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August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full

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August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full Empty August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full

Post by Hunter ツ on Sun Aug 18, 2019 9:49 pm

Off the top of my head:

As Hugo:

- Being Hugo in the land of the dead for most of Friday. Turns out larp can be a spectator sport after all

- Taking Bless for a spin for the first time, helping the medics out during the zombie attacks

- playing Hugo in order to be around for Primus plot happening, but missing most of it, including the opportunity to speak to the Primus, or receive his blessing. Sad

- As an aside: Hats off to everyone involved with that mod. the few minutes I got glimpses of were fantastic

As Hunter:

- Sitting in a tree for a combined total of 7 hours, waiting for popcorn to come by, to finally get to take out a frog in the closing hours of game. A single unit of frog meat doesn't make that sound worth it, but after so long dealing with missed opportunities and false alarms it was the No. 1 highlight of my game

- Archery, and archery related discussion. Attempting skill shots with Ko

- Getting to play my heart out on the recorder IC for the first time
- having Ember and Gilmore join in, if only briefly
- "Take a moment to listen for the music in the world" * Tinnitus kicks in *

While OOG:

- Workshopping at Tim's how to improve the barricades, which, by the way, are awesome. There were a few ideas which were cooked up which I'm eager to try out, if I can find a spare vice-grip

- Getting the DL on all the plot I missed by sitting in a tree all game. Kiddnappings were in vogue this game, or so it seemed

Will post more as it is recalled.
Hunter ツ
Hunter ツ

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August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full Empty Re: August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full

Post by Winnie on Mon Aug 19, 2019 7:58 am


-Sorry for not reading forums Mitchell. Totally could’ve taught you Toughness if I had seen the post.
-I loved the derpy skeletons. And the snake whip was so fun. I attempted to wrench it out of the skeleton’s hand whenever it wrapped around my staff but holy crap the grip on those guys was so strong for not having muscles.
-Meeting Father Jack and thinking he was my trainer but all around just loving Jake for being amazing and calling for "Bottle" damage and pissing on skellies.
-Hearing the shadow monster’s pathetic girly screams as it was killed. They were actually Degren’s screams lol.
-Very late night when most people are gone to bed and it’s just me, a few other guild members and Dimitri in the inn talking. I taught Dmitri how to pronounce the “W” sound. Kinda…


-Stalking and getting really close to an OOG bunny rabbit. He was so cute and had a tiny white dot on its forehead.
-Primus visit and having him compliment the barricades. All of the compliments on the barricades the whole game made me super happy even though they slumped and became derpy a few times. Fixes will be made.
-When Primus declared Father Jack as the executioner I knew that if Father Francis was killed by him I could not possibly justify getting training from Jack on either an IG or OOG level. Luckily it worked out for the best and we have a Bishop now. Father Jack was too drunk to teach though (OOG not the actual planned teacher).
-We JUST got Degren back…
-Fucking Moggy making the rat piss in my tent lol
-CRICKET! Absolutely loved running a log across the field and punching Rob. Getting Unarmed Strike is so fun and 100% worth the XP just to box with Rob for a while. I’ve never been dripping that much sweat at Larp before. Hari was drenched and disgusting. Will be attempting to set up bar brawling (or field brawling) cause it would be a fun pastime and prize monies would be fun too. Something to tide people over until the tournament I guess.
-We caught the Manroe!! Poor thing must have been terrified for the entire night and then all day Sunday before we leave with it.
-Gots me a pretty sword 
-Fucking ghosts with the bad touch. It’s really hard to stop fast when you get paralyzed while running.
-Barricade working for the first wave of pirates.
-Cast Mitchell Monster pitying me and pulling me IG out of a thorn bush with Grapple 8. Was still picking thorns out of my ass all night and into Sunday. Need to make a map of holdfast and label all the thorn bushes so I can avoid trancing in them.
-“Void will take you to my Happy Place” WTF does that even mean? lol
-Lyndsey accidentally calling Travis’s shadow monster “Travis” IG…so we named the Shadow Travis. Found out from Sharon after that his name was Peter lol.
-I don’t know if Marwhel is more terrifying when she’s hungry or not hungry.
-Jaya healing Krond over and over again to be fed on. I decide to fuck with Tony and whisper “Empathic Healing” in his ear lol.
-Everyone laying on the ground and resting legs while we wait to be attacked.


