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Looking for some training.

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Looking for some training. Empty Looking for some training.

Post by Micheal Grayflow on Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:17 pm

Michael stands from the table and walks over to the notice board, note in hand. He pins the note and it reads;

Dear friends of Holdfast, the last few months have been one hell of a ride and I'm glad that some divine power forced my ship to crash along the coast. But to my point, I wish to be more of a help to this small settlement, being part academic in profession isn't simply enough for this place, and neither is being a strictly mage with no other abilities. So, we now arrive to my point, I simply ask anyone with psychic powers to find me in the Inn if they are willing to train me. If no one is available, then I'm fine with any other non-combat skills. I.E: anything that can deal any amount of damage.

(OOG: Anyone responding, respond to a separate post under Watering Hole.)
Micheal Grayflow
Micheal Grayflow

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Looking for some training. Empty Re: Looking for some training.

Post by Kuromori, Taka on Fri Jul 27, 2018 5:38 am

Scribbled in the margin of the note in handwriting that looks as though it belongs to someone who just learned how to hold a pencil, using k's that some people may believe look like h's:

Hello anonymous sailor,
I am skilled in psychic and combat.
Would there be any payment involved?
I am open to making a deal.
Kuromori, Taka
Kuromori, Taka

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