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June 2017 memories

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June 2017 memories Empty June 2017 memories

Post by Zar/Herr on Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:27 pm


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June 2017 memories Empty Re: June 2017 memories

Post by Malva on Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:10 pm

-"You're not dressed as Timmean, but everyone else is.... dressed as Timmean"
-Michael during the safety speech
-Ominous foreshadowing during the safety speech
-Doing a trade!
-Spending a half hour as Taka meditating her states back and then going to bed and and not playing her again for the rest of the event :')  (It really just made way more sense to play Malva)

-Finding the special ingredient for Silver Cauldron in the woods by Bishop's camp
-Bishop gettin all upset that we were by his camp and being all like "maybe that was my ore" and me being like "YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS"
-Almost wasting the ore by doing the potion wrong
-Sharon remembering something irrelevant while watching me brew and snickering to herself and doing me a MAJOR CONCERN
-Also did I mention I poured a full tube of glitter into the potion?
-Meeting with the knights and having a grapple contest to see who should carry it; Degren. I explained to him OOG that he could actually pour the potion on Pierre depending on how mean he wanted to be. He said he'd pour it right on his head.
-Getting the probably the most effective swamp witch rescue mission to date together
-Degren successfully administering the potion on Pierre, and then everyone realized it was full of glitter and Degren realized just what he had done.

-James the Thief highlighting some critical flaws in our justice system
-Rob's reaction to my tag request for monkey's paws
-Lots of new members joining the Timmean-Let-Me-Die Club

-Heading across the field, seeing players passing by with one of Rob's NPCs; and we both looked at eachother, and I thought to myself "Do I recognize him...?" and kept walking, until someone asked who he was and he said "Oh, I sell Alchemy." and I turned STRAIGHT BACK AROUND
-Watching the post-game wrestling/Tony-climbing

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June 2017 memories Empty Re: June 2017 memories

Post by Timmean on Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:04 pm

I think an appropriate slogan for this game would be "So yeah, that happened."

Friday night:
-Sneaking off to hide props in the woods before game started
-A very important hunt for milk
-Getting into my "Dollface" costume for the first time
-Waiting by the edge of the woods, then slowly creeping closer and closer to the inn until someone finally saw me
-All the fighters approaching me and looking over the creature, but no one touching me. Holding that position was painful, but SO worth it
-"You might be on to something there, sonny; It's got legs!"

Saturday (before Timmean):
-"I'm dreading this coffee"
-Popcorn-ing a sheep, which nearly everyone ignored, until Penelope approached. "Are you my mummy?" Thinking: aww, that's kind of cute. Then, pounces, and "4 mauling! 4 mauling!" ...woah, okay, careful around Kaern children.
-The return of Yssildan the jeweller. Made a few good sales; there's a surprising amount of wealth in Holdfast.
-The wooden box with a magic lock. Shouldn't say any more than that Cool
-Making a hasty exit as Yssildan when the giant spider showed up

Saturday (as Timmean! Very Happy ):
-Walking back into town, thinking it's good to be back, and immediately walking in to see four corpses burning, three of which were people he knew. Welcome back Sad
-Walking into the inn and having the four aforementioned ghosts screaming at me Shocked
-Catching up on all the news; Faerie circle, Lessa is dead, Pierre is back, circles are charged, Teek is pregnant... wait, what? That brings us to...
-A long chat with Gurok about fatherhood
-Training Asher and Herr in the bunkhouse because there were TOO MANY FLIES at the water circle
-Being so confused by James the Thief, talking about character history with Pierre and Malva (and James) in the inn
-Taking James the Thief to the water circle for magic training, because someone that irritating DESERVES to deal with the bugs
-The arrival of the... duchess? I can't remember her full title. Just, "Timmean, kneel. Kneel, Timmean!"
-Timmean, Bikbun, and Ardin going to talk to Marwel. That went about as well as could be expected. Pepper, I'll let you tell your part of the story first  Wink
-All the strategising and planning to catch Jenny. It wasn't enough, but I chased her for a while Neutral Also, I've never seen so much character mutilation going for a good cause.
-Talking with Gurok about how there's still more work to do before we could close the rift, and we need to talk to the elemental lords for further directions
-The return of James the Thief, and he was every bit the evil monster I suspected he was!  Evil or Very Mad
-A moment of genuine panic when I heard that Sugar and Spice were there. I just ran for the water circle and hid. Good luck, guys!  No
-...Turns out that hiding in another plane isn't good enough when you're in a blood pact  pale  So I got to see some of the witchy madness before I ticked off Sugar even more and got sat down for an extremely messed up talking-to
-Hearing Krond and a few other characters talk to Sugar and try to console Timmean while I'm just sobbing into the ground for I-don't-know how long
-Staggering to the Faerie circle in the dark. When I couldn't sleep while blended, using a scroll to travel to The Mists and sleeping there

