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May 2017 Event Memories

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May 2017 Event Memories Empty May 2017 Event Memories

Post by Zar/Herr on Sun May 21, 2017 4:10 pm

Here's the post, have at 'er!

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May 2017 Event Memories Empty Re: May 2017 Event Memories

Post by Malva on Sun May 21, 2017 6:40 pm

OOG cleanup:
-Finding ridiculous stuff to do with my shurikens like spinning them around my neck
-Discussing sneaky-sneaks with Wil
-Doing my best to stay dry and warm, and watching Tony dunk his head in the lake

-Trying to sneak around in broad daylight
-Having an awkward run-in with Hope's character
-Pretending to understand Hugo's hand signs
-Being re-acquainted with how sketchy Volk seems to newcomers
-Panicking because my states were going missing
-Not actually needing my states, because nothing I fought even hit me  Cool
-Being asked questions, and me and Kuma just turning towards eachother in-sync hoping the other will put forward an answer
-Being able to threaten people. Like I'm sorry dude, I'm pretty sure you want your face stabbed with the way you're talking to my lil' bro
-Watching people go looking for an alchemist, and then going to bed and hearing people go looking for a psychic
-OOGly finding out a bad thing Kuma did and now I'm pretty excited to see how that plays out

-Going flora and ore hunting
-Trying to copy down recipes and not having time for any imperial census
-Telling Morovitch about the four states of rocks
-Me: "On a scale from one to five, how good of an alchemist would you say you are?"
Allya(?): "Oh I'd say a five, I think I'm learning pretty fast."
OOG interjection: "I-I think she was asking for your level"
Me, OOG: "Nope, don't meta this, I'm giving her a recipe"
-Trying to sneak a Faerie flower, only to look up to Lady Val staring down at me, having seen the whole thing

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May 2017 Event Memories Empty Re: May 2017 Event Memories

Post by Joy Rosewood on Sun May 21, 2017 8:45 pm

- Went out into the woods, got stuck
- First arcane dissection of the season goes horribly wrong
- Running through the inn, screaming at the top of my lungs, no one comes out to follow me
   - thanks guys
- Tender love and care follows after getting nommed by a spider
- Eating delicious pie
- learned something new about herb mods
- Talking to bikbun about spoop
- I never did have that meeting with Phineas afterwards
- delicious bacon people come in and start talking about building materials and werewolves
- dishes
- at some point I write a note for Gurok.
- goblin goobledegook is head-canoned as looking like dongs
   - lady keket is not amused
- I think I eat even more pie?
- delicious bacons are gone. there is fighting?
- at some point pierre is doing unsettling things
   - knights and bikbuk (hehehe bikbutt) are all brotherly and junk
       - it was good rp.
- I start writing in my diary. So many things happened that day.
- cloak fastenings are the worst.
- citrus soup is the best

- Wake up OOG, go into inn, not-timmean eats spicy food, hilarity ensues
- come in IGG to the inn, eat some awesome-sauce breakfast
- there are THREE states of rock, not FOUR
- Malva is bleeding and its not a big deal for some reason to her
- Volk respects my culture and its funny words for things
- there is a conversation with Gurok about notes and spoop.
- coconuts happen go outside
- Hugo gives me basic spooping
   - I can see forever now
       - thanks Hugo
- wonder around woods for a bit
- go back to inn
- imperial man is scary
- talk with Pierre a bit
- walk outside
- there is a bit with Gurok and scary imperial man and omg robb is so good at being a scary bad man <3
   - ur great too Gurok
- faerie circle happens
- good ceremony is good.
- no lessa noooooooo :*(
Joy Rosewood
Joy Rosewood

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May 2017 Event Memories Empty Re: May 2017 Event Memories

Post by Hugo on Sun May 21, 2017 10:26 pm



During game:

- Being introduced as a mute to the new players, when I knew OOG that I would (fingers crossed) get unmuted this game. An odd one, but when you don't speak a word for a year you tend to get a little exited about getting a voice back.
- Getting my voice back, and making a semi-dramatic entrance not long after
- Using said voice to call Kuma a little bitch the next morning
- Trading of all sorts. Trading while mute, trading while vocal, trading with NPCs and players
- The morning's furry Displacer Thief and mine and Pierre's encounter with it in the bunkhouse
- Did I mention the wood chopping?