-Learning about the tentacle dudes and that they were human once and connecting dots from nightmares.
-Hearing the drums in the distance and immediately armouring up to prepare for battle then realizing it was a psychic effect used to fuck with us. Crush our spirits. Not today Doggo!
-Jean singing to Misty with a sore throat
-Kitty cat. I named her Jenny.
-Playing fetch with my foam fist. Need to make a new fist due to teef holes and drool.
-Spend all the monies. Less money I has, less money anybody can steals.

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August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full Empty Re: August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full

Post by Kuromori, Taka on Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:04 am

Friday (Taka):
-Off to the LotD! Learning so many things and having to wait for Val to get back before I say much Razz

Saturday (Malva):
-The Primus! Actually seemed like a pretty cool dude most the time.
-The trial! He's just too nice!
-Herr constantly turning back and winking at us. 3/10 very subtle.
-Someone kills a rat, I remove its claws and try to leave its body at the temple and a falcon immediately swoops down and takes it.
-Merryweather! She was great. Gave her my cast vote and I can't go into why publicly. But most notably: "Oh yes! The raspberries are so lovely this time of year!" *Turns around and looks at me like I'm the camera from The Office*
-Moggy playing a rat: "Winnie! Winnie! Winnie! When you go into your tent it looks like a rat has pissed everywhere! Winnie! An animal pissed in your tent! Winnie!" "What?" "There's piss all over your tent!" "What?" "It looks like an animal pissed all over your tent!" "Why?" "An animal pissed all over your tent, what do you want from me?!?"
-So many hares around this game!
  Phineas: "Oh look a bunny!"
  Malva: "I wonder if he'll give me any mana."
  Phineas: "It's funny, there's usually a person with a yellow headband following them around..."
  Malva: "Huh, I never noticed."
  Phineas: "Huh. Me neither."
-All the arluru:
Althea: "They're just paskaldi."
Malva: "Paskaldi?"
Althea: "Mhm Smile"
Thanks that really clarified.

Saturday (Taka):
-Coming back from the LotD and sitting in my sanctum for forever because there was combat between me and people, and if I went down I would be left faraway without anybody even so much as knowing I was around to come and look for me :')
-On a similar note, I should be sticking to my Shuriken more at night, because when I went down with my sword stretched out across the path, everybody walked by me and even stepped on it. I guess they thought it was a stick?
-"The sound of my voice compels you to kneel." I focus mind reflexively. Everyone kneels before the newly arrived dark and menacing figure. R-right probably should still kneel down....
-She starts drinking everyone's blood, someone calls out that it's Marwell. I start trying to figure out what we should be doing. "...Jaya?" "I don't know."
-Everybody is attacking Marwell, and I'm just stood there trying to figure out how to phrase some questions about what I learned in the LotD. Somebody asked me why I wasn't fighting her. "I'm trying to get a read on the situation." "She's eating us all!!" "Yeah, but like...."
-I'd always wondered what Taka's take on Marwell would really be, given Malva's strong opinions. "Haha I hope it's something more nuanced than just being the total opposite." Welp.
-Datura mouthing off to Marwell. "Everybody stand back from Datura and allow him to face the consequences of what he just said."
-Afterwards: "Sorry I threw you under the bus but you were being a dumbass."
-Talking about the moon:
  Krond: "It's been a long time since the field was this illuminated"
  Robin: "Yeah a who couple hours"
-Ember was cool.
-All the travelers this game just felt extra immersive. Like Gilmore asking Ember if she wanted to stay in Holdfast tonight. "I don't think you have much choice given the time." "Well unless we wanted to walk through the night to get to Applevale." That and Rob's NPC explaining the routes Misty and Sylvie could be taking. Idk, I know it's always been a thing, but this game just really sold me on there being way more depth to travel on the island than "Going from A to B takes X days."

Sunday (Malva):
-Cal returns!
-Nobody else who requested things from Cal was around Razz
-Learning about a certain meditative dilemma and offering a drug addiction instead.
-Kittycats and puppydogs.
-Lady Val trying to have a very serious town meeting with a very happy puppydog rolling around beside her.

