've hear is how many hand entrapments happened to vertain people. Either way, there were way too many incidents of gatherers getting their hands trapped in things this game.

Heh, yeah

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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Marr on Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:41 pm

Friday OOG:
Hey got there at a decent time just after tony, sharon and that group, and ran around doing tasks for creep all to important right now.
Set up tent and relaxed and glad got there early

Friday IG:
Skeletons! show up "hey no problem, one moment" and there's wisps.... "How can you fight these things with wisps behind them"
Find out people getting dragged out to ocean
Inn Door gets beat down by skell, Call out number 1 and gets down trying not to look at wisps,, skell call out number 2 i'm still down,, skell call out number 3 i'm still down,, Bard song finally gets me up in the tavern, skelleton call out number 4
Alright I can fight this time, I hear behind me "Uurrraaaaaa~" *Grapple 10* *um, shit "grapple 1"* Shadow aka tony drags me down the back the steps from behind and despite me yelling no one came,
stuck in tavern afraid of the dark only popping out to get scared back in towards light

Saturday IG:
Gathering early be myself 3 generic eggs, 2 purple metal??? 5 purple metal???? Knock out gets back up after 10mins and thought well I could of died i'll stop there until I get a gather buddy.
Food and missing 1st Nero fight, goes with the party to look for hostages 20mins out
it was a easy clean up with only 1 hostage death. picks up another egg *there* I feel ill slow poison
pierre antidote no effect 20mins back lose 2 of my 5 hp, gets in the tavern feeling worse eventually gets prof "with water I untaint" no effect now i'm at 2 hp morpha decides to do surgery on my back where discoloration this takes a bit of time to start i'm at 1 hp, morpha pulls out a 6in parasite worm out of my back saving my life.
jenny steam roll...

and i'll continue after sleep


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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Ardin Gallagher on Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:27 pm

~Getting (mostly) caught up on RP with Lady Val for the past month before coming into game.
~Getting ready OOG at my tent and hearing the newb walk heading towards the earth circle.
~Just missing meeting them IG as I head into town.
~Wisps wisping around. Get caught by one at a distance and being drawn straight towards the water.
~Helene describing the action of going into the water so slowly I’m getting ready for LoD.
~Untranced submerged half in water.
~Yay, I’m alive!
~Fixing Oliver’s armour while getting told off by Jess’ mage for offering assistance. Such sass! <3
~Fixing my armour as I hear screams of salvation coming from the field. So torn between running up without the armour and fixing it so I wouldn’t need salvation myself.
~Get knocked into bleed near the knights camp trying to help someone, details are fuzzy.
~Brought back to the inn and healed up.
~Well, I need my gear left out there.
~Heal up Zero and head out in search of things.
~Ambush! Zero’s down and I hobble away screaming SALVATION! SALVATION! SALVA-
~Downed by a skelly.
~Hear the inn door burst open and Lynn (Sp?) shout out that she heard a salvation over by the ocean.
~No prob, we’ll be up before ya know it.
~4:30 later, still bleeding out.
~Seriously getting worried.
~Footsteps approaching, finally!
~It was a wraith, darn.
~Getting dragged to a much more visible spot with the wraith making enough noise to wake up all of Bauline.
~Still no-one.
~Torturous nightmare!
~Zero’s body dumped near mine, still no sign of rescue.
~Hear Lynn’s voice shouting that someone’s still in the field.
~By the time I get healing it was 12:00 into the bleed. RIP.
~Brought back to the inn, Dead.