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May 2017 Event Memories Empty Re: May 2017 Event Memories

Post by Asher Fairchild on Sun May 21, 2017 10:34 pm


-Driving out with Ryerson, Colin, and James. That alone made my weekend so much fun.
-Brandon West.
-Making the Snapchat story
-Getting to site early and exploring with the dudes
-Being reunited with the folks I haven't seen since last year/only a couple times since last season. Damn I missed you guys!!
-Watching Cristian slowly steal everyone's weapons during log
-Fitting myself, Colin, and Ryerson into one bed. It wasn't comfortable but it worked.

-watching Tony dunk his head in the lake
-Brekkie at the knights camp
-Putting on my makeup and costume for Sylvie for the first time ^_^ all the compliments were very sweet!
-Playing 2 non-combat, entirely rp characters for the weekend. It was actually super rewarding and I feel like it helped improve my skills.
-Flora and Jaya making Sylvie blush SO HARD
-Following around Bishop while he investigated what happened to his sister. Hearing other characters talk about Asher while I played Sylvie was definitely my favorite part of event. Hearing you all give your piece (and even making Ash sound way cooler than she is) was so interesting, and at times it tugged my heart strings. I'm excited to bring her back!
-The conversation between Bishop and Auron...oh my gosh. It was perfect. And hearing Sharon giggling about it while oog. Good times.
-"There you go again with the straw house stuff! When have you ever seen a straw structure that stayed up for longer then 10 seconds?! How would you even get the frame up?!"
-"I'm not an alchemist, I'm an interior designer!"
-Those pigs were just too damn cute and funny. Please bring them back to meeeeeee
-The super satisfying rp moment when the inter dimensional wear wolf thing ganked me. I've had trouble in the past realistically emoting, and I shamelessly patted myself on the back for those screams of pain.
-Kuma and Bishop bickering, and Taka looking at Bishop like "you want some of this?" (This being her giant shurikens)
-Just everything with Rivera. Everything. So much good Kaern conversations and rp. Pregnant kaern is adorable and fun!
-"were totally shipped now."
-So many people wanting to ship with Sylvie oh my goodness it's adorable
-Helping a new comer who was nervous and unsure if they wanted to stay get into their character. They ended up having a really good time and it felt good to have a part in that!

--Just chillin' *dabs*
-Faerie circle and Lessas sacrifice. The rp on Helens part was absolutely incredible. It was really fun to be a part of.
-Sparrows massive crush on old cranky dwarf Borin.
-"I'm going to take you to Applevale, teach you jewel crafting and out you to work."
"Isn't that the point of marriage anyway?"
-making puppy eyes at Bishop so he'd give me ham.

Overall, even though the weather was terrible I had an amazing weekend. I can tell this is going to be an absolutely incredible season!
Asher Fairchild
Asher Fairchild

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May 2017 Event Memories Empty Re: May 2017 Event Memories

Post by Timmean on Mon May 22, 2017 8:35 am

As always, SO MUCH to remember, even for an event where I didn't do a whole lot.

Friday Night:
-Getting the kitchen and all set up; meal plan worked out pretty well, and having some stuff cooked in advance really helped. Also, a thanks to everyone who helped us prepare on Thursday! And a special thanks to Chickie for some wonderful breads, sausages, and blueberry bars!
-Helping Danica, Erika, and a few others fill in a muddy bit behind the flag pole with some branches. Someone commented on Saturday that it looked like a pit trap Razz
-Sitting around and chatting in the inn and at the fire pit when it got too dark to do much else