Post Game:
-Trying to finish cleaning quickly so I could hoop to Pendulum before the album ended.
-Puppydog with an axe! Train himb to fight Godo!
Kuromori, Taka
Kuromori, Taka

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August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full Empty Re: August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full

Post by Mo'chi on Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:10 pm

Friday Night (Mo'chi):
-The snake whip was probably the best part of that zombie fight tbqh.
-Father Jack!! Mo'chi didn't really like the loud drunkard, but Jesse did.

Saturday Morning (Mo'chi):
-Early morning gathering <3 I ventured out alone (all my friends were ASLEEP. AGAIN.) but i din't get my shit wreckred. I did join with Degren and Dmitri for a little while!
- I knew around when Tala was coming in so Sat morning was just. Me literally counting the hours until Wolf Time.

Saturday (Rudi):
- I FINALLY GET TO PLAY THIS GIRL. I was excited but that's fine bc it bled into my character. I hoped ya'll liked my Excitable Wolf Child.
- Francis' trial... it was so, so good. I witnessed it as Rudi and she didn't know what tf was going on, but she learned to be quiet during it. A few growls were had at the mention of Void Destroys. Kinda wished I was Mo'chi for that... just so I could care. But I cried on Sun IG so is fine Razz
- Meeting people as Rudi was Good. I'm glad I didn't make her not know common that well- it would've been too much of a challenge.
- Learning Awareness from Ardin. That was a nice moment.
- I Loved Cricket. I would die for him.
- I saw the Manroe after they petrified it. I love that costume so much! I wish I saw it in action.
- The slowest game of tic tak toe in existence and Dirt Champion.
- The night fight was Good Shit. I was enjoying field medicing. Mostly hopping around, stabilizing. Verbena got herself captured so I was the only field medic left.
- Marwhel! A year in and I FINALLY got to see her. Althea runs after her so of course I have to -.-. Datura mouthing off to her! Holy Fuck.
- "Hey Rudi, can you heal people in the Citadel?" "UGH, Fine. But not for very long!" (heals Cosidious to 1 and yeets herself out of there.) To be fair, I asked and no one told me to heal Zero or Rose. (plus it would've taken time to give him more HP.)
- The moon so pretty aaaaaaaa. The whole field was illuminated.
- Rose feeling useless, both her and Zero trying to leave. I was kiiinda zoning out at this point, so when we got Rose back from astral I was half-asleep in the inn. Went to bed after that. (Rudi tired me out so, so much.)

Sunday (Mo'chi):
- Father Francis (Or Bishop now I suppose) is a bro and I cried on him. Good RP. That PHINEAS INTERRUPTED. Francis was about to get some Stuff but the moment passed when Phineas appeared and he decided to wait for his friends.
- I was literally waiting by the earth circle for my friends to come back until game call. (and after game call, until Penderghast and Co. get back.) So... I know nothing of what was said in the town meeting.
- Going back to get a drink and Lillium telling me to come to the meeting. Nah man, I got more important stuff to do.
Like sitting down for 6 hours and waiting for people in the woods.
- I went OOG for a little, me and Penderghast had RP when he came back. Was v good.
- Came back in game when I heard the drums. But still remained waiting.

Sunday (After game call):
- AXE DOG!!!
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August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full Empty Re: August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full

Post by Verbena Domitia on Wed Aug 21, 2019 6:52 pm

-Finally getting to show off the dress! Twirling and gushing with Keket about our fancy outfits was delightful.
-Teaching Francis to waltz.
-Father Jack was hilarious! I had fun trying to direct him out of the inn, and then subsequently doting upon him. Loved hearing "piece of wank" shouted across the field.
-Finding the Primus in the field and theorizing wildly.
-Sharing challah with my pals. I hope I can make some for a future game!
-"It's a little heavy-handed."
-Lillium chastising me for getting downed several times in quick succession at the start of the fight.
-Field medicking in a ballgown. That was a new adventure.