~Breakfast! Food!
~Hmm… downtime, what to do.
~Illiterate mute feral who doesn’t understand common, should be interesting.
~First group I meet in the woods offer food.
~Hallo new friends, let’s follow you!
~Head into the inn, where everyone who interacted with me offered food (Most of it OOG food).
~Gobble down everything, trying to maintain balance of uncouthness without being OOG rude.
~Food food food, why must everyone give food!?
~Get named Maxxie by the town.
~Sooooo much food, good for now, bai new food friends!
~Wander the woods a bit, find some quarry to chase.
~Fancy leaf-bunny, that looks like a mighty fine pelt!
~Chase the bunny through the woods.
~Keep up for a little while, but Rob has much, much more endurance than I do.
~Keep sniffing around for the quarry, find it again. Try to approach more slowly this time.
~It bolts, and I follow. Rob being a beast of a human yet again has it escape out of town.
~Hearing (And not understanding) as the townsfolk in the woods are chasing me telling me to stop hunting the bunny.
~Chased out of town, darn.
~Around the knight’s camp, what is this strange place?
~Ohhh, a pretty bird up in the trees!
~Waiting for Kite to fly away from the people.
~”Grapple 4!” “15 Mauling”
~Bye guys, nice knowing you!
~Surprisingly getting healed up by the town, despite trying to kill their bird friend!
~Seems like a good time to peace out.
~Big Tom’s antics and coming in as bandits.
~Getting double crit from Asher and straight-up dying.
~The town sure is good at following their laws, killing Nero’s slaves for nothing other than existing under Nero’s servitude.
~More popcorn, big ‘ol snake.
~Spending half an hour wandering the woods looking for prey.
~Finding a group heading towards the Faerie ring. Slithering back to wait for a time to strike.
~Someone breaking off for the rest of the group to deal with it.
~Nearly getting her before getting petrified.
~Watching the Faerie Ring happenings.
~The town coming up to deal with the snake.
~Snake be gone.
~Spiders? Spiders.
~Timmean taking the spiders bites and turning it into a large smear.
~More downtime, let’s see what’s happening in the woods.
~Limping around the woods as Moxxie some more.
~Happening upon another group of people out and about.
~Drawing their swords about to attack before someone points out it’s “Hungry man”.
~Getting healed. This place is a nice place!
~Finding a little critter for the nice pointy-head lady!
~Getting lead into the inn, only to have more people shove food at me. There’s only so much food I can eat guys!
~At least I found a way to make sure I eat at game?
~Guess who’s back, back again, Jenny’s back, tell a friend!
~Torvallis!’ rain dance made it real nice above sea.
~So much chaos. Barely getting hit and downing everything that comes by.
~Get polymorphed, seemingly no effect, then frozen, then repelled, then frozen again before finally becoming a frozen frog.
~Stay as a frog for a while.
~I’m back!
~There goes that arm, and that finger, and that limb...
~Wandering through the inn and bunkhouse, trapping a poor soul between a Jenny, fishface, and a manta.
~Ziggity ziggitying all the way back to the water.
~Listening to the town’s meeting about what was gonna go down during the fight. Hearing someone mentioning concern about Ardin’s body.
~Please don’t destroy the body, please don’t destroy the body, please don’t destroy the body...
~Hearing that Hassan destroyed Ardin’s body.
~Being sad about not being zombie Ardin during the lich fight. Woulda been fun killing you all.
~Coming is as one of the slain Confederates instead, because darned if I brought out costuming without putting it to use.
~Good golly gosh guys, that fight! Well done. You all brought your A game.
~Protecting myself against most spells, but getting hit by air takes. Goodbye sword.
~Finding an unconscious Zero and declaring that sword mine.
~Using Zero’s sword for about 80% of the fight. Found out Zero got my sword after.
~Duel to the undeath with rival swords.
~Taking the town’s weapons and chucking them away, you guys don’t need these.
~Got the phylactery to the lich, only for him to promptly be tackled by Lynn and it to be lost.
~Manage to get it back to the lich after much difficulty.
~Pierre saving the day at the last possible moment!
~More fighting, so tense.
~Get downed as the lich charges a nova. Hear as he tries to escape and gets cut down.