-Talking OOG, and commenting "I just hope I'll be able to bring Timmean back." The look on Christian's face was priceless. All I heard from cast cabin was "What did you do???"
-Getting the vision with the witch family and half of Holdfast dying pale
-Tactical Faerie bomb
-Coming back from The Mists and Timmean actually being really happy. I gave Malva all my money to buy some helpful alchemy stuff
-Val storming in; "Timmean, you blew up Sugar and Spice???"
-Telling everyone about the vision, Faerie favour, and other stuff.
-One last major conversation with Bikbun, Val, and Pierre

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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June 2017 memories Empty Re: June 2017 memories

Post by Hugo on Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:21 pm

I don't know where to begin with this weekend. I learned that Hugo has a lot of internal conflict, since there's not much else to do while lurking in bushes.

- Premonitions of doom (Via safety talk)
- Doing Hugo things such as standing around doing nothing in particular
- Having vampire beast-y things roll up and not take damage from anything I could throw at them, and then shortly afterwards having my polearm OOG break again Crying or Very sad
- Getting pissed off at the knights for doing nothing while people are calling for help not even fifty feet away, then charging off down the road to try to 'no effect' a vampire to death.
- Getting a taste of real psychic power from Teak Very Happy
- Stealthing around the field doing my best to help people out
- Getting jumped by, who I assume, were Boris and Anastasia, and then another vampire creature (I'm sorry old man. I came back for you though!)

- Waking up way too damn early and chopping up potatoes (My name isn't spelled with an 'e', travis :p )
- Enjoying a few hours of peace and quiet before the popcorn comes out
- Eavesdropping on Gurok and Teak, all the while thinking "I wonder if Teak could stick around long enough to teach me some psychic skills like she said she could". Probably not a good time to ask, given the subject matter.
- Thinking "I think we've got a handle on the whole 'spider in the woods' problem" right before the Camel Spider attacked and killed 4 people before I even made it to the Inn, looking for a water mage Mad
- Switching from being depressed as Hugo to murderous glee as I was grabbed to cast the lizardfolk Twisted Evil
- Playing the lizardfolk archer! I had so much fun pelting you guys with arrows you have no idea. Gotta get Hugo trained in archery now.
- Trying to OOG nap while the James the Thief debacle was playing out in the bunkhouse
- Pierre getting glitterbombed by Degren
- Artfully avoiding the chaos of saturday night (see: hiding in a bush while clutching a sudden clarity)
- Finding Timmean and telling him to stop talking and go to sleep. That man runs his mouth more than I run my legs :p

- Smooth moves, Timmean.
- Making good use of stealh to get back my long-lost sword back from the merchant man, and going back to repay the debt I owed him for finding it as best I could.
- Talking a little bit about Hugo's past with Krond while discussing weapon techniques
- Exploring the woods one last time, and finding a few feathers along the way
- Saying my goodbyes to Hugo's best friends before leaving town forever to go find Teak

See you guys at August's game, don't kill people because they're impolite on my behalf!

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June 2017 memories Empty Re: June 2017 memories

Post by Ardin Gallagher on Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:42 am


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpxFUo7oxWM pretty well the whole night.
~Being useless to damage them.
~Getting mauled to death trying to stabilize Gryz.
~Bleeding out 15' from the inn, OOG thinking "This isn't so bad. There's people everywhere, Gryz is still next to me, I'll be fine"
~Gryz being helped and thinking perfect, I'll be helped soon.
~People walking 2' away from me without a glance.
~"Can anyone see anyone who needs help?" "Nope."
~Welp, nice knowing everyone.
~Someone finally coming to the rescue. THANKS GUYS!
~Seeing something staring at us. Creepy masked figure.
~Fighting a bloodsucker that downed Pierre with a silver weapon. TIME FOR PAYBACK!

