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Leatherwork Training

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Leatherwork Training Empty Leatherwork Training

Post by Quintessence on Tue Aug 23, 2016 12:08 am

Monday, August 23rd

Quin arrives at Ravira's nest in the woods, peeking inside and peering around, only to find it currently empty. "Must be in town..." she whispers under her breath. She adjusts her satchel at her hip and makes her way through the forest towards Holdfast. Emerging cautiously from the treeline behind the air circle, she looks around for any of the strange critters and creatures that seem to frequent the town, luckily things look to be calm at the moment and Quin lets out a sigh of relief.

As she begins to move forward, motion to her right catches her eye...startled at first she freezes momentarily before recognizing the familiar sway of Ravira's green hammock. She approaches.


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