~Well, time to have some fun!
~Intoxicating people and causing general chaos!
~Heading to the knights camp and seeing people head off into the woods.
~Ooh, hide and seek! Let’s play!
~Heading into the woods and tracking down Val and Professor P. Getting repelled by them for a while as they take off into the woods.
~Finding poor Prof. P. without anyone else around, and… convincing him to head back towards the games, one way or another.
~Ooh, Winnie’s a new servant. Here, have some fun.
Ardin Gallagher
Ardin Gallagher

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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Winnie on Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:25 am

Friday night could've gone much differently....

July 2018: When I am King ZuG4pzR
Source OGLAF. Some comics NSFW.

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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Malva on Tue Jul 17, 2018 10:55 am

Before Game:
-Being smug when Dave & Lydia were trying to figure out who in game knows how to get to the LotD Library
-Finally finishing my literacy training RP with Winnie
-This language is redundant
-K? K.

Friday (Taka):
-A very confusing Land of the Dead trip
-Hugo has no questions about how Taka got there, only who taught her literacy.
-All this effort to get literate and all you have to say about it is criticize my handwriting? > : (
-Trusting Pierre and Winnie to watch my body in the inn. Getting worried, and spending another state to come back, take my body (which was now unguarded, thanks guys), and put it in the woods. Much safer.
-Returning to the material plane which is now chaos
-Stealth body retrieval because my metal weapons don't work good on skellies

Saturday (Malva):
-Going gathering. Found 5 eggs: Two of which were slow poison, one of which was hand stuck in rock, bleeding at 1hp/min need mining tools to escape
Scream salvation hoping one of the 3 people who are awake and IG will hear me
Hunter comes over and frees me just by breaking and severing my hand. Not what the tag said but I thought it was fair.
That's enough gathering alone for the day
-Going gathering with Mochi and Niko. They both try egg mods.
Mochi sets his pants on fire while Niko gets like 4 straight stat buffs
-Much brew many heal
-Lost my hand gathering with Ardin dead and Lady Val not around :')
-I try an unmarked egg and get +1 Arcane Dissection, nice
-+50 Health buff made it seem like a good time to go gathering again
-Got my hand stuck in a rock again :')
-Plz no cut off hand I am running out of hand

Saturday (Taka):
-Agreeing to hold the phylactery without knowing quite what that entailed
-Sleeping through the first half of the Lich fight cause I got like 2.5hrs sleep the night before
-Special thanks to Herr and Enyamia for saving me so much
-Ghost Hugo!!
-Just keep playing dead

Sunday (Taka):

Sunday (Malva):
-Winnie piggie-backing me out of the room because I thought the floor was lava
-Many people got potions

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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Zar/Herr on Tue Jul 17, 2018 10:58 am

As skelly:
Trapping Big Tom (?) in trees with other skelly

Small massacre of people on porch

Attacking the defenceless

Sharons’ damage RP

Big Tom: she called me a good person
(That packed a punch)

Got an adventure party together for gathers

Participated in a ritual

Being wanted a lot in a short time and RPing hating it

Mid day nap

Sparring with Himmel

People got along with Herr??

Lord of fortune was rude (found people’s reactions funny)

Moggy’s Billy bun character uses foam fist to touch right side of chest, i look down and back up.
Duude: hi
Moggy: touch my horn! It’s called “reciprocation”!
Duude rubs his horn, moggy makes “pleasurable” face
Walks away quickly

Jelly fish (jenny fish?)

Himmel: can you learn awareness
OOG Danica: not from an elf
Reminded of RoTS scene: https://youtu.be/05dT34hGRdg @1:43

Francis returns arrow to frozen Lily

Himmel stabbing bread to cut through it
Pierre watching.
Himmel: i’m skilled in dagger
Pierre: it doesn’t really look like it

The chosen bun

Pierre being excited/scared acting paralyzed and screaming

Billy bun screaming “YOU’RE NOT LISTENING TO ME!!” And shouting at people

Gurok: the annoying one is down! Yes!