~Praying the bejeebus out of lord earth for having us get through the night.
~Looking for goodies in the woods. My head was good at finding the heaviest of coconuts.
~Medics to the rescue.
~Back out looking for goodies, instead find facefulls of bees. Medics to the rescue again!
~Mana turtles! All the mana turtles!
~Can't deal with the turtles myself, might as well trap the turtles under my shield until someone can help.
~Actually working, try it again.
~"With water I rust your shield".
~There goes that plan.
~Spiders out of the woodwork.
~Keeping the curious newcomers from marching into the woods to their deaths.
~Hearing commotion at the knight's camp.
~Big Spider causing havoc.
~The horror of watching friends dying and being powerless to help.
~Ceremonial pyre for lost friends.
~Timmean's face as soon as he came into town and saw what happened.
~Contemplating at the earth circle what exactly I'd gotten myself into with this town.
~Timmean requesting someone who was attacked by the bloodsuckers come see Marwal with them just in case.
~Timmean stressing that he can't stress enough how likely it is I may not be coming back from Marwal. Nice feelings all around.
~Time to see Marwal. Oh boy.
~Lord earth save me.
~Okay, there's Marwal. Luckily Timmean and Bikbun are here, they'll know what to say.
~Okay Timmean's gone, but at least Bikbun's still... gone...
~Alone with Marwal. Goodbye cruel world.
~Surprisingly leaving from Marwal with all my limbs and internal organs where they're supposed to be, and her words ringing through my head.
~Jenny calling for help.
~Jenny managing to get Degren, and myself and Pierre being powerless to stop her.
~Hearing that Degren has the potion mere seconds before Jenny pulls him into the water.
~Night's falling. Good luck Pierre.
~Voluntary amputation is a strange feeling.
~Look over to see my leg missing from the ocean.
~Time for round 2?
~"No, not that leg, that's the good one! Chop this one off, it's shit!"
~Gurok to the rescue!
~Degren's back!
~Timothy the amazing sheep.
~Hearing Pierre's better.
~People coming, Sugar and Spice.
~Pierre almost killing me.
~Narrowly fleeing from Spice with Pierre after attempting to kill her.
~Time to hide. In scalemail that makes about as much noise as a lawnmower. With no time to take it off cause Asher's closing in. Oh boy.
~Getting Pierre to go back while I try to become more stealthy.
~Getting a break enough to remove the armour.
~Try to head back but getting lost in the woods, too much action for me to get around.
~Hear people have the mind control wear off, pop out to see.
~Follow them around, marveling at how silent I am now.
~Sneak back to the inn, find it's safe, and head back out to see if anyone needs assistance
~The whole debacle with Timmean.

~Time to pray!
~Timmean's back already!
~Good day all around.

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June 2017 memories Empty Re: June 2017 memories

Post by Timmean on Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:39 pm

Oh! Saturday evening, I was talking to Bikbun at the forge about... um... I forget. But it was fun!

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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June 2017 memories Empty Re: June 2017 memories

Post by Lady Val on Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:55 pm

-Realizing I forgot to pack the sleeping bags
-Midnight driving adventures with Gerald featuring Finish acapella music
-Coming back to find Jake in an old man outfit and getting to hear Teek tell Gurok she is pregnant *cue squeeing noises*

As Tala
-Finally getting to come in as Tala and Matai Vasa
-Chewing out "Mahihi" for being branded by Marwhal and Gryz for being a lazy ass coward and not protecting her
-Meeting Persephone, with a purr, and immediately deciding we need to make the tiny kitty and honorary pack member
-Being shown the elemental circles by Jaya
-Confusing people with the Arluru language, although Degrin really seemed to like being called a Kriggnistja once he learned it meant "war-forger"
-Teaching Gurok to speak Arluru
-The Ogre wedding
-"They like to use the word basilica" -- Persephone

-Swimming in my tail (because OMG that fur outfit was so hot!) and getting to tell curious passerby that "you see a very large tail splashing in the water but nothing else of note" FORESHADOWING Very Happy
-Watching people freak out because of the fast poison then getting to watch Wil say "I told you so"