Saturday pre-game:
-Clearing brush out of the forest. A few of us were removing the really large bits that were getting in the way, which leads me to...
-Watching Rob literally drag a full (dead) tree out of the woods
-Having a bit of quiet time next to the lake, and having awesome friends come by and talk a little
-Lots of wood chopping; picked up a few tips along the way
-FIRE! FIRE! Twisted Evil But seriously, burning so much of that dead stuff was pretty fun Smile Though it felt like I got a mini-sunburn on my nose
-Everyone getting into gear/makeup/costume. It's fun any time, but so great after the winter

Saturday game:
-Coming in as Yssildan. It was interesting playing a merchant, especially one who's so soft-spoken. And we made some good sales; he shall return!
-Quietly retreating to the bunkhouse as Yssildan to get a break from the noise in the inn
-Being completely baffled by the arrival of the Porquoi (sp?) and quickly making an exit
-Sitting in the inn OOG and listening to Gurok be so flustered trying to find Teek. There's a moment in there regarding a grapple, but I'll let her tell it
-Still OOG, listening as Pierre and others have a discussion about werewolves and transformations. Also, a comment about a plan being "literally the worst idea ever."

Sunday morning:
-Returning as Morovitch! He's a lot of fun to play (in short bits). Having a shaky memory of Holdfast, only to have his memories vividly restored by taking a bite of the hellish fire bread (Note: The fire bread was actually great Smile Morovitch just can't handle spicy)
-Accidentally sitting on a sleeping Gurok (it was just her phys-reps there at the time)
-Healing Malva's bleeding arm, and then hearing about how she cut it on a rock. Which led to...
-Hearing about "the four states of rocks." Which Morovitch avidly talked to other people about throughout the morning
-Falling asleep in the inn so Travis could OOG do some dishes
-Being completely oblivious for much of the encounter with the imperial. Morovitch actually slept through half of it, but I could still overhear the heated (and very entertaining) disputes
-Shivering loudly until Volk literally held my mouth shut
-Hanging around as the Faerie circle was established. I was just poking around everything, and getting in the way plenty I'm sure Razz
-Morovitch's mind was blown when he heard Lady Keket was over 125 years old (remember, this guy can barely remember the past two months)
-Morovitch miss-remembering his first visit to holdfast (with Sugar and Spice), and talking about how kitchen supplies had attacked him
-Being really weirded out by Lessa's sacrifice (which was very well done)
-Rushing off into the woods to help someone who was knocked out, only to get cornered by Rob's phase beast thing. Then...
-Hit the phase beast with a water repel, but couldn't get away because of two logs across the path. I tried to duck under them, but the branches were getting in the way and I needed one hand to keep up the spell. I was making slow progress until a branch knocked off my hat... and I accidentally dropped the spell to fix the hat.
-Thankfully the phase beast disappeared rather than coming after me again.

Had an absolute blast Very Happy Thank you all for being awesome.

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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May 2017 Event Memories Empty Re: May 2017 Event Memories

Post by Grayfeared the Whitehawk on Mon May 22, 2017 4:43 pm

My first time playing a bard was amazing.

The set up and seeing everyone. So happy to see everyone again.

Waking up a Ryan-cicle and thinking about jumping in the wood stove as I lit it and proceeded to feed it air with bellows for like an hour straight.

Passing my bard vocal audition.

Getting my character sheet and remembering that I now have moonshiner 1, and to signify Grayfeared testing batch after batch of failed moonshine for months until he got the right recipe, I gave him Hardy con 1.

Start of game, going up to the mountain to perform my bard rituals, which entailed me singing for half an hour straight, confusing the hell out of everyone.

Finding a dead parrot on the way back from my still and resisting the urge to make a Monty Python reference. "Pining for the fjords? This parrot is no more."

Jamming with Gilmore and giving out my bard marks.

Buffing people, and healing them by sitting in the inn and singing.

Rping during a real medical procedure. I can now say I had my staples taken out by a lesbian pirate. (A big thank you to Hilary, that was probably my favourite part of the whole event)

The walking bacon fey.


Repeat of fire thing from morning before

Morovitch coming in like, "Holdfast? Place sounds familiar." Then going and eating the fire bread, which caused his memories to... forcefully return.