-Trying to respond diplomatically to all of the Primus's ravings.
-Michael's RP with the Primus about the fear of death. No diplomatic crisis!
-Being trusted as the defence counsel at the trial. Such a big deal to me.
-Everyone gasping when the Primus announced "destruction by void" as a potential punishment, then again when Francis was lead in bound. The feeling of unified dread was incredible.
-Herr legitimately winking at the crowd while acting as the accusatory.
-"Raise your hand if Francis has helped you."
-Giving the opening statements as defence was on of my all-time favourite moments in game. Was nearly overwhelmed by nerves and by anticipation. My legs were trembling the entire trial, I thought they might buckle!
-Poor Herr trying to drag forward witnesses against the most universally beloved person in town.
-The communal joy at the verdict.
-The whole inn kneeling to Francis. Definitely brought tears to my eyes.
-Francis talking Verbena through a breakdown in the field after the trial. Wouldn't let himself get called away.
-Pierre's trial was so intense. Just the silence during it as everyone listened and tried to will him through it.
-Francis calling out, "Come on, Pierre. We all know the answer." Simultaneously serious encouragement but also incredibly funny to me for some reason.
-RIP Degren, again.
-"What is love?" "Baby, don't hurt me."
-Kallith explaining his meditation. Dmitri comes in and, lacking context, offers to help.
-Kidnapping Round 4!
-Baby's first cast character. Finally getting to use my real singing voice at game.
-Robin psychoanalyzing Ember.
-Mind-controlled Rose and Zero snapping at everyone. So well done.
-Acting as waitstaff for Zero.
-The moon! So bright and gorgeous.
-Seeing the cat OOG with Jake and Jean. Jake piggybacked me across the field to it because I wasn't wearing shoes. Absolutely transcendent moment.

-Women empowering each other in a closed mod.
-Pendergast's grief at Keket slipping through his fingers.
-Wondering if/when anyone would figure out IG that Verbena's continued absence has any IG significance.
-Hunter assassinating my frog from the tree. I'd completely forgotten he was there, but was very happy his trap finally worked.
-Animals wandering through the profoundly serious meeting behind the inn.
-Volk (the dog) running about with the axe. Such a brave boi.

Verbena Domitia

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August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full Empty Re: August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full

Post by Timmean on Sat Aug 24, 2019 7:44 am

Friday Night:
- Spent a while cooking burgers, got to overhear a bunch of interactions, particularly with regards to Father Jack.
- You know what we had last month? Lots and lots of corpses. So you know what you get this month? Lots and lots of zombies.
- Plenty of time was spent shambling around, attacking anything I could see or get close to. It was also interesting seeing you all figure out how to deal with them. Interesting work with the shields.
- A costume got used which I was very excited about. I look forward to seeing what happens with it in the future.

Saturday Morning:
- Otto finally returns! After spending the past two months not travelling for fear of running into the barbarians, he inadvertently has walked right into the town which is now being watched by said barbarians.
- As is traditional with Otto, there was no one manning the kitchen. OOG, there were reasons for that. IG, Otto was very annoyed.
- Hanging around the kitchen and interjecting into the various conversations. In particular, referring to Dimitri as the “bad medic.”
- Dimitri later giving a rather… unique… rendition of some of the bard songs typically heard in Holdfast. Subsequently heckling both him and Francis at the same time
- Learning there’s going to be a trial later, and deciding to stick around for the show
- Hearing about the Keket kidnapping and the theory that Degren was behind it to extort money from people
- Telling many, many people that messing with the Primus would be an extremely bad idea. Don’t irritate the guy who can bring the military down on you!
- Discussing Otto’s job and how we can find a peaceful resolution. Seriously guys, stop changing the plan! And please hurry up and get it done!
- Jaya taking my plausible deniability and throwing it completely out the window
- The trial! I was washing dishes most of the time, but it was a very emotional event to witness.
- Speaking of, Otto deciding to appear as a “witness” for the prosecution. That was a lot of fun, but WAY out of Otto’s normal plans and comfort zone. Also, trying to make his argument without blatantly admitting to planning murder was fun
- Otto is out, Kallith is in! Kallith made it to town shortly before Pierre’s trial started, and decided to lay low for a while
- Watched the trial from the sidelines, was also very interesting. Was both surprised and not surprised when Degran was void’ed
- Afterwards, seeing Herr consoling Pierre; yet another really cool interaction
- Doing some training for project emotion; training any skill is always fun, but I particularly enjoy stuff like psychic and awareness. RP’ing mental exercise is cool. Seeing Lilium practicing afterwards was also great.
- Having an in-depth discussion on psychic theory with Verbena and Zero, with a focus on the project emotion skill. What it would work on, if you can project an emotion you’ve never felt, if you can project something the target has never felt, etc. Really cool
- Kallith’s meditation process being heavily implied during that conversation, and Dimitri arriving just in time to offer to help, with absolutely no idea what that would entail
- Learning about the prisoners Godo took, being told that they’re lost in the woods, and immediately asking why we aren’t out searching for them.
- Eventually discovered that people WERE out searching for Misty, and went to help. We found her well up the hill, very shaken up
- Rushing down the hill & back just to fetch some water, then going ahead of everyone to try and make sure there was nothing going on to frighten Misty when she got to the field. We put a pause on the archery practice as a result – though it’s awesome that archery practice was happening in the first place!
- After dealing with the hostages, also learning that Keket is missing. Joining the group going after her, we do some tracking, then figure out they teleported.
- Wait, we have clues? Why aren’t we following the clues?!? After trying a bunch of things, we start walking up Tiberius’ Trail, and Ardin confirms that all the things mentioned in the clues can be found if we walk in that direction for a few hours.
- It’s gonna get dark soon, and people don’t want to be away from town, so it’s concluded that we MUST leave town by 8:00 the next morning in order to make it to Keket in time. 8:00, at the absolute latest!
- By now I’ve used up 4 of my 6 psychic states to give people an emergency Project Emotion. I point out to Zero that I’m not going to be able to help much unless I find a way to meditate, so a few questions get asked… and suddenly absolutely everyone in town knows exactly how Kallith meditates, and why it’s problematic.
- Malva offers an addictive potion as a meditation substitution. Merriweather offers that she knows a solution in Applevale. Niko finally realizes who his sister was talking about. It’s a time