As Val
-Learning Teek is pregnant and being super squicked out
-Distributing scrolls and learning about the people who died due to poisoning
-Feeling super awkward around Dutchess Ethel but secretly glad that she is Keket's Grandmother and not mine
-Finding out Marwhal returned and she is hungry and maybe has vampire friends?
-Trading insults with Gryz after he attacked the Dutchess and Keket
-Making Gryz run out of town in fear
-Surprising Bikbun with a kiss on the cheek before he left to see Marwhal
-Briefly watching Malva make the wolfsbane potion
-Freaking out Gurok accidentally by being realistic about how people routinely die in childbirth, how long Orcs live, and how Fae and humans don't necessarily go to the same place after they die
-Getting invited to attend the birth of Gurok's child
-Organizing the Degren Rescue Mission (TM) with Timmean and watching Bikbun drain himself multiple times (seriously Jake you are a fantastic LARPer)
-"No, not that leg, that's the good one! Chop this one off, it's shit!" -- Ardin Razz
-Deciding about how to get Jenny to approach us
-Failing to tackle the sea witch buy being super happy we got Degren back
-Watching Degren glitterbomb Pierre, a super tense moment made hilarious by the presence of glitter -- additionally getting to watch Sharon literally roll on the floor with laughter
-Getting to make people tea and serve Elven moonshine cordial <3
-Realizing nobody in the town thinks Ira is a water mage (better fix that!)
-Finding out Sugar and Spice are back but being way too tired and cold to care

-Accidentally setting myself on fire instead of setting the wood in the woodstove on fire (I was so tired guys)
-Falling asleep next to Jake and getting to finally cuddle him at LARPs <3

-Getting to wake up next to Jake :3

As Ira
-Wearing my new outfit! Very Happy
-Meeting Durkis and being oblivious to his advances, then realizing he was talking about sex being totally squicked out (fun fact, Ira is a genderfluid sex-averse asexual)
-Hunting for ores and flora with Malva and catching up on town events
-Donating 16 water mana to the water circle because Ira wants to help the town (and to show people she is a water mage dammit!)
-Eating breakfast with friends Smile

-Unfortunately throwing up breakfast (I think I caught a stomach bug because I'm still sick) Sad
-Finding out my cloak is broken and Val's trousers have burn holes in them from me accidentally setting myself on fire. Guess she is getting new trousers or a new outfit. :/

As Val
-Borrowing Bikbun's cloak again
-Getting a note from Ardin
-Finding out about Faerie nuking Sugar and Spice from orbit, Timmean what did you do?!?!
-Being short has its perks, especially when tarps are very low haging
-Agreeing to mail Ardin's note
-Chatting with Timmean, Pierre, and Bikbun about Marwhal, clearly Dwarven blood wine is the solution to our problems guys
-[Half OOG] Informing Timmean that charisma, common sense, and wisdom are definitely his dump stats

-Tony and Colin wrestling -- seriously Colin you are like a monkey!
-Chatting about the Arluru language with Pepper (I'm so happy people like it! Very Happy)
-Planning on how to make the temple work
-Singing Happy Birthday to Rob <3 [WE LOVE YOU ROB! :B]
-Picking up my LARP box in full Val costume at Lawtons, because I can
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June 2017 memories Empty Re: June 2017 memories

Post by Jaya on Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:15 pm


- Getting called out by Sharon for the prayer book being wet #savage
- Seeing everyone’s lovely faces <3
- "You're not dressed as Timmean, but everyone else is.... dressed as Timmean"
- Ominous foreshadowing during the safety talk

IG: Jaya

- Talking to Teek and learning she is pregnant
- Fussing over Teek because she is pregnant
- Talking to Joy and Teek about psychic stuff
- OMG we’re all dying to vampires
- Pelting a held vampire with fire and it still not dying
- Struggling to keep people alive.