Learning what the circles are IG finally, then coming to the deck to hear them say they are making the fairy circle. Getting confused and asking, "Is- is there a bard circle?". Then imagining Rob coming out of the bard circle dressed as Elvis.

More food, learning things, and wishing I could fight but at the same time, not being willing to risk it.

It was a great weekend. Thank you all for making it awesome!
Grayfeared the Whitehawk
Grayfeared the Whitehawk

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May 2017 Event Memories Empty Re: May 2017 Event Memories

Post by Lady Val on Mon May 22, 2017 5:20 pm


Mitchell's excitement about chopping wood
Finding out that Jake didn't know that cucumbers when picked became pickles
Getting the biggest jug of Starbucks I have ever seen
Getting to tell the "Flying Bread Turn" story
Finding out I am a way better driver than I thought but in the worst way possible

As Val:

- Starting off game with Volk and charging the Earth circle while spying on some ninjas.
- Wanting to get an enchanted item but avoiding them because Val wants to enchant her own things
- Finally getting spell ink recipes from Phineas to give to Malva
- Telling a very Pregnant Ravira about the Mists
- Seeing Joy get super excited about us having met the Faerie
- Meeting Sylvie and actually getting to use my Linguist skill! Very Happy
- The entire interaction between Val and Bishop Fairchild, and then Auron Wakefield. Asher is going to be in so much trouble with her brother.
- The Porquois, everything about that entire mod was amazing, I just loved all of them and their insistence that you cannot make a house out of more than one material
- Rushing to Val's caravan to get all the silver she can find and then getting to chew out Bikbun for him being drunk and not taking the situation seriously when she returns with all of her silver jewelry
- Pierre's lycanthropy actually taking effect and getting to see him change

- Giving Malva the book of recipes
- Being both insulted and terrified of the Imperial representative
- Watching Gurok be a BADASS! Very Happy
- Talking to Volk about the circles and realizing Earth circle is close to being complete
- Being surprised by Lessa about the creation of the Faerie circle and then feeling distraught when she sacrificed herself
- Val feeling super overwhelmed at being Faerie Champion and not having a clue how to use her new powers
- Feeling so upset when Keket started crying

As Flora (Saturday only):

- Flirting so hard with Sylvie she blushed and then tagteaming her with Jaya (Girl's got my back)
- Getting to take out Grayfeard's staples IC
- Pearl, just everything with Pearl -- she was such a good character
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May 2017 Event Memories Empty Re: May 2017 Event Memories

Post by Jaya on Mon May 22, 2017 9:02 pm

It was such a fun event and it was only part of one! So many good memories.

This is what I can think of at this moment

OOC (Friday and Saturday pre-game)

-Mel giving Damien way to much caffeine on the car ride to site
-LOUD music in Mel’s SUV
-Being giggly with Mel
-The nonconformist branch and building the “pit trap” behind the flag pole.
-“Yassss” *pause* “B’yyyyyyy”
-“Turn the rock over so it’s not as dirty”
-“Sorry if I jabbed you with my hard wood”
-Jake not knowing that pickled cucumbers are pickles
-Jake’s anniversary card story
-Getting the Cambro from Starbucks, Pike Place never tasted so good.


-Jaya practically crying as she comes across the field to meet Val on her way from the fire circle in its new state and not knowing what to do. Which lead her to obsess over checking it the rest of the day/night.
-Flirting with Flora
-Flirting hardcode with Sylvie and double teaming her with Flora, making her blush even more.
-Interacting with Herr and her new quest to figure out what the hell He is now.
-Jaya and the Fire Kin appreciating each other’s horns (horns are sexy) Also just their interaction in general.
-The Porquois
-Watching Flora take out Grayfeard’s staples.
-Being too late on getting gathers which just ended up with Jaya walking alone in the forest blaming Malva for not being able to find anything.
-Gurok obsessing over Teek (great RP) and trying to calm her down
-Licking Gurok’s hand