Saturday Evening:
- It’s starting to get dark, so it’s time for monsters. First of all, ghosties; lots of ghosties
- The town knows what comes after the ghosts, so everyone retreats to the citadel. A bunch of our brawler minions are let loose, while the rest of us sneak around to do… things
- As a few of us get discovered, it becomes a little harder to be stealthy, and we get into some more overt combat. However, we came prepared; how do you like burnout?
- Datura tries to teleport me into the citadel; I get halfway there, then realize that I can’t actually do that, then try to figure out what I should do instead
- I absolutely always forget when I have sudden clarities, and thus I went down to a kill spell. Ah well, Pete had a good run
- My unconscious pirate was dragged over next to the citadel, and someone eventually decapitated him. I lay there for a while, and had several interactions of “Medic #, are you stable?” “OOG, you see the head is chopped clean off.” "Oh... well okay then."
- Things calm down a bit, but there’s still some more work to do. I come in for a few hit-and-run tactics, at one point slipping into the citadel before realizing there’s no way I can de-shadow in there without taking dozens of swords to the face
- The moment when Rob got the last thing he needed, and laughed as he vanished
- Being told that all of the medics have gone to bed. Oh, the possibilities… fortunately, cast was also tired. Count yourselves lucky

Sunday Morning:
- Baralaf makes a return, but he doesn’t have any big new items for sale; he’s here because something big went down, and he wants to know what it was
- Discussing with Krond, Degren, and Auron about the mana points and the “net” that’s still active around Holdfast. Apparently blowing Krond’s mind with the idea that this thing could be drawing in and capturing all the magic and planar energy that gets expended in Holdfast
- Degren, trying to sell me four magic/psychic boxes that can only be opened by a single person
- Theorizing on the deck about Godo and the possible extent of his powers
- Being told over and over again that no one in town can do anything about the net issue until there’s a town meeting
- Sitting in on the town meeting; and what a lore dump it was. So interested in seeing where all this goes
- So it seems the order of evolution is Human > Superhuman > Squid
- Dogs & cats
- Getting annoyed that everyone is still reluctant to do anything about the net. As I leave, warning y’all that refusing to act is a recipe for defeat.
- Taking the last 30 minutes of game to walk around OOG and play Koros’s drumbeat. Cal can’t hear it, Misty is going so nuts she dunks her head in the ocean, everyone else is congregating on the deck… it’s cool