As Jaya:

-Getting up early and looking for gathers.
-Going with Malva and Ardin again looking for more gathers.
-Watching Ardin’s horrible luck when it comes to being I the forest and taking every eggmod/Pepper’s awesome roleplay when it comes to all the things that happens to Ardin.
-Finding Bishop’s camp and find a lot of gathers around it, one Malva really needed.
-Touchy conversation with Bishop over seeing Asher’s arrows at his camp and also looking for material around his camp.
-Basically getting hit by lightning in the forest and getting to experience one of Malva’s potent health potions first hand, also getting medic 3 from whatever happened for a while, which was super useful as the only medic up and around at the time.
-Talking with Lord Fire again and getting my staff enchanted.
-Healing Ardin after with my newfound medic abilities when he had more bad luck in the forest and basically telling him not to go back in then saying I told you so when he comes back later with bee stings.
-Meeting Persephone with a purr and thinking she is the most adorable thing on the planet.
-Meeting the rest of the Arluru pack and showing them the circles/around town.
-Getting lots of blessings/states from Tala and laughing oog because they always went on Jaya’s boobs.
-Being friendly to all the animals and them being friendly to me. EXCEPT THAT STUPID MONKEY who knocked me out and stole my shoes.
- Persephone wiggling and pouncing on popcorn and mauling it to death
- "They like to use the word basilica" – Persephone
-OH GOD GIANT SPIDER IS KILLING US ALL WITH POISON….Timmean walks into town 20 minutes later…

As Ethel
- Lady Val bows at first sight of me and is all TIMMEAN GET DOWN NOW!!!! IN THE PRESENCE OF A DUTCHESS GET DOWN NOW!!!
- Val being afraid of me
- Judging everything Keket did and commenting on how she needs to be more lady like
- Trying to put Griz in timeout and getting knocked the fuck out and almost starting a race war.
- Having a moment with Griz later as we made fun of Gurok’s fussing over us interacting.
- Degren being like oh shit I just called her a nanny after being introduced to him by Val
- Putting Persephone to bed, tucking you in 1, tucking you in 2, tucking you in 3, tucking you in 4, tucking you in 5.
- Mana turtles causing problems and getting sick of their shit. Asks Val to hold my purse *storms off out of inn* Mana Merchant “Well looks like someone is hiding something”
- Walking across the field with Krond and him being all like “Stay behind me I’ll protect you” and being all “Dearie you don’t live to be my age without a few tricks up your sleeve, I’m also stronger than I look ya know” Krond: “Yeah?” Ethel *Grapple 15* Krond “Well that was emasculating”
- The look on people’s face when I called grapple 15
- A group of us boosting Timmean ‘s healing magic
- Freezing Jenny felt so badass
- Coming up with a plan to deal with Jenny
- "No, not that leg, that's the good one! Chop this one off, its shit!" – Ardin
- Watching Degren glitterbomb Pierre with the potion and the OOG laughter/joking about it that killed Sharon.
- Drinking elderflower wine with Zero
- Val making us tea
- Keeping a poor terrified Amalthea stuck in the ground as a tree for the longest time, I felt so bad OOG
- Getting untainted and saved from getting added to the family of Sugar and Spice BY ANOTHER FAMILY MEMBER. Thanks sassy brother Matt played, I can’t remember his name.


As Jaya:
- Leaning what happened during the night as Jaya and being like I left town for ONE night and all this happens.
- Meeting Eria, she’s adorable
- Jaya is too tall for the tarp at the knight’s camp
- Alchemical Arrows are a thing that we now have.
- Timmean is back and safe that’s nice, weirdly in a good mood but he’s safe….YOU GOT FAERIE TO BLOW UP SUGAR AND SPICE WHAT? Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa FAERIE BOMB!

- Colin climbing/wrestling Tony
- Tony tagging George in
- Jake tackling Tony and immediately understanding that was a horrible decision
- Erika joining in and Tony having her on one leg and Colin on another.
- Colin meeting his match in Pepper, SPIN SPIN SPIN
- OOG talk and Singing Rob happy birthday at Robin’s


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June 2017 memories Empty Re: June 2017 memories

Post by Grayfeared the Whitehawk on Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:20 am

Friday OOG
-Getting to drive out with Hilary and Jake. (thanks again!)
-Quickly trying to finish armour before the sun set, and succeeding.
-That freaking safety talk. AUUGG!

Friday IG
-Being useless against the thing, so going into the inn and playing music until peoples wounds closed.
-Getting attacked by Wil's vampire while I was walking out the door, then the ensuing grapple fight over me between Wil and Tony, and 2 townsfolk that I can't recall (Sorry, but thank you!)
-Seeing the freakin' creepy lawn gnome (Dollface) and being convinced cast placed an actual mannequin down, only to find out the next morning OOG that it was Travis. The hell dude!
-Everyone watching the not moving creature, so I start keeping my eyes on the moving creatures so they don't get ambushed.
-The Arluru.