-Jaya’s interaction with Lord Fire, she was pretty timid it was hilarious. Becoming his apprentice, goodness gracious great balls of fire! The fire mana omg the fire mana kept coming. The great relief from knowing nothing is wrong with the fire, it’s just charged.
-Hitting Volk over the head with the staff and chewing him out over the rest of circles (epically the earth) not being charged.
-The people donating what they could to the circles after Jaya told them what Lord Fire had told her and her personally going to each circle.
-Correctly guessing what the “sacrifice” was going to be during the faerie ring ritual but not telling anyone in fear of someone trying to stop it.
-Volk Showing Jaya how to use the staff
-The Faerie Ring ritual! (P.S. Those mushrooms are so cute!)
-Lessa’s sacrifice and everyone’s reaction to it (well done)
-Being one of the first to blend with and pray at the faerie ring


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May 2017 Event Memories Empty Re: May 2017 Event Memories

Post by Zar/Herr on Tue May 23, 2017 11:08 am

-Brought too few blankets and was cold, slept with Jean and was cozy
-Seeing all the cool new swords!

-Meeting Bishop, found out he was Asher's bro, told him how the knights knew her best, that he "just missed her" and not to mention me to her; "she doesn't like me"
-Seeing Bishops pet dino and saying things like "should i stab it?" "I want to stab it." "I hope i don't have to stab it later." And Bishop threatening me if i stab it
-Finding out that someone else stabbed the dino.
-Asking what Bishop was up to near the bunkhouse, he says "Oh.. just going for a walk" and it reminds me of me (thief!)
-Mentioning that OOG and Erika says "it takes one to know one"; yup, it sure does :p
-Near fight between Bishop and Kuma
-Disappointed that neither of them
became Herr 2.0 that day

-Trying to visualize the fire circle being all weird
-Seeing Sylvia, being attracted and OOG thinking "don't hit on ALL of Erika's characters!"
-Meeting Kuma and Taka, making good first impressions all around
-Asking Taka to duel and having to explain why; basically: "cool weapon, fight me".
-Having much better luck talking to Kuma than Taka (it was legitimately funny to me)
-Talking to satan, i mean, Volcanus
-being low-key envious of Talia's Outfit (it looked so good!)
-Experimenting with my scarf to hide certain facial prosthetics
-Telling people to be gentle because my tail was sensitive

-Seeing the knights battle something
-the something is a chest
-the chest is a mimic! (Excitement)
-Following Pierre towards the mimic and saying:
(Enthusiastically) "I love mimics!" (Deeper voice) "they're the worst."
-hold was called, was told someone tripped but was okay, replied with disappointed "aww"; realized it sounded like i was sad they were okay, tried to explain that i meant i was sad they fell, while laughing
-the mimic laughs as the knights literally smash it to pieces

-Realizing i could detect people's power and awareness
-Probing most of the town out of curiosity and to find a water teacher in Timmean's Absence
-trying to make conversational excuses to touch people so i COULD probe them
-finding out that Timmean and i have the most power in water.
-finding out that fire magic is very common in town, followed by earth
-Realizing two people noticed that i probed them, not because i could feel it, but because they did the "suspicion" face and touched me.
-Herr contemplating how he "just gets" how void and essence work and deciding he must build a shrine of Void/Essence in the woods
-Jake not knowing about pickles
-Realizing that no one seemed to dislike Herr anymore
-Auron wasn't hostile (Due to lack of Asher?)

Saturday night
-Convo with Jaya about magic power
-Pretending to be interested in the jewelry while the merchants were split up and attempting to switch one if their necklaces with one of mine; no opportunity arose.