Billy bun: oh my dear, it seems luck is not on your side today
*Begins skipping*
“You killed your mate for nothing”

Winnie: (to Himmel) you don’t need your weapon.
*Gurok comes in swinging*

Faun Micheal(billy buns): *sees Lynsey’s character in the field* “i’ll get her”
*Lynsey runs immediately*

Alex being lenient. Town saved
Playing dead near ritual
“You’re the one who took it last time”

Playing dead often

The Lich (?) fight was intense. Good job ED’s!!

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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Malva on Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:29 am

Also shout out to snakes for existing. I'm sure Big Tom appreciated Malva's priorities.

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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Vadim Ironstones on Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:45 am

Hunter's internam monolouge: "Ah crap we gotta deal with these giant snakes. At least I'll get some cobraflesh put of this"

Vadim Ironstones
Vadim Ironstones

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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Timmean on Mon Jul 23, 2018 7:09 am

(Haven't had time to read most of the other memories yet; I'm sure that once I do, I'll remember a whole bunch more)

- OOG Family stuff that had astonishingly good timing
- Forgot my watch at home, so I had to improvise all weekend
- At start of game, I'm just hanging around the inn when I start hearing about undead monsters harassing everyone. Timmean just grumbles and continues with dishes, until someone (Verbena, I think?) comes in and says that Gurok is in the field and paralyzed
- I follow people to Gurok, who isn't actually paralyzed but refuses to let go of a particular tree. Verbena and I stay with her as a few people and/or monsters pass by. Hoping the darkness will keep us safe, until...
- A creature MADE of darkness shows up and drags me away. I'm asked what Timmean's greatest fear is,  which I'm not 100% certain of, only to have it feasted on and a phobia of darkness instilled. I don't remember how, but I move closer to the inn - probably someone dragging me back inside.
- I don't remember the exact sequence of events, but somehow the shadow monster gets ahold of me a second time. This time, I know exactly what Timmean's greatest fear is, and it gets eaten AGAIN. I spent quite a while just cowering in the bushes after that
- I'm finally making my way back into the inn, so I can - Oh hi Lynn - finish with the... wait a minute, Lynn is here? WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? WHY ARE YOU HERE??? Oh, right; because I promised I was only going back to Holdfast to end the rift nonsense. And that's over now. So... right.
- Hanging out in the inn for a while, talking to Lynn, when the three travellers give us a new quest! That no one wants. Arguments ensue and Iris storms out. I considered asking how much we were going to get paid for dealing with their problem, but decided against it.
- Getting ready to go to bed for the night, when... what the heck is that thing??? Timmean's first interaction with Dollface was definitely unsettling. It threw all kinds of things at us and nothing seemed to hurt it at all. Then, to make things worse, Lynn tells me it seems to be trying to copy her Astral Plane skill. This thing is getting worrisome. And then... it just walks away. Or something of that nature; it disappeared, at least
- Finally deciding to go to bed, only to be told it's starting to get light outside