Saturday IG
-Finishing more of my armour, my bard marks, and my enchanting of said marks.
-Handing the marks out to people.
-Finally being useful for once!
-Training new bards.
-James the thief.
-James the thief's interaction with Gurok (Knowing OOG that Wil likes to Troll Jean) was freaking hilarious.
-Seeing the spider, "You know I think there's injured people in the inn I need to sing to."
-"The sound of my voice heals everyone who's alive in the inn for 2 points!" (I have since realized that skill doesn't go up with level.)
-Degren getting taken and running around to inform everyone.
-Krond and Detura fishing a leg out of the lake. Proceeded by Sharon running up to us with a happy look and full of energy. Knowing that isn't a good sign.
-"You three were by the water?" "No it was just me and Detura." "Okay but you were in the water right?" "No we were on the shore and used our swords to used our swords to fish it out." "Oh so you used your swords?!" The look on Tony's face as he gripped his newly forged sword closer to his body.
-Being on the bridge and Lady Val comes up, "We need more animals." "James the thief is in town." and in the most happy voice, without missing a beat, "Oh perfect let's use him." To which I replied, "Umm... as a fellow council member, I don't condone this."
-Rebekah playing the cutest kaern kitten ever. Going up to Pierre and saying "Bonjour!"
-More arluru!
-Griz taking out the Duchess.
-Degren realizing the "Nanny" is actually an elven high lady.
-Sugar and Spice and everything not so nice.
-You are now blindly loyal to me, go sing in the in for the next 150 minutes. Followed by, "with water I command you to yell 30 minutes." I let out a small whimper as said goodbye to my vocal chords.

Sunday IG
-Hearing Timmean say, I went to fairy and they killed all of sugar and spices family. Going to Sharon, showing my wrist and asking, "am I dead?"
-Getting enough silver to silver my longsword!

Sunday OOG
-The Wrestling
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June 2017 memories Empty Re: June 2017 memories

Post by Krond Thuliaga on Thu Jun 22, 2017 9:48 pm

Ho boy, this was one to remember for sure. Lets start from the top.


-The drive out with Sharon and Rob was nice and relaxing, and then when we got there we started setting up early in the hopes of game starting early.
-It was great seeing people as they began to arrive.
-The safety meeting that felt like an eternity, then game starting at 11:00 at night . . . Clearly the prep beforehand did nothing lol

-My first night as a cast member!!! Very Happy so excited!!! I got to play two different kinds of critters.
-Wil and I managing to find each other in the dark by growling. Twas great!
-Draining people's blood as they were hitting me with metal weapons, and I was calling "no effect" MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
-Players almost immediayely realizing they needed silver to hurt us. They then proceeded to demolish us. Side note: great formations guys, you were hard to get to.
-The grapple battle in front of the bunk house that involved Ryan (Grey), Wil, myself, Gurok, and someone else (sorry can't remember). Shit was complicated.
-Me walking up to a sleeping Jake (while standing, mind you), and being confused as to what the frak happened.
-Hitting said "sleeping Jake" with Grapple 10, Jake's response: "Grapple asleep" *both of us proceed to die of laughter*
-Mine and Wil's creature eating Rob's Hellion. That can't be good.
-Finishing off the night at almost 3:00 in the morning, and loving being back at LARP.