-The porquois
-Herr labeled them as woman pig (Helen), man pig (Christian) and child pig (Rob)
-woman pig was curious about blueness, asked man pig to investigate
-man pig slowly goes for scarf hiding a feature, i jerk away and say "i'm not comfortable taking that off". Man pig probably knows what i am
-child pig shows interest in blueness
-very obvious that child pig is child pig; decide to avoid at all costs
-child pig gets me in hard spot to escape and examines me, convo ensues.
CP: "oh, i know what you are!"
Herr: "ah, that's good" turns away
CP: "yup, i've definitely seen your kind before"
Herr: "well, i'm glad i'm not the only one" internally begging him not to say more while walking away

-Trying to act too good for flora when she was inspecting my blueness
-Opening bunkhouse door, OOG seeing yeti in astral plane backing towards door and deciding i'll enter by swinging the door open, allowing it to escape
-OOG Staying up until 2AM with fire for hilary and jake
Having a hard time keeping the fire alive
-OOG, Rob successfully makes fire

-Waking to hear Danica saying she cut her hand on a rock, getting worried then realizing it was IG and fell back to sleep
(Is good memory because she wasn't actually hurt)
-Went OOG saw the imperial and his coconut lacky arrive in Holdfast, watched events unfold and getting increasingly excited
-overwhelmed with excitement about imperial, got IG as Herr to interact
-saw a lot of people doing things in secret about the imperial; decided to join the empire and act as a spy
-Lied my way through the imperial application process.

-heard: "On a scale from one to five, how good of an alchemist would you say you are"
Thought that was an excellent way of asking for levels!
"Oh I'd say a five, I think I'm learning pretty fast."
Realized that was not an excellent way of asking for levels!
-Gathered on deck to make the Faerie circle, tail is now sensitive in a good way, encouraging people to touch and stroke my tail
-making somewhat quiet sexual noises while my tail was being being played with
-started to tap my tail off the Inn and rub it because "it felt so good"
-Switching from loving void to loving essence. "Yeah! Fuck Void!"
-had temporary blind loyalty to Lessa when she sacrificed herself but Human Herr still hated her; resulted in indifference

-All NPC and PC reactions to my blueness, that knew me before i was blue

So basically the whole game

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May 2017 Event Memories Empty Re: May 2017 Event Memories

Post by Ardin Gallagher on Wed May 24, 2017 9:28 am

Wow guys, you absolutely blew me away for my first game. Everyone was so friendly and awesome, you definitely got me hooked!

~Mel making the grave mistake of giving me caffeine before the trip to site.
~The entirety of the ensuing ride out.
~Choppy choppy woody woody.
~Hanging out and helping others get ready for game.
~Listening to Hilary talk about flying bread.
~The overall atmosphere and friendliness of everyone. You guys rock!

~Assisting Fayt.
~Watching Kuma almost fight Bishop.
~Flower-picking with Talia and Lady Keket.
~Those dastardly blueberries and stumbling (quite literally) across the knights.
~Hold called, someone tripped, everything alright.
~Hear Mimic attacking knights, stumble over still tripping up over my feet as Talia threatens to knock me out if I didn’t stay down.
~A brief interaction with Porky the pig.
~Seeing Flora remove staples from Grayfeard.
~Gurok being worried about Teek.
~Escorting various people and chatting.
~Watching Pierre almost turn into a werewolf.
~Commotion with the displacer beast.
~Watching Bikbun drunkenly attempt to dissect an astrally flickering corpse.
~Lady Val chewing him out for being drunk.
~Watching Bikbun’s forging of a silvered weapon.

~Flower-picking with Malva.
~Blood and soot and blood with Malva. Seemed too deep for bandages to help, so onward we press!
~Mana explosions with Malva.
~Listening to Morovitch explaining the 4 states of rock.
~Joy’s spoopage.
~Listening to all the crazy mages who didn’t understand what Essence mana is.
~Watching the interaction between Jaya and Volk.
~The Imperial spouting his abhorrent statements and threats.
~Praying at the circles.
~Watching the beginning of the Faerie ring ritual.
~Psychic displacer beast shenanigans.

~Listening to everyone tell tales of their adventures over pizza and sushi.

So much fun, looking forward to making more memories with the lot of ya next month!
Ardin Gallagher
Ardin Gallagher

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May 2017 Event Memories Empty Re: May 2017 Event Memories

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