Saturday (day):
- Waking up "late" (9:00) and having Lynn ask when I started sleeping in
- Dealing with dishes and stuff, when Lynn tells me something seems strange about Big Tom. He's just left with Asher, so we follow
- We later find Asher, I think she had been knocked out but later healed. We then find Big Tom inside a snake, and get cornered by ANOTHER snake. Just snakes all around
- We take Big Tom off for an interrogation, and he claims that if we kill him, Pierre, Prometheus, and Lilium will also die. Lynn does some psychic interrogation of her own, and we then send him off with him promising to free the captives. As we head back to the inn, Lynn predicts that he'll betray us.
- Visitors are preparing for a ritual to revive the water circle, but before we get to it, Nero returns with Big Tom, hostage Pierre, and a bunch of his crew.
- Lynn starts talking to Nero, and Iris offers herself as a hostage exchange. One of Nero's lackeys mutters "I don't like the women in this town."
- While they're talking, some people go off to get the hostage money, and others try to flank around and prepare for a fight. Asher makes the first move, landing a crit shot, and the fight is on! I don't remember much of what happened in the scuffle, I know I did some healing, but we absolutely cannot let anyone get back to camp, or Lillium and Prometheus are doomed!
- ONE OF THEM IS GETTING AWAY! Myself and Torvallis give chase; Torvallis throws an entrance, which I think was resisted; then I throw a "sit" command, which goes through... resulting in the slowest stand-off in Epoch history. Brian's bandit is just sitting on a rock, with his axe, while four or five of us try to kill him with spears, arrows, etc. that he mostly manages to block. And we were all pretty squishy so we wouldn't get close.
- With the battle over, Pierre quickly gathers a rescue party to go to the bandit camp. I'm planning to go along, but Lynn goes instead, because...
- It's time to revive the water circle! Oh yes! We learn the chant and the actions (I'm being very generous there about our memory capacity), and perform the ritual... only to suddenly see a bunch of black... goo... become visible, apparently restricting the power of the circle. That can't be good
- I decide to investigate, hoping my history with void magic will be helpful. Knowing it could be dangerous (and remembering when Torvallis lost a hand inside a hellion), I request that someone hold onto me, prepared to pull me back at the first sign of trouble. I reach in, slightly touching it, asking cast what happens...
- I lose my Awareness Shocked I didn't see that coming. So, I go to empty my mana bag. 4 earth mana... 4 void mana... 14 ESSENCE MANA... Crying or Very sad
- We next go to the Faerie ring, and Malva gives me a potion that she suggests might help. I drink it, and... IT'S A BURNOUT Mad Though I have to say, good play Razz And at least I didn't have any mana at the time, that's to my brilliant investigation earlier. Speaking of..
- My Awareness suddenly comes back! Very Happy I'm fairly sure it was just a timed thing, but since I had JUST had a burnout potion, I/we spend the next ten minutes or so talking about ways to use burnout potion to combat the black circle-eating goop. "So, what if we brew a bunch of burnout potions and pour them onto the circles..."
- Upon further investigation, it seems that all of the circles are infested with the black goop stuff
- People return from the bandit camp attack; as far as I can tell, things went well
- MALAGUS IS HERE! Finally, I can get my spell! We head out to the citadel to have somewhere relatively quiet for the training, with a few spectators along to watch. The training starts, and... I have to do WHAT NOW???
- Training was successful, though also scarring
- Lynn decides to do some meditating, since she's low on psychic power. I hang around nearby to make sure there's no big problems. Althea comes along and we chat, she gets curious and wants to see my mana... then she runs off. HEY! GIVE ME BACK THAT MANA!
- A ghost thing caught Althea, and... now she's rabid. Oh, this is bad, um... I heard someone in the woods! Go rushing off up the trail, hoping someone up there will be able to stop an angry Arluru
- Once I have backup, I command Althea to sit for 90 minutes Neutral And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you deal with problematic timed effects. Someone also gives the ghost the Nordin charm they had on hand
- I head to the inn to get some food, only to be jumped by the same ghost. Luckily, I had a Nordin charm as well! I think that was the first time I gave away one of the many things that have been accumulating around my neck
- I bring Lynn some food, and we get cornered by a snake. Eventually it goes away... only to sneak at us from a different direction. We fought it off, but Lynn winds up with even less psychic power than before she started meditating Crying or Very sad
- Bikbun forged me a scroll pen! And it is beautiful!
- By this point, there's no way Lynn and I are getting out of town before this Lich fight. And oh yeah, there were rituals, but I missed all of them.
- I'm washing up after supper, waiting for the big fight, when we see two bat-monsters coming up the field, and... Jenny? This necromancer summoned Jenny? And... are those ghosts? Turns out they were jellyfish, and the bat-things were manta-rays, and the necromancer hadn't shown up yet!
- I got frozen in place twice, which really sucked without a watch. "Okay, 20 minutes, so... I'll slowly count to 600. And then do it again."
- Someone used my frozen body as a mana bank. Not gonna name names Razz

(To me continued later!)