-Krond and Asher walking back into Holdfast, being all badass and shit :3 damn it felt good to come back as Krond.
-"Degren! You can speak!"
-"Piere! You're alive!"
-George and I finally getting to laugh with each other in our character's accents Smile
-Krond meeting Bishop. And Krond watching Bishop get trained by Max.
-Getting Grey's bard mark and hitting for an additional 2, that was nice.
-Krond learning awareness from Jake's arluru.
-Degren bringing up the idea of Krond being the "Master of Arms" for the Iron Brigade. Krond is unsure if he wants to do it.
-Michael and I doing that closed mod in the woods; finally got to use my tracker skill. That mod was friggin sweet; but god damn there was a lot of carrots.
-Success! We finished the closed mod and found a locked chest. But then had to escape the underground tunnels we were in before it collapsed.
-As soon as Michael and I crawl out from under the bunk house, we are immediately told there was some kind of wedding happening nearby. Dafuq?
-Gets over to the wedding, friggin psychic butterflies are flying around causing shit. Then they dissappear. Dafuq?
-Michael and I opening the chest we found in the mod. The moment we started opening it people were fleeing to the other side of the bunkhouse. It was like we were opening a bomb or something.
-Turns out they werent too far from the truth, the chest had a spell on it that made Degren and Krond think the chest was empty when it was FILLED with rares and mana shards.
-Timmeans enchanter swindling the chest from us cause we thought it was empty. We were all like, "sure, and empty chest for a magical item? Good deal!" While OOG Michael and I were like "you son of a bitch!" Hahahahahaha
-Holdfast's greatest warriors gathering together to defeat our archnemesis . . . The giant hairy spider from hell. Possessing our one greatest weakness, poison. We lost 4 souls to that spider, and to this day that spider holds the greatest kill count of all the critters we've encountered.
-Travis walking in as Timmean literally 10 mins after the spider killed those guys with poison. Excellent timing my friend.
-Making the potion for Piere to not turn into a werewolf, then giving it to Degren . . . What could go wrong? >_>
-Meeting Keket's grandmother (played by Michael Butt).
-The fight with the Lizardfolk was good amd a lot of fun. All our warriors and casters we well coordinated in that fight.
-Getting healed a bunch by Timmean and a group of people.
-Got a brand new sword forged by Degren!!!!! Everyone meet Fanghir, Krond's brand new Greatsword :3
-Night is almost upon us, we must steel ourselves for whatever comes our way.
-Off in the distance, "DEGREN HAS BEEN TAKEN BY THE SEA WITCH!!!" Me: "OH C'MON!!!"
-"Degren had Piere's potion on him" . . . Well this just got so much worse.
-For the next half hour the town came together as a unit to try and get Degren back from the Sea Witch. Twas a magical moment.
-Fishing limbs out of the sea with Datura. Twas quite a bonding moment.
-Degren is back! WOO HOO!
-We mist administer Piere's potion!
-Sugar and Spice came into town. I gotta bad feeling about this . . .
-Yep, i was right. Just got signed into a blood pact. FML.
-Walking up the field while people were being buried up to their head. Joy: "this is quite nice"
-Asher and I notice Rob's character trying to take Keket out of town. We try to stop them.
-Krond got knocked out, it was all up to Asher.
-Asher and Rob engage in what was probably one of the coolest 1 v 1 fights I've seen, all while at night at the edge of town.
-Holy friggin crap Erika, you actually hit Rob with your arrow, at night, while he was a fair distance away from you. Good job.
-Alas, Keket gets taken out of town. She will be missed.
-Timmean in the middle of the field having a mental breakdown and Krond trying to console him.
-Then, Sugar comes by and makes things worse. Krond tries to defend Timmean from Sugar; but Krond cannot bring himself to hurt his new Master.
-The roleplaying argument I had with Keket before bed. Not too shabby Natasha.


-Timmean's "Sugar and Spice are dead" speech. Then a sigh of relief. Feel like I dodged one hell of a bullet there.
-Krond finally agreeing the Degren's "Master of Arms" proposal.


-Clean-Up time! Everyone begin taking down the Knight's camp.
-Going back and forth between Knight's Camp and the Inn to help whoever I can.
-Rob showing me some Wing Chun Very Happy super awesome.
-Colin using me as a set of monkey bars and climbing all over me.
-For a brief moment, Colin and I did the Dirty Dancing scene were I picked him up over my head.
-Robins! Must eat more food!
-Singing Happy Birthday to Rob in Robins Smile

Farewell Friends, until next event.
Krond Thuliaga
Krond Thuliaga

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June 2017 memories Empty Re: June 2017 memories

Post by Zar/Herr on Tue Jun 27, 2017 3:44 pm

I've forgotten a lot but here's what i remember:

-Orc Wedding, knowing it would be violent.
-wanting to attack Orcs just before transformation; finding out later that even if i did, they were too OP anyway.
-being knocked out while trying to nap in the woods
-wil's NPC theif, pointing out the obvious flaws of our non existent justice system
-Gurok taking an item from the theif:
Thief: so, you just stole from me?
Gurok: well, no, i plan on giving it back.
Thief: so if i say i'm going ti give something back, it's not theft?
Gurok: yeah.
-OOG starting fires in the knights camp, fire circle area and the bunkhouse! (Yay, i can make fire now!)
-General interactions with Bishop
- my fourth wall joke in the inn
Timmean: okay, what am i holding now?
Wil's thief NPC: hmmm... birdseed!
Me: ha! How many walls are in this room? Because i think you broke one! (Much laughter)
-Meeting the Arluru
-memorizing "Biscel de" (or something) for later use
-Playing tail tag with Alfia in the inn and field
-arm wrestle with some Arluru
-watching my greatshield in use!
-Timmean's return to Holdfast and subsequent reaction
-Getting along with the knights
-super casual conversation with Asher about how i'd still kill her, given the chance
Asher: so.. do you still want to kill me?
Me: (casually) yeah, of course.
Asher: *nods*
-More adventures into town with Hilary
-That night with sugar and spice, i wanted so desperately to assault them but most people were in bed and the ones who weren't just wouldn't fight: i had planned out who was who and how to take them out and everything but i was powerless alone!
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June 2017 memories Empty Re: June 2017 memories

Post by Keket on Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:32 pm

were to start were to start hmm lets start off here!

going to game with the loveys so much fun so much bouncing!!! the bread story ounces more binning talked about!
getting to game and for the first time benning into chahater so fast its not even crazy:o
getting into game as Althea "moon moon / Mahihi"
getting to re know you all as her was so much fun!!!!
benning crazryer then normal keket XD how is that even able?!
trying to eat the bacon but not aollowed because of they are helping peire!
the fighting that was going on so much fun also shocking to see how hard it is with out a good medic around and just the blood!!! oh the amount down! >:3 so much combat
getting marked with the "M" the first game with her thinking she was going to die there but was shocked shes made this far just to live but have a broken foot!
oh also the laughing and not knowing what had happen to find out later after game it was "graple alseep"

next morring
find the younge karken! must keep safe even with broken foot! still shocked to be alive at this point thought she would of been dead the first night:O
pack comes knock her out foot regrown!
having the bad magic placed on her knowing now and fearking out because main pack leader will be made at her blames other pack member with her
the wired flying eating you shit thing!
playing with herr going after each others tails was fun!
still with the younge kraen! following jaya karen kitten is like part of pack now
spider!!! oh god that spider scared be bouth as oog and ig but then was like wait! im not scared of them anymore GRAHHH!!!! oh shit polple are dying?! -thinks to self i really should came in as keket now shit.... after not long runs off to come as keket

oh shit great greant grandmonther is in timmy is back!...
i can do find with the sowrds>just dont take it for the love of things i want it<
i can show how i can hold myself up in combat
outfit at first not looking to par goes gets into combat gear looks more lady like ?Wink
combat start! suger and spice and faimly...? what?!
looks like horn cant bring self to strick him thought holding two swords while other are tress! then gets knocked out!
(duded asher that fight was good and good job kron! thank you bouth for trying to free her! while benning crayyed way)

the fight goes on holy snap you hit him in the dark! asher goes down no one at the earth perire trying to get them before going out of town but does not track them down!? sooo closeee whhhy! because part of the blood pack Sad
waking up in the woods in the dark alone holy mooons! why is there a mark on me what has happen why was?! iv failed

alot of pople have told her to stand up for herself and do what she thinks she should do and go on her own way and not have to worry what her family would say stonger words to a 125 elf
feeling shes failed and is going to have to go back home her swords would be gone and having to study on the moon and never retrun to her frineds of holdfast that had been on her mind she went up and took it out at a tree korn found her they had there talk(great rp tony!) also thinking shes going to get into shit with lady val for her out burst

finding the mark gone what timmeny had done and is thankfull and learn from herr dagger! every one wathing her and shes thining shes going to get into shit

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June 2017 memories Empty Re: June 2017 memories

Post by Malva on Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:03 am

Keket wrote: timmeny

That's an adorable typo; goes well with Deggy and Dattie

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June 2017 memories Empty Re: June 2017 memories

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