- “Volk the dog has completed his first game; thus, he has unlocked a new colour scheme!” (For anyone who didn't see, there was a second dog on site briefly)
- Learned a bunch of interesting stuff OOG at Tim's. However, that's all OOG, and thus shall remain unexplained

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full Empty Re: August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full

Post by Dimitri on Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:44 am

Aug 16-18
Friday night
• Dimitri has escaped the bees, and is tenting with Professor Michael, everything is great.
• Dimitri sees a new friend, when he goes over to say hello suddenly Dimitri must listen to everything his new friend says. Everyone within 2 Miles now knows the Primus has arrived.
• Dimitri dose not Hate the new man, but his is a rude despot
• Funny new new friend stumbles around town, He is friendly person. We drink together.
• Rakesh are more stubborn then Degren. They have come back to life, and keep rising. Maybe it is time to learn more weapons then the long Sword
• A monster enters the Inn and shows Dimitri terrifying things, there is much manly screaming. Dimitri sees terrors in the dark until Friend Hugo helps him.

Saturday (might be a little out of order)
• Morning is pleasant; Dimitri finds many things in the wild. Ceridywnn looses their closes
• Dimitri bathes, Important Trial is today Dimitri will wash his armor later
• Mana Turtle slaughters entire Inn except for Dimitri. Dimitri sings the songs of Father Francais and Pendergast but no one rises. 20 or 30 min later help comes and Dimitri rests his voice with some coffee.
• Ato gives encouragement to Dimitri telling him he should continue to improve his medic and bard skills. Dimitri likes Ato
• Verbena has become a “Sico-Phesant”
• Primus Kills Professor Michael, Dimitri now has an entire tent to himself. The looks on everyone else’s faces is the only thing that stays charging the Primus to avenge the professor...The Primus brings the Professor back to life….Dimitri now really dislikes Primus AKA His Assholyness
• Father Francias says not to kill Primus and save him, Dimitri disagrees but the Father may stop being Dimitri’s friend if he tries to intervene. Somethings are worse than Void Destroys.
• Duchess Keket has been kidnapped

• Ceridywnn and Dimitri search the woods a lot this day, Ceridynn scolds Dimitri him saying “Dimitri you go back to town this instant and get help for that poison”
• Ceridywnn reminds Dimitri of Dad.  Maybe Dimitri will write to father and ask if he can have a new Papa or perhaps Daddy…. Maybe Dimitri will ask someone to write to Father for him.
• Dimitri has cleared ground and started a garden
• A new friend has come to town, Dimitri overhears he needs help his name is Kallith, so Dimitri of course immediately offer assistance. ..This is perhaps the first person Dimitri has withdrawn his offer of help, not because Kallith is bad… for other reasons.
• Verbena is either plotting conquest via psychic manipulation of children to raise an army of emotionless killing automatons or something else.
• Dimitri accuses Verbena. Verbena is scary and not a threat to the sovereignty of the known world. Please psychics if you are reading my thoughts save Dimitri.

• Pirates and wisps show up this night. Mo’Chi will not leave tent,  we are low on medics.  So Dimitri gaurds Citadel door only leaving when bodies need to be brought in and there is no one else to do…..”Vere is verbena!?”
• Dimitri goes off to find field medic, he checks all of Verbeena’s favorite hiding places like the open field, or bushes. But he cannot find her and must return to the rest of the town.
• Lillium is medic too, that makes us down to 2 medics and no field medics…Fuc…oh all the medics are exhausted and have passed out from over work…. Gilmore shows up with apprentice, Mysty shows up. Mysty clearly has a headache but silly Krond thinks she’s cold. (OOG I think it was Nightmares).
• Rose and Zero became weird. Degren punches Rose out.
• Arden cut down Rose, and brought her back to the inn. He claimed his actions were for Rose’s sake, though it was promised to be handled in the morning.
• It has been a rough night for Rose.  At least this time we weren’t mutilating prisoners.

• Dimitri wakes up the Sun is out, he has missed the first light when Penderghast and the fellowship marched off, Sadness then sleep over takes him
• Dimtiri awakens to the sound of Pendergats voice, after a quick donning of armor, teeth brushing & bathroom break we set off to Save Duchess Keket….we may have been late
• Dimitri ponders responsibilities of actions and inactions

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August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full Empty Re: August 2019: Half Empty, Half Full

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