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

Post by Timmean on Thu Jul 26, 2018 3:34 pm

Let's finish this!

Satuday night:
- Wishing the mana tree could be a more permanent fixture, especially after all the mana I lost earlier
- Hassan chopping off Ardin's hand and burning the rest of the body to prevent the appearance of an Ardin zombie
- Resuming my practice of using medic 2 to make people conscious just long enough to get them into the inn for treatment
- Carrying around one of the inn's candle things because I still had that phobia of the dark -_-
- One of the first times the Nova attack went off, I was out on the central deck, and hadn't heard how the barrier contained the blast. Tony: "500 mauling bypass, 500 ft radius!" Me: "Wait... really? That means like... everyone in town is unconscious. Like... absolutely everyone."
- I hear the undead minions are susceptable to spells, so I throw some water commands... turns out they didn't hold for long pale
- Brought someone into the citadel for medical treatment, I think while being chased by one of the minions. We locked the door, and proceeded to wait for it to leave. Knocked on the door, heard a knock in return. Waited, knocked again, got a reply. Waited some more, knocked again... no response! I direct someone to open the door... only to have a sword stab through the opening Neutral Luckily everyone avoided it, and this skeleton WAS vulnerable to the command spell
- Bikbun: "Be ready to help me in case this plan doesn't go well!" Proceeds to try to grapple a skeleton. It didn't go well
- A chase is happening with the phylactery, and it gets dropped and rolls right next to me; I scoop it up, continuing to run. There was a brief moment of elation, followed by the sudden terrifying realization that I had made myself the target of literally every villain on the battlefield
- Trying to get one of the injured people back to the inn, when one of the minions attacked me and took me down. Was a few minutes into bleed, expecting to be either dragged into the inn, stabilized in the field, or turned into a minion... when someone uses an empathic heal on me. A very confused Timmean wakes up to see a surprise character helping out with the fight - my player award vote goes to said person, purely because of how cool that moment was
- The lich used Timmean as the contact point for a point-cast mini-bomb Shocked That... did a lot of damage
- A little while later, he starts yelling at me specifically. Running back into the inn, "He knows my name, he knows my name, I DON'T LIKE IT WHEN CRAZY EVIL PEOPLE KNOW MY NAME!"
- A moment later, after I slam the door in the inn, I turn around and walk back outside, suddenly deciding to approach the lich directly. "Wait a minute... HOW do you know my name???"
- Hearing that Lynn had the phylactery, and had left town. Moments later, standing on the porch, the Nova charge starts happening, and people are yelling for the phylactery... suddenly I see a shadow start moving on the side of the field, and the glow of the phylactery appears from under Lynn as she runs directly into the fray
- Timmean and Lynn chasing after the lich once his phylactery was busted. I tried to use my staff with one hand (which I remembered afterwards is illegal) while still holding a candle in the other. Didn't manage to fight with it very well, and the lich took me out before too long, but at least I could slow him down a little.
- While Timmean was unconscious, overhearing OOG the end of the fight and a few things getting thrown in the ocean >_<
- Getting healed and walking into the inn where Anna is being dealt with
- Hearing afterwards of Gurok's fate, and making plans with Verbena to contact her in the land of the dead
- Meeting with Lynn and certain IG and OOG people to talk about the phylactery remnants

- Turns out Gurok eventually came back on her own. So much for those plans
- Council meeting! FINALLY a chance to coordinate the search for the heart! We give Gurok a medal, discuss a little about people who are leaving, talk about the black goop stuff on the circles, and finally talk about Jenny's heart get interrupted by the god of fortune thing
- Quietly keeping away from the frivolities and sneaking off to copy down some stuff and pack up Timmean's gear
- Timmean and Lynn leaving town, Timmean with a basket on his head to avoid looking normal

One other thing from Friday night:
- When we were first told about the phylactery: "DON'T THROW IT IN THE OCEAN!"

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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July 2018: When I am King Empty Re: July 2018: When I